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You Don't Own Me
G-Eazy - You Don't Own Me
: You Don't Own Me
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15-11-2017 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 981 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (G-Eazy - You Don't Own Me )
  1. Betty O'Shea

    Great song and don't oan me.

  2. captlucky 23

    Shes hot those eyes

  3. zzz zzz

    Studio vers is better

  4. Robert Ross

    She is a big girl.

  5. Timothé Delmarty

    Muisic suicide squad

  6. Rayan Alsharki

    Her voice is beautiful

  7. Xpimpmysniper

    Nowhere near Lesley Gore live im afraid guys

  8. Alejandro Quintero Martinez


  9. laudinete honorato

    Eu amo essa música.

  10. tea and shade

    lmao i don't care about her size, i care about that she claimed someone else's song to be hers.

  11. danny alcabedos

    Love this girl voice and her version, I don't care what BOORISH people say.

  12. Katia Brasil

    Ainda não vi ninguém cantar essa música como a Kyla Jade❤️ by - @YanBrasill

  13. Heinrich Himmbler

    Hermosa voz pero un rostro un tanto feo, lastima.

  14. *-*김도영


  15. Valentina Giordano


  16. stevens müller sexy

  17. Christopher Engman

    Kind of sad that no one here mention Lesley Gore, this is an amazing cover but Lesley though...


    Κανεις δεν ειναι κανενος!!!

  19. Theresa Grace Skelly

    I love how she isn't skinny like all the other artists like taylor swift or selena Gomez or any other female artists being the music industry shouldn't be about what you look like or what you wear it should be about if you have the voice and how good your music is regardless I feel ten times more empowered and confident because of the fact that she is a gorgeously curvy goddess what makes it better is that she has a beautiful voice it doesn't matter what you look like in the end of the day as long as you are doing what you love to do and be successful out of it you shouldn't really worry about what you look like as long as you are happy with yourself you don't need to change anything that society feels like you need to change I fully love this song and the message it sends and the fact that her physique is different from everyone else it gives the song so much more meaning to it furthermore in this day and age plus size/curvy women are very in now and men today find that more attractive than a girl who is a size 2 I think I stated my point clearly.

  20. H Trường Võ

    Love her smile

  21. Joeldell57

    Beautiful voice

  22. Lee Mori

    That was awesome. What a great singer

  23. William Ruy

    The version without G-Leazy is very very better!

  24. Stella Maris Bustillo

    Preciosa Tu Voz Y vos -

  25. Giovanna Bensivengo

    Perfect music with a essential meaning

  26. Stefan Toowellknown


  27. Amida Salkovic


  28. S0ledad Exposito

    Preciosa canción me recuerda los años 60

  29. Lucila Fonseca

    i love you

  30. Ed Castillo

    I love this gorgeous girl

  31. sofia peña

    me decepciono , pensaba que iba a cantar mejor que en el video original

  32. Fortnite Bro

    How dare you take credit for a song you didn’t think of and not credit the person that actually sung this song and wrote it and 1 year after she died I have small respect for you

  33. Cynthia Herrera

    The "na na na na" part confidence she is amazing

  34. ra


  35. May Charles

    que hermosa voz

  36. Bruno Techera

    Un tono de voz muy particular 😉

  37. Cecilia F

    Que voz!!!!!💪💪💪💪

  38. Stuart Ferry

    Thanks for warming.

  39. Kenneth D

    Love it! 😍

  40. Dave Luttrull

    Great voice ... beautiful girl.

  41. Daniel March

    Enjoy being nuked

  42. Mike Perry

    Can't get any better...……..

  43. Melody Ysmay

    I love this version of this song. Grace has a fantastic voice.

  44. dizzylizzy2851

    You don't own her and don't tell her what to do.... just listen

  45. Odie B

    When I first heard this song I thought that this was how Duffy and Christina Aguilerra would sound like if they became one person. I LOVE your voice Grace, keep singing cause I am hooked to your voice.

  46. Alik Ag

    she’s badass

  47. Adrianna Yakaites

    I'm obsessed with this song

  48. Kelly Finley

    Effed the lyrics up right off the rip. Still adore her.

  49. Mariana Hernandez

    Amo su voz como para interpretar blues y jazz

  50. georg benjamin

    Why is this girl not more famous? She sets the mood

  51. Donna Kowalski

    I love your voice ❤And this song 😀

  52. Kimberly Cuevas

    She is a beautiful girl with a hot body who ever is calling her fat is a hater is she was skinny and half naked no one would be mentioning her weight 😑

  53. George C-W the boss

    A perfect woman!

  54. Peter Chandler

    What a .....can't wait to see her live ,a powerhouse of passion and talent.....Go Grace [email protected]

  55. Rancho La Abundancia La Abundancia

    She sing well, but I think she is not putting all of whats she has to give 🤘

  56. Ricah Capangpangan

    You don't own meI'm not just one of your many toysYou don't own meDon't say I can't go with other boysAnd don't tell me what to doDon't tell me what to sayAnd please, when I go out with youDon't put me on display causeYou don't own meDon't try to change me in any wayYou don't own meDon't tie me down cause I'd never stayI don't tell you what to sayI don't tell you what to doSo just let me be myselfThat's all I ask of youI'm young and I love to be youngI'm free and I love to be freeTo live my life the way I wantTo say and do whatever I pleaseAnd don't tell me what to doOh, don't tell me what to sayAnd please, when I go out with youDon't put me on displayI don't tell you what to sayOh, don't tell you what to doSo just let me be myselfThat's all I ask of youI'm young and I love to be youngI'm free and I love to be freeTo live my life the way I wantTo say and do whatever I please

  57. Meranda Cantone


  58. TheZackDixon


  59. Amanda Day

    Wow love this song and her voice is amazing

  60. Clarence Calkins

    Now look at the June 2018 video.

  61. LaToyia McCurdy

    As a singer, I think when you have performed with a live band, you officially graduate from artist to musician. I haven't graduated yet. This is one of my goals.

  62. LaToyia McCurdy

    I still like this song.

  63. Barbara Soledad Montenegro

    Love it! wonderful voice!!

  64. Michael Orozco

    She is really good, … don't like the version with the rapper though.. waste of her talent, for me anyway

  65. Lady Bug

    I love this song from suicide squad

  66. michelle masse

    She doesn’t need all the stuff that half the people out there need to sound good. She’s awesome. Remember it’s the voice not the clothes and makeup. She is beutiful

  67. Margaret ANN

    Great voice

  68. 毒藥Poison、

    *_Love Grace 😍😍_*

  69. Shark Hunt

    Now this is what you call talent

  70. Priscila de Lima

    Essa música na voz da Amy Winehouse seria extraordinária!!!

  71. catherine

    j adoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  72. TheSpringfirefly

    I absolutely LOVE her.

  73. Ambre Gasquet

    Don't like it at all, I prefere original

  74. Maja

    BEAUTIFUL singer,BEAUTIFUL song.

  75. Andreas Andreas

    She has great voice....,love her so much.

  76. Marcos Jaci De Jesus

    2018 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  77. Robert Paulsen

    Imagine what Leslie Gore would have done with this song...

  78. Leroy D. Griffin

    Gorgeous in everyway...... voice....looks

  79. Barry Bridges

    Very nice Grace.

  80. Angie Wheatley

    Grace give this old 1964 song a new twist and it sounds just great.

  81. Josephine Appleby


  82. Juley Dec

    Lesley’s version is the best.

  83. I Liek Piez

    like I don't like the video....(my apologies) first of all Lesley gore sings better than grace (can you blame me?) so I don't like it never again nope (she added to many changes to it) so bye grace! (idc about you or your perfect little life bye bye!)

  84. kira estrada


  85. Motoko Kusanagi

    Best ever rendition.

  86. Simon Rhee

    G-Easy made the music video GrEasy. Much like this song without the Rap.

  87. Aichohvee

    She's pretty and she's got a nice, strong voice. Love!

  88. crystal pearl

    Nice voice

  89. tom widdle

    This should be titled "Grace - You Don't Own Me (Cover)" this sounds nothing like the original,i really think you should have left it alone you kinda ruined the song if i am honest.

  90. Elena Shendria


  91. Sabores que sorprenden100x100 Any

    Felicidades por esa voz tan bonita que tienes !!! que canción tan maravillosa!!! eres genial como cantas!!!

  92. Xrhstos k

    Nice cover. but it cant compare with the original, she is too little to compare lesley gore

  93. Hanna Hafizzah

    Ini tidak sama dgn music video

  94. Bob leroy

    A remake smash

  95. Vhince Nabor

    Her voice and lips😍

  96. TeamRippnLipz1

    Wow her voice is crazy good

  97. Ariel Grvs

    Fuck yes I like this 👊⚘🌹🗻💐🌸🌼🌺🌻🎼🎶🎵

  98. Ariel Grvs


  99. yieksss 16

    she thicc

  100. Harley Quinn

    not nice

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