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Bebe Rexha
G-Eazy - Bebe Rexha
: Bebe Rexha
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: 214 Toplam İndirme
15-11-2017 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 214 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (G-Eazy - Bebe Rexha )
  1. Hoshimi kimiko

    She really tried hard

  2. Toki Tokee

    i was saying these 5 are idiet none can be denied following the melody.

  3. hxxhhzhhz xbhxbx

    Ne malsiniz amk secmediginiz sese baj

  4. Dana

    She was so bad. Sorry

  5. beulah T.

    She choose that song that's great..

  6. M a

    Bebe 😍😍😍

  7. Red

    to all the people mocking the judges, lemme tell you that her vocals were not good, she was trying very hard to sound like bebe R and most of the work done was by the music

  8. MultiTwentyseven


  9. Tryck

    Really wanted to hear her rap

  10. Lujain Sameer

    She is trying to sing like bebe rexha

  11. TOP TUNE

    Fuc** them all !!!!!! Why they didn't turn for her ? 😢😢

  12. Ngendahimana Alexandre

    Woowww am than the original

  13. Moshon Ngai

    Most stupid judge

  14. Talat's Garden Life

    OMGI am seeing 2 bebe

  15. N . z T

    wow she's voice so cool 😍👍👍❤💕

  16. Muaz Mohamed

    Adam Levine, blake, Miley Cyrus all would have turned. These stupids ... 🤦‍♂️

  17. i luv таеliеи and dавliх


  18. Tigerblood

    LüLüLüs in the Dark

  19. Paul John Belmis

    Wanna punch those red buttons. 😡

  20. Steven Universe -Dreamland Arcade

    Canta hermoso

  21. Newma Yurley

    melhor música😻😻😻😻🎤

  22. Hawk K

    Woooowooo she is perfect omg

  23. Tamara

    Ich kannte sie vor diesem Auftritt habe ihr 2015 immer bei YouNow zugesehen sie hat damals schon bei den LiveStreams gesungen sie hat echt eine so tolle Stimme wir waren bestimmt alle überrascht als heraus kam das sie da mit macht

  24. khyra khristel

    Amazing voice, uau

  25. Anjali chhetri

    she has a very incredible voice like be be so why didn't they chose her whyyyyy yup?😥😥😥😥😥

  26. Rajendra Pathak

    She sang very well..Why judges???Why?

  27. AM 73

    I hate the female jury!!!!!

  28. Vegachen

    Drachenlord 😂

  29. Nejla Ozkan

    Bok gibi amk

  30. ZEENΔ


  31. Benjamin Schneider

    akeksandra gib nicht auf,du bist klasse!Meddl on!

  32. Joaquin de Brun

    The only G-Easy's song sang in the voice and she didn't do his part

  33. tra Ex

    Why no one chose her 😭😭😭

  34. Udayon Sen

    The judges are actually very very stupid

  35. Akash Thomas

    These coaches are bad ,,

  36. Heba Perry

    I think I'm the only didn't like her voice💔


    Heba Perry Me too

  37. Patricija Bacani


  38. Hasiieeefreed

    Her voice is great but if shes going to copy bebe's, oh man keep trying.

  39. Landere Chan

    They petty for not pushing that button

  40. Kenneth Senoron

    I'm late on this but her voice is fucking great why the hell no one push the dam button

  41. Martyna Sowińska

    Jak to Polka ❤️

  42. xyz

    Ich fand sie jetzt nicht so gut😂

  43. Pedro Brown

    Stupid judges

  44. Demons are watching you

    Her voice sounds like bebe Rexha

  45. Novak Djokovic fan

    Great I love it

  46. Bhuvanesh s.k

    Nailed it

  47. Humanitys Hate

    Meddl loide!

  48. Bon Bon

    nice voice ❤

  49. Uma Fluxa

    Stupid judges

  50. Henry Hüfner


  51. Henry Hüfner


  52. Fatos e Diversão

    Those judges are Ridiculous

  53. joonam.

    I Loved This <3

  54. Joyce Schiel


  55. Pamela Hurtado

    Te odio

  56. Balvir Singh

    Just sound Bebe rexa

    Balvir Singh

    Why not reply anyone

    Balvir Singh

    I am Bebe rexa

  57. donde están las paltas

    wtf is wrong with the judges

  58. Sven W.

    Die Stimme ist fast wie die von Lena.

  59. Doc Snyder


  60. Doc Snyder

    Meddl Loide

  61. Mrs. Adidas

    Zaje. ......Fajne

  62. UED

    Meddl Loide, das ist ja großartig!

  63. Ttv Not_Syprus

    Sounds like bebe

  64. Doc Snyder

    Da sieht man halt, dass diese Spasten absolut keinen Plan haben.

  65. kinzel


  66. dickvieh

    Hätte sie halt den Lülülü Song gesungen

  67. Katelyn Everly

    she sounds so much like Bebe

  68. Moni Cat

    Она поёт не как в оригинале,но всё равно очень красиво

  69. dauer bekifftlol

    ich find das hammerrr

  70. Harry Potter

    This is the voice of Germany.... so don't be shocked why they didn't turn....

  71. Aron Schultz

    This is amazing

  72. Anya Lyutova

    херово спела

  73. AW7

    Wtfffff these judges are fucked up

  74. Tumblr xoxo

    Hört sich an wie Lena Mayer Landrut

  75. Amal Ahra

    Omg this voice make my feelings...♡

  76. Su_n_ se_t

    I don't und3r stand what she is sayinhg

  77. Luca Bertola

    Not me myself and i - this Song is "don't Need anything" (Bebe Rexha)

  78. Pennywise the Dancing Clown

    Also ich will dich etzalla hier fragen ob du mich heiradne willst. Meddl on

  79. Laura Rocha Oliveira Bento

    Oloko igualzinho

  80. Surayya Mamedova

    so good 💓💓💓

  81. Queen Girl

    Theses stupid judges I'm angry she has a beautiful voice 😁!!

  82. Megs

    Polska! Gratulacje (:

  83. Nils Böckenheuer

    Wieder sehr gut gesungen (die Nervosität hat ihren Auftritt nur noch etwas authentischer gemacht). Der nächste Fehler der untalentierten, miserablen Jury.

  84. Freddi Koenig

    Sie hat so eine Mega coole Stimme 😍😍😍😍😍

  85. Jason Doe

    Is anyone else curious why this is the voice of Germany but she's singing in English, is that just for the video or do they actually sing in English on this show no matter what country they are in?

  86. Ilka l

    Ich kann mir irgendwie vorstellen das ihr Vorname übelst oft falsch geschrieben wird😂

  87. Lejla E.L.I

    Was für eine jüri ist das o mein got alle so dum

  88. Marcela Vieira Rodrigues

    OH MY G O D

  89. Scarlett Maison

    Feel like she imitates Bebe so much there's little HER in there

    starry roseanne

    I do the same at my home, but I'm not so good at singing

    The Weird Rollerblader

    Scarlett Maison That’s only way that I can sing!I rap 90% me 10% edit my voice(not real editing but I’m able to sound like other singers by changing my voice somehow,idk how)But when I sing it’s 10% me 90% original singer(those 19% is what I’m learning how to do)!

    Celia Tung

    but i sound like Bebe and Camila...and people just think my voice is FAKE but it's not! Gets me real triggered


    She probably chose the song because she has a similar voice

    Jsjs Sbsb

    Kazakhstan ga rehearsal hai Mara panchood. Mother fucke e

  90. Tieger_auf Droge Gamer

    Sie bringt 0 Gefühl rüber sehr schlecht

  91. eza s

    try again this song on the voice usa.

  92. Nawarii


  93. Katie Lavarnia

    Her voiceeee👌👌💖

  94. bom likeno

    I really love her voice...why?????

  95. isaac rodriguez,gomez

    Germans are so cold...

  96. Gaby Trejos

    Stupids Judges really really stupids 😐 i just wanna press the dislike for the judges

  97. Texan713

    Bebe rexha would be proud 👏👍

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