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G-Eazy - Cardi B
: Cardi B
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (G-Eazy - Cardi B )
  1. Will S

    Em Using his privilege? ... nice comment

  2. Jazzy422

    He was a _young gerald_ not a young boy cx

  3. Shune Kikuchi

    I want cardi b g eazy and eminem colab

  4. Crystal cryace1942 Guzman

    Amazing collaboration, all legends. ,

  5. Gufberg

    I semi like his music but honestly he is the most faceless, inoffensive standard rapper out there. There is nothing to recognize him by. He has no personality whatsoever.

  6. Yanisel Garcia

    I love his voice and personality. He seems like he’s down to earth. I would love to see him collab with Eminem.

  7. Deresco1

    That handsome face 😍

  8. Intel-Pick

    G Easy Crackn like pac in the studio 100 records ... that’s how you get that dollar stack the fukn library

  9. Trisha Farnum

    OK last comment cuz he only reads from other artists and people he respects kinda disappointing cuz it was always an exciting feeling thinking he might be reading my comments someday but oh well still love his music

  10. Dylan

    Humble asf

  11. Anjalena Rodarte

    I love this man so much my lord. He such a great well being guy 😪❤️


    Ready to go with passport and driving lisences!⚠️ you rap my world!😄

  13. Shawnee Tate

    He’s fine!!❤️😍🔥His girl is lucky.

  14. jo-jo volkswagen

    I mean .. you mean my boy .. is come to the ending of business ...right ? I feel that ., and who is gonna be the one to continue ? I just curios.. :

  15. Mered #PecheMelba113

    He is the reason why, as a girl, I got interested in The Hip Hop Industry recently.Not only talented and smart, he's also beyond HANDSOME and his voice is so sexy. EARgarm & EYEgasm at the same time.<3

  16. Mrs micwjohnson

    He is so fine

  17. SomeFrequencies

    I'm so glad to see just a normal guy like G-Eazy in the rap scene, besides Hopsin, Kendrick and Eminem (although Eminem seems kind of crazy sometimes). There are so many crazy, cringy rappers nowadays. I have respect for G-Eazy

  18. TheNial120

    *See's Kehlani and clicks everytime

  19. Alex Stewart

    I thought he’s black when first time I hear no limit. Lol

  20. Santiago Lago

    8:45 "You know?" Montage

  21. rashi sehgal

    Smoking game - everytime Geazy says YOU KNOW, take a puff :P :P

  22. The house of Dreams

    Who are those motherfuckers, who are they,who gave a dislike on this video

  23. Derek Casanares

    From the LandofOAK

  24. Dan Hoelck

    This interview really resonated with me. Like G-Eazy, I also have a hard time believing that I live in a world where his music actually gets airplay.


    I love seeing my fav. artists in their natural self, well at least a lil bit. It's especially good when humble like G!! Love it

  26. I love everything, man

    He's damn fine 💜

  27. Zara

    shy G-eazy' fav :D

  28. Samuel115s

    I like his voice. He sounds like a black guy.

  29. Lindsay Wren

    Omg I'm so in love with G-Eazy!!! He's beautiful inside & out!!!

  30. LamBoAv S1000

    I want a Song with Eminem and G-Eazy 😍

  31. Ελπιδα Ελπιδενια

    I love him 😘

  32. Jesus Jesus

    G-EAZY is humble and honest. I love his personality and respect for others. #DETROIT ❤💋

  33. Diana Best-Hutchison

    Nessa makes the interview soo awkward... like with her "OMG" pleaseee

  34. Amy Mathers

    I loved this interview and G-eazy is amazing!!!!! His voice, his music and the message behind his music is what this generation needs. Smh we are stuck listening to Gucci gang love the song with jadakiss! Very humble and hard working guy. All the hate people leave on these comments seriously need some help!!!!!!

  35. Kim Ahmed

    She is annoying

  36. Vera Grig

    The interviewer is annoying at time :///

  37. i-love-the-rain

    @12mins what he's sayin there is #TRUTH for EVERY artist no matter what genreWrite tour write tour - (if) you write your own material, which used to always be the custom & the difference ( in my humble opinion) the MAIN difference between a :Star" & an Artist" If it's therapy to hole up & create, then thats a (true?) ArtistNot knocking anyone who may be can't write? But - I just get what he wss saying strongly

  38. i-love-the-rain

    @1:50, yes b*, that"s how it works i would say. .. lol.

  39. Alicia Nicole

    He's so handsome. He's like another Eminem in my opioion.

  40. mUjEeB lOeN

    yes eminem the greatest💓

  41. Val B.

    Solid interview. Nessa is a fantastic interviewer.

  42. Leo DX

    my babe ♥️😍😍

  43. Juan Torres

    G easy vs Eminem

  44. Amie K

    Wow make me love him more.

  45. Sandra Hernandez

    I canot stop listening to this great hit that G-Eazy and Hasley put together is him and I these words that this song has it just gets through your heart through your skin and it brings good memories and tears to your eyes to know that you really have someone special by your side. It's so hard to really have e true . G-Eazy and Halsey are so transparent I love their song I wish they can keep on making music together wish them the best and really wish them that I can last forever and ever.

  46. WeirdWorld

    bro i try not too front when i write as well

  47. Ali H

    A G-Eazy and J Cole collab please.. 2 of the realest


    culture vulture

    Tyler T

    Sour bitter nigga

  49. Captain 2K

    I heard to much “you know”

  50. Island Girl

    Lol, I love No Limit. G Easy is not what I expect, respect!

  51. danish younus

    (You know)

  52. Charlie Mcgarry

    Someone count how many times he says “you know” please

  53. keepitmoving

    The only Eazy I know is Eazy-E, this dude could of been more original with his name. People be lacking originality now a days smh.

  54. illumoenati films

    Take a shot every time he says "you know"

  55. Ess Rae


  56. octavia agyei

    His voice is so sexy!!


    octavia agyei So is he. I thought he was black for the longest.

  57. NickMSV

    y'know counter?

  58. Liam Greaves

    Wow didn't know he was white.

  59. emilyharwood89

    It physically hurts me that I will never have sex with him and have his babies.

  60. Cristine Connor

    Who did he say to follow on Twitter ?

  61. Cire Toledo

    I swear if my daughter ever looked up to something like that or listen to anything like that I would be ashamed that's not music that's not Talent that imitating what you see on a daily basis in the Bronx

  62. Cire Toledo

    What in God's name is authentic about cardi B absolutely nothing !! 100% authentic trash!!!


    dali lama


    you know what I mean?!

  65. jeff ghant

    17:30- Everybody liked it except CTG.

  66. jeff ghant

    17:30- Everybody liked it except CTG.

  67. Oscar Martinez

    I like G-Eazy, but if I could get a dollar for every time he said "I know," I could have Hot Cheetos for days

  68. Justin Tyme Beatz

    man this dude is absolutely a Gemini. I relate in too many ways. Thanks G!

  69. Ethan the Creator

    I love Gerald

  70. xPro xClips

    she was dtf before the interview even started lmao

  71. adrenaline

    LOL at people hating Trump so much. We only had two choices, you think Hillary or if Trump got impeached PENCE would be any better? LMFAO there's no good choices. At least Trump is entertaining.

  72. Tenea Wolfe

    His voice sounds sexy af

  73. Joseph D. Schultz

    UUUGH I love G-Eazy, I wanna hug him one day, frfr~!

  74. Alex N

    can someone please explain what he says after she says "is that true" about rockys part. I cant fucking hear him!!

  75. Alexandra Golovko

    Omg.. he is my favorite I am crushing like crazy.. my type of man sooooo.. handsome!!!smart sexy all the way around amazing

  76. Vee R.

    Kehlani + G, like a twenty88 style record would be dope af, please, please PLEASE🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  77. Oussama Qoraichi

    J Cole, logic ,ft g easy lol CAN'T WAIT 🔥🔥🔥

  78. Connor Elliot

    She's a great interviewer!

  79. Kayla Hinty

    Him and MGK need to collab.. that would be everything

    Yanisel Garcia

    Kayla Hinty They hate eachother because of the whole Halsey thing

  80. WetBread

    Fantastic interview.

  81. north

    his voice got me fucked up every time

  82. Zion Club

    times like this? the best economy in 130 years ?

  83. Tiffany Lam

    I'm surprised he's maddd humble, great dude. love you G!

  84. Princess Hissa

    "You know!" lol he's so cute❤️ I love how he knows about the different eras.

  85. kiddroxsz1

    The more i hear no limit the more i hear slob on my knob just faster

  86. Kieran Waller

    WestSide West koast running rap again took a min but we back baby!!!!

  87. just me

    So humble, so talented, so handsome.

  88. Najah Lawal

    the interview is really long.

    Najah Lawal

    I don't know how get pictures. I am black girl.

  89. Cesar Rodriguez

    Get some vibes from ATL.

  90. Ted Carr


  91. Briana Jackson

    That man is fine

  92. joanna chavez


  93. Petros Karaferis

    Am I the only one who wish an Eminem X G-Eazy collab?

  94. KolE Short

    G is so dope

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