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Almost Famous
G-Eazy - Almost Famous
: Almost Famous
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15-11-2017 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 104 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (G-Eazy - Almost Famous )
  1. Jaylen Southall


  2. Renan Limao

    whos listening in 2019?

    Phillip Clark

    Renan Limao yes, sir. These remixes make me dream to this day. Look up Christoph's Far Alone remix on Bandcamp. Currently isn't on YouTube

  3. Artur Bilalov

    anyone listing in 2018

  4. blitz blink


  5. Laura Emily

    needs more view

  6. El Loco Chongo


  7. Sam og Wilowak

    Anyone else listening to dis in 2017!!!!!

  8. Fin Doyle-Darling

    Dope. High af rn and these beats are helping a lot

  9. Frank Nowak

    Unreal, please do more work with Christoph, you two are like a fucking miracle for music.

  10. mia moore

    This makes me really sad for no reason other there are famous people I really care about and want to be happy.

  11. PAINXD

    I would like to hear this song but singing G-EAZY

  12. TheRealKingLegend

    I love this shit.Both the original and this oneBeen listening to both of these ever since these things happen album came outBoth never gets old.

  13. juan jose garcia usquiano

    Hello someone can tell me that Christoph Andersson says in his part is that I do not understand him well

  14. Onni I

    This song is mostly buildup

  15. jiminieshelf Ig


    Robert Coleman

    yo Im here in 2019 bruhhhh

  16. MrThomessi2

    Can't find it on spotify?

    hafiz aliff

    MrThomessi2 available on g-eazy's soundcloud..

  17. The Warbird

    original is better

  18. isabela elizalde

    Why couldn't he put this one on his album instead 😂😂

    darkwolf fox

    Isabela Elizalde separate remix album


    maybe because Christopher betrayed him?



    Igal Abdullaev

    Roffello you do realize Christoph produced most songs at These Things Happen right?

    EL Rush

    'Cause those remixes have came after the these things happen launch

  19. 2cool0

    this sounds pretty much like the original song with minor changes.


    +2cool0 not a heavy remix but its the right amount


    @HewCreatıons yeah it's pretty good. could just a LITTLE bit more though

  20. Vainy Vic

    anyone else listening to dis is 2016!!!!!

    Viet FunTV

    WhiteWolf Waves 2018


    Viet FunTV may 2018


    2018! :P


    Vainy Vic 2019!

    Spandex Chicken

    In 2019 boi

  21. Mark's


    Giovanni Zanardo

    Sem chances kkkk


    @Giovanni Zanardo tmj entao, mas tem um monte de neguim ouvindo agora pk uma musica dele ta em alta. mas ouço ele desde 2013


    trap nation has gotta have dis..


    Trap Nation isn't good enough for this lol

  23. L S

    oh my god its so good

  24. John

    Yoooo! I fucked a fat bitch to this slow as fuck! #madchill

  25. Faraz Ali

    Best way to listen to remixes: 1. Download a free DJ software (Virtual DJ). 2. Download this remix. 3.Slow it down as you want, it will blow your mind :)

  26. Glo.matt

    who is listening November 24th

    Faraz Ali

    +184claw HAHA! I was thinking about this song all day today!! :D and I was wondering also if someone commented today!


    +Faraz Ali lol i cant stop listening to it

  27. Glo.matt

    oml i cant stop listening to this song even if i wanted to

  28. fayed suilmi

    he made a perfect song sounds legendary

  29. Tryston Fuller

    Best Christoph remix

  30. OGSwagKillaP BeAstMoDe69

    Christoph Andersson did the impossible

  31. William Hernandez


  32. Angela Williams

    This go hard

  33. Stratus Yaggy

    Shit's too nice

  34. Reading Rainbow

    i just stumbled on these artist about 10 minutes ago - very refreshing.

    Rhiana Raymundo

    welcome to the world of G-Eazy. Pure eargasmic art. (:


    You won't be disappointed.

  35. Noah

    I mean that it makes me want to become a raper


    I'm really hoping that's a typo


    @itsJRey i just died

    Zeyaa FG

    @VukoEdits LOL

    Daniel D

    @itsJRey lmao

  36. Noah

    Man g Eazy for some reason wants me to be a rapper. But I'm white doe....


    Who gives a shit if you're white? Does it prevent you from becoming a rapper? You racist.

    OGSwagKillaP BeAstMoDe69

    @Noah Mulhern so is G

    Hayden G3

    Eminem, G Eazy, Yelawolf, Machine Gun Kelly, Mac Miller, Mac Lethal, Macklemore, Rittz(Doesn't count, but) Vanilla Ice, SonReal, Iggy Azealia

  37. Dylan Prasad

    I'm 150 of the view so far

  38. Marie Flores

    Reppin #210SanAntoTX #GSG GO! SPURS! GO! Check out G-Eazy...

  39. alienterz

    THE FEELS...

  40. Ignetiusjrelly

    I have this strong feeling that G Eazy's tunes would be loved by Aliens/Other intelligent life forms lol. No doubt I would be playing G Eazy songs in my space ship if I ever get a chance to travel in space (high as puck ryt now). Haha. Christoph definitely added more to it.


    This is brilliant.

    Pracco 84

    Dope music 4 dope people


    LMAO go listen to Drop, watch the music video and you'll take back everything you said here.


    This is brilliance.

  41. A Boy Adam

    Who's here from TrueTriz???

  42. Dj KiD

    can i rap on  this 

  43. Its Zeeqoh

    Only the og back then trickshotters know whats up with G-Eazy!! Miss Mw2 days!


    how times have changed

  44. Saul Flores

    I really like this mix for some reason 

  45. Mamadou Gueye

    this remix is soooooo..... well i can't tell 

    Dylan Prasad

    Amazing, I've been listening to g-eazy from the...well 2010 cause I live in SF so yea. rep the bay bradda

  46. Jacobo Matta

    man I usually dont like remixes but this one and tumblir girls play a certain emotion in me that ive never felt before. smooth but authoritarian. It feels good

    Reggie 2Raw

    Could not have said it any better my man...some sort of drive in me starts idk lol


    Lady Killers 2 is a masterpiece too

    Jeremy Carrillo

    Jacobo Matta On point man it's something i cant explain

    Swet Bhanushali


  47. ItzJitter

    Christoph blows it up again ;o

  48. T-Pow

    I can never get enough of the Christoph Andersson remixes!

  49. King Soap

    you should make this the official remix with other rappers, this shit is 2 dope like the nigga from ICP

  50. watch me whip

    andersson remixes always gettin me through the day <3

  51. Vincent Tran

    Fucking gun

  52. s h a d o w

    Realign this shit

  53. Cυdle

    Facking finally

  54. Arizmendi10

    *Ignore the random b

  55. Arizmendi10

    Just listening to b the orignal

  56. Cameron Blackwell

    Put these on iTunes!!!!

  57. Pijbb

    I think the album artwork is really smart.

    Dayton Woest

    All three of them with together well. "these things happen" " (these things happen) when it's dark out " "these things also happened" and the artwork works well together as well

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