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I Mean It
G-Eazy - I Mean It
: I Mean It
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15-11-2017 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 1039 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (G-Eazy - I Mean It )
  1. fabgirlzone


  2. lulu spy

    I would fuck him any day shit I mean it :)

  3. Erik Steverman

    i love how he looks surprised when the fat white dude gave him money

  4. Ofelia

    My absolute favourite song 2018!

  5. Rose Marie Pellazar

    I just love Gerald but he needs more work out for his body 😂 to be called to die for 😁😁 hahahah

  6. Rajan Trivari


  7. Jenifer Lore

    Has he ever heard of waxing

  8. Chinga tu madre

    Lol his crowd looks bored

  9. DeliriumBand 1


  10. Asia Kizer

    Stop Hatin On this man 😒

  11. Elyas Yusuf

    Nice to see white People still white here

  12. Elizabeth Green

    Anyone know who the chubby guy is? I mean the way he hugged him at the end maybe his Dad 🤷🏻‍♀.

  13. young unfkwithable

  14. Courtney Gillespie

    So what we going to do tonight brain? Same thing we do every night pinky............

  15. Jorge Soledad


  16. the sex

    Idol rapper

  17. tobias rydberg

    This is my idiol and i am 45 years old ha ha

  18. king stoner925

    I don't see not one black person in the crowd SMDH

  19. CraZY GUY

    This fucking mc guy ruined everything!

  20. Bhishak Hakim

    The comment section here is more interesting than the crowd

  21. game store

    Crowd is dead asf

  22. unknown unknown

    The verses sound like a linkin park song

  23. Erin Fierce

    I would not get with him now seeing him with his shirt off

  24. Lance G

    Men must go to the gym, eat right, spend hundreds of dollars on style, get a nice car, get a cool haircut, make lots of money just to have a shot at dating a land whale while women must -stay relatively lean... if they do that they can get any guy. Fuck y’all hoes this is why 30+% of men are not having sex and going mgtow y’all ruining this world

  25. Kita

    My nigga G needs to lay off he booze and drugs and eats some food.

  26. michael mackay

    When he wasn't possessed by Hollywood yet ..

  27. noahshively

    Why does g look like he just came from the Holocaust

  28. 777-UpLoader

    lol everyone saying he needs to eat more. I didnt get it first but then i realised in america 90% is too fat and thinks a normal bodyshape is too skinny😂. Bruh

  29. Jason Animations

    Nice d j. And songs

  30. Hacked Account

    I yell louder than that crowd

  31. Janice Oh

    Lol the two kids w the matching bandanas

  32. briahna young

    My bae!!!!!!

  33. Sami Ghani

    He got arms of a 10 year old girl

  34. 4getful_boy

    He is a god

  35. Mitja 23

    That body

  36. Danielous

    G eat somethin bro

  37. Dusko Jovanovic

    01:45 She is pretty

  38. Dusko Jovanovic

    I am watching this when I am shiting

  39. Dusko Jovanovic

    He looks like skinny prostitute

  40. Scott Skinner

    Hes talkin bout stealin peoples girls and im all like, damn someone stole his chest

  41. 5000 subscribers with no videos?

  42. Breaking News da Zuera

    NEW MGK?

  43. Avançar e continuar avançando.

    1 milion views


    I like the part where he means it

  45. Asyraf Radzuan

    yes good job i love the style in drama... trow that money give them all the money... :) (MSFS_PEOPLE)

  46. Joe A

    And em called mgk a toothpick? Eazy make mgk look buff.

  47. 5000 subscribers with no videos?

  48. Tkhwca

    G-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAZY!!!! Ladies luv us some G with no shirt!!!!

  49. i typical game yt

    Wtf sounds hell of bad live

  50. Mufh

    i feel white watching dat shit

  51. seeyouagain911

    I like how he is not ripped. I hate men that are too ripped. It looks like they have low self esteem.

  52. EMPRESS Heather

  53. seeyouagain911

  54. EMPRESS Heather

  55. Oscar De Leon

    Had the option to go to Lolla this day (Thursday) or Sunday. Still regret going on Thursday and spending all day at Samsung

  56. Francisco Montalvo

    I get that it’s 2019 and all this equal shit is going on but how crazy is it that this style of music was taken by a bunch of rich ass white people that have no problem dropping 400, 500 bucks for expensive ass concert tickets. But we the people who this music was meant for, to escape and find a way to get ahead of all this little ass white kids rich ass parents can’t afford it cuz the equality it’s all fucked up !

  57. Captain Levi

    What pomade are u use g?

  58. Eli Castillo

    Neutro Shorty gringo

  59. c r

    This guy is sooo fucking waaaaccckkk! He's such a cornball man. Anyone can make it nowadays. There are so many fucking stupid people out there that there's really a market for every fucking thing.

  60. RektByANoob/Bobbylina

    Why is he shirtless?


    His arms are so skinny.

  62. Sabrina Forestale

    Awesome concert


    This is not that gentleman with the underwear

  64. Krzysztof Zawierzeniec

    Why does he look like shit!

  65. Michin Sin

    Came back tot his because I remembered Gerald had no shirt here. So funny to see the reaction Adam Levine putting of his shirt, and people just ignoring that that's what some musicians do in the heat of the moment.

  66. Matty St Pierre

    mad scrawny

  67. Mort3 Official

    Performing to a crowd this Big is my dream.Lol I type Big Sean so much “Big” is capitalized.

  68. Matt Parker

    Rap concert seems so boring compared to a rock concert. Granted after a rock concert everyone talks about how good it was and makes their way to the car. Maybe not g-easy but most rap concerts are usually followed by fights, gunfire and destroying the venue

  69. N Bey

    why y'all hatin on him that much? let that man do his shit

  70. Eminem Shady

    O korg arkada yazacak aga djsidosusjisissj

  71. 5000 subscribers with no videos?

  72. FcbLiveEn

    Yoow.. what are these crowds in the usa?? 😂😂😂 waaaaay to wack.. jumping around and screaming on a rap concert.. you should at least be able to sing the hook..You can chose any country in Europe and they would be a much better crowd than this wack sh**Example: Snoop Dogg in PristinaSnoop Dogg in LondonFlatbush Zombies in SwitzerlandTravis Scott in SwitzerlandAnd and and.. Im sorry i dont want to be rude.. but you should enjoy that..

  73. TheGökhanZ

    Türkiye'ye gel, paraya kıyalım.

  74. Azra Beril

    Koltuk altı kıllarını alsaydın keşke

  75. 5000 subscribers with no videos?

  76. Cesærion

    Crowd looks like Nazi-Germany

  77. Manuel Brod

    That crowd was so fucking boring. W H I T E

  78. Simon Boeing

    the white mafakka brought the money and dipped

  79. Tony Ferrari

    This sucks

  80. hung tran

    đù ông này ko xăm mình :v

  81. Vic Cypress

    Eazy? Hit that damn gym son!

  82. Jack Hogan

    Those Chucks he has are fucking amazing

  83. Hawaiian fillipino pride

    He's so fine.

  84. חן אזולאי

    I'm in love with himmmmm

  85. KK DeVeauXgue

    I never thought the day would come when white people would embrace rap unbelievable that is incredible its as big as the Wacken concerts Wow!!!

  86. Sharon Walters

    I love dude AKA G-Eazy

  87. Lum Nann Tang Bau

    If u gon take off Ur shirt plz shave Ur arms . Just know . I mean it

  88. Dombrovschi Catalin

    crowd white af

  89. yash chaudary

    Gay Freddie mercury, oh wait Freddie is already gay...

  90. JKW

    Fuck me that crowd is weak

  91. Jim Canterak

    Really skinny guys should be as ashamed as really fat guys being shirtless.

  92. tokas 1992

    Whitest crowd ever

  93. Cipher Dragon

  94. tokas 1992

  95. Cipher Dragon

  96. Sean Vail Jr

    Everyone needs to quit it with the body shaming. He’s not THAT skinny. And he still gets more pussy than all of you combined 😭

  97. Kamil Bury

  98. Sean Vail Jr

  99. Kamil Bury

  100. Putturin

    saddest concert ever

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