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No Limit
G-Eazy - No Limit
: No Limit
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15-11-2017 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 377 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (G-Eazy - No Limit )
  1. kane caluya


  2. A Guy from 90's

    That boobies got me..

  3. Toscan GRAVITY


  4. Charlie L

    808 part is hard

  5. allRounder

    Fuck wid me and get some money 💰

  6. lilbitrn

    pads gotta be lower. definetly.

  7. David18

    how do we download and use the drum pack you made for this?

  8. panagiotis karahalios

    808 gotta b more IN UR FACE, louder

  9. Ali Al-batran

    Tripple Redd Dark Knight Dummo Ft. Travis Scott Please! :)

  10. Taip Reel

    You should do get some mo by young dolph


    I thought the songs bpm was 176?...

  12. Misty Williams

    He said Cadi B

  13. Kariie Galicia

    amaizing!!!!! Do you think ABleton Live work as good as Logic? depende more of the beat maker? you are so talented! I would to know Tips, I´m learning making beats :) blessings!

  14. Nelson L

    F him and I get sum mummy yuh

  15. I Blu

    G- Eazy - Far alone remake?

  16. phonos89

    What software is?

  17. Eli DaOpp

    the 808 are pointless

  18. TRIO

    It's so annoying cause I can't find my es2 synthesiser

  19. Cheryno Kersout

    Are the playpacks also for fl studio

  20. 1000x

    A Boogie with dat hoodle’s Drowning featuring Kodak Black

  21. Keithcity


  22. Daniel M.

    Up Like Imnosiac by X, his new song

  23. A.H.

    Savage time from metro boomin and big sean please🔥

  24. Yusuf Gus

    make beats now thanks to imamusicmogul. Thank you bro! I have my beats on my channel feel free to check them out and use them for free.

  25. ELR No-Name

    Please do Logic Anxiety please im a two year old on my knees imamusicmogul

  26. 402MrC

    Can you do holiday by Quality Control? Coldest beat this year

  27. hopeless

    halsey’s bad at love remake please ❤️

  28. Momin Ahmed

    We Go Legend & Bosses Don't Speak

  29. Sidy Rangra

    Can you please remake Motorsport

  30. Farouk Fagbenro

    Big Bidness (feat. 2 Chainz)

  31. Farouk Fagbenro

    Go Legend (feat. Travis Scott)

  32. Julie Wilkins

    Remake better off alone.

  33. David Taylor

    DARK NIGHT DUMMO 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  34. Patrick Morris

    we need a "Dark Knight Dummo" remake.

  35. Unknown Temptation

    Make no hook with YBN Nahmir and YBN Almighty Jay!

  36. Olaf Brand

    try to remake danger by migos and marshmello

  37. Alessandro Marcandoro

    PLEASE guys, anyone can give Nexus 2 for Logic? Im tired searching on internet for nothing

  38. Official LilDJ

    The Tempo Is 88 but it sounds like 160 lol

  39. freekickerz c.f

    No flag remake pls this beat is so fire

  40. Angel Diaz


  41. Fin Cottle

    Ive been watching you for ages but only just got logic, so when you mention how you're doing the shortcuts (CMD r) it's really helpful thanks!!


    Dooope, really helpful tutorial learned alot

  43. Don Mangaroo

    do Crisis by Rich Chigga and 21 Savage

  44. Michele Peroni

    14:28 that sound when you are tired of copy pasting everything 😂

  45. BseKninghty 2

    At 2:28 ..How can I load the No limit Drum kit in EXS 24 ???? Greetings from Germany/Berlin

  46. MHFriends

    curious what that metro boomin piano preset in sculpture sounds like....

  47. Eric Sherrod

    Do Dark Knight Dummo by Trippie Redd feat. Travis Scott

  48. GERSON Fernández

    I was waiting for this vid so bad haha❤️

  49. brody brunson

    plz baby wipe

  50. Michael Almendes

    i appreciate your work the way you go deep into the music and take out every pluck and pad behind it. I wanted to request you one thing that I am a big fan Of KSHMR, and can you pleases put a tutorial on how to make the lead of his song DHARMA with Headhunterz........

  51. A d x y

    I bet the beat is Cardi B's idea because of how it sounds lol

  52. Elliot Floum

    TAOG - Dirty Laundry remake would be sick

  53. Abhishek Chand

    Do make a beat: The Hill by Theweeknd

  54. Abhishek Chand

    Please do make a beat Him and I by H-eazy ft. Halsey

  55. prod. Lil Road

    Dark knight dummo would be amazing

  56. Tunde

    GOAT. I hate logics 808s though

  57. Fin Cottle

    Do ghost face killers!!!

  58. Prod. jJ

    plsssssss do ric flair drip

  59. St. Florence

    the Sounds and the 808's pattern was off, but it's for copyright reasons.

  60. Nicholas Hardy


  61. periodt

    white people dont understand the real sounds of music like dr dre metro boomin and more tbh and im not trying to be racist

  62. Jack Bertram

    how do you figure out the tempo of these songs

  63. 1900 Entertainment

    Could you do a tut mixing vocals, with that Migos / Atl sound?

  64. Matt Daytona

    you missed the beastie boys sample

  65. Dila G.


  66. Slumped

    it is not 88 bpm, it's 176

  67. HunterActual

    Finally he does a G-Eazy track. But this is Gerald’s worst track honestly. Listen to his older stuff. His older stuff is much better. Like I️ would’ve liked a remake of Him & I️ instead but it’s whatever

  68. ATM

    i enjoy your vids. nice job👌

  69. K Myer

    Finallllyyyyyyyyyy...ive been waiting alllll...month longggggg 😭😭😭😭

  70. Chase Harrington

    Also Dark Knight Dummo and Go Legend please.

  71. Chase Harrington

    Please do a Frank Ocean beat. Would be something different.

  72. Abid

    Guys, check out my first ever beat on soundcloud. Please show some support, play my beat and give some feedback! prodbyabid

  73. Techoroo

    these 808's aren't good but like for creativity

  74. brody brunson

    plz remake baby wipe by ski mask the slump god.

  75. Louis Luzuka

    i have all your notifications put on!!

  76. SadBoy10_209


  77. Jeffrey Thompson

    Final beat 20:15

  78. Louis Luzuka


  79. Diego Trejo

    What scale was this played in?

  80. Lil Whitney

    I've been fw you the longest you gotta remake dark knight dummo

  81. DENDRO

    I did this 2 weeks ago

  82. Mello Dee Beats

    Not quite....................... Better sound selection is needed.

  83. Manuel Rodríguez

    Rick Flair Drip remake please 🙏🏾.

  84. JoshIsBurger06

    As always something is probably off no offense but its your style lol

  85. Chris P. Chicken

    Where's the Travis Scott - the ends remake ?

  86. jooshep1

    word to big bird

  87. Jackson Stotland

    Who's excited for G-Eazy's new album?

  88. Gen Adorno

    Notification squaddd

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