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Him & I
G-Eazy - Him & I
: Him & I
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04-12-2017 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 1330 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (G-Eazy - Him & I )
  1. Santiago G fuentes


  2. Alera Aleron

    Pls someone give her a skirt

  3. РейнХарт TV

    💗 Halsey

  4. Ameera Mehyar

    "make some noise for the Most beautiful woman alive"Really? You said this And then you cheat on her? On the "the most beautiful woman alive"??Huh?

  5. Juliet Sparks

    I love Halsey but whys she in her underwear?

  6. safa fafi

    g eazy 👎👎

  7. jelena noura

    I miss em so fucking much😭

  8. Tupac1904

    Halsey look like she has a diaper on

  9. beca

    His loss tho

  10. Lui's T

    México City

  11. Always Remember Mac


  12. Michael Hughes

    You can low-key tell he already done wit the bitch

  13. Nathan Moore

    Right after they broke up, I watched G-Easy sing this song solo. Why would you wanna do this song when it’s about you and your ex-GF? Mean what you sing

  14. Andrea Rose

    He looks like FP Jones from Riverdale

  15. Pamela Hilderbrand

    SMH Halsey & G Easy you leave me just breathless you are the most amazing couple love you both keep your heads focused and keep up the good work you guys are going up to the top hope you ready lol!! 💚❤️

  16. Dayla Keith



    Dhe kinda looks a little stupid .. The way she dances and moves .. looks like she trying to hard to be sexy ...or something

  18. Brian Dunn

    Why these bitches always gotta be nude and in they panties and shit

  19. Leslie Nail

    I hate when the background is too loud

  20. Dejja Barbie


  21. erick padilla

    Lmfaoo 2:28 can’t believe she forgot the lyrics 🤭🤭

  22. Ibrahim Hassan

    I can't stop listening it man WTF!!!!

  23. anouk letschert

    Jesus crist halsey sounds amazing even without auto tune💗

  24. C Sparklingeyes

    Those are some granny panties

  25. Elias Chumil

    Tenemos ese tipo de amor de esos locos❤❤

  26. karina morin

    they were so hyped :(

  27. Kassidy Latimer

    They got back together

  28. Sin-Mtz


  29. Mystii3

    They filmed this when they broke up, or were they together?

  30. seryilj

    15 de junio :v**

  31. Athena Watkins

    They had so much chemistry. Really hate they are not together. If it's meant to be they will be together!

  32. darush dhuveniis

    Well audiences so happy.. great

  33. Jane Doe

    Sadly I am not surprised they are not together he seems like a dog, who cheats on women.

  34. Claire Ferraris

    Whenever they're on stage together it's like their the only one's there singing to each other and it's so cute!!! Please get back together what you guy's have is si beautiful and there's just nothing else like it.

  35. Marshmallow XD

    Моя любимая песня!/My favourite song! E-Eazy and Halsey,you the best!

  36. jessica reyes gacia

    No ya habían cortado ?

  37. Golden Tears

    No están juntos no?

  38. Dexter Morgan

    No wonder he cheated. She’s wearing a fucking sparkly diaper. That cut certainly doesn’t help her figure at all.

  39. XThat PutaX !

    Aaannnnd they're overrrr

  40. Ищу Gold

    хелси топ

  41. Mia Corona

    So sad they broke up 😭😭

  42. reddggirl


  43. Miz Aria

    I guess he's dickless now Lol

  44. John Narvatos

    Tan felices que se veían en el concierto y ya han terminado 😥

  45. Dacha girl

    Моя любимая песня💖😍

  46. Taniaaa

    А че она в трусах

  47. Kareng Phangchopi

    U did a little mistake it should be G-Eazy feat Halsey

  48. Ojashwa Sharma

    Pray they get back together 💏

  49. Angela G

    She loves him so much. She was always proud of him... Whether it was him as her guest or hers his, she always was so proud to be with him. She came out at one show and told the crowd how hard he worked and it was sweet.. Then she said something like "Bet their are some girls out here who think they love him more than I do... Spoiler Alert, you don't"... It was so sweet. Then he fucked her over!! Took her heart and shattered it. It pisses me off. Yes, "I know it's not my relationship.." And "They are people too.. Just like all of us".. "Its their private matter".. Well, fuck all that. Their relationship played out for everyone to see.. "Him and I" was a hit because of them.. Their sexiness, their love story.. That all of us watched before our eyes. The way she looked at him.. The way he talked about her in interviews. People just ate that shit up.. We were CRAZY about them.. And, as stupid as it sounds, we wanted them too be together for the rest of their lives... That's stupid to say or expect. They're young. Too young. But we had hope.REGARDLESS- he did her dirty. What's funny is he pursued her, heavy. She didn't want to be with him..She said she didn't even like him.. And then it happened..**I still don't know how you could have Halsey, and want someone else? Cheat? Halsey is hilarious, sweet, LOYAL, talented, sassy and sexy as hell. She flew to Europe to be with him, A LOT. She toured the states too. Constantly coming out to praise him. I know she's no angel.. Her #1 stipulation was- NO CHEATING.FUCKING ASSHOLE.

  50. Darrell Lingman

    At least us fellas don't have to wear speedos!

  51. Please Loveitt

    she messed up a bit on 2:26

  52. Saam 018

    ¡¡¡¿Queeeeeeee?!!!¡Méxicooo! 😱😭¿Porqué nadie me dijo nadaaa? 😭Me ubiera gustado estar ahí.😭

  53. Beyza Seda Bakır halsey

  54. Shyamala Iyer

    In the end its human eye

  55. Brenn C



    he ignores her :D

  57. briboz7

    Halsey losing more and more clothes all the time... she 🔥 tho

  58. Angelina Armstrong

    Halsey my love❤

  59. Blurryphaces! At The Disco


  60. Federica 01

    And now they broke up...

  61. Aboutjohn747

    Too much women to keep Halsey tied down.

  62. Николаевич 74

    Фанерщики хуевы как российская попса прям

  63. Tyra Grace

    I honestly feel sorry for all the keyboard warriors on this vid like... you clicked on this video when you didn’t have to, do you really have nothing better to do then come on a video and hate on her?? Saying she’s untalented and this isn’t music... so what the fuck is it if it’s not music lol 😂 are you just calling her untalented cause it’s trendy and you wanna be cool 😂 like have you even listened to any of her music, I don’t know what your definition of talented is but you must have some extreme expectations... fuck me dead some people are sad. At this point it’s just fucking funny 😂

  64. BOMBAexpress

    i guess geazy told her to go more britney

  65. Alejandro Mesa Giraldo

    Uuffff 🇨🇴

  66. Wendy Hernandez

    2:26 😂

  67. maurice motaung

    2:28 did she forget what line was coming next

  68. coldcolderthecoldest

    while is she performing in her undergarments while he is fully clothed (including jacket)?

  69. Mason Ventura

    At 1:27 i think he wanted them to turn up the vocals

  70. catwoman dz

    Love them

  71. Lamboempire

    Young Gerlad yeeeeee

  72. Tsuyo Yumi

    I have a feeling that Halsey doesn’t like pants..😂😂

  73. Discovery Planet

    this song is bullshit

  74. Discovery Planet

    this song is bullshit

  75. Nina Kachina

    What's with the diaper

  76. Gershun Davies

    True talent doesn't have to dress like a skank all the time. She must spend a fortune on bikini waxing.

  77. harsh uikey

    Damn she's got a nice botty

  78. Angela G

    Wish this was better quality... Closer.

  79. Seth Brolsma

    I wish I like Halsey more than I do. But she’s more look than talent.

  80. abSINth siren

    Damn 2:26 she fuck up and started singing the wrong part of the song lol

  81. Leo 4House


  82. Ariadna Martinez


  83. Monti Gabbana

    That looks like a diaper she’s wearing

  84. Dom

    4 goddamn days ago

  85. Stephany Mariah

    The next bey & jay

  86. Rob Cruzen

    There is absolutely zero showmanship or talent here.... I am so sad for the arts...

  87. Tessa Queensbridge

    Que mierda .¿Porque no me dijeron que vino a México ?

  88. rob F

    Wow this untalented garbage is literally wearing a diaper on stage. Sad if anyone actually likes this shit or calls it music.

  89. Aboutjohn747

    That's a whole lot of women to please

  90. Aboutjohn747

    Love to see them together doing what ever

  91. Mitzi MZ

    Amé ese día!No paraba de llorar 😭😭😍😍😍

  92. Joe Black

    Cutest Couple Ever!

  93. JBcn

    She almost naked and HE DRESSED, BITCHEES go home

  94. untouchable Cantu

    Fucking coke heads fuck both of those drug bums

  95. Ana Roman



  97. seryilj

    Esta morra o lo q sea estaba alado de mi

  98. Carolina San Nicolas Damian

    Tú y todos los que grabaron ese día tienen un lugar especial en el infierno. -_____-

  99. Andrea Girl

    2:23 súper fail jajaja

  100. MissHolly60

    Love this song👍👍

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