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G-Eazy - Random
: Random
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15-11-2017 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 41 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (G-Eazy - Random )
  1. Gamerguy bo2


  2. RobloxGamer Yt

    who is 2019?

  3. Sara Field

    Powerful song 💌

  4. Baekhyun Chicken Tender

    This shit is gold

  5. Joshua Perez


  6. xokittenx420

    2K19 still love this song

  7. konjengbam boboton

    this make me feel better

  8. KekoYamen

    Amazing Lyrics For Such Song

  9. Ashley Dominguez

    This is anthem told the world I need everything and some

  10. Ashley Dominguez

    Young Gerald!!!!!!!

  11. Ashley Dominguez

    Yo G.Easy u sound like Drake

  12. Chloe E

    This song honestly makes me feel like a bad ass. Walking into cheer practice like: Hey, yeah I’m awesome and what the fuck you gonna do about it? When I’m reality I look like a sweaty idiot who walks because she is too lazy to get a drivers license…which is pretty accurate

  13. Dick on

    I fucking love that AGH scream :D

  14. Caleb Tweet Tweet

    New game every time g eazy says random take a shot

  15. Adrian Winebarger


  16. •BOBBY•A//•DICKIO•

    i love g eazy`s voice

  17. FliiTurtlez

    Yooooo hit the gym with this banger. Hella hyped


    I had to throw my phone in the tub because it’s so LIT🔥🔥🔥🔥

  19. punkypaige

    I just got ear fucked. In a good way

  20. Anthony Dallas

    "You drive a Toyota please define flex" uhhh 1500HP 2J Supra mateBy the way the second verse is absolute fire

  21. Jose Rico Taco Nacho quesidilla mondilla jones

    Gerald is a 🐐

  22. Rajiv Muvva

    I feel like a complete god when i listen to this lol

  23. fourat jouini

    Nice Work

  24. Isaac Gachupin

    got it all yeah im young rich and handosme this shit is not random

  25. polo queen

    I’d pay to suck g-eazy’s dick

  26. Max1892

    Nice rhymes shit lyrics like most raps

  27. Theassassin87 Meeres


  28. PhantomDrizzz _

    This is my pump up song

  29. Ahmed.Q Saleh

    Seriously this song is druuuuugg!!!!!!!!

  30. Jessica Rogers

    from a music psychologist perspectiveif you can count to 4then you enjoy the song

  31. K Yakuza

    Who is young gerald?

  32. Seag of Sieg

    I love the beginning of this song it makes me feel so motivated, like I could do anything and just dominate

  33. Dingus Mcgee

    im tired of people comparing gerald to drake yeah g new but drakes a bitch and has been since he started g is badass and if he wasn't you wouldn't be listening

  34. Maygan Brewer

    best song evr!

  35. TripleMDoubleN

    killed it!!!!

  36. These Biscuits

    2:16, kills himself

  37. What do you guys want to see next? Appreciate feedback on viewer interest.

  38. Jetzii Playz

    I love the first part

  39. Anthony Hutchins

    This song is the definition of why capitalism is fucking dope. Which is weird cuz he raps about socialism lol

  40. sachin singh


  41. bruhitzjohny gaming

    brb im gonna go get a honda

  42. Moises Martinez

    my kind of music.

  43. eMe Menace

    "i know she goin be ready when i slide though" ;)

  44. Isaiah M Patience

    This one of my 2nd favorite song

  45. Derek Weaver

    He's white🙀🙀🙀

  46. Anthony Yomama

    this song makes me remember the time I tricked 3 strippers into a private dance. they thought I was a rich white boy. dumb bitches. I'm not lying to you neither ask everyone I know exept my mom cause i never told her.

  47. triskiss210 gaming

    look out hes throwing a tantrum

  48. Griffen Mackey

    The last verse of this song kills anything I've ever heard

  49. marybelmcguire


  50. epicgamer 123

    best song

  51. Strayan Rider


  52. boruto uzumaki

    anyone who agress thumbs up to dus guy

  53. boruto uzumaki

    this song hype up

  54. Carrie Ann Kignak

    i love this some

  55. Luis Venegas

    the beat i wanted to hear in years

  56. Ebony CandyCane

    love this song my cuz can rap this hole thing!!!

  57. happy lego nigga

    "You drive a Toyota please define flex"TRIGGEREDToyota > any other brand

  58. Alyssa Swann

    Like the first time i was listening to this song, i was in the car with my friend, an i told him "OH MY GOSH I KNOW THIS SONG" because the beat in the beginning then after a little bit i was like "IM ALL THE WAY UP".... zzz feelsbadman. That moment when you think you know the song, but you don't.

  59. Bill Gegen

    hes really good but he sounds wayy too much like drake lol

  60. Chicagoduude23 Chicagoduude23

    i love g eazy

  61. Chance Shelby

    G-Eazy Go Hard Bruh!

  62. Pierce Horizon

    "you drive a Toyota, please define flex" is my favorite

  63. Kyleigh Weaver

    Sliding in those dms

  64. ReMixed

    Damn. The beat is fire.

  65. dj olo

    This is officially the most bad ass song I've heard. On God💯

  66. Steven Melton

    When you find 2 dollars on the ground.

  67. Leah Zizo


  68. Mario Nunez


  69. what up my sister

    Remember when White People Couldn't Say NIGGA

  70. vivseraei

    he works so every song.

  71. Chasity Rivera

    you drive a toyota please define flex

  72. red uka

    1:46 i think he talkin bout he sold his soul

  73. Papi 2x

    before football game 💯💯 I got to listen to this

  74. Devan Thomas


  75. DarkCookieDj

    i dont know how people said this album was garbage i love it

  76. Anika Melkote

    "GOT IT ALL YEAH IM YOUNG RICH AND HANDSOME" Dang, this song is soo true! the intro is killer tho..:)

  77. rewD ness

    anyone else get an ad of the American anthem for this video lol

  78. IlianaBlue

    i love this song!

  79. Bloodyclaw Furrywolfie

    Who else came here from Nglitcheshd intro?

  80. Joshua Lyden

    This is actually my fav rap song

  81. Jackson Glasser

    1:26 is FIRE OMG

  82. Ryan Christman

    you drive a Toyota plz define flex lmao get it g

  83. Echo Blaze

    Who else thought that this song was 100% Fire

  84. Tom Duce


  85. Adrian Delarosa

    G easy is garbage but still better than drake

  86. Tayy.speer

    Syiklkbvfeeikgfsawokgthdeuoh. Holy shit 😍this song is amazing

  87. crumman98

    Ez is the goat.

  88. Anabella Hoffmann

    luv this song

  89. officialkma

    Is there any other songs like this Bc holy damn 😍👅

  90. PhantomDrizzz _

    Can't stop listening to this song

  91. PhantomDrizzz _

    1:17 what the what now

  92. PhantomDrizzz _

    Wow!?!g eazy wasn't even famous before 😱😱!!!

  93. Double Lyrical

    What’s up! We are Double Lyrical, an upcoming rap duo. We upload a new song every other Sunday. We would appreciate it if you’d check us out and leave some feedback!!

  94. Brad Shephard

    you drive a toyota please define flex: 2JZ.

  95. Tanner Grooms

    Aye listen to my cover on this song and leave feedback. On the come up

  96. K1NG & S1L3NT

    im gay lowkey

  97. Luis Contreras

    this good song

  98. Ikhtiar 132

    Too much good💘

  99. christian esteban

    thanks man! you a legend dude you're the music. oh well this shit aint random that's all I could do. :) keep it blazin bro.

  100. Lia Lia


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