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Paper Crown (Piano Demo)
Alec Benjamin - Paper Crown (Piano Demo)
: Paper Crown (Piano Demo)
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16-03-2020 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 190 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Alec Benjamin - Paper Crown (Piano Demo) )
  1. Sabrina x A

    I remember that I first listened to this song and I just.. I loved it.I played a game in which you could talk to people, and I always sung this song to them.To this day I still sing this song daily to them, because they always seem to ask me to.I love how this particular song brings me and my 7 other friend closer.Thank you.

  2. Meghan Baker

    The first is my favorite song

  3. Julie Wayne

    That was the first song I heard from you She's got so much feeling

  4. Krystal Lagos

    Paper crown has always been my favorite ❣️

  5. Şhąđøwy

    this piano demo is most beautiful thing i ever heard <3

  6. King Dan Raps

    Bro this dude is posting wayyy to much music lmao Alec calm down xD

  7. Alyssa Marie

    I genuinely just cried the whole time I listened. Your voice is so beautiful and that will forever be one of my top favorite songs by u :) I can’t even explain why I cried, just something hit me when I heard this

  8. Princess Chan

    although i found you later in your jorney, which is something i wish i couldve found earlier, this was the very first song of yours i've ever heard and it holds a special place in my heart!

  9. Dennis2007

    And there’s no one to love you when you build your walls too high...

  10. Savannahn03

    “If We Have Each other” was my favorite at a point in time. Then I recently decided is was “Older” it’s this one.

  11. James Clark

    This was the song that brought me to you a long time ago man! Such a track!

  12. Victor Myers

    Nobody:My notification: alec alec alec

  13. Dennis2007

    When a song is beautiful it ends too quickly, that’s what I thought when I heard it first time

  14. Kuro

    Dang this used to be my fav song a few years back I can't believe I still know the lyrics by heart

  15. 0asmahan

    Oh my gosh Alec this is why I love you! Your song always get to me. And this really means a lot to me!😟😔 can’t wait for the whole song. Ꭵ ᒪᗝᐯᗴ Ƴᗝᑌ ❤️

  16. bored :›

    *i love Alec*

  17. LX ELLE

    This is so beautiful 😭😭

  18. joe goldberg


  19. bogi

    i remember in 2016 when youtube recommended me a song called paper crown and i clicked on it cause i liked the thumbnail ive been following you since then its amazing to see how far youve come💖

  20. Niha

    I've always loved this song, the lyrics can speak to the heart. I adore this version, keep it up Alec. You're amazing!

  21. jana mohamed

    Yesss I recently heard this song but I thought Alec’s voice improved so much and I would love for him to redo it so thank youuuu

  22. Q-TiP 3214

    Those dislike are from the people who build their walls to high

  23. Molly i think

    *2 seconds in*: saved to every playlist I haveThis song is so warm but i still get shivers

  24. Miss America

    This was one of the first songs I heard from you and I fell in love with it. These are amazing ❤️thank you for your beautiful craft in the form of melodies and soul. Keep up the amazing work!

  25. Kallyne

    Te amo😔

  26. Jameelou Maramag


  27. atiqua khan

    Loved it❤️

  28. ほうさん

    take care plz

  29. Katie Walker

    this is beautiful ♥️

  30. Adriana S

    I have loved this song forever and I really needed this

  31. Donutlisa Vids


  32. Maxie


  33. TheGamingBae12

    true story how i actually fell in love with u😍: i was watching agt with my family when merrick hanna comes on and starts dancing to “I Built a Friend” and i lovedddd the song so much it was so sad and i wanted to dig deeper into the artist. i then looked up friend and robot song😂and found it and ever since i’ve fell in love with u alec❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭

  34. ayelen silvestre

    :') I love you

  35. William Lee Burgess

    First time i was introduced yer was a nightcored version of Paper Crowb

  36. Yunna Schröder

    I found you with this Song and it was immediately my favourite Song! I heard it 24/7 and I am still in love with it. In novemebre i was on your concert in Hamburg and you played this song as a surprise - I couldn‘t stop crying, because it means so much to me. I love every single Song from you, they are just making me feel better. I love you❤️

  37. Ellyn Mc

    This song gives me nostalgia, Alec isn't our little secret anymore ❤️

  38. 赤Red


  39. Apple Bro

    this- I cant breathe Alec your music is the sweetest thing EVER

  40. Kaylee The Wozard

    My friend told me about Alec Benjamin and how she listened to his songs. I started listening to some of them and I got hooked! I think my first song I listened to was Boy in the Bubble. Then I started listening to the more of his songs like Annabelle's Homework, Must Have Been the Wind, Outrunning Karma, Steve, Swim, If We Have Each Other, Death of a Hero, 1994, Let me Down Slowly, etc.

  41. Adri 0907

    It was the song that made me fall in love with your music 2 years ago^^. So great!

  42. Leo Tsang

    I really want these on Spotify so I can listen to them ever day

  43. Redhawk

    I love this song! This piano version is amazing! Thank you! :)

  44. Eric Lin

    This should be on Spotify!

  45. Noor


  46. apoorva dwivedi

    Love his voice..

  47. Rufnotz

    When it's about the lyrics !!No one on this planet can beat this guy !!!

  48. dr.kanika agarwal

    Omg I’m crying this is the first song of his that I heard and got obsessed

  49. mahdi akif

    Been waiting this for ages. Thx alec😭😭😭

  50. burnt marshmallow

    Forever soothing


    I love the original, thank you for remaking it 🙌

  52. M A

    *and theres no one to luv u when u build ur walls too high* by alec*and everyone will luv u when ur talent is wow* by me

  53. M A

    *thank u alec*

  54. VuongPlayz

    Keanu Reeves?

  55. Jéssica PS

    I used to think that I needed someone else to save me, But I realised that no one will save me,The strength that I needed was here inside of meAll this time ❤

  56. Crybaby Waffle UwU

    I love this song Alec but please stop posting when I'm busy😂...The end always hits me: And there's no one to love you build your walls too high and there's no one to love you when you trap yourself inside... SO WHERE THE HECK IS MY ENDING BOIIIIIIIIIIIII?! There really is a war going on. Hopefully, I don't get corona and can live long enough for my dream to come true..... Meeting you, my love❤️

  57. audreygym

    One of my favorite song, the piano version is just oh my 😻 (hoped you'd cover the whole song but it's okay :))

  58. Qui Ty

    OMG its so good!

  59. MissBlueStar

    Ah I remember first listening to this song when it just came out, I fell in love with it and it has always remained my favorite song... this just brings back so many memories and all, its beautiful <3

  60. MoonDawg Media

    This is a good one. 👊🧡

  61. Pawpaw Love

    Was this taken in singapore ? 🙊🙊

  62. Kanav Singla

    Is this song available on Apple Music??

  63. Bonne.hetzalwel

    pleaseeee put your old songs back on spotify we need them :(

  64. Esme Lawless

    I will never not love this song Alec we are so grateful for all of this music <3

  65. Luisa Cai

    Dude this is my favorite song! Wasn't able to find it on spotify tho :((

  66. uuniversess


  67. Sarah w

    this song is just 🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️

  68. zKreativer

    We need at the bottom!!!!

  69. tatchibana yuri

    I like it...👏

  70. Plosive

    This song brings me to tears ;-;

  71. —toxic_ revival—

    I love paper crown... one of his first songs and with such a soothing song that tells a story... one of my favorites, if not my favorite ❤️❤️

  72. Ethie L

    God... this song bring back so memories from when I discovered your songs. Thank you.

  73. LitDreamer

    No words...I like it 😌

  74. AWSOMism

    this song and your outrunning karma (demo) were my favorite you ever made

  75. Syahna A S

    i beg u to put this on spotify

  76. Y F

    this makes me emotional. Paper crown was the first song I've heard from you. You came so far, I'm so proud of you <3

  77. gameboys546

    one of my favorite songs you ever wrote and hearing like this made my day

  78. Syahna A S

    this is my fave omg thank u xxx

  79. Camille Howell

    Crazy how like 5 years ago I accidentally clicked on a live where u were singing this song and in that moment I was mesmerized I never liked watching lives but after that I always showed up on time for yours I’m proud of all the growth you’ve made since then🥺❤️

  80. Nkazimulo Ncube

    Really can't wait for the album to drop

  81. Lotje x

    Love it❤❤❤

  82. Bariq99

    So nostalgic!!Reminds me of the firsf time I got to know you..

  83. Lotje x

    This is sooo beautifal

  84. Christin Chuang

    honestly i can't decide which my favorite song of yours is. they're all beautiful.

  85. Adelė Balytė

    I hope everybody will discover Alecs music because it's so beautiful and he deserves so much more

  86. Emma Nicole

    now I’m hoping there’ll be an acoustic of the America ep

  87. Gosia

    my favourite song, I'm crying

  88. Miljana Pavlovic

    It's amazing, thank you Alec ❤️

  89. Ashish Sharma

    I came across Alec in January 2018 after my breakup through Let me Down Slowly cause my lady left upon a whim. And I'm hooked ever since.

  90. JoZ Lemus

    I'm tearing up over here. This was the first song I heard by you and it's helped ever since getting me through my depression pits when I think of my mom. She was murdered by ex. I'm proud of you man, I've been with you since this song first came out. I hope you continue to make great music cause you're songs have helped me get through a lot of tough times and I'm sure the same goes for others. So thank you for continuing to make music.

  91. Snitch Phead

    I'm cryingI've been here since then, this is the first song I heard from you in 2016 and I can't believe how lucky I wasI'm so proud of you and your achievements, you are gonna be bigger than nowAmazing how I remember to write Barcelona in your mailbox hoping you come someday but knowing it was difficultNow I got tickets for your first show here,Thnks for giving life to me

  92. Kay Alvin

    Love ^^

  93. dede khaled

    Alec uploading a video almost every day is just like HEAVEN ✌💞

  94. eda sarı

    you are very special, perfect person. this is incredible, paper crown makes me cry

  95. Carla Perez Gumbau

    it's been one year since i first heard about alec, and he's realising a piano demo of my favourite song, in a very difficult moment for my.i can't wait to see you in're truly the best you

  96. Adika Janai

    Alec, you are the one

  97. scorpio_goddess .753

    I love every song you write and post hereSo glad im Subscribed to your channel!❤❤❤

  98. Alec Benjamin

    this is one of the first songs i ever wrote and the first song i ever released :). heres a piano demo of it :0 hope all of you are staying safe !

    The potato ravenclaw

    Thank you alec!!!

    The potato ravenclaw

    This was posted at like 1:00 am XD

    Lily Oblivious

    @Supreet C Corona

    Ashely _wolf lover

    Bru I'm in my bed listening to music also as I an writing this there is a tarantula on my foot and I have arachnophobia. It just moved

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