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Mind Is A Prison
Alec Benjamin - Mind Is A Prison
: Mind Is A Prison
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13-12-2019 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 1391 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Alec Benjamin - Mind Is A Prison )
  1. Alex Mark

    Yes dude i love this

  2. Horses addict

    This song is so deep and meaning

  3. Hey k pop

    Aaaaaand I know whats my favourite song of the month~~~😍

  4. Lais Nascimento

    WHAT THE HELL, HE DOESN'T HAVE ANY BAD SONG, Alec, pls marry me .

  5. Angelus Kwon

    what a bop

  6. Katie Kitchens

    Can someone please explain the lyrics for me. I understand most of it just need some validation. Thx

  7. prince asmodeus

    why am I crying?

  8. Marylou Bélouis

    Beautiful as always ✨

  9. 이지닝

    When I said 'please fold your hands if you like Alec',The earth was folded in half.....

  10. adesola adeyeloja

    Thank God Jimin recommended you! Your music is amazing

  11. Bruna Pires

    your voice is simply everything

  12. saturn girl


  13. saturn girl

    oh god, this is soooooo goooood

  14. 菲丝

    Alec, you really know how to take all of my crazy, messed up thoughts tangled in my head and put them into words and music. Thank you for everything you do💙

  15. Eynjelic Kim Taehyung

    ome of the underrated artists i love the most and i always brag this man sm to my friends and his music. 💕💕💕

  16. Анастасия Александрова


  17. ᴘᴜʀᴘʟᴇ ᴀʀᴍʏ

    It’s not possible to describe how proud I am of you Alec. You have no idea how much I love the song, I am speechless. I don’t know how can the World have such a talented person like you. We really don’t deserve you 🥺❤️

  18. Jasmine Mallette


  19. sleepyhead

    ”I think too much”This describes like my whole life

  20. Célia M

    It is crazy ... I thought of that comparison just today ...

  21. KEKS

    I love it.

  22. Ahylyn Jackson

    Thank you Alex I love your music It's inspired me and help me realize It's okay to talk to others and I'm not alone. LOVE YOUR MUSIC💙💙💙

  23. Anna Kakorin

    oh my god thank you so much for this song, it is so relatable, you can see the evolution of his singing, i sobbed this song hit so close to home, Thank you Alec

  24. limlight

    this hits hard💯✨

  25. Mia Hi

    I love ittttt

  26. Ahylyn Jackson

    I liked it before It started cause I already knew it was gonna be good but like WHAT SONG MADE BY ALEC ISNT?

  27. Qiell Furqan

    Perfect song to explain my thoughts and feelings. Thanks!

  28. Figi Diasheva

    "i won't give up on hope"

  29. Syeravinaa

    You always impress and NEVER AND EVER disappoint us!

  30. nemesis Slayer

    Love this song, it gave me so many ideas with my villain, and i'm very excited about it, very good song.

  31. Watermelon Musique

    this is so underrated, I'm definitely making a lyrics video of this song!

  32. NynyDaravy

    you’re an amazing songwriter...

  33. Story Ler

    Kimse gelmeden indireyim

  34. Anna Zepeda

    you deserve so much more recognition🥺

  35. Infiresman_yh

    Your voice is amazing. The lyrics are deep it’s emotional. Minds are literally prisons. But I will never give up on hope

  36. kim mochi

    my heart is so sad

  37. Skylar Mew

    help my replay button is broken

  38. Aldemir Barbosa

    I LOVE is your songs and I LOVE YOU Alec! !!!!!!!!!!❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤

  39. Ava Fryer

    when he sounds the exact same in concert>

  40. awesome get it

    When he says “alone with my thoughts again” it’s so cute😭

  41. Peepee poopoo

    It's my bday

  42. ynaaa

    Alec fr doesnt know how to write a bad song. Cant wait for the whole album sjjsjsjs

  43. creative crave

    this hit hard.

  44. Laura Novais

    You're awesome! I'm pride of you and about all of your songs, they're perfect! Thanks for this treasure 😍

  45. Legitsavage

    Person:I love your songsMe: I love your stories 💚❤

  46. Just Me

    I love this song so much, you're great

  47. DiscordInTheMelody

    The amount of hope that you put in the lyrics at the end is just so beautifulDamn this hit hard. Thank you so much for another incredible song. Your story writing in your lyrics is unparalleled

  48. Steam Bird

    OMG It's the best new year present ever. Thank you!I really like to listen to Alec Benjamin, playlists with his songs is my favourite. I'm so so so so so happy that i found a such brilliant artist. Everyone will find something about himself listening to this song. Personally, i'm overthinking, have to go step by step thinking about lost opportunities, wrong actions, behaviour, words, etc.. It's the way of analysis myself, but sometimes it causes some troubles and my brains becomes a prison with no escape. This is how i relate to this song

  49. Klara W.

    This went straight to my heart. I like that you write songs with a deeper significance

  50. •Măţəø!•

    Omg incredible like always

  51. Minty_ Limelight

    This song made me feel somewhat normal :) I love you Alec.

  52. SuperB4B3

    Wow. I'm crying. This song hit me hard. Thanks for writing this beautiful song ❤️

  53. OmgMinseok

    ohmygod i love this so much

  54. MiniCakeMimi

    two seconds in and I already love the song 😍

  55. remy sorensen

    I think this might be one of my favorite songs of yours, and I’m not even done listening yet

  56. FC Janssen 14

    What an amazing song. Couldn’t describe how I feel better than this song

  57. Alex Gacha cookie

    Me:*thinking to much*Mind:save me from this thinking

  58. Bae

    روعة 🔥

  59. Talking w/ Alex

    Freaking yt didn’t notify me that Alec Benjamin had a new song!!!!! I lost three whole hours where I coulda been blasting this song!!!!



  61. Daiana Paco


  62. mia clayton

    I recently went to your concert and heard you sing this before you released it, thank you so much for an amazing night!

  63. hanna marie

    yes yes yes yes yes i love this

  64. Tefy Mava

    Loving this song ❤️ (Love you Alec)

  65. Harris 18

    Wow I love this so much.

  66. Kawtar Shahid

    Morocco 🇲🇦

  67. Caydee Sill

    This is so beautiful Alec, you're truly my favorite artist. I love you and your music, each song is perfect! I cant wait to see you go viral! I love youuu!!! 🥰

  68. gho0oo0ost

    i feel this through my body and soul🖤🖤 thanks for always being true to yourself expressin how u truly feel.

  69. Yicsel Ruby

    Don’t forget how amazing you are and how much you meant to people. Stop being so hard on yourself 💙

  70. Britani Chacon

    Just 3 hours later! UwU

  71. Tilda Isakson

    I’ve been in a very dark place lately. Last exams, not a lot of friends and a sick sister. I feel stuck in life and I’ve never been able to express myself until I heard this song. So thank you Alec. You’re a work of art :)

  72. Emma Santamariña Ballesteros

    this is... literally a masterpiece omg

  73. Yicsel Ruby

    This ones definitely one of my favorite cause it’s like you’re reading my mind

  74. yuribug


  75. GiGi S

    My mind may be the prison... but this song is freedom 🎶 Music access the deepest part of our psyche and hearing a song that matches those very vibrations of our emotions is like hearing our emotions play our for us that we can learn to dance to. Dance is movement, which ultimately is freedom Thanks @Alec Benjamin. I fully resonate 💖

  76. gorgeous_grazer

    Holy, alec, I've been here since water fountain came out. I remember playing it on replay and never getting sick of it, and now your still here, still suprising me

  77. LxvelyLvght

    I'm so proud of you, you've really come far! Keep going, I know you're going to go far in life. x

  78. Horrorplanets 2005

    I absolutely adore you Alec. You are a very talented artist and I love all of your music. This song is amazing:,) I love it!!!!!! ❤️

  79. Lea


  80. Hanna Hoeting

    His songs are always so sad and deep yet they are relatable and they for sure sound good in a song with his amazing voice

  81. Andrea Martinez

    Alec's songs are always sooo underrated l❤❤❤❤❤ he is an amazing artist

  82. Mar Oli Oli

    *Love this.*

  83. Shantel Jean-Charles

    Love this!😭

  84. Sephy

    to the girl that's my world but it's most likely platonic,i know there's a slim chance of you seeing this comment in a jungle of other ones, but if by any chance you cross this comment i want you to know that you are my world, you're the dozen of grey clouds that bring rain and storm into the valleys of my mind, but you and your smile are the sunshine that puts the weeping to an end. every night i dream about us being connected, being locked in a warm and tearbringing, emotional hug with our lips passionately pressing against each others but i just know that it cannot happen because of my aspd and depression. i keep wallowing in both my tears and need to express myself towards you because you're the most perfect being i have ever encountered, and i'm not a poet or anything, but i've been y e a r n i n g to do this kind of thing. my mind truly is a prison that has been torturing me for a long time, but the warmth i've encountered in my dreams kept me standing and pushing forth to the gates of my paradise world, though yet i do not posess the keys to it. i absolutely love you and will continue to do so till i collapse.

  85. Noah P.

    Stressy and depressy

  86. emilee m

    new favorite song 😚

  87. olivia msp

    I love you and I’m so proud of how far you’ve come, yours finally getting the recognition u deserve

  88. Yasmin Ramos

    Anjo, eu amei demais essa música. A letra é linda, a melodia e o vídeo também. Obrigada por ter compartilhado essa linda letra com a gente. Eu te amo

  89. Ombeline de Saint Moulin

    As talented as ever ❤❤ I always loved all your songs , but this one is definitely one of the best you've written 💎 Please never stop singing, your songs are just so breathtaking !Kisses from Belgium 😊

  90. Your Local Trash Can

    PROTECT THE SMOL BEAN 😭 it makes me so sad that these are personal lyrics to him i just wanna give you a big hug Alec

  91. Taha Mh

    And another beautifull song♡I liked it♡

  92. Lauren Higgins

    this is beautiful

  93. Glxjwe Fuek

    So relatable💕

  94. Ran

    I can't stop listening to it

  95. maike_wonderful

    masterpiece😍 that's how we all feel sometimes

  96. Falco

    This is a complete visual and auditory experience. The visuals add to the music and help convey its message. I love seeing complete work from artists like this. Props to Clare Gillen and Peter B. Samuels for their direction (as listed in the description). Great song Alec.

  97. AubreyPlays1

    I rate this

  98. عبدالرحمن النبهان

    Alec >>> star of the shadows

  99. Alec Benjamin

    these are some of the most personal lyrics i've ever written .. was very nervous to share them with you .. hope you like it and i hope that if you relate to it in some way it helps to know that you aren't alone !

    Eddy Ficio

    So pure


    omg, amazing, Alec your so awesome

    KitKat 012310

    We love you Alec❤️❤️You are an amazing person and your music changes lives😊

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