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Outrunning Karma
Alec Benjamin - Outrunning Karma
: Outrunning Karma
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01-12-2018 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 2054 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Alec Benjamin - Outrunning Karma )
  1. Octopi Foundation Founder Backup

    His voice change is like w o a h

  2. 「 Heaphilian 」

    My time stamp for the song: 0:20

  3. Not so Noticed

    0:18 he’s like a cute little puppy when he smiles awe ❤️😩

  4. onepotter outof7b

    Omg his voice is like an angel plus how did his voice do that it went from deepish to highish

  5. Nevaeh cummings

    I was always told I'm a singing angel👼 but he is the angel Alec's song gets me through my bff troubles thx so much I get the meaning tho😁I would love to get to song with you. You should hold a contest so some lucky someone can sing with ya.😘


    I luv his music SO MUCHHH!! His voice is absolutely gorgeous, and this is one of my favorites of his! Alec, your music is beautiful!! KEEP BEING AWESOME!!!!!

  7. super pup

    MARK MY WORDS Every single song he sings is beautiful, he must've stole god's voice.

  8. bangtantoos x

    he sounds like a teenager but doesnt look like it

  9. Gacha_Cookie

    Alec is so soft spoken, I love it

  10. Saber Tooth tiger

    one like = one Alec Benjamin

  11. Amelia De groot

    Headache? goneEars? blessed Eyes? WateringHotel? Trivago

  12. Amelia De groot


  13. Patrick Brown

    I love that song

  14. Zeina Bazzazeh

    People say he use autotune Alec : what is autotune He is AMAZING love you alec💙💙

  15. Amber J.

    He sounds just like the recorded song 😍🎵

  16. S u n f l O w s i s e




  18. JayzOnTube

    What type of guitar is that?

  19. Nibir 6447

    I thing people who have disliked this video must have no sense for song.

  20. Lilly Knutsen

    This is my favorite song!i’m now wanting to learn this song on gituar!

  21. Alicia johnson

    His voice is ok

  22. Shouto_Todoroki

    *autotune left the chat*

  23. Jimin Park

    His voice👍😍😵😘

  24. Flame4

    It sounds like he is 12 without a good mic lol

  25. Riggdj Cngjdj

    His voice tho. His voice isn’t a normal voice ,it’s a voice of an angel 😇

  26. HissedAva


  27. Kawai Neki

    I neEd a GuItAr tUtoRiAl fOr thIs sOng

    Nil Mer

    For all his songs. I need one for every single one of his songa 😂

  28. Shaivi

    Let's keep him our little secret

  29. Kahar Kahar

    Its my favorite song you favorite song?

  30. Any With Smile

    He is best. And we know it❤️

  31. Afreena Khan

    You actually sound like him

    aubree thomas

    Afreena Khan that is him...

  32. Natczak _s

    He has amazing voice! I love his songs..

  33. Kento Bort

    I love you Alec Benjamin

  34. Kotee Manriquez


  35. CatyKatNya

    omg this voice !

  36. Pineappleparty Kenzie

    I love how you make songs to like, story’s! And your voice is AMAZING! It’s so, angelic! Your biggest fan! (Kenzie)

  37. Troll

    He turns 12 when he starts singing I swear. I love it

  38. Shanzay Aliyan

    im dead

  39. Melody Fitz

    😭 Hes voice 😍

  40. chan. chan

    Autotune: I bet u I can make his voice sound better*autotune tries to make it better**autotune breaks*

  41. Katsuki Bakugo

    Alec and Billie Eilish should make a music video together cuz there voices sound so similar! Well in my opinion

    Ignorxnce iOS

    Katsuki Bakugo i thought i only realized that

    Popstar Pistol

    OMG yes!!!

    Nova Luv

    couldnt agree more

    Keshi Thinks

    Not similar. Wtf! But they SHOULD collab

  42. Master of songs 1

    Whyyyy he's not so popular

  43. becca stev

    i love his voice i wish i could sing like him. but when he was asked to repeat the name of the song i got a flashback to every time a teacher would ask me a question they would always be like 'what'

  44. shadow

    so cool!! litterally his singing voice is so different from his normal voice!!! hes so talented!!!!

  45. Emili Crouch

    Holly hell!!! People said no auto tune and THEY MEANT IT!!!

  46. im a legitimate dude I SWEAR

    He needs absolutely no auto tune I’ve loved him ever since my sister died she had one of his songs suggested her room was full of posters of him and the last week of her life she went to one of his concerts she said it was the best day of her life the next day she passsed

  47. Zenia Shanze

    Is he gay or do I have a chance?

  48. Emina Osmanagic


  49. İrem Su Yaman

    OmG such a beautiful cover hi from Turkeyyy♥️🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

    bao bao


  50. Imagination Wolf Shayney

    You are soooooo lucky cause I literally LOVE Alec Benjamin. like literally, like I have a crush on him!

  51. Delilah Karina

    I LOVE HIM!😍🥰 he’s soo CUTE!

  52. Smile Slime

    😬 nice pls read more GOD HECK

  53. zombie_bomber_ 1

    the control tho

  54. Stephen Dichoson

    Just wait for a Alec Benjamin and Billie Eilish collab it's gonna banish autotune


    can we squeeze joji in?

  55. Xx_Mîdñïght_wøłfïë_Ćhãñ_xX 15

    His voice is beutiful😍

  56. Mya Hudson

    Is it really him?!

  57. Gacha Dreamer

    His voice is so calm 🥰

  58. Yağmur Türkoğlu

    I can't hear his voice! No sounds

  59. Honey Blossom

    he seems so sweet

  60. Alla Lupulyak

    wow that like the same voice like in the liruc

  61. Karen Brooks

    Alec benjiman has ben my favurt singer for 2 and a half years

  62. Nafias Ahmed

    No offence or anything ( love you )... did you not hit puberty with ur voice... ( Its still amazing)..

    Yash Khurana

    he actually has a deeper voice but he's singing like that purposely

  63. Jenny

    Gosh! It sounds like the audio itself omg!! He's so talented istg!

  64. pas votre intérêt


  65. Paula Dickenson

    Ten Dozen hearts in a bag, their body's lying he'll drag, them down to Colorado.Saying he will drag dead body's and take them to colorado

  66. Kimberly Murillo

    Thats a great voice

  67. TRR HaSan

    Its just amazing how this song perfectly matches with the boy in my story...I was looking for a name to the story. And then I choose karma! This is one of my favourite song of Alec!

  68. Viola Miska

    You should definitely do a collaboration with HALSEY , i promise that is going to be a SUPER HIT

  69. Ayaan Rashid

    Look at the end he is so happy man

  70. Ayaan Rashid

    Look at alec benjamins face he is happy to sing😋😋😊😊🙃🙃🙂🙂

  71. Ayaan Rashid

    Alec seems happy his is smileing

  72. Lucario Taty

    Perfect 😍

  73. Shadow Alpha

    I did toTow of your songs

  74. Ingrid Fuglstad

    Boiii u never need autotune, ps ur the best luv u

  75. iiNyxx

    at first i didn't realize you actually had alec benjamin with you so in the thumb nail i was like damn you look a lot like himi'm a dumbass

  76. shaniya scovil

    Wow my fav song

  77. SlyyyFox

    Hey guys..ThAtS mY hAnD

  78. Bình Nguyễn Thị

    oh my god. your voice is so sweet

  79. Rosie V.d.B

    God he's amazing I have no words

  80. Coralie LaRêveuse2

    his voice soothes me so much😍

  81. Sharmeen Shahzad

    Soooo perfect.......HOW?

  82. Alexandria Martinez

    I love this.❤

  83. minh kha

    amazing voice. i love you alec

  84. Bumble Wasp

    his voice is so pure like reality wins! this ligit is so good, so good in fact i can't type! No autotune for this guy, thats why im a fan of his. For his amazing voice.

  85. Miss Dipika

    He look so fucking cute in messy hair.. 😳😳😳

  86. Alexios Likes PATD and MCR don’t judge me

    *god bless you*

  87. Ashton’s Playlist

    The auto tune you use isn’t ridiculous

  88. liz rose

    like an angel voice

  89. Oldboy 77

    Why he's so cute

  90. Linh Đang

    Hope you will be more famous and well-known in the future

  91. Lee Cảnh

    Vietnamese 🙌 🇻🇳

  92. Luna Parver

    No auto tune needed 😍😍😍😍

  93. CGurlDS

    I love your songs

  94. Mariam Khalaf

    The best singer ever!!!!

  95. 백재욱


  96. Hanin M

    I’m officially a fan.

  97. Deniz Gülercan

    holy fuck

  98. Thảo TT Nguyễn

    He looks like harry

  99. trickyskull 545


  100. Romy Gupta

    my fav song

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