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If We Have Each Other
Alec Benjamin - If We Have Each Other
: If We Have Each Other
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01-12-2018 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 2666 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Alec Benjamin - If We Have Each Other )
  1. Savannah Raps

    Tickets for my Europe/UK tour are almost all sold out :)... tix here: follow me on insta for more updates ! @alecbenjamin . hope you like this can i sing for you video series ... leave a comment below !

  2. Shazia Sadiq

  3. Yoonmin's Potato

  4. sh sajan

  5. Zainab Kukshi

  6. m e l i k e

    eyvah düşüyorum

  7. The gacha sisters -roblox and more

    Awww it’s so cute how ur brave

  8. Yasmin KaratePup

    What about ME Alec huh? Lmao that was so cool

  9. Last Spring


  10. American_ Ghoul_

    Okay but someone hug him please

  11. ShaheyOng03 MN


  12. myhead isbig

    i cried i love you. love from malaysia😍😍😍

  13. Alana Williams

    The last verse actually made me emotional, idk but I think when I heard what he said about his sister was what touch my heart. Awesome ❤️

  14. diogo bombaça

    Justin bieber: wheres my auto-tune Alec: wheres my guitar

  15. diogo bombaça

    The biggining was kindda kringe

  16. Vichakarn Chansri

    Precious song.😊😊😊

  17. Hannah Tand

    If this happened to me irl, I would faint. It would legit be a dream come true. I have no idea how these people are not fangirling.

  18. zeest faisal

    Great series! Raw Real and keeping it simple

  19. Lina xx

    Is it weird that I wanna be his sister lmao

  20. Xhelloxshane X

    1:45 I heard Micheal Jackson kick in..anyone else

  21. shoug

    if he was singing it in front of me like that I would be crying so bad lmao

  22. Xhelloxshane X

    Bet they weren’t expecting that

  23. Xhelloxshane X

    Both the girl were getting into it😂😂

  24. Shreeyansh Singh

    Why I was not there😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭

  25. Derick-John Roman

    let me down slowly, great video, master song, love it. that"s a new classic

  26. Keira Reilly

    I’m going to da beach everyday but never see u… lol

  27. Bonnie Brooks


  28. Sofia Di Rocco


  29. Brandon Law

    Autotune: I make all singing betterAlec: Hold my beer

  30. Antonia ary

    Omfg i lv alec so fucking much

  31. Ella Thomas

    All I want for my birthday is for Alec to come up and ask: "Can I sing for you?"

  32. Lynx Lynx Toh Lay Koon

    Ahahahh i know that you are nervous as i can hear you going faster when you sing

  33. Straventeen wiggle

    Sing for me, Alec

  34. Sage Cohen

    I love this videos so much❤️

  35. Rose Baker

    I remember listening to water fountain and crying to it in 8th grade. Wow you’ve grown a lot, glad to see it !!

  36. Mishree Noor

    138 people r just jealous Bcuz they r not here instead these people|;-O^o^^.^(。・ω・。)(~_^

  37. Net Noone

    that girl be looking at Alec ;)

  38. AdamDoe

    Continue these buddy!

  39. Explorer Space

    he is my favorite performance artiest.

  40. Hannah X

    I think Iam in love...

  41. Crystal Wolf

    :)..... /•_•/ i need to flip a table cause i'm not there

  42. xlight_ shadow

    I thought the singer of let me down slowly was femaleAnd now im hereConfused.

  43. ღ MajesticBecca ღ

    If I was in this scenario:*Alec walks up to me*Alec: Hey--Me: Yes, you can sing for me! I love your music so much! You're one of my favourite music artists ever!*alec then sings the song with me singing as well**Then I ask for a picture with him**And Then I'm the happiest I've ever been*


    The 136 dislikes were the sad people that missed the like button crying because they wanted to be sang to...

  45. Chhu sy Ly

    Can you rap

  46. N O

    He's just so likeable, my God 😁

  47. EpiC PlayZ

    Fvcking amazing dude no autotune just your voice and your guitar

  48. Sushi Sushi cat


  49. lazuardi

    Love from Indonesia.. your song so unique ❤️

  50. Sukanya Chakrabarti

    It would be a privilege to be seranaded by you

  51. Ariana Cajucom

    Does these people know that hes a singer . Like ariana grande or something . Like a celebrity But not yet famous as others

  52. Daring Dog

    What beach is this?

  53. Minho Thomas

    If alec walked upto me and sang i wud die

  54. Been McDonald

    I mean I love the song he rote its called if I killed someone for you

  55. Been McDonald

    And I love your song You Broke it's called if I killed someone for you

  56. Been McDonald

    you are a good singer

  57. Ibrahim Eltoukhy

    Tbh ima ssy the truth Alec Has an Incredible Voice And He is Talented But Its Super hard to play The Guitar While singing at his best so for all of his haters He cant play Good while singing at his best ok? SO FRICKING PRESS THAT LIKE BUTTON U MORONS ITS BESIDE THE DISLIKE ONE U JUST PRESSED

  58. Sk8rgrrl

    The last verse is so cute I’m crying

  59. super emma

    Ok I want to be his sister 😍😍

  60. GeekGamer

    Con You Sing For Me?

  61. Thomas Jake de Jager

    I love you so much, I love your voice and how interactive you are. 😍 you're a true inspiration. 👏

  62. Duy Nguyen

    Alec your amazing

  63. Dawnica Martin

    can i just be there?

  64. Aka FaZe 172

    I love this song

  65. Super Al

    In Alabama that would be a love song

  66. Jazzy The Crazy Puppy

    This is my favorite song 😭 I’m crying in a good way because this song is so Beautiful 😍

  67. Danka Uiboupin

    2:41 When he said "If we got each other then that's all we have" The mom looked at the kids :D

  68. Min Yoongi

    Lucky ppls

  69. sloth_queen xoxo

    *okay I need to find out where he lives so I can live at that beach and wait for him to sing for me*

  70. rula draz

    Beautiful family ❤Alec you're amazing keep going 🌸

  71. Taki Cross

    It's magic isn't it yeah

  72. Taki Cross

    Seriously how is he so good

  73. V and V life smile read

    So cute.

  74. Yngrid Guevara


  75. Meadow Fretenborough

    how does mufasa's death not bring me to tears but a 24 year old dude does???

  76. Brigit Hovelman

    2:58 MEAAWMEAAWWWWMEAAWWWJk I love this!

  77. Tommy Do

    Omg he can sing hahah

  78. LeigranGachya

    he is like he is rapping fast but his rap has meanings not the popular rappers they don’t have meanings when they rap..

  79. StrangerThingsMarvelSpiderboi

    I just got back from his concert and he is sooo amazing I love him so much!!

  80. Aine Mangan

    You need it 00:00

  81. udontcare

    *He hums better than my singing*

  82. Shreya Gupta


  83. Vc Mystic


  84. Stranger ;-;

    I'm hearing an angle

  85. JellyyFishoo

    alec: jeez im gonna write sad songs lets hope gachatubers dont make glmv's gachatubers: lol you thought

  86. Maya Johnsen

    This for sure made me smile

  87. Noona

    what a lovely family

  88. Mellow

    Who disliked this there heartless

  89. Literal Potato

    where you go for the can i sing to you i have to find out so i can go there and WAIT for you to come and sing for me plzzzzz. I love singing and i'd love to sing with you Alec

  90. Matthew Simmons

    What I find super cool is that his singing voice is different than his normal speaking voice

  91. Im Weird

    Damn Whos Autotune then

  92. RecatoGaming

    Make a playlist for your uploads so I can see your videos

  93. Macloven

    This guy is on the radio all the tims

  94. Zackarus

    How the heck does he not have a crowd

  95. Jarrie

    anyone else notice the guy all the way to the left looks like De'Aaron Fox

  96. Willy Mikhael

    Most underrated

  97. cassandra

    aaaAAAAH THE GUY ALL THE WAY TO THE LEFT IS SO CUTE not cuter than alec ofc

  98. Amani Ali

    He's such a beautiful person and a cutie 😭

  99. SolarEclipse 637


  100. kripa dhaubhadel

    I love u , plz never give up .💕💕💕 love from NEPAL 😇

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