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How it Feels To Be Replaced (Demo)
Alec Benjamin - How it Feels To Be Replaced (Demo)
: How it Feels To Be Replaced (Demo)
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: 196 Toplam İndirme
12-03-2020 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 196 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Alec Benjamin - How it Feels To Be Replaced (Demo) )
  1. Argi Giota

    I'm never prepared for the way your songs steer my emotions. I hope you know you are a great artist

  2. laura gargani

    I love how you make songs about every little important feeling that we as human beings have. Your music enables us listeners to find a place where we can let it all out. It's so beautiful and interesting. Thank you for your songs, for having the courage to share them with us!

  3. WelcomeToFandomTrash 23

    I’m already obsessed with this song...holy crapFully relate to it not gonna lieLove this, keep up the good work, Alec!

  4. Anna Hanni

    Wow just in time me yesterday my best friend told me has a boyfriend, apart from the fact that that guy hates me, I'm pretty sad because she told me after one month. Before when one of us even thought of a boy we would tell the other. 😟😥😭

  5. The UNKNOWN boy is hurting.

  6. laura romero

    The best🙌🏻💘

  7. Mendes Army

    I can't believe Alec posted this on the day I lost all my friends just because of a stupid war of ego. I had always thought tho relationships don't last friendship does---I'd never been so wrong. All it took was seconds for Forever crumbles down to nothing but mocking remnants and only reason it hurts because it was so unexpected. Just last week I'd stayed up all night to make cakes and pastries to throw a surprise for my 'bestfriend' who just left today with a smile on her face.

  8. Rose —x—

    Friendship is the underrated heartache

  9. Furious Playz

    I've never been this early :3

  10. TheGreatZacaria

    Love ur songs always have and always will♥️

  11. Threecky Gamer

    Those 25 dislikes....... I don't like em

  12. Chloe Naidu

    Alec is just the best and most active artist ever he like post a new song everyday and whenever he does they always amazing

  13. Rose —x—

    I need every demo on Spotify!!!!

  14. SpiritPoppy XO

    Hah i lost .y childhood friend because the "populars" took her, i feel like they left me out on purpose, knew her 5 years before that took 2 weeks for that bond to break :/

  15. Mariam Beevi

    To be honest, I cried...Alec gets me on tears every time he releases a song. He potrays emotions so beautifully through a 3 minute song. It's really wonderful to be here listening to this song. Alec Benjamin does not write songs for fame. He just wants his fans to learn something out of his songs. 💞

  16. nouh akdim

    You are great . I'm from Morocco 👍👍💚

  17. chrenq

    two friends got jealous of each other being close to their love interests a month ago and i was caught between them, always ignored and screamed at. i'm in a better place now :') beautiful song, alec, as always! thank you.

  18. Starlight_vixx _

    He never disappoints 😭😭💜

  19. Sil van Oosterwijk

    When my minecraft girlfriend doesnt have her bed next to me

  20. eli -

    you have so many demos, i think, should be released

  21. Anh Vu Nguyen The

    Oh y'all know one of these won't be fully released...

  22. sameer ahmad

    Am i the only one who cant relate to this because i never had a friend lmaao

  23. Maria Taha

    Omg 😭

  24. Mokosja

    This song is about my life ... sometimes I wish I could speak....

  25. BraveYoshiPlayz

    Bro, song after song this man is releasing, life is good

  26. phelomina blume

    I can't express how much i love u , and it hurts

  27. Fatima .Z

    Alec, I cannot even find a word for you, your songs. They are just amazing. Keep going, keep telling stories to us with ur wonderful voice<3

  28. Vanessa Tucker

    Alec by Fay my favorite artist he tells it like it is and he’s sooo relatable ❤️❤️

  29. Ayşenur Erkin

    I find myself in your songs. All this is very beautiful and meaningful.✨ Your voice is very specific. so glad that we have you. 💛💜💞

  30. Laura Yamile Serrano Rodriguez

    This is such a great song. Can this please be in your album instead of being only a demo?

  31. eillish Tartar


  32. Aravit

    Why in every single song you sing I can find a lot of things that just remind me of what I was feeling or what I'm going through now..just like this song:/ I'm in friendzone, loving a girl that says she don't want to be with "that" guy and then she kisses with him when I'm just next to them..she used to talk with me a lot and now she's talking with him..I think about her all the time, when I fall asleep and wake up, I miss her even though I didn't see her for few hours..that's really hard;/ and what I need is just to be s little closer with someone, I want to feel that someone truly care about me. But I believe that one day I'll meet someone and be the happiest man in the world ♥️ stay strong everyone:)

  33. Horrendous Gamer!

    Did u know I got replaced yesterday..

  34. Sawssen GH


  35. Isaac Arellano

    So weird adult who sounds like a child. But great piano. Great lyrics. Great feeling. Not a fan of the voice pitch

  36. Chandler Barwick

    His music will never get old

  37. Eline K

    Me: * cuddles dog *Person with food: hey buddy!Dog: * runs towards other person *Me: i guess this is how it feels to be replaced 😔I know this song is serious and i love it but i HAD to ksjdsk

  38. Twilight


  39. Nur Aqifah

    You’re doing great sweetie🥺❤️ Thank you for all the amazing and relatable songs💜

  40. Letizia Trifonova

    Soo pretty 🤩😍

  41. ItsFowksyOCE

    ur so good! every artist just writes songs but u write stories within them

  42. Danique de Graaf

    Love this song man

  43. Erin burns

    if this is how you feel like now I'm sorry this is how I feel now two im sorry

  44. RXK

    Please release this as an official song! 🙏🏻 I love this song!

  45. Arshia Kamal

    This man here knows what lyrics mean ....I hear his lyrics and a whole story walks in front of my eyes ♥️

  46. Super Delusional

    Me and my friend are separated and I have gotten super busy and I heard that she doesn't ask me to hang out anymore because she knows I'm busy. But the thing is anytime she asks I will say yes no matter what I have the next day. Because I owe her so much of me, she made me a better person and I can't ever repay her. So no matter what, I try to make time for her every week. And I hope I can do better because she deserves so much more than just a day in a week. She doesn't know how much I appreciate her.

  47. Serena;;

    i love your music, keep going! ❤

  48. maike_wonderful

    Always going crazy when I see there is a new song. Every demo fits so perfect in my life. You voice gives the biggest chills. I love it so much❤

  49. Hip hop

    Cant wait

  50. We Pe

    u are cute

  51. TFD 4002

    When I heard this song, memories start to come and my heart whispers "Don't worry, it is better to forget".

  52. Midnight Gacha

    How I feel

  53. Cheesecat7

    I turned this up full blast in my headphones, then got frozen by a sudden burst of musical feelings before getting covered in goosebumps. Needless to say amazing.

  54. Rose Fein

    Sounds amazing

  55. Quiet a little


  56. Marius Master

    ...I’ve been dealing with this for a year now and finally you make this

  57. Rosa Louise

    I'm sooo glad Alecs got Nathan now

  58. Linarrr

    I love it and I need it on Spotify!

  59. Idk 165

    Amazing Alec, your incredible ❤️

  60. Ikchel

    So many songs in 1 week wow

  61. Holly Crest

    I’m crying because this is exactly the situation I’m in with my best friend and I didn’t realise until now and yeah 😂

  62. frosina

    Marry me Alec

  63. Ebtihaj Abdullah

    Well,I said before and am again adding ‘If you add a bit of high notes in your songs they will turn out to be great’ keep working ...I support ya ^^

  64. Karan Bellic

    i love you man...keep posting at this rate !

  65. Rosa Louise

    I thought he was singing into a hairdryer!! 😂

  66. Erynn

    Alec, i’ll go to the ball game with you, we both need a friend 🥺

  67. Sadie -

    Wow... this is so good. The lyrics are so beautiful and the melody really gets to me. I think this is one of his best songs yet. <3

  68. Fnaf Adriana

    Men this song really made me cry I could fell myself in it,I really know that felling when you are left behind..That happened in this summer when my friend..choose someone over and didnt even want to hang out with me and made a lot of excuses...Alec I love this song

  69. Rosa Louise

    All these surprise videos WE ARE BEING FED!

  70. Trisha Robles

    Ugh. I lost my friend just because of my boyfriend and now look my boyfriend broke up w me and yes i lost the two person i loved so much.:(

  71. woulf_claw growl

    Your so good at singing!

  72. daissy

    A beautiful song, as always Alec. You deserve way more recognition. I love how heartfelt and sincere your songs are. Especially with your voice, just amazing. Keep up this good work, love you✨

  73. Inimieni - Ines

    Lost 2 friends, both of them got a relationship. Only took a few weeks to be fully replaced, don't/barely hear from them anymore. It just totally sucks, one of them already lives far away. He would always text me and I would always text him, we didn't need anything from each other, we'd just check if both of us were okay. The other friend I go to school with. She actually lives across my street, but even her family says she's barely home. If her sister doesn't even see her anymore, why would I? I was surprised at first, but should've expected it.

  74. cool syed

    Are you a lady boy

  75. Hazel

    This demo just comes straight into my heart. Your voice is always so clear it delivers the emotion so clearly

  76. Glox Ali

    He sings about such normal things but the way he puts it makes it hit harder

  77. Min Yoongis pancakes

    Omg I'm dying this is so perfectly sad😭😭The best song ever😭😭❤

  78. 《 Yoนtนbe 》 ꧁༺ցαตíղց༻꧂

    Every song from you Alec makes my day so much better :) your music is so beautiful there is literally none song i wouldn't like 💕 you make me smile everytime ^^

  79. Aysha K

    how do you do this Alec? such great songs back to back?!! you're awesome

  80. MillicentJones

    How does a person record such a beautiful song in a hotel room? I wouldn’t even be able to do that in a recording studio, yet this lad is that talented he can do all of this in a hotel room. Well done, Alec 🖤🖤

  81. Shilla Anjadini

    I want to be next door of his hotel rooms always

  82. Forrest Herman

    This is absolutely incredible... <3 Wow—thanks Alec!

  83. Luca lodberg

    Its really good and tbh sometimes i feel like im slowly being replaced

  84. ExtinctAsteroids

    another amazing demo. Thanks Alec for being my life source. <33

  85. Maisie Moby

    This moves me to tears each time I listen to it now

  86. Gabriela Sadowska

    I never knew I was waiting for this specific song. Thank you for putting in words something I was denying...

  87. Noor Ahmad

    It's so beautiful in a sad way :")

  88. Maisie Moby

    HOW ARE YOU MAKING SO MANY SONGS AT ONCE I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH!I'm feeling like this now. I have been in a depressive episode for 3 days now- they normally only last a few hours. And my friends haven't even noticed.

  89. Angus Wilson Spillane

    is it me or are all of Alecs recent songs really sad, like more than usual.

  90. Freja Jep

    It's really really good and I can really relate to it, please release it on Spotify ❤️❤️

  91. Shruthi Maniyodath friends are getting married...

  92. Mango Cheeks

    This speaks to me so much recently my best friend replaced me and I invited over but she when to her other friend (my replacement) and then the next week I asked her again but she ignored me and then our group chats with some of my other bffs who moved away she hadn't talked on it for a while and she kept declining our calls I guess it's time to move on

  93. XxGachaMillieXx

    I feel this :/ my bff got a new bff and she's just left me, whenever I try to talk to her she ignores me, she's always talking to the girl she replaced me with 😔

  94. Vanhaley

    Dude, this is too real. 😭 #goingthroughittoo

  95. NC Catter

    This is something I want to play in front of all those bastards when the karma gets them for not hurting me, but hurting someone else who literally gave his soul to me to keep. I don't know what's wrong with me not getting hurt when something like this happen, but I get twice the hurt whenever I see someone else going trough the similiar thing. With that being sad, I think that this song is perfect when you are about to finish your act and just walk away with/without the person you've just helped.

  96. jenny rayman

    Its awesome. The lyrics speaks to our souls

  97. Otaku Sekai

    Plz Alec why you keep making this démos why not make them into music videos this songs are really good much love for you and keep up the good work

  98. Alec Benjamin

    recorded this on our hotel room today . sometimes when friends get into relationships it can feel like you are getting left behind .. :/ .. thats what this song is about .. drop a comment and lemme know watcha think ... - Alec

    Brook Verma

    Your voice is wonderful

    Katie Unicorn

    Exactly what’s happening to me right now but you’re here and we love you ❤️

    Christopher K

    Can we get more piano pieces of piano guy! :D such a nice tune

    Annalena Sophie

    This is so beautiful, when will it be available on spotify? 😍

    Rawat Aakriti

    It has happened 2-3 times to me🥺 and it really hurts when you get replaced🥺💔

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