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Outta Control
50 Cent - Outta Control
: Outta Control
: 4.10 MB
: 180 Toplam İndirme
10-04-2018 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 180 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (50 Cent - Outta Control )
  1. Eazy-E

    we can all agree after 2004, hip hip would never be the same 😪 R.I.P _Real nigga rap_ 1976-2004

  2. devilish holyness

    Shout outs to all my pals down ass gals who love my sounds or spelled on versions to make all hynas virgins 1 nobody as perfect juxz look it my looks curses born firstest pero sworn thirdsez 2 californ hersez got the hot bods about ta warn yrsez somebod will find fond worthy cause of a true east los boss mob 3 not mob boss to me meanin catchin spots gangsez shocks truly greenin 4 still ese enemyin you known the name vicente geeman over blown this game 5 and theyz no one same mi digital vocalitys flawless payed most pain that my spiritual no aztec king goddsez 6 or aztec queen goddess my biggest fantasy promise last to see all this for maxingly calmest 7 yoh baddest seen bombest thanksez yeez applauses spellox rocks narcots spots amazin dreams accomplished 8

  3. MrMarlonski

    Imagine Lil Yachty or Lil Pump on this track 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤮🤮🤮🤮🤡🤡🤡

  4. Darth Vader Cético 2.0

    Eu sou Rodrigo Ferraz, essa é pros vacilão, eu sou se Porto Alegre e a mulherada me adora,adora eu e também esse cameraman

  5. Destini Myers

    50 cent live New York city Los Angels

  6. Brian

    I never understood what 50 was doing in that pic lol

  7. Human Pac


  8. ChevyboyCaprice_6947

    This beat!!! 💖

  9. Vrqxcn 㴀

    G unit

  10. oof

    Rap song - slave to the gameSo you popping them thangsIn the ovenLike you lovingThe fried chickenThat keeps a black man runningWell i know the stereotype is shunningMy soulBut it's not worth more than goldWell i hate when I'm toldTo do things i don't likeTo become a rap starBy doing the trapLike illierate foolsFrom the new schoolI rather stay in schoolThan become a toolUsed by corporate pigsthat just want the milkThey would hurt themselvesIf i don't have a Grammy on the shelfTo show what... representation To a record company pardon my emancipationBefore the cops turn me in to administrationFor being a black rapperMaking moneybut the executives look at me funnyLike i don't belongI'll do anything to make a hit songFor y'all I promiseI will never do this nonsenseSo I'm back as a slave to the record labelThey are Cain and I'm abelGetting pummeledWith rashes instead of cash in my bank accountOh man let it out pour it outLet it goLike that bitch elsaElon musk hit me up with the teslaBecause now I'm a pinoccjio snitch trap rapperA rumplestilkin bimbo motherfuckerthat's smacking for sweetsand jackin for beatsBut I'm a kid not getting itThe record company's just sweating it

  11. oof

    So you popping them thangs

  12. Mateusz Tadeusz

    good for freestyle

  13. TheMan WithNoName

    Dre got the most crispy beats off all time. Couldn’t do it any cleaner

  14. Melodic623

    That guitar riff ....awww man

  15. HMZ

    Dr Dre & Scott Storch. Dre didn’t do it himself never did

  16. Dexter

    This beat plays in my head everytime i see my mother in law walk. She would definitely look like she dancing to this lol

  17. arseto romaa

    2019 ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Chupoň Cumbiambero


  19. Annunaki Annunaki

    g-g-g-g-gay unit! haha did you know them members had to suck bosses (50) dick to be part of it...yea thats how the music industry worls. 50 en jah were beefin over a lover..

  20. Josh Cruz

    A lot of people sleep on Aftermath Entertainment🤦‍♂️

  21. Gabriel Delmondes

    eu sou rodrigo ferraz

  22. hauwhsiensknaks jsijeosheisbsisn

    "Eu sou o Rodrigo ferraz, essa é pros vacilão... "

  23. Soul Of A Christian

    Dre again, behind a beat that has like 3 beats in it at the same time. Just like the 50 cent song "move em in kick em out"

  24. Mr.Wayne

    Scott Storch on the keys or is this beat all Dre?Good memories listening to this

  25. Williams AJ

    2 PAC

  26. mbigboyny

    This beat makes me slap my wife...kapoowwww!!😂😂

  27. Pretty Boy 21

    This is by far one of the beats ever. Dr. Dre showed out on this one.

  28. Carizma Green

    Made my own version to this. Check it out on my channel! Lmk what y'all think


    pode vir seu vacilão

  30. devilish holyness

    Spelled on since late 2000's i killed this beat dogs lyrically vocalitys to deliverance dogs come on mayn atleast fix to thump on pocos pero locos or 93.5 4realzzz

  31. devilish holyness

    She sez she loves me and adores me not knowin i knew that she was fuckin my homey 1 and ima chill till the sun arrive fillin my guns on sides crime shine mine one of a time kind 2 baby let this sack relax ya mind kick back and crack some wine one of a time kind and im a 3 have some fun fill my glass of rum smokin hash with gum make um all transform huh 4 striken ya world like you liken it girls as we shinen in twirls like diamonds and pearls 5 syken the thurls dope pipen up murals of clovers and coligraphy locers very exciten my burroughs 6 to every city aria to pasando la condada con mi marijuanita y las canikotas a la voltiada 7 boom boom shakalaka asta mata pa la raza viva toda galaxia mi banderota mexicana 8

  32. Jason Dubus

    best sound ever...thanks DRE

  33. Valerie Boynton


  34. жан 81


  35. gun jack

    This was always a mad af beat!!!

  36. Yassine El Hadi


  37. Darth Troller

    This song is one of the very few things I can remember from when I was 2 years, at first this beat sounded weird to me, I didn't really like 50 Cent, and I remember liking the Mobb Deep verses even less cuz at least 50's hook was actually catchy, but then I've heard it 12 years later and it grew on me, I think the reason I can remember this from 2005 is the fact that it was heavily overplayed on the radio, same with Candy Shop, I shouldn't be able to remember stuff from way back then, BTW Candy Shop never grew on me, I still get annoyed by that beat and 50's relatively weak delivery

  38. jwsideshow know i got...

  39. SNP 94

    Best beat ever. Period.

  40. Shubey D



    Eternal mobbin prodigeeyeahz


    Love this like crack





  45. whoo else

    At 1st i thoughy havoc produced this.

  46. Austrepreneurial Go'Getta

    so what? aint no one gonna do it?a yothis is like sunshineeyes squintinmind on my money stack visionin prizms i taking pills to sleepand chase dreamsthrough buildingsreal shit thoughdmtgot me feelin like improdigyfull of actionlike the quiet stormvideo

  47. Professional Lifestyle

    Rip prodigy

  48. Mr C

    Mike Elizondo is the real producer.

  49. Caue M. Alves

    Rodrigão e cameraman rimando

  50. dantes peek

    sick beat seriously

  51. David Willingtonkzb

    yuzzle com work

  52. Christian D Akkerman

    Sir Errch Mya Tn Sir ch Mae

  53. Meshal Abdul Karim

    2018s still ma best at gym

  54. Kijung Paik

    love the guitar subtly slipping in in the middle of the verse

  55. sangrando sua mente na guerra psicológica

    Isso sim é rap de verdade

  56. Idotattoos CA

    Russ murdered this beat

  57. User 313

    Mobb deep only raps to the most fire beats. Mostly created by Havoc Alchemist but this ones produced by the legend himself Dre. RIP Prodigy

  58. Zachary Keller

    The 5 piano notes are the best part. It doesn't get good until the piano starts.


    Zloto heh zlotem ale mi tu o cos innego chodzi w zyciu tak delikatnie rzecz biorac... w skrucie to powiem tak. TCh zyc az do bolu i malym modelingiem moim... i niech kurwa wszyscy beda szczesliwi kurwa tak ciezko nie zazdroscic ze ten ma ciut wiecej... hezu oczy wydrapia za eiecej...

  60. Stra Bizkit

    Dreee on da beatFucking dope

  61. toffee Merh

    Fiddy is the best option bars on dre's keyboards 🔥🔥🔥


    much respect to Dr.dree I think he is the one of dangerous music producers in the world welcome in tanzania broo

  63. Terri Jones

    The Beats 👍👍👍👍

  64. Deni 051

    Meine Videos Haben über tausend clicks es wird im netzt weit geschickt Und eure kachis werden geficktUhuuuJede bitch bleibt eine bitchmeine name kriegst du schisswirst getroffen wie ein Blitz du wirst von meine jungs weg gesnievt ichbin für 14 jahre und schreibe besere texte als andere rapperFlow wie ein Messer stächer iht seid am lästern denn der deni kann es bessereure texte sind von gestern komm versteckt eure schwester denn ich bin deren stächerSTÄCHER STÄCHER UHUUUU STÄCHER STÄCHER UHUUUU STÄCHER STÄCHER UHUUUU

  65. Deni 051

    Old school Bratan junge du weißt ich bin Old school BRATAN

  66. Bobby Harris

    This hittin.sounds lik new york....

  67. Thomas Leffler

    Needed a beat to shit on cardi b with...this the one

  68. ThiagoSilva _

    R.I.P Prodigy!!! God Bless

  69. Nathaniel Winter

    is it any shock that dre is one of the best beat makers IN THE WORLD. this beat is proof. i cant get enough. i may just get a little out of control

  70. Waswa Sam

    Just imagine Busta spitting on this

  71. Ulker Akkurt

    Dedikkkkk ya ben gibi deliye her gun bayrammmmmm bakin solummmmm ben yilmazzzzzz dedikkkkk slmmmm getiren sizzzz gibi karsimdaaaaa serefsizlereeeeeeee bu saateeee

  72. Denzel from Washington

    I thought his was "trouble" from Jay-Z's kingdom come album.....really sounds like the same exact beat



  74. Ulker Akkurt

    Seneeeeee ve hep soyledimmmm solummma apo da kimmmmm derlerkennnnn bu itler banaaa silahhhh hakkaten geri zekaaaaa bu kurdolar solummmmm dedim ya artik ne halt ederseee etsinler karismaaaaaaaa demistim aptallik bende burdaaa karistimmmmm solummmm

  75. Son of Knowledge Leader of Kindoms

    Killa boi...💯

  76. E P

    Prodigy's verse was so fire on this. RIP

  77. John Wilson

    Smh favorite Dre beat piano ridiculous!!

  78. Canal Omnitrix

    Rodrigo Ferraz me trouxe aqui !

  79. Real Ness

    now this still fire ...2018

  80. Jorge Rivera

    Bad ass song!!!!!!!!

  81. Jorge Rivera

    Bad ass beat!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. 50ksavage Good Savage


  83. Daryl Allman

    AYYYYYEEEE. It's been a while. Brought back flames to my ears.

  84. Gabriel dos Santos

    Rodrigo Ferraz me trouxe aqui

  85. Marcus Wroten

    nasty 13 years later

  86. Struggleville

    I got to pop like a G from the block This is my only dream so I sleep a lot, that mean im up though I caint stop I won't let goNigga I'm outta control, and you can see datBeen 9 years in the game and they wanna call me whack cuhz I keep it to reel like the film in a can with creditorial plans to change the whole world 🌎.... I'm to advanced a man amongst boys who actin like little girls you would never understand.... Damn. -,TheRealStrugz aka Dos Veli

  87. Fall of summer

    mes deux mains, Ceux qui voudraient porter l'oeil à la prunelle de mes yeux J'ai pas rempli mon portefeuille, J'ai juré que je le ferais demain Fuir mais rester serain, Dans la ur très peu de chemins Tous les jours fuir la mort de peu, Rester fort, faire renaître le bien Je vois les corps des pauvre dehors, Je ressors la fumée de mes yeux Un join pour sécher mes larmes Un point de vue qui frappe l'audition J'étais un moins que rien j'ai cherché mes talents Les profs ils voulaient réfréner mes ardeurs, Mais je préférais être rappeur Et j'ai fait mes galons (eh) Ca t'es égal d'être du coté des spectateurs, T'as la teille, ta play, ta flemme et caetera (jeune) Il faut que tu cogites même sous gros shit viens ! Il faut que tu t'oxygènes, ton quotidien est toxique, Faut que tu profites bien C'est pas possible d'être aussi blême, Moi aussi je ressens des vagues de flemme, Quand un proche me dit qu'il faut s'y mettre, mais j'y vais...

  88. Rad Buster

    sounds like something Michael Jackson could have made a song from

  89. Hakeem 34 Olajuwon

    early 2000's was the last years of good to decent hip hop.

  90. Lily Loud

    Vim pelo Rodrigão


    2018 anyone?

  92. Glasgow 13

    Perfect :)


    This my beat YES !!!!!!

  94. Canal Omnitrix

    Rodrigo Ferraz me trouxe aqui

  95. Junior Roa

    Somebody give me your top 5 best beats of dre

  96. Ivan Brito

    Rip prodigy ny qb king


    This beat stops violence.

  98. Daily Exclusive

    Still Here 2017

  99. Bobby ozeta


  100. not ry

    just legendary

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