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Just A Lil Bit
50 Cent - Just A Lil Bit
: Just A Lil Bit
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10-04-2018 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 1288 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (50 Cent - Just A Lil Bit )
  1. Diana Nikogosyan

    Обожаю ее хорягу

  2. Mereoni Kotonivalenibula

    that 2nd girl thou....😲😍

  3. Desiree Bacon

    I love how they take our art then exclude us out I don’t see anyone black here or white maybe they not in America 🤷🏽‍♀️

  4. Lynn Sawma

    WowWowWow Isabelle 😍😍😍

  5. Shantell b

    I love this so smooth,sexy,creative.Good job.

  6. saory pereira santos nunes


  7. Poisoned Princess

    I swear Shawn is so HOT AND THE WAY HE MOVES UGH

  8. X iiCoCoPop X

    _ _ . ._____

  9. X iiCoCoPop X

    oh my holy dragon mother ! ! ! SHAWN DIDNT JUST LIFTED HIS SHIRT 0.= (0:55) O.O

  10. matrix6742

    Every Video Very Nice Respect!

  11. Cheje Subliminals

    Isabelle ft May J Lee

  12. nop e


  13. mwahforbuteraa

    Lol she has my name but without the lle at the end for me :/

  14. Leonard L Lewis

    Good Summer Lil Bit

  15. Rogerio Santos


  16. Fernanda Ramalho Nery Cruz

    fucking awesome 🔥🔥


    Isabelle is BABE 😍

  18. God Horus

    What's the name of the second girl that danced all alone ? Bruh she literally killed it

  19. Kovve

    Tought this was twerking video at first but i guess not. (Just a lil bit disappointed)

  20. Life.Of.Kenzie

    the guy in the black hoodie and Grey sweat pants 😍

  21. Warren Williams


  22. Rajesh Kaul

    Amazing performance.Keep it up.

  23. Thelma Fisher

    Fire mommy.

  24. متنوعة الاندرويد

    Peas from morocco great job

  25. Navjot singh

    I love this song ..

  26. Rose Kim

    Second group girl amazing

  27. Create Tube

    Fuckin ugly

  28. Janiyah Aboagye

    Them first two dudes could get me pregnat and I would not complain DAMNN lol

  29. Rohit Balakrishnan

    The girl in the grey hoodie kinda how I imagine lil tay gon look when she grow up lol

  30. Nutty Junno


  31. Maryamsultana Maryam


  32. Dante Nero

    Isabella is instructor in 1 mil.Dance Studio ,right ???? :) :D :D :D

  33. danu

    Anyone else finds this extremely cringy also?

  34. JDX Platinum

    Not this sleep dance choreo.. Haha

  35. JDX Platinumвидео.htmlThis..... This.. is... choreography...

  36. JDX Platinum

    Are you guys high.. This choreo isn't all that.. Was like watching the hulk run.. Come on people..

  37. JDX Platinum

    This choreo weak as fuck.. You chumps need some lessons from the Les twins.. Haha


    Shawn lifting his shirt is... WOW 😍😍😍

  39. Katie siobhan

    the 2nd girl was better

  40. FAQ with K. R

    Shit song 💩 good dance

  41. 수영백

    How old is Shawn though?

  42. 수영백

    Welp... Shawn's got em abs alright

  43. Артем, разрешите обратиться

    Чем это вы тут занимаетесь? А ну-ка МАРШ ДВОРЫ ПОДМЕТАТЬ!

  44. Dr. Everything B. Alright

    Dance moves are on point. But they're not all in sync. Some are slightly offbeat.

  45. Mau Dadda

    Its awesomeeee👍👍

  46. Youssef Elkadi

    I don't care what

  47. crying in exo-l language


  48. mateus Miguel

    *Legal, bem loko!*

  49. David Santiago


  50. Alveena Shrestha


  51. A T

    Why are there always mad people standing at the door in every dance video lmao

  52. Ten's little fish

    I swear Isabelle's class has all the badass females

  53. 牟田雅哉


  54. Daniel Valadez

    Bsst of the best. 50 cent a little bite

  55. Shawn Ables


  56. ruby jangra

    isabelle she is great and i just love her swag . all i want to say is ISABELLE YOUR THE BEST. no one can beat you.....LOVE YOU GIRL...

  57. Athena J

    Isabelle, please do choreography for taste by tyga

  58. Isabela Silva

    queria aprender a dançar assim...

  59. peachy keen

    Loved the choreography I got such sori me vibes from this ❤️

  60. jsandrew_kim

    Isabelle killed this! jeez!

  61. Ashutosh Bhardwaj

    Isabelle ♥️♥️

  62. Midnight Lone wolf

    shawn I suing you for being so hot

  63. ☆Vesper☆

    i hate when the people in the class keep shouting ehhhhhh for no reason

  64. ꧁ꪑꭤソᱜᱛᱴ꧂ oliver

    Perfeitos parabéns 👏👏👏

  65. lauren

    the second girl tho perfect

  66. Danskip #

    мне 11 хожу на хип хоп танцую лучше

  67. clxx_xiv

    Damn. The first Group 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  68. fruit man

    shawn is so hot

  69. For BTS V

    Wooooow!!so coool!!!!!!

  70. Dominican RD

    Greetings from the Dominican Republic 🇩🇴 supporting

  71. xXDrizZXx JJ

    I didn't just come for the dance because it never dissapoints😘😁 but back then when I was in highschool, this song went hard and erbody in class be getting hyped asf😤🔥

  72. Trina R.

    Ahh Shawn😍😍

  73. 997,879,657 views


  74. Camila Micalski

    Shawn low-key tryna kill me bc daaaamn 😩🤒

  75. rottiecoltkris

    This is amazing!

  76. Yordanos Dirrssa



    Make Tutorial , please!!!

  78. Maria Eduanjos

    Isabelle, I love u (Shawn is sooo cute omg!)

  79. danixx1

    Isabelle is my queen.

  80. Anastasia Kovalenko

    такое впечатление, что это не танец под музыку, а музыка под танец, круто!

  81. I got jams.

    The guy in the black with isabelle omg he is so talented 🔥🔥🔥🔥please tell me who is he????

  82. lovesfood


  83. Iness Gangate

    I love Isabelle’s style !

  84. hanseok16

    Shawn!!! WTFFF you trying to kill me boy 😦

  85. shamma

    the guy with the black sweater with isabell group is DAMN SEXYYYYYYYYY ,HOTTT who is he !!!!

  86. Leida Ortiz

    does anybody know Shawn's social media? because omg 🤤 😍

  87. Valentina Bautista

    solo le doy like por la chica q bailo con los dos chicos primero solo por ella ahre por q la chica q bailo sugundo la q hiso el solo no me gusto por q hiso cualquier cosa ahre osea no siguió la coreografia como tenia q ser like si pensas lo mismo

  88. Morelani

    Isabelle, Koosung and Shawn= Perfect Coreography

  89. LNRT

    who is the girl with the 54?

  90. Mary L

    The first girl either grabs herself better than the guys or I'm just too gay for this..

  91. Lagos Baby


  92. marthvadir

    Cold in Korea? Everyone is wearing sweatshirts and pants/jeans etc, except one girl who has a short sleeve on under a long sleeve t-shirt o.o.

  93. John Pham

    the girl with 54 jersey on got my attention?? anybody know her name??

  94. Majoruiz

    why the girl in the 54 t-shirt isn't in the middle

  95. emercycrite

    Does Shawn have IG?

  96. Savágé Entertainment

    i really fw this choreo 👏🏾👏🏾

  97. Totoro San

    is this the current fashion statement in Korea? every girl wears half of their hoodie...?

  98. Mrs NamJoonie

    Isabelle is probably the most devoted to 1mds💕 I swear there's not one choreography that I haven't seen Isabelle in😹 but it's nice to see someone have so much fun doing wat they love😃💕

  99. 소희

    This is hot👏👏🔥🔥

  100. Takeshi

    Isabelle ♥Instagram of her pls?

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