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9 Shots
50 Cent - 9 Shots
: 9 Shots
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10-04-2018 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 541 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (50 Cent - 9 Shots )
  1. RealKage

    he literally used the X,Y,Y,A,Y,B,Y,B,B,A cheat code to survive that...

  2. Modi Tripleb

    the shooter was a bot :)) PUBG fans

  3. Chris Larsen

    I hope that "guy who paid him"is in for life" is in for life because of something else and not his situation

  4. mr fantastic

    If the same shooter shot yupac he's still be alive

  5. Shannon Woods

    Failed 50 cent man a nose feels like to be left alonebecause of the way out what you the way how you used your nan looks after you nor beside my nan she looked after me ever sinceJasmine and passed away I'm just at my heart broken more that DNA Vincent and I'm really big fan of you and music and there is right for your mum's

  6. Moldy_ Skittles

    Every time I hear the name 50 cent I think of his bright teeth

  7. Hugo

    Well I know many things, but what I know most is never mess with this guy

  8. D Ramos

    He survived 9 shots .

  9. Kimmora Jones

    O well live to tell the tale

  10. Vincentanimations XD

    Damm, we are lucky we still have this great gangster

  11. fur king el

    hold on while i shoot your legs to kill you lol

  12. Alexander Williams

    Wow 😮!!!

  13. renewer

    One of the greatest success stories of all time, sitting beside another great success story.

  14. sayyid al-bilali

    The “actual” interview

  15. roblox gamer yt

    shot in the mouth man

  16. JAY OH

    nothing against fif but the only places where rappers been shot that anyone cares about is in L.A at the corner of wilshire & fairfax and the other .In Las vegas at the corner of flamingo & koval..just saying

  17. Sasha Zizi

    How did he Survive it.

  18. Mr 007

    He got shot with a 6.35 mm even a chicken would survive that

    The Ronkka

    He was shot 9times with a 9mm

  19. Vampireboy9

    This dude is demon he got 9 shots and he still alive

  20. vikali tukos

    He wld have died if he was skinny

  21. W9NT3D

    Anyone watched the movie based on his story real good

  22. George Wilson

    50 The Internet's Greatest Troll.

  23. Loud And Proud 92miata

    😂😂😂😂 opras face when 50 said the guy who shot him was dead😂

  24. Angel Bart*****

    He is hot.Who agrees?

  25. Rahase andit

    Go live in african

  26. Poppa WoLFF

    Fiddy loves saying *"Actual"*Edit:and *"actually "*

  27. Adam Black

    Legend....... had just revisited here again

  28. SnowBase

    Glad he got revenge

  29. Dr Strange



    Oprah likes to laugh at people who are shot

  31. Jeremy Westoven

    Life In jail ? I thought 50 was hard ?

  32. Mr Jude

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  33. Lethalogic

    *Did you feel the first one or the ninth one* ?Really?Did she seriously asked him that question😂

  34. Andrew Loner!

    That's why he don't like homie supreme had him hit up he knows it🤤

  35. Tc 90

    Where is the guy who shot you? 50; oh he deadOprah: blank stare

  36. Chuck Sprinkle

    Oprah =Cunt

  37. silent Jay

    Some say 50 don't really know who shot him

  38. orkm anq

    Yuo are god son yuo survive 9 shotd

  39. hajime records

    Он ахуеный

  40. Silent Gaming

    Imagine getting paid to kill someone, shooting them 9 times, they live, and someone calls a hit on you, and now youre dead. You had one job 😂

  41. Riverplate FC

    How can a man get shot in the face and still look so darn fine omg 🤤🤤🤤🤤

  42. anthony kobe

    Oprah laugh had me think about suicide smh


    The guy that shot me is dead 😂😂😂😂😂👍👍

  44. Xavier Alvarez

    “You get shot and run to the cops U not like me!”

  45. Math major Alpha

    Wat up gangster

  46. Binty CZZ

    PeriodT 50!

  47. Eastcoast Dre

    Oprah looked scared honestly after fif said dem very menacingly words.

  48. Joshua Manzanares

    Ive heard during that time the devil brought him back and ressurated him n now works for satan something like that

  49. SCOO7CH 77

    Whoever shot fifty should've double tapped him in the back of the head, or went to a shooting range a few times before hand.

  50. where did he sit down at Lewis mizell

    50 cent is a lenged one of the best rappers of all time

  51. Thomas Bangalter

    *_Just think about it. Just one shot in a different place could have killed him_*

  52. Cy Jaques

    Irv gotti said the devil saved 50 cent

    Joshua Manzanares

    Thatanwhat i think too ive heard that before n geah that irv said to that when he got shot was saves by the devil and he now works dor satan

  53. Reuben Singh

    Thank god he is still alive one of the best rappers ever

  54. chris sprenger

    He didn’t get shot nine times at once though lol

  55. A Dab of YKTV

    Ily him

  56. Nate Smith

    He needs his money by Monday #getthestrap

  57. FuckUamerica

    Supreme paid somebody to shoot 50

  58. Clay Boi88

    Did she really just ask "when you get shot, is it a physical feeling"??

  59. The Burundi Smile

    He speaks with humility!

  60. Capria Fields

    Everyday he show us why he was shot 9 times

  61. yeetus deletus

    The shooter was silver 1

  62. Blackjack Videos

    I don't believe you were shot 9 times at all

  63. Diamond Logistics

    "Oh the guy who shot me? He's actually dead" 😂This dude is a fkn legend


    Looks like a nice neighborhood for a poor gangster

  65. Chris Farley

    I wish 50 would put his BBC in my mouth 🤤🍆

  66. Basil Kwembe

    He said he died in jail

  67. Henry Logman

    Who’s the guy that’s doing life ??

  68. Real World Warrior lowen

    Shot 9 times, in the face? With what, a bb gun, slingshot?

  69. George strait69

    I bet 50 cents, that oprah spread eagle after that interview! Ya buddy

  70. HVACboxer

    FAKE ALERT! 50 cent is a paid actor he never really got shot

  71. Joshua Waddell

    This is what happens when you literally sell your soul to the Devil. There are many, many videos of guys saying their rap friends were selling their soul to the Devil for fame. Normal people don't get shot 9 times and live to tell about it.

  72. Damien Oleary

    Oprah's face when he says guy that shot me is Dead . Enough said.

  73. garry gordon

    Worse shooter ever

  74. Jared Fogle

    50 paid to get shot to be able to drop his album

  75. Simon Curtis

    Sounds like his boy set him up

  76. OneDeep Tv

    Negroes need to stop following these Boule OATH taking prince hall freemasons.👁OneDeep

  77. Black ninja ph23

    The last GANGSTA rap

  78. Chris Ohare

    💪Luv 50💵 ❣


    So who shot him and who paid the guy?

  80. By Sakeena

    Blessed ❤️

  81. JCE

    He got shot coz 50 cent didn’t didn’t allow the shooter In Da Club.

  82. Ebu Basir

    50 is better than Game

  83. Jimmy O’Neill

    Did u revenge ur shooting

  84. Nancy Aponte

    What does it feel like getting shot? Is it a physical feeling?

  85. Hobo Loco Mofo

    The gunman must have been blind & on a wheelchair.

  86. dageezerboi

    WORST HITMAN EVER. Even worse than that kid in 'Bully'.

  87. scott bern

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  88. Avraj Sagoo

    Planting flowers in the garden most probs waiting for ur dealer u did not pay

  89. kanama k

    God bless you and may He continue to protect you

  90. Hunda mania Mania

    The shooter was dead ? Something to proud of👏👏👏

  91. Dr C.J Chenjerai Mhondera

    sad and painful experience!

  92. Dr C.J Chenjerai Mhondera

    life of an artist!

  93. Muhamed Cham

    The shooter is as bad as a bandit in movies

  94. curtius msigalla

    Here in TANZANIA there is a politician whom got shot 16 times and he is still alive and healthier,his name is TUNDU ANTIPAS LISU.

  95. Alexander Bangani

    one I'll also talk abt my experience

  96. DanP gooden

    Real OG

  97. Cynthia Alaniz

    Nine lives

  98. Nike Eli

    Watching Get Rich or Die trying rn. Crazy brotha. Short life we live. And god blessed you to see more of it. #GodisGreat

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