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Many Men
50 Cent - Many Men
: Many Men
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10-04-2018 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 260 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (50 Cent - Many Men )
  1. TTP-the goatzxX

    This song got him shot let's respect

  2. YungCleve

    I’m so confused did he diss Eminem?

  3. aquafckface


  4. Matt4499

    2019 gang

  5. Song Ha

    Oh shit 😁

  6. Reggie Williams

    when he said " every night I talk to God but he dont say nothing back"... I felt that

  7. Kenny MAC

    Should you really....ask for a refund if this nigga keep missing his target or dude take the 5 or 9 I get my money back?....I'm just curious just asking incase the Feds listening🤔🙄

  8. eugene dube

    Who else is still bumping to this classic 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. Bread, Wine and Song

    Luke 16:19-31

  10. Rajaa Almaleki

    Many men wish death upon me blood

  11. Numb Jai

    *16 cent is your change*

  12. Samih

    Pff, that third verse

  13. Glori4n

    No half-ass studio gangsta shit, this is the real deal

  14. Tyree Brown

    Rip Nipsey 💙🏁🙏🏾🙏🏾

  15. Ariane Grey

    Still listening in 2019 😎

  16. Bernard Bautista

    *Never gets old*

  17. shadowthehedgehog181

    All these years I swear I thought he said "mini men"

  18. Drake Grahan

    I'm Drake the rapper how y'all doin

  19. Wilson Gang

    One of the hardest 50 songs

  20. Mustafa Brown

    50 niggas 50 bitches!!!! 7

  21. Ush Yamamoto

    Only real warriors can actually relate stay strong my gz we gods and goddesses in da flesh

  22. SOHEKONE compton


  23. jon DOLP!!

    Wish this song didnt get viral. Still here 2019

  24. Steph Tochi

    still my shii

  25. Willian Ferreira


  26. Dashae

    2019 🤘🏾😎

  27. Anita Carter

    Joy wouldn't feel so good if it wasn't for pain

  28. Yomama Bin Fartin

    Rip nipsey

  29. Andrej Antanasov

    "Sunny days wouldn't be specialif it wasn't for rainJoy wouldn't feel so goodif it wasn't for painDeath gotta be easy,'cause life is hard,it'll leave you physically,mentallyand emotionally scarred."Truer words have never been spoken.

  30. Greatest Ever

    RIP Nipsey... 💔😞

  31. offending everyone

    2k19 anyone?

  32. hannahloves RBLX

    Nipsey death bought me here 💯 I'm tryna be what I'm destined to be

  33. rennadroj

    RIP Nipsey.

  34. KingCart3r

    Who’s here cause of Polo G

  35. migue_sofoke


  36. Electric snakeyboi

    Im eleven and listening to this,and im disappointed in the current rap community.

  37. William Byrd

    Love this song



  39. ÁUß Code

    'Cause he got hit like i got hit, but he ain't fkn breathing.

  40. Mike Wazowski

    Death gotta be easy cause life is hard, it'll leave you physically, mentally, and emotionally scarred hardest part of the song

  41. Light Seven

    Number 7 here again.

  42. Todos AmanMOSTHATED


  43. Dido Billz

    These is a poetry 👏👌

  44. Sydney Cole

    "Now its clear to see im here for a real reason cuz he got shot like i got shot but he aint fucking breathing"💯

  45. Igor Figueira

    "Cause he got hit like i got hit, but he ain't fuckin' breathing" mic drop

  46. Tanner Babcock

    Surprised he didn't get jail time for this track

  47. jherri curls


  48. Kicko612

    How this video get so many views when son dont even know who Hommo is? Fix your lyrics rookie

  49. BG.luhke

    “He got hit like i got hit but he ant fkn breathin”

  50. Kayla Carper

    do you realize that polo g copied this song


    Polo g stole this

  52. James Gorden

    "Slim switched sides on me, let nigga's ride on me" Eminem is a straight bitch dog.

  53. Nirap Singh

  54. Jay Wonder

    Ruff rider anthem brought me back here.

  55. Real Randy

    01 March 2018

  56. Trevor Dyson (STUDENT)


  57. Thesavagemeister77

    Now it's clear that I'm here for a real reason, cuz he got hit like I got hit, but he ain't fuckin breathin....realest line of fiddy's career

  58. Alex Zigo

    2019 and still listening

  59. T. Oneal

    It's clear that I'm here for a real reason cause he got hit like I got hit but he ain't f**** breathin best line ever!!!

  60. Damian Medal

    Still bumpin in 2019

  61. RickeyJose

    homo* shot me

  62. Brent French

    oh shit!!! pull offf!!!1 pull off!!!

  63. Sophie Noble

    Men men men many men 😂 that's what I hear. From the show

  64. Jazzypha Marie


  65. Mewael Habtemariam

    Who else came back to this when the NYPD tried to put a hit on him this week?

  66. jalill barnes

    who else heard about the cop who told all the other police officers to shoot 50 on sight- then came to this song

  67. katzceo

    Top 3: 1. Tupac hit em up 2. 50 cent many men 3. Biggie notorious


    Fuck the feds frfr

  69. muzzer


  70. YoutubeTriq

    Who here from Polo?

  71. mridul sagar

    threats never sounded so groovy

  72. SlyFauxxe

    2019 still 🔥

  73. Andrew Brigance

    Cause I'll come and take your life away

  74. Nushiz Ent.

    Check this version.видео.html

  75. mixumup1

    I bet u Ja Rule has nightmares about this song

  76. Tis Parker

    This nigga cold af

  77. The Universe Galaxy

    What a stupid violence promoting ridicuaous bad influecne of a song then

  78. Rafael Patrick


  79. matt gursky

    Brady is Jesus

  80. matt gursky

    The Tom Brady anthem

  81. Liquide Motionz


  82. Kristen K. Thomas

    Playing this joint in my house to motivate Tom Brady. 4th quarter and score is 3-3 Let's go Pats!!!!!!!

  83. JumpyTV

    I love that piano before the song starts

  84. Ислам Арслангереев

    Это заразило меня рэпом... Нашёл кассету в мусоре будусе ребёнком, тётя лаком для ногтей склеела её, дед подарил японский мафон, я врубил будучи сосунко и тут meni Men....... С тех пор рэпом болею, лечили не помогло, все из-за то того что meni men... Россия, Дагестан 2003 год..... Это лучшее....

  85. Ronald Johnson

    After Cash Money broke up,Fifty had the rap game on lock, nobody hotter than him at this point.

  86. Marcus De Villiers


  87. Brad Schuh

    Yo mama so stupid she thinks a quarterback is a refund 😂😂

  88. Baked Potato

    I randomly had this song pop up in my head on my way home from work, had to look it up 😂 blasting this shit like a boss

  89. Daredevil Gaming

    The 🐐 Tom Brady brought me here.

  90. Jesus Christ

    50 cent, like it or love it, he’ll woop ya a$$

  91. Dean Stamper

  92. Harzburgitic

    Mini men, mini mini mini mini men wish death pon me lawd

  93. Kiko Ayari

    Allah bless Habiba (my mother).50 cent is an artist before being a Rapper.

  94. Henry Keams

    Go home get your refund mafucka I ain't dead.

  95. Ben Vincent

    Suck deez baaawwlllzzzz

  96. Richard B.

    Haven't found a way to kill me yet. ;-)

  97. King Frost

    Thanks to Tom Brady

  98. Nicholas Johnson


  99. Andrea Demeterova

    50 cent🔥💋

  100. jahhaahaha12

    Was this made with a VCR

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