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Get Up
50 Cent - Get Up
: Get Up
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10-04-2018 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 214 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (50 Cent - Get Up )
  1. Søren Jørgensen

    0:00 When you´re searching for the best training partner ever...

  2. Den Kocherin

    Man I finna do my thang (get up!)
It's crazy in the club when I'm in there mayne (get up!)
Trust me homie I'm not playin' (get up!)
I have the dance floor off the chain, I said (get up!)
I came to bring you that California love
And a little New York hate, it's all of the above
I'm not playin', I said I'm off the chain
You niggas better follow instructions, I said (get up!)

[Verse 1]
I ball ‘til I fall, stunt 'til I drop
'Em off the showroom floor, not the used car lot
You buy a bottle, I buy the bar
I make every other week feel like Mardi Gras
When I get into it, I get into it
Everybody can’t do it the way I do it
I make it rain, till the sun come out
A nigga playin', we make the guns come out
Now, my question is who they gon' blame
When I'm back number one on the Billboard again?
Shit shift now, the game done changed
Since Mike made Thriller and Prince made Purple Rain
I guess I made the kids want slang
And N.W.A. made the West Coast bang
Nah, it's just music man, it's just music
Now get your ass on the dance floor and move it
I have the savoir-faire
I’m the reason, everybody, here, I said (get up!)
I make it hot, I make it hot in here
Your feet hurtin'? I really don't care, I said (get up!)
I wanna see, I, I wanna see ya move
And get all into the groove, I say (get up!)
I'm gettin' money man, I really don't care
Let me see you put your ass in the air, I said (get up!)

[Verse 2]
Yeah, lady, you look good, I wanna get to know you better
You look good in them jeans and them red stilettos
You got a Bentley Coupe booty baby, I wanna drive
See it'll tell you what your mileage is when I'm inside
I wanna take you for a spin, you know, round and round
Switch gears till' your love comes down
I take you to the point of no return if you listen you learn
Just how a nigga earn, I got money to burn
While they can't get a place, she drop the bomb on me
It's up and down and up and down gracefully
Rick James would've said She a Brick House
But Fifty you should go home and see what that bitch bout
I find out she like it how I like it, huh
Back it up, get ya some, I know how to get ya sprung
Tune ya up and use the tongue, under the hood is so good
She said it so good, goddamn I'm so hood, nigga what up?

  3. Xeno Goku

    December 2019

  4. magda florin

    scott storch !!!!!!

  5. Destini Myers

    I love you 50 cent shot out all the rapper Meek mill tyga chris brown

  6. Marlon L

    Just did 72 push-ups to this! Beast mode!!

  7. Обмани Ум

    Man I'm gonna do my thang, get up!It's crazy in the club when I'm in there man, get up!Trust me homie I'm not playin', get up!Now get on the dance floor off the chainI say get up!I came to bring you that California loveAnd a lil' New York hatin' it's all of the aboveI'm not playin' I'm sayin' I'm off the chainYou niggas better follow the instructionsI said get up!I ball till I fallI stunt till I dropI'm off the show room floorNot the used car lotYou buy a bottleI buy the barI make every other week feel like Mardi GrasWhen I get in to itI get in to itEverybody can't do it the way I do itI make it rain, rainTill the sun come outA nigga playin', playin'We make the guns come outNow, my question isWho they gonna blameWhen I'm back number one on the Billboard againShit, shift now the game done changeSince Mike made Thriller and Prince made Purple RainI guess I make the kids wanna slangAnd NWA made the West Coast bangNah it's just music, man it's just musicNow get your ass on the dance floor and move itI have the savoir faireI'm the reason everybody hereI say get up!I make it hot, I make it hot in hereYour feet hurtin' I really careI said get up!I want to see you, I want to see you moveAnd get all into the grooveI said get up!I'm getting money man I really don't careLet me see you put your hands up in the airI said get up!Girl, you look goodI want to get to know you betterYou look good in them jeansAnd them red stilettosYou got a BentleyCoupe booty babyI want to driveSee I tell you what mileage isWhen I'm insideI'ma take you for a spinYou know round and roundSwitch gears till your love come downI take you to the point of no returnIf you listen you learnJust how a nigga earnI got money to burnWhile the Gap Band playShe dropped the bomb on meIt's up and downAnd up and downGracefullyRick James would have said she a brick houseOr Fifty you should go home to seeWhat that bitch boutI found out she like it how I like it, huhBack it up' get cha someI know how to get you sprungTune you up' use your tongueUnder the hood it's so goodShe said it's so goodGoddamn I'm so hoodNigga wattup?I have the savoir faireI'm the reason everybody hereI say get up!I make it hot, I make it hot in hereYour feet hurtin' I really careI said get up!I want to see you, I want to see you moveAnd get all into the grooveI said get up!I'm getting money man I really don't careLet me see you put your hands in the airI said get up!And get into itYou are now rocking with the UnitI said get up!And get into itWe gonna show you just how we do itI said get up!Aftermath, still shady AftermathI said get up!Aftermath, still shady Aftermath

  8. AJ Pleasants

    This song will be perfect to use on Fast and Furious or Fast Five Soundtrack.

  9. Lucy Todd

    I fucks wit this

  10. Barnacle MAN

    Reminds me of those levels on Super Mario Bros with the ships.

  11. TrillJay

    yo ho yo ho the pirates arg for me

  12. Mr. Calmer

    Do you get money from this clip?

  13. Isaiah morgan

    beastmode is my thing

  14. Isaiah morgan

    I workout in beastnode and run this song is beast and I run with it with my beats in

  15. naijaboygangsta

    *song plays during god of war playthrough*

  16. J. Cooper

    they was playing this in church today 😂😂

  17. jay adams

    I feel like I can run an empire listening to this 🙌

  18. TrillJay

    GET UP gotta get up on time and get ready tog rind and shine i said get up dont mess with the pack i got rhymes for days these dudes is wack i rep for the enraged thats my mob thats the gang gonna make some music that makes the west coast bang,get up flow is so tight but done with this rhyme war time load up dont be shy ,got that ambiton as a ridah for life

  19. TrillJay

    Dis sound like a pirate type beat

  20. Popcycle

    used dis for my rap battle against my friend. I got him badly

  21. Risky512

    I literally came up with the EXACT SAME MELODY on my piano, but 50cent had discovered it already...

  22. Owen Simmonds

    Cool music well done 50 Cent

  23. Alan27965

    try speed x2 ;)

  24. Beyinsiz

    50 cent king

  25. kohatencl

    fucking I am so pumped up, I will hump a tree!!!

  26. Daniel Cousar

    tug on the dough butter after show huddle puddle from the crow

  27. marcel brinzea


  28. Ljsboondocks 360

    except cj

  29. Shareef Abdur Rahman

    Kobe Lockdown perimeter defender check that shit out!

  30. Ljsboondocks 360

    my fens says it sux

  31. Scarh32

    damn thats good bro!

  32. TV Hovna

    i dont like his voice tho, instrumental version is sick:D

  33. cheesball96

    Boxing entrance theme? YES!!!

  34. cittiking

    best Training song ever !!

  35. S3 XY

    Scott Storch

  36. Brock Staton


  37. Tiina V

    Scott Storch is genius….

  38. EpicCockTime


  39. EpicCockTime

    that was fricken bad

  40. Bazzda Beatz


  41. NAMS

    it is good but 'no'

  42. SpleenBad

    this sounds like pirate's music

  43. Jack McBlain

    Yes, Just Yes

  44. Dallas Canal

    Very crazy this music

  45. Anime OST

    Sounds orgasmic :D

  46. R Tirado

    Darth Vader hip hop

  47. Rasmus Persson Hellström


  48. asfdasd asfasfasf


  49. Paro Crew

    /watch?v=0ehmCmga9_A&feature=plcp PARO CREW SUR CETTE INSTRUMENTAL

  50. michael young

    that snare is mean... love the shit

  51. jhon carl


  52. Rakib Hassan

    Hihi, have you wondered this plan called the Intellitus Cash System? (look it up on google). My mate says it gets people plenty of cash.

  53. Lukas Abrahan

    The awkward moment when Kardinal Offishall is the artist xD

  54. southbeachking6

    Rick Ross I eeat the pizza up up up up up

  55. MasterMind468

    now heres what this beat told me to say:don't give a fuck just make sure it blow me awayrap is the dragon impossible to slayyou can stop hatin its draggin on and it seems possible that you are gaytime to switch up that schemei got a face like yao ming, smilin now i'm a memei come on here smirking just to blow off some steami play without a team so don't think imma let upyou heard fif, i said GET UP

  56. Kenny

    LOL. Ruined it for me.

  57. lamborghini438

    fuk off its better with him rapping !

  58. Felipe Francisco


  59. Naaras1503

    this song should be at the last mission of GTA SA, thumb up if you think same

  60. TheElectrocide

    Scott Storch !

  61. Jinny The Kisaragi

    Exercise music.

  62. TURZO

    G Unot Records MUHAHAHA

  63. Ithiro Jamaul

    aaaah... much better!

  64. Vladimir Marcu

    is not by 50 cent is by scott storch :) 50 is a pussy cant make his own tracks

  65. Mathias Koonce

    @ThePrinceOfSanDiego well that is true, but fifty's music will never get old...... to me though... but ur right G-unit has not made a song since like 05 or somethin. but the shoes r cool! lol.

  66. Mathias Koonce

    @TheXarke same to u!

  67. Mathias Koonce

    @ThePrinceOfSanDiego G-Unit is never dead. ppl said the same thing about Eminem and now he is on like every track!

  68. AmDaBestRapper

    bumpin ass beat

  69. ireneu93847

    @kvhamondLH Je spelde bijna alles goed tot aan greats (greets)

  70. kvhamondLH

    you ask me my name, is say, I'm G.O.D.but if you call me a god that wouldn't mind after all you seein a certain way, you can call me a godthe god of war, because I know how to start a riotI don't have a vision I just hate who controlls the dicethey can be good, but they're all people so they've got a viceeveryday I see the world more clear, every day more cleara shame that i can't write more, nice beat! Hope i spelled everything OK greats from the green land (HOLLAND!!!)

  71. Tommy Gunz

    i gotta knack fo these rhymes schemes dey make ya fall back/hit ya head on the curb u'll need an icepack/im driving around in dat bentley coupe ya know its jet black/my illness takes ya breath away like an asthma attack/i'll chop u up in pieces a& throw u on my luggage rack/i'll throw u in the trunk unless u do what i say/i hustle real heard, each & everyday/ my verses like my name so watch out or i'll spray/hit u wit my skillz ur reactions seem a bit delayed/throw u in a trash bag call it glade

  72. Tommy Gunz

    ima boss i do thing/ im the king of all kings/take a look at my crown/i run this shit dis my town/get on these beats and i lay it down/get it my face and i'll lay u down/tell u how it goes & give u the run down/ my flow's like a chainsaw i'll cut u down/ then i'll yell timber/ my rhymes got that fire, i wont stop until ur a lil crisper/ ima like a mix of jack the ripper and mac miller/ im a lil fucked up in the head like a serial killer/ i do this rap shit for fun so that means ima thiller/...

  73. alexkamrock

    even quagmires like gigity giggity g-unit

  74. Adversaree BlaxxStarr

    Live free, live like a leader, where tha motto is: BE MELeave followers to the path and fiction on DVDsSee...Mr. Jackson is livin' off 9 shots to make greensTuPac 2.0 niggaz in the game livin' out THEY dreamsWhere tha direction they follow leads them 6ft deepBut the whole time, promotin' death, and claimin' these streetsTo me, that's weak, on sale, mad cheapWhen you can follow yaself, The Genuine Divinities...Lol...jus havin' fun wit it...the beat is MONKEY, still.

  75. saaron6

    @SpeedDunn4 google kipvid copy paste the adress and enjoy :)

  76. mededmoon


  77. Armandaryan- Juve

    beat is wonderful!!!!!....

  78. kenenkel

    love this beat

  79. queentee8082000

    diz shit go hard

  80. arebeats


  81. 01Sjohn

    wow O_o awwwsome!!!!

  82. Thierry

    @TheAnimationWarrior ROFL

  83. Bozz Lightyr

    what album is this on coz i thought it was ganna be on BISD?

  84. Evelyn ScottPedraza

    This instrumental is ideal to strut to.

  85. mihai1705

    lol! i listened at this song last winter! i car remember that times...

  86. AirDB23


  87. Myuzaki

    search- sittin on tha toilet remix ft 50 cent

  88. Thuzio Kathiramalai

    Scott Storch and 50 Cent make good music :D

  89. ZumZuum

    yea fuck you 50 cent is the best rapper and eminem is the best funny rapper in the world so fuck you,go and listen to gay music.

  90. Kahuti Nuku

    @TheAnimationWarrior dude if hes ur favourite rapper then you got no taste in music

  91. Sergej M.

    @18SINGH18 i think this is a scott storch beat

  92. bakachikun

    oh fkkk, this beat is so fking badasss xD this is the shit bro

  93. William Shewfelt

    @Thediamondmoney damn calm downwe only live once so live happily

  94. Kahuti Nuku

    I hate 50 cent, but i love this beat!!

  95. Sexisacake


  96. GreenMatrix 30seven810172324

    i believe it is

  97. Sunny Kambo

    is this a dre beat ?

  98. kemita

    who could sodomize you eazily

  99. GreenMatrix 30seven810172324

    man this beat is a monster

  100. Oicalypse Hatewalker

    50cent is a bitch

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