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1theK - Oneus
: Oneus
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31-01-2019 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 306 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (1theK - Oneus )
  1. Edvarda H

    This group is one of the best groups that debuted in 2019 No one can change my mind

  2. lolLuLu

    Excuse me while I cry 😢 🥰🥰🥰


    Who's been jamming to this nonstop ??????

  4. Estefany Campo

    omg they all are so freaking handsome and talented... what a good song

  5. alexandria

    where's my comment hr last january?

  6. stephanie arteaga

    Es buena música, buen grupo, debe ser más conocido 💕💕

  7. alejandra montoya

    this is great.

  8. Sнαηα ღ

    I have already seen many debuts from several groups this year, and I seriously believe that this is the best song for a rookie group so far this year:)

    Crab Also Crab

    Agreed. And it was released at the beginning of the year, how crazy is that?!

  9. tHat sLaP

    When ur own bias wrecks u s0 bad ;-;

  10. yee chin

    If you like oneus; raise your hands.If you don't; raise your standards.

  11. Isauvok

    One of my favourite songs

  12. ibe_e

    2:50 - 3:00 highkey thought that was neat af that they added some matrix moves

  13. 김영지

    안녕하세요! 채널A 웹예능 <댓변인들> 제작팀입니다!<댓변인들>은 팬 두분이 나와서 좋아하는 가수자랑 / 굿즈소개 / 노래홍보/ 악플대변 등 6분짜리 리액션비디오인데요,이번달 말에 컴백하시는 원어스 편을 위한 투문 분들을 모집하고 있습니다[email protected]으로 많은 지원 부탁드리겠습니다^^

  14. ale72


  15. Jose Domingos De Oliveira De Oliveira

    prefiro bts mil milhões de vezes

  16. Hannah De Asis

    Stre*m twiligth to to moon 15m before they next comeback,on 30

  17. Nelida Centon

    Wuoo que gupos que son 😍😍Tienen un gran talento acabo de conocerlos y me encantaron ...

    Tony Chooper

    Son los hermanitos menores de mamamoo el talento corre en su sangre .

    Tony Chooper

    Son los hermanitos menores de mamamoo el talento corre en su sangre .

  18. Flo Burgos

    FOR NEW TO MOONS:Leedo: 0:16 Ravn: 0:32 (#happyravnday) Keonhee: 0:40Xion: 0:46 Hwanwoong: 1:11Seoho: 1:48

  19. oh you are nana?

    I’m new to ONEUS. But who’s the cutie with the deep ass voice 😍😍😍

    Crab Also Crab

    That's Leedo, one of the main rappers in ONEUS.

    oh you are nana?

    Crab Also Crab ahh thank you thank you 😊



    Mch Purpl

    ANNE MADELEINE awww we appreciate that so much. I’m an army too, and also a to moon. So, moonarmy nation here! :)


    @Mch Purpl YASSS!👀💅😩💖

  21. winwinhoe

    I remember when this came up in my recommendations when it first came up and I’ve been hooked on Oneus ever since. I still love Leedo

  22. Annasuke16

    I saw this on one of the music shows and have been trying to find it since hahaha I’m finally here ;)

    Mch Purpl

    Annasuke16 congratulations with finding it 🎉


    Mch Purpl thanks! Hahaha it took time! But I really liked the song and the dance back then and I kept asking for a song that “had something to do with Nordic mythology” hahaha and people just looked at me like crazy haha

  23. 김쩡


  24. Srish Sachar

    Damn the visuals and the talent!!!

  25. Srish Sachar

    Guys plz supports ONEUS' brother korean band ONEWETHEY ARE GETTING SLEPT ON

  26. Daniela Estrano

    When you are a retired kpop fan and u start find out what u missed 😂 this is gonna be long

    Moon Hyuk

    fr me oneus reminds me of 2nd gen music. if you like me stop in the middle. guarantee to listen to oneus song. really nostalgic.haha incase u are 2nd gen kpopers

  27. multifandom_k_pop babes.

    Can someone inform me who the cutie at 2:40 is please? <3

    Chaima Benaidja

    Leedo 1997 line Main rapper with raven His singing voice so good


    multifandom_k_pop babes. Ah another Leedo stan. You must be a person of intellect and culture too 🍷😂 jk

    multifandom_k_pop babes.

    @Chaima Benaidja Thank you so much!!

    multifandom_k_pop babes.

    @winwinhoe I am definitely going to be Leedo stan from now on. WOOZA


    multifandom_k_pop babes. He’s so well rounded! An amazing rapper, vocalist and dancer 😍

  28. Rianza De Wet

    Dear To Moons,Our fandom might be small, and Oneus might not receive the same kind of fame other rookie groups like TXT get, but together we can help our boys reach new heights. No matter how long it takes, we will help them get to the top. Please show them a lot of love! These crackheads, along with Onewe, deserve the world. To Moons, Fighting!

    Moon Hyuk

    fighting!!!let us work hard moonies . frst wins recognition etc!!oneus deserve to not be slept on!!

    Rianza De Wet

    @Moon Hyuk Yeah lol I don't think oneus means "bed" in any language

    yoonscars •

    @Moon Hyuk just recovered them today, but ARMY here to support this talented people!

  29. Cute Jungkookie

    I Listen this million times because VALKYRIE IS BEST!! 😍

    Chaima Benaidja

    For me the best song in 2019 And the best debut

    Hannah De Asis

    Litsten to twiligth too they 1st comeback song,

    Hannah De Asis

    And they 1st mini album and 2nd mini album,its a bop

    Moon Hyuk

    intellectual! samee

    Cute Jungkookie

    @Chaima Benaidja I agree

  30. Yeon Kimin

    I only started listening to them bc a translator of a manga I was reading talked about Leedo so here I am lol btw this song is A MASTERPIECE I LOVE IT

    Sar A

    ive been seeing comments like this here and on twitter..mind to share the link to this manga?

  31. SunflowerHobii

    Casually just streaming bops

  32. Charlotte徐明浩


  33. Lola yuki

    Onewe the twin group of oneus just realised another bop yesterday, please go support them. Thanks all ❤❤


    1:33 no me canso de escuchar esa parte :3

  35. violetkitty 08

    Sorry I’m new here. Who’s the guy 1:20 with the deep sexy voice? And the hot guy with black feathery outfit 4:02? I’m kinda drawn to them... haha!

    stan oneus & onewe

    violetkitty 08 1:20 Lee Do and 4:02 RAVN ☺️

    violetkitty 08

    KhVan Ha O thanks! Now I know who my bias(es) are☺️



  37. fluttershy yongsun

    one of the best debut song in k-pop i said what i said

  38. KARINA


  39. KARINA

    ONEUS 😍😍❤❤

  40. Lamb Sauce

    Microwave Microwave Microwave Microwave Microwave Microwave Microwave Microwave Microwave Microwave Microwave Microwave Microwave Microwave Microwave Microwave

  41. Nynon GADIFFET

    what is the ONEUS insta

    Crab Also Crab

    Nynon GADIFFET

    @Crab Also Crab thank you

  42. Hamdan Husain

    What names of their fandom? Sorry i Don't know because i'm a new fan.

    Chaima Benaidja

    To moon

  43. Jus tin

    Anyone coz the pic in the thumbnail look like Jungkook loll

  44. elrabinocevicheriarestaurant Restaurant

    esa cancion lo amo

  45. Jayla Ayonno

    Damn whose the first rapper? He fine i mean they are all FINEEE but like who is he, where is he and how does he like his eggs in the morning?

    stan oneus & onewe

    Jayla Ayonno Ravn

  46. Zeblili TiCo

    Come back announced for september : The way to get to Moon !

  47. Jeon Jungkook


  48. Bianca Moretti

    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ LIKE

  49. HeE HeE


  50. ألم جميل

    Fighting to moon

  51. Reem .

    they are the best

  52. Charlotte


  53. Syeda Buraira

    Hwanwoong the man that you are today 👏👏👏👏

  54. yukina -chan

    In love oneus ^^

  55. Eliana Vargas

    Happy Birthday Hwanwoong! I will continue to Stan this group and wish him and his group happiness and success!

  56. hxllie _

    Well, looks like I'm going to be sucked into this fandom too, what the name for it then y'all?

    Crab Also Crab

    It's To Moon, to mean to watch over our earth (Oneus in Korean sounds like One Earth), and Oneus in turn always search and look for us as well.

    hxllie _

    @Crab Also Crab That's such a nice name for a fandom, I'm officially part of it

    Crab Also Crab

    hxllie _ Welcome to the fandom, fellow To Moon! 💖🌙

    hxllie _

    @Crab Also Crab 💜💜💜

  57. Lia620 Santos

    Why do i feel like they are the Crude Play that i always wanted to exist?😐

  58. thisisnoticecream itsbutter

    i hope these guys become a hit because they deserve it

  59. Rianza De Wet


  60. Geetha Shankar

    This is not a debuted itIt's a HIT

    Hannah De Asis

    It debut song,

  61. Emmanuella Frimpong

    I hear microwave at the chorus

  62. K-POP GIRL


  63. Lila Kim


  64. Replay Shinee

    congratulations on winning the Next Artist Awardfighting ONEUS

  65. Leonardo Hamato

    Happy Bday Hwanwoong!!!! Love OneUs!!!!

  66. hackdog X3


  67. Hideo Kojima

    ➡️ 20 m

  68. vic avelar

    ok i think i fell in love

  69. Fairwhite

    I wish they'd get more attention, coz these boys deserve it. I'm gonna be proud to one day say that I was a fan from the beginning. Hope they are promoted more, their music doesn't sound as basic as other rookie groups. Is it just me or do they seem more like a mini BTS then TXT does. I know TXT isn't supposed to sound or have similar concepts to BTS, but I just have this feeling. I'm also not saying ONEUS copied BTS, I'm just saying the concepts, cinematography, dances as a combination have a BTS 2016/2017 vibe which I think is awesome. I'm honestly addicted.

    Rianza De Wet

    Yeah...I'm an ARMY myself and tbh I find it really unfair that TXT gets all that attention just because they're under the same company as BTS. I'm not saying TXT doesn't deserve it, I just...idk I feel like Oneus deserves just as much. And even more. TXT's music just isn't my style but I love Oneus. I guess we all have our differences, huh?


    Rianza De Wet Completely agree!! I wish groups such as ONEUS, Dreamcatcher (not a debuting grp), PENTAGON get more attention. I kinda have to compare them to other rookie grps in order to make my point so I’m sorry if I offend anyone. Groups such as ITZY have been dominating the charts despite the repetitiveness of their lyrics and their average dance moves. TXT I know they’ve been getting a lot of hate recently but I’m not hating on them bc I think they’re trying to replace BTS, I’m just annoyed that groups such as ONEUS who appear to have more interesting concepts and catchy songs don’t get nearly as much recognition bc they’re from a small label and don’t get any promotion. It’s not TXT or ITZY’s fault, I just want these guys to be successful.

  70. Jus tin

    Who came to know them coz of Haeun and now a fans??haha ME

  71. Donghyuckie *Full sun*

    oh damn its been 8 months

  72. Mch Purpl

    Unpopular theory of mine... Maybe ONEUS have concept of Universe creation. In Valkyrie is the birth of it, Big Bang, when the light suddenly appears from nowhere and is spreading fast (the gun shot). But the light fast disappears from the center, so they lose it (Twilight). I dunno maybe it’s not like that :’( I’m useless in theories by the way...

    Sar A

    well their upcoming comeback is space/galaxy-theme related. i guess u are on the right track

    Mch Purpl

    Sar A my god thank you a lot for noticing this ♡

  73. hello kitty 252


  74. - hoellevator

    wait so they weren't saying valkyrie—


    Theory: 3:37 is describing the next MVs. Valkyrie, Twilight, then the next 4 in that order, revolving around their abilities. The last one is gonna be big, is what I'm guessing.Edit: This is just my personal opinion and am not sure if this is what's in store for the group. I wish the best for them.

  76. Bryan Danese


  77. Dianix23

    Twilight already got 10 million views!! We need Valkyrie to get 20 million views!! To moon fighting!!!❤️❤️

  78. Taechimya Studios

    I want to go their concert. Plez come to England 🙏🏼😂🤡 If it’s in London, I’m gonna cry, that’s too far 🤦🏽‍♀️

  79. 콩츄

    발키리도 싱싱청과물 해주세요

  80. ff mika

    Fuc#k i can't leave without u oneus why u are so handsom

  81. Nᴀᴍᴊᴏᴏɴ ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴀ ʜɪɴᴛ ᴏғ Sᴏᴏʙɪɴ

    no choice but to stan

  82. Jinx :3

    Oneus is the modern-day shinee/Vixx

    Cringe Queen

    Good to know I'm not the only one thinking they reminded me a little of a cross between VIXX and SHINee 😂😂😂

  83. soshi moo

    I'm gonna be that fan when they blew up and goes broke for maybe one fan meeting is fine and tell them this; "I've been your fan since predebut " and watch those tears fall.

    Violet Wolf

    Im pre-debut too, found them last year and damn, talented boys!!

  84. Mch Purpl

    #ONEUSNextArtist woohoo! Moonies we did it well let’s continue lighting them!!!

  85. Maya levi

    Im sorry but all i hear is "microwave"

  86. Constipated Bunny


  87. Antonella Vila

    ni idea quien son pero el tema esta genial <3

  88. Shin Hye

    El video musical me recuerda un poco a los vídeos de kpop de antes

    Taiana Calmels

    Tres que hablan español siiiiiiY por sierto tienes la razón

  89. Purple Viola

    1:26 reminded my of blood sweat and tears..

    Mch Purpl

    Purple Viola their next mv Twilight is whole masterpiece in museum too, like bs&t <3

  90. ANGELME?

    Oneus stray kids go go up

  91. ANGELME?

    I love hem so much

  92. N . L


  93. Mch Purpl

    !ATTENTION! ONEUS are nominated here! Please vote even if you think it’s worthless. In my twt (oneusvotingacc) you can find tutorial. ToMoon nation fight!

  94. 김하은

    한국인 없나요ㅠㅠ그나저나 모두존멋(시온이젤♥)



  95. K-POP GIRL


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