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Kullanıcı Yorumları (1theK - G Dle )
  1. Senika Tamang

    Nobody:Me : 1:54 fg legs are so long😂😂🤦🤦

  2. arodrigu111

    I don’t know why people don’t like this song! I LOOOOOOOOOVE IT

  3. Namjoon is a pigeon

    I'm quite new to the fandom, and I'm super impressed. You guys seem so chill and respectful!Neverland Fighting ✊💕💖

  4. 강건욱강건욱


  5. Thiên Lộc

    Hay ghê

  6. Candy Yume

    Okay stop comparing1. This was made first so (g)- idle doesn’t even know what they were comparing2. Shawn and Camila probably don’t even know that this exists

  7. That Rad Guy

    That chorus with the "SenoriTA" is hella catchy! 👌👌👌

  8. MrShaun42088


  9. alexis sahbazidis

    1:42 i think in the mirrored it looked better when half had their hands down and other half up


    1m #queendom neverland

  11. Derpy Derpstein

    Not complaining about the new fans tho... welcome to the kpop hole

  12. Agus Jiafuddin amd

    Halo bos apa kabar kamu tentang aku ye

  13. Jins dad jokes

    Lmao I didnt even know there was a song called senorita by shawn and camila until I came to watch the mv and then yall were talking about it like a week ago 😂

  14. one wanna

    I like senorita (G) IDLE best

  15. Dorofee Show

    Russian Cover SYKA BLYAT

  16. Wannable Forever

    It sound like Yuqi is saying food3:01

  17. Wannable Forever

    3:03Why does Yuqi sound like Goofy from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

  18. I stan GIDLE

    Senorita have more than 58M in both channels please help us [email protected]

  19. I stan GIDLE

    Go go neverlands

  20. sophia fortain

    0:19 what's in her lollipop?

    Lis Frimpong

    sophia fortain a blade

  21. Quelqu'un D'inconnu

    First listen: Why not?Second listen: Oh, it's great!Third listen: SEÑORITA ! SEÑORITA !

  22. Alba Carrasco

    1thek, talent here. Best gruop in your gallery Channel.

  23. Rose ᗅNgEL

    for yall who came for shawn and camila GO FUCKING BACK we dont care

  24. Dương Nguyễn

    Can you guys stop comparing Senorita of Shawn and Camila with this Senorita??????Do you guys want a fan war????

  25. Alba Carrasco

    Talented concept

  26. kim Seokjinnie bff'

    Senorita first in Bollywood, second in kpop and then third in pop 😊!!!!!

  27. _BTS Are 7 Deadly Sins_

    I actually came for VAV’s Senorita but I ain’t disappointed

    I stan GIDLE

    💜💜 you should listen to UH OH too

  28. Mariela Rivero

    The best song of (G)I-DLE uwu

  29. Death finally arrived

    Where my true fans at since day one Let’s also discuss the disrespect we get on there new song they recently came out with “uh-oh”. They said they put hard dedication into that song and it’s been a month and it has over 15 million views how disappointed I am in these so called g idle fans 🤦🏾‍♂️

  30. BTS' eggs and sausages

    Edi wow edi wow edi wow

  31. Daanaiym ZH

    为什么 shuhua 没唱歌

    Lisa Xing


  32. jeno is funny.

    how sad that the top liked commenta are about some other song called señorita 😔


    Only on 1theK channel. On (G)I-DLE's official channel it's still about (G)I-DLE.

  33. An Nguyễn

    i love (G)I-dle so much

  34. Talesofaddict

    wHOoO CAamMmEeE HEeRe BeCaUSSeE Of ssHAwWn AnD CaMIl-Stfu we all came here because of idle

  35. Alba Carrasco

    Haters: Imagine you Crush in kpop write song.Soyeon: 4 win, in 4 vídeos diferent.Date: Only one year.

  36. oof

    Why is everyone commenting about Shawn and Camilla’s song

    Chaelin CL

    (G)idle 60m both after Camila jé

    Alba Carrasco

    Stop compare you, here unic (G)idle📀

  37. bong bong

    people: i am here bc i thought it was a shawn mendes music videome: im here bc i thought it was a g-idle music video not a makeup ad

  38. Mya Dan

    1:06 “i’m a cake”

  39. Xony

    okey so what’s everyone’s favorite mv part? mine is 1:41


    By the way I like the part you time stamped as well.

  40. Alba Carrasco

    I Love biography this vídeo for Soyeon, thank u

  41. Alba Carrasco

    I Love biography this vídeo for Soyeon, thank u

  42. Fire e

    The only valid senorita song

  43. Crapola Crapola

    shut up goddamn i don’t care if u didn’t come here because of shawn and camilla’s song

  44. Magy Bananas

    Someone help me get into them. I'm a new Neverland.

    Melina Sefidgar

    Members name : Miyeon , Minnie , Soojin , Soyeon , Yuqi , ShuhuaLeader of the group : Soyeon

    Lis Frimpong

    Magy Bananas this is (G)I-DLE

    Lis Frimpong

    Magy Bananas click on this link then go to the comment section

  45. precious tae tae

    way better than shawn mendes

  46. spenser yaworsky

    Oof why is this so good 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️🐦😮

  47. ツSelynn

    Friends : its true lalala~Meh : Fufufuffufu~

  48. - taehyung

    wow okay yuqi did not need to attack me like that ✨🙌🏼

  49. rooblio

    See if it was me I would be running for my life and probably in Mars with all that firework thing exploding in the beginning. She has balls.

  50. Kim Elíz

    Me da risa cuando dicen "hey seño" ajsjdj la seño 😂

  51. Emma Bath

    I’m so blessed they rocked the stage at kcon ny this year I was anticipating seeing them the most and wasn’t let down! G idle is realy the gg power rookies of 2018/19 I can’t believe they’re rookies tho with how talented and hard they go

    Alba Carrasco

    Write song Soyeon only 20year write 'no' first win CLC, grammy to league of legend, 4 vídeos art, one year famous.

  52. Alba Carrasco

    Never disappoint 💗

  53. Alba Carrasco

    32m here queendom

  54. Neku900


    Lis Frimpong

    Neku900 Her name is Soyeon she’s a freaking amazing rapper also the leader click on this link then go to the comment section if you want to see more of (G)I-DLE

  55. Minchan VrVr

    People : Like for (G)I-DLE Comment for Shawn and CamilaVaV : Hey what about us?? We born first before them 🤣🤣


    Lol not funny and no like lol.

    Minchan VrVr

    @rkxzz its okay to not have any single of like than like your own comment 👌

  56. alex alex

  57. D & D


  58. Chocolate Chips UWU

    Is (g) idle more popular than Shawn and Camilla?

    Melina Sefidgar

    Both of them are popular

    Kem Nicolas

    Shawn and Camilla are from Hollywood so yeah they're more popular and also like they're singers for how many years now.

  59. ᴄᴏᴄᴏɴᴜᴛ ᴄʀᴀᴄᴋʜᴇᴀᴅs

    for new fans soyeon the pretty one soojin the pretty one yuqi the pretty one minnie the pretty one shuhua the pretty one miyeon the pretty one hope this helps ;)


    Wow wow

  61. Laura D

    Hey, I’m not a Neverland so I was thinking, what does the name of the group mean, and how do you pronounce it? Thx :)

    Lis Frimpong

    Laura D G IDOL is how Americans pronounce the name which you can as well or Neverlands and people who have known (G)I-DLE longer we say I-DLE pronunced “IDIL”. The meaning of (G)I-DLE’s name at first was a group with six characteristics but as (G)I-DLE has produced their own music they now describe themselves as a group with 6 girls with different characteristics, distinguished voices, and looks but come together and sound better together when producing their own music.

    Lis Frimpong

    Laura D When I first got into Kpop I didn’t really like watching Guides to groups so since now I guess I’m a senior Neverland I created this thing where you can explore (G)I-DLE and what they’ve done over the year so far so if you’re interested click on this link then go to the comment section

    Laura D

    Lis Frimpong thanks a lot! I will check the video :)

  62. gus we

    the superior senorita

  63. mark loberto

    Those girls are the door of the other groups that not from big4 i swear

    Lisa Xing

    Am neverland but... *ahem* Gfriend?

  64. Maria Silva

    BR ama (G)I-DLE

  65. Pranjol Sadat islam

    One of my favourite group 😍😘love them all..

  66. fannyi kim soyoung

    I like this song

  67. The wolf Woosung

    40M keep stre*ming neverlands

  68. Alba Carrasco

    Slay mommyssssss

  69. Alba Carrasco


  70. Astrophkl Sunalpong

    iriwa iriwa iriwa iriwaaaa


    Why me know this song too late -_- really catchy

    I stan GIDLE

    You should give UH OH listen you can find it in this channel too


    @I stan GIDLE okayyy thanks u

  72. Alba Carrasco


  73. Bella s'teff

    Hello Señoritas✋💋❤Raise your hand.. we're one of them👀👭😍

  74. fake caup

    Hola me mando army mi vida🌻🌻🌻

  75. BTS infiresmann

    Could people stop saying they are here from Shawn Mendez senorita..and stop saying "oh don't say you are here from senorita by Shawn Mendez" imma make a normal commentI love this song! It is such a bop!

  76. gacha My life lifee

    the haters disliking:''oh that's a horrible MV'' me:i don't care i don't care i don't caaaaaaaaare

  77. blink

    I dont know why everybody is complaining about this song, like it isnt even that bad


    blink they don’t have taste this song is bop

  78. CJDM310

    Happy Birthday Soyeon! Thank you for writing this amazing song. I haven't been able to stop playing it since release!

  79. Revolution Evolution Drop in the ocean

    Everyone commenting about Shawn's senorita. This senorita is honestly WAY better in terms of music production. The other one is just meh


    I disagree but I respect your opinion

    Wannable Forever


  80. Beatriz Carvalho

    I'm I the only one that thinks that the most iconic part of this music is Soyeon's rap?? 😅❤️*hides in a closet*

    Lis Frimpong

    Beatriz Carvalho Soyeon

    Beatriz Carvalho

    @Lis Frimpong OMG I'm so sorry, thank youu😅😅❤️❤️

    Lis Frimpong

    Beatriz Carvalho it’s ok😂

  81. Quang Truong

    Neverland Stream Senorita 80M fighting 1theK : 50M view (G)I- DLE official Chanel : 30M view

  82. Alba Carrasco


  83. Alba Carrasco

    1m likes here

  84. 好痛心

    this time isn't soyeon and the girls it is the MAN and the girls


    how come a unknown man have more line than miyeon


    @KIM LIA and most of yuqi line a just y fufufufufufu


    好痛心 guys lets respect their MVs go watch uh oh shuhua have lines go watch for you Japanese ver miyeon is TOP LINE 41.7 It only a comeback give them a chance


    @KIM LIA I love them as u do but it is just sad that most of them have poor line


    好痛心 I know u love them but lets Be patient and support our girls no matter what happens


    Guys anyone knows where i can buy g idle albums Other than ktown4uPlease it will be helpful💜💜thanks neverlands

  86. Aggelos Mpitsakou

    Neverlands goals *for now Latata— — > 130m Hann— — > 110m Senorita— — > 60m Uh-Oh— — > 30m We can do it Neverlands !!! We are strong !!!!

  87. Ali Ali

    Senoirtaسنيورتاالفتيات الصغيراتG idle

  88. Alba Carrasco

    Congratulation grammy queen


    Alba Carrasco Grammy ????? Can u explain

  89. Alba Carrasco

    Talented gruop fuck

  90. Alba Carrasco

    Soojin every era 4 vídeos or what

  91. Lana Is God

    I think i could listen to kpop if i understood more of their words bc the beat is sick

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