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1theK - Lovelyz
: Lovelyz
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31-01-2019 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 63 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (1theK - Lovelyz )
  1. Juan Mamani

    Chicas me sorprendieron me encanto como la melodia ah-choo q bonito tema pero ahora muchisimo mas esta melodia lost found realmente me llego a mi corazon las amo chicas sigan asi lovelyz atte.J.C.

  2. souilah yassine

    I love you kei

  3. Marck 48

    I love all of their songs

  4. That's Me

    Lovely use of colour in the MV, especially the rooms


    LOVELYZ  is present-day《Beatles》!   ❝Lost N Found❞ is one of the best baroque pops.    Almost all their tunes are super-melodious, progressive and polyphonic!

  6. あかね


  7. Marck 48

    This is so underrated omg

  8. Noralyn Dy Mac

    I came here because of mijoo hahahaha❤ queen of confident 101 is🔥

  9. mint may chanel


  10. taiz kyoko

    ♥️loveliz ♥️ i love you ♥️

  11. yoo hyeon 20

    Ilove you all show more ♡ ♥ you are kristal in dance

  12. 기미잡티

    머지..어딘가에서 듣고 찾아 왔는데 왤케 안떴징 개레전든데

  13. Elias Silva Elias Silva

    Minhas Lindaas e maravilhosas Lovelyz😍😍❤❤❤😍❤❤❤😍😍,arrasando mais uma vez amo muito elas❤😍❤

  14. stan A.C.E & DREAMCATCHER

    idk why but i feel like this song is from 2nd generation

  15. Tzuyu Once

    It's make me feel so wonderful !This is bop , I love this song so muchSo lovely !!!! Pls support Lovelyz !!!!!!!

  16. Shu Chan

    This song is so beautiful, I'm teary eyed ❤❤❤

  17. sige chan


  18. 엑토르베예린

    한명빼고 다 예쁜데 ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

  19. Kamilia A

    my fav song 💜✨

  20. Dinh Phat

    The beginning gives me a Maplestory's vibe.

  21. ッ우림'

    솔직히 이노래 안들어본사람은 있겠지만1번만 들은 사람은 없다

  22. bounce john

    high quality song

  23. Huawei 2lite

    Good to ❤️🤩

  24. Da Monster Reaction

    Lovelyz definitely made me feel what they were singing and feel the music that much more just because of their voices

  25. xx 97xx

    I think the views here is freeze. Even after they promoted LnF Im still streaming but it stuck in 1.5M. Youtube really sucksss

  26. xx 97xx

    dont use emojiss when you are commenting lovelinus coz it will freeze the views. you know how youtube sucks. anyway fighting

  27. OnceHarmonizer

    This song is literally so cool sounding it’s like 3 completely different genres at one time and the production of it is just great


    It’s one of the most unique songs I’ve heard in a while. Why have I slept on this group for so long?!

  28. HyunasLollipop

    Comeback soon but I still won’t let this song die, it’s too good 💓

  29. Bruna Melchiors

    hino injustiçado

  30. DM EB

    To all lovelinus especially international fan like me! When we will streaming the upcoming Comeback MV of LOVELYZ. Please do no USE EMOJIS when you want to comment cause it will FREEZE the views. PLEASE spread this information - YeIn biased From Philippines

  31. ココナッツ


  32. excujiMellow 14

    2019? I wonder what will be Jisoo's reaction on "Avengers: endgame"

  33. 임태완

    노래가너무좋아요 6집앨범나왔으면좋겠고 6집앨범대박났으면좋겠네요~

  34. afinda audina

    I love their vocals. They sounds so clear

  35. 주현이

    영어 안 나오고 너무 목소리좋아서 너무 꿀

  36. beautiful dayz

    came here again to watch the legends

  37. zera

    رساله لشركه ويلوم بليييز غيرو النغمه لان اغاني لوفليز كلهم نفس اللحن ارحموا اصواتهن اللطيفه كفايه ارحموني

  38. idk


  39. huearts

    God they always look so pretty and have this magical aura around them, love this so much

  40. Luis Eduardo Zeballos Portocarrero

    Jiae amazing perfomance

  41. RobloxGirlIsCutie

    0:35 iPhone X!!! Revealed!

  42. Aku Pintar

    this song is a bit similiar with anime song omg, if I not miss heard😂 I love it and sorry for my bad english

  43. Yellow C A R D

    Çok güzelllll 😍❤

  44. __ Asdfghjkl


  45. Nghi Nguyen

    0:29 cute

  46. KookieBangtan ARMYLinus

    Please strem the MV

  47. 뫼기

    This is insane

  48. jiyeonie

    I'm surprised that in their last comebacks APRIL, WJSN and Dreamcatcher beat Lovelyz.Are their popularity decreasing? :'(


    No but it looks like the other groups are gaining more popularity


    Well, I think it's important to consider what your definition of "popularity" is. If you're just talking about YouTube views, then Lovelyz have never had that many. Those are more of a measure of what international fans are watching, and Lovelyz are most popular in Korea. But if you're talking about album sales, chart placements, and public recognition, then Lovelyz are miles ahead of April and Dreamcatcher. They're doing great!

    Trevor Chae

    Also tbh the only reason WJSN has more album sales is because they release more than 1 version of the album.

  49. 꽃토끼

    노래 너무 좋아❤

  50. Zarz

    this brings me back to when i first got into kpop, the 2009-2012 era was the purest form :,)

  51. belzinha eu

    As fadas mais injustiçadas desse kpop

  52. Black Heart


  53. BINTU Rie

    Idk about them at first,but...When i heard this song,it was LOVELY💖beautiful

  54. Nur Insan

    My girlsss

  55. Unique Corn

    Lovelyz always make the best songs!!!

  56. freedom341

    the underarm song for me

  57. Maha Jalaly

    Nowadays many songs have lyrics without sense, but this one is an exeption, it is well written, I really enjoyed listening. Also the voices were so soft and the music video with incredible visuals.

  58. taegukult •

    The MV is so beautiful

  59. Fãs da Vitória Mineblox

    É tão fofinho

  60. 다나


  61. Dirk Baeten

    The chorus of this song is magical and the final variation of it at the end 2:20 moves me like few other songs have ever done.

  62. A-rex imnida

    Wao. That was very cute😻

  63. Aldenice Santana

    12/02/2019 13:34PM

  64. Alexia

    Me recuerda a mamá mía de kara

  65. Poetisa Gabriela

    Muito lindas affs quanta fofura

  66. Mar

    STAN 👏🏼 JIN 👏🏼

  67. Ninisw33t

    yess my girls are back and doing amazing! idk why this song gave me KARA vibes i love it

  68. Nctzen & Monbebe

    They are so beautiful❤

  69. Mech Vastillion

    Buddy here giving some love and support to these wonderful girls

  70. uhhh

    i don't like gg or cute concepts on girls buuuuut i totally love lovelyz, they are my favorite girl group!! i am so glad that i found them and that they stole my heart. they have changed my view about girl groups and i have found more and more gg that i love now. Cute concept or not, i love them all now. my bias in lovelyz are all of them!! impossible to have just one bias, when all of them are so talented!! this mv is so aesthetic and i love that ((sorry my english isnt really that great, so sorry if i made some mistakes..)

  71. M Kim

    미주 너무 예신아닙니까....

  72. 팔복이

    노래가 좋네요~ 빨리 안질리는 노래같아요

  73. Mafer BDLCღ

    This reminds me of Me Gustas Tu

  74. 럽츄


  75. yakshitha punati

    Their group outfits are so pretty wow

  76. 안조

    진짜 달달하고 가사가 귀에들어와요 사랑해요♡

  77. 서 서

    너무 좋어

  78. Feri Setiawan

    Jumlah Viewers di MV Lovelyz - Lost N Found dalam waktu 2 bulanwoolliment: 1.651.306 viewers1theK: 1.387.214 viewersTotal: 3.038.520 viewers

    Feri Setiawan

    Jumlah Viewers di MV Lovelyz - Lost N Found dalam waktu 3 bulanwoolliment: 1.950.008 viewers1theK: 1.450.870 viewersTotal: 3.400.878 viewers

    Feri Setiawan

    Jumlah Viewers di MV Lovelyz - Lost N Found dalam waktu 4 bulanwoolliment: 2.181.425 viewers1theK: 1.493.391 viewersTotal: 3.674.816 viewers

  79. NUS JANG

    곡은 좋은데... 이 좋은 곡이 정체성이 모호하다는게 참 애매해다~ edm때문에 신나는 곡인가했더니 곡 전체는 아련한 느낌의 곡 아련함을 느끼기엔 곡이 너무 빠르고 아련함을 표현하기엔 브릿지가 약하고 도통 알수없는 곡곡자체는 좋은데 청자로 하여금 듣고 어떤 감정을 느끼라는건지 애매해다.연말에 했던 피아노 버전이 더 깔끔하고 음악적 완성도도 높음정체성만 따지면 색깔이 확실한 백일몽이 차라리 타이틀로 낫다고 봄

  80. DreamUntilDark

    Lovelyz 💞

  81. hugo hernandez

    Hermosísima canción 😍💕😍 LOVELYZ Las Ammooo 😍😍😍

  82. jenny The Goddess

    We can do it!

  83. Dos Santos

    Lol They are really lovely! 😍❤️

  84. rhayhan adzakir

    2019 Still Watch💖👍❤

  85. rhayhan adzakir

    This all girl just Like Queen Rose👸🌷

  86. puppy jin's

    Their song is so beautiful

  87. Soo San

    We are almost 1.5 m

  88. 버디

    러블리즈 뮤비조회수 진짜 안나온다...원더케이도 130만이고 울림공식채널도 150만이던데...유튜브조회수는 해외인지도보여주는 좌푠데..생각보다해외인지도가없나보네....

  89. Nurul Hafizah

    So deep lyric

  90. Carson Allen

    why do I like this so much

    Jackson Thomas

    Because you love the pure Korean song

  91. Chazzy Jae

    Theyre amazing

  92. Matthew Schwer

    Luv it voices

  93. ㅤㅤ그대는 너무 빛나고 예쁘시네요


  94. 님이10

    베이비소울빼고 다 예쁘다...


    @꽃잎 지애미랑 똑같네ㅋ 느검마한테 참 좋은거 배웠다~ 개씹걸레년아


    @님이10 이제 니한테 댓글 다는거 질린다 다른거나 생각해와. 항상 패턴이 똑같네 풉ㅋ 글고 내가 너같은 병신 될까봐 안 하는거지 병신아


    @꽃잎 메퇘지년 ㅂㄷㅂㄷ하노?ㅋㅋ


    @꽃잎 팩폭맞고ㅂㄷㅂㄷ?ㅋ 쫄아서 도망가노?ㅋㅋ


    @꽃잎 어메뒤진썅년이 따로없네ㅋ

  95. Anastasia Berelet

    Lovelyz are goddeses❤️Greetings and huge love from Ukrainian fans🇺🇦💜

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