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Cherry Bullet
1theK - Cherry Bullet
: Cherry Bullet
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31-01-2019 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 67 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (1theK - Cherry Bullet )
  1. あーあーちゃん


  2. sav!

    who's the girl at 0:53 ?? she's so cute!!

    Amanda Palmer

    That's our lovely leader Mirae, or Kim Kyungjoo! She's our third main vocal and totally hilarious. Born in '98. :)


    Amanda Palmer thank you!!

  3. Chimmy Jr

    8M 👏👏👏

  4. Sherwin Bolsico Jr.

    I think this would blow up if the choreography was more complex and had signature parts

  5. Fuuja Houin


  6. Renda Reka

    there will be times when #CHERRYBULLET will be more famous and get an award, so keep the spirit of Fans and ignore the haters / talk from competitors. FIGHTING CHERRYBULLET and WHO LIKE CHERRYBULLET :)

  7. KJun jac

    8 million! 😁❤

  8. AOA CherryBullet

    Now 8m in this channel1m in fnc channeltotal 9m fighting cherry bullet fan

  9. Alice Hwang

    8 million on 1theK, 9 million combined. ♡ Let's keep going!

  10. Fuuja Houin

    8,000,057 congrats !!~

  11. Fuuja Houin


  12. Mochiii Ahre

    Juri of produce 48?

    Mona K

    she is in rocket punch tho in here is haeyoon also from produce48

    Mochiii Ahre

    @Mona K oh is true, thank you 💜

    Mochiii Ahre

    @Mona K Haeyoon she's a great singer.

  13. Becci Kinomoto

    8M Views Next Month. 10M Views this Year?

  14. Ivete Jesus Gonçalves

    Adorei esse grupo.

  15. j o


  16. j o


  17. perfeitas 💜💜💝

  18. j o

    Stop sleeping on these talented babies

  19. j o

    This makes me feel so melancholic I love ittt

  20. Alice Hwang

    Let's go Cherry Bullet!

  21. Lara Maknae


  22. Lara Maknae


  23. Lara Maknae


  24. Lara Maknae

    Q&A 8M💙

  25. 杏Anzu

    this concept is so cool uwu. the ending credits are really creative

  26. fenya seventeen


  27. Rose de minuit

    1:11I feel dalla dalla vibes

  28. Amanda Palmer

    Let's get Cherry Bullet the 10 million they deserve! I'm so proud of all ten girls for everything they've done from predebut until now. They deserve all the love and attention we can get them, they really have the potential to be a top-tier girl group! I know their time in the lime light is coming. <3

    Ane Garcia

    Yesss ♡♡ I really love them, they are so talented T^T

  29. j o

    My favorite concept ever <3

  30. j o

    I wish they can make a comeback soon, their songs are bomb

  31. j o

    Chaerin and Linlin are so cool

  32. j o

    They're so good to be so underrated

  33. j o

    Only 30k to reach 10 millions in both channels <3 so proud of my babies

  34. Mona K

    9 mil combined on both cahnnels ((:

  35. Aim smile

    May: breathesFNC: ok enough for you...

  36. Danny Rodriguez

    Yassssssssss ❤❤❤❤

  37. Fuuja Houin


  38. Amanda Palmer

    My BABY babies I love them so much. <3

  39. 💜💝💝 omg

  40. Люблю к поп

    Cool❤️❤️❤️очень крутой клип,мне понравилось❤️❤️❤️

  41. j o

    I love bora so much omg

  42. Sushi _Yuzu

    I dont know so much this group i must learn To know it more


    8M come on

  44. Renda Reka

    my feeling is late september / early october cherrybullet will com'back..!! :)

    Mona K

    lets hope ksksksks

    JustOnce 05


  45. j o

    Only intellectuals stan Cherry Bullet

    Mona K

    facts lmao

  46. Fuuja Houin


  47. Alice Hwang

    Still my favorite girls in the world. ♡

  48. Ash A

    20k comments here we go

  49. Ash A



    8M come on

  51. Fawn flesh

    I only watched because I saw’s gun

  52. Lydia Ahn

    If it was just me...or their voices did somewhat stand out really well in this song? Idk why, but I feel like it did 😂💕Can’t wait for more from Cherry Bullet >:3

  53. j o

    I love them so much

  54. j o

    Haeyoon is so girly

  55. j o

    Mirae is so cool

  56. j o

    Kokoro is a happy virus

  57. j o

    Yuju is so adorable

  58. j o

    Jiwon is a full package

  59. j o

    Remi is so lovely

  60. j o

    May makes me happy

  61. j o

    Chaerin is so talented

  62. j o

    Linlin is the girl crush

  63. j o

    Bora is a cute rabbit


    DON'T USE EMOJI!!!!!DON'T USE HASHTAG!!!!!DON'T PUT LINK!!!!!!DON'T USE THE WORDS "VI3WS" & "STRE4M"!!!!!!!!!You all did can't help Cherry Bullet!!!!!! Plz follow!!!!!!



  66. Samuel Kuivenhoven

    Well I got my questions ready for the next girl, specifically what’s your blood type 😂😂

    Renda Reka

    You will get the answer in vlive cherrybullet channel

  67. 쿠양메리Kuyang Merry —

    I made an easy lyrics for this! Watch it here —'t forget to subscribe!

  68. Lara Maknae

    Vejam o MV de Really Really também 🍒💙

  69. Lara Maknae

    8M pleasee


    Yes please

  70. Lara Maknae

    Stan talentStan Cherry Bullet

  71. Lara Maknae

    Stan Cherry Bullet

  72. Lara Maknae

    Stan talent

  73. Lara Maknae


  74. Lara Maknae


  75. Lara Maknae


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