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The Who - 5:15
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (The Who - 5:15 )
  1. Johnny thunder iowa

    On this album,.. The who get very ADVANCED !! ,...WAY BEYOND the rest of the bands from 1973 ,..... This sounds like it could be from what the 1980's SHOULD HAVE sounded like ; Rock Gods; THE WHO !!!! WAY AHEAD OF THE TIMES HERE !!

  2. Sludge

    What were the judges thinking?


    Brilliant video, a must watch!!!! 😉

  4. William Delong

    Pretty girls digging prettier women

  5. Jeff Sawicki

    Bad ass

  6. Halo_ODST

    The Lego Movie 2 missed a perfect chance to put this in.Hello from 2019 btw

  7. Belìn

    What was in that toothpaste?

  8. Chris McDermott


  9. barak pick

    It's not live.

  10. bob bobo

    Brilliant painting.

  11. Lord Dickens

    Kaynes met Wittgenstein at the train station they said, he arrived on the 5:15 and Kaynes said: "I met God" basically

  12. MrKfq269

    Saw them in 82. JFK Stadium. Philly. Blast.

  13. Sam Iam

    outta my brain on the train......................

  14. Christopher Green

    Order #860328825. Ordered by Martha Clump on 16November 2018 5:15 AM

  15. Catherine Fitzpatrick

    I think I’ve got a pretty cool 5:15 story. But now’s not the time or place to tell it, obv. Cuz this-guy’s got THE 5:15 story; right after Pete, that is; Pete’s gonna always have The Highest ranking....duh, lol. Ok, I wanna watch the video....thanks

  16. Otto Didakt

    the question is : where is that painting ?or what ever is left of it

  17. Grahame Woods

    Petes eye is perfect

  18. Cynthia Lynn Valerino


  19. randall scott burress


  20. Romchikthelemon

    That disaster should've been destroyed.

  21. Chas Peking

    Bury the British royalty in a compost heap. Focussed in on the 5:15.

  22. lipiarski steve

    live 1968 ?

  23. Ashra Tempel

    219 thumbs down? ahahahahahahahah Who's are these Isis headhunters with negative?

  24. Blas Hernandez

    Amazing artist

  25. moserr11

    This is good.

  26. BoomerSwag

    This is for critics and cohorts alike: the Sixties kinda forgot "The Who"

  27. Troy Stephens • artist

    That was the winner huh?

  28. randall scott burress

    I Respect the Who and led ZEP but stones I DON"T

  29. randall scott burress

    At least the WHO and Led Zepphin have respect not not like the Stones and gom find another whisstler

  30. tomthefunky

    Who fans unite!!

  31. BeAR SOmEtHiNG bAd

    ... one of my favorite Who Songs EVER!!!

  32. nareshgb1


  33. MrCitalo

    worldwide competion,,,wow,,,,,love this song since i saw the movie 77 i guess in Austria,,,,this Video is awfull with no Spirit to the movie,,,and the end,,,,we should relate that townsend destroy his guitars like he his!!

  34. William Lindsay

    Why should I care?

  35. Dimas Perez

    Was that song from the 2010's?

  36. Patrick Davis

    Everything.. Nothing

  37. SOBpole22

    I am an artist and a musician, and a huge WHO fan, I bought the new, Who"s Next, album in 7th grade. Borrowed a lot from Pete, in my playing. Great video, for me. Thanks

  38. Two-Dog James

    Strictly speaking, he ought to have destroyed the painting by shoving the headstock of a guitar through it.

  39. prospero

    Great great song....and video ! :>

  40. adrian virgilio

    Why is the volume down?

  41. Skyowner Rocks

    This is really nice painting. Should have done this in art class.

  42. randall scott burress

    ONE OF MY FAVORITE SON"S FOREVER*..who cares watt they say?

  43. Bruce Hiett

    I want the picture !

  44. Ryan Smith

    Kind of a shame this superb video wasn't exactly 5.15 minutes in duration.

  45. 54markl

    I don't think you'll see the like of The Who again. Not bloody likely. There never would have been Punk without them, never.

  46. 54markl

    Good, but what a shame to destroy such a beautiful thing. Maybe he could have drawn a little Zak Starkey to put it back together again.

  47. Baryonyx Fischkralle


  48. S P

    superb number from a great band

  49. Carlinhos Leonardi

    5:15The WhoWhy should I care?Why should I care?Girls of fifteenSexually knowingThe ushers are sniffingEau de CologningThe seats are seductiveCelibate sittingPretty girls diggingPrettier womenMagically boredOn a quiet street cornerFree frustrationIn our minds and our toesQuiet stormwaterM-m-my generationUppers and downersEither way blood flows(Inside, outside) leave me alone(Inside, outside) nowhere is home(Inside, outside) where have I been?Out of my brain on the 5:15Out of my brain on the trainOut of my brain on the trainOn a raft in the quarrySlowly sinkingBack of a lorryHoly hitchingDreadfully sorryApple scrumpingBorn in the warBirthday punchingHe-man dragIn the glittering ballroomGravely outrageousIn my high heel shoesTightly undoneKnow what they're showingSadly ecstaticThat their heroes are news(Inside, outside) leave me alone(Inside, outside) nowhere is home(Inside, outside) where have I been?Out of my brain on the 5:15Out of my brain on the trainOut of my brain on the trainWhy should I care?Why should I care?

  50. Clay Jones

    Great video. 5:15 is an awesome song..!! The Who rock..!! Great tribute at the end with smashing of the painting.

  51. randall scott burress

    The favorite Dog / cats names for 2018 seems to be so impotant?

  52. randall scott burress

    THE WOT*

  53. Beetees

    this song has gotten me through some of the biggest nihilistic feelings ever.


    best concept video i have ever ever seen

  55. randall scott burress

    Thank you I love this ??..I think this and physical graffitti wer'e same time*....Can I have the window seat>? I might have to puke?

  56. Jan Binnendijk

    ive been to Quadrophenia, this painting would have made a great backdrop for the concert/opera.. come and think of it.. it has been the first opera i ever attended.. Quadrophenia is a masterpiece, and so is this painting.. i'd hang it on my wall anytime..

  57. Keith Sage

    Did they ever make prints of this painting?

  58. Robert Bernstein

    That is the best video I have ever seen. Awesome!!

  59. terry crookston

    first time redline into Harvard Squareunderground on the "T" as Bostonians saythere's no explanation other than undergroundfelt i was floating no drugs or any thing elseit's just the way my body felt without any anticipationquite frankly only read later what i went into

  60. terry crookston

    first public transportationinto Harvard floated actuallymay have been 2nd my ancestorshave it

  61. Mark Oneill

    This band are the bollocks

  62. Hayden Lukes

    Why should I care?

  63. terry crookston

    guess death surrounds us allwhile only happens once toany one

  64. Ana Maria

    5:06 my heart was broken ;-;

  65. asimayo

    genius... amazing artwork

  66. Rich Kretzschmar

    Fascinating.... As this award winning media stream teaches us to literally "care" about the island ring or circle which we live within. Of note is that within the context of the matrix the time annotation of 5:15 or 17:15 is the initiation cue for the 0DC3 Galician to "come out". Once out of the groove she with her Full bosom known as sa & -si C; makes 'adjustments', speaks... and tells us " 15 If you bite and devour each other, watch out or you will be destroyed by each other."

  67. OIdiesCentral

    No stones or beatles has ever come close to these guys,EVER,only the always biased media pushed them on society..Pure HARMONY HEAVEN,what these guys were.

  68. terry crookston

    even if it's the MBTAand the most floatingevent was the red line intoharvard square

  69. terry crookston

    and then road the trains as myancestors did to from Johnstownto Chicago

  70. mi channnal

    Beatles - I Wanna Hold your Hand, Please Please ME, Hey Jude, Penny Lane -- The Who - an engine driver has sex with a Girl Scout, "girls of 15, sexually knowing", fiddle about with a deaf dumb and blind child, Maryanne with the Shaky Hands, Pictures of Lily

  71. Lenneice de witt

    would love this in a print

  72. phil Taylor

    Buy the album and loose yourself in the moment. Will never tire of this masterpiece.

  73. daBomb1968

    watch you lookin at? wanka.

  74. Ge Raging

    God's Favorite Band ; THE WHO !!!

  75. terry crookston

    only know trains life went to the frontin the MBTA trainsthen found out my ancestryScottish dad's and his dad and thenthat's when it began historicallythere were no trains before evennever saw/knew them in person.

  76. terry crookston

    earth is homepublic transportation both are what cityfolk in their highestregard get, even if youdon't!: so get with it andride a bicycledeal with your carbon footprint\choice is keyin how we all live considerably.

  77. Eric Beaulieu

    Way to go to Jeff Rodenberg,this is a major piece of art,the painting and the video.Haven't heard 5:15 in awhile,what a major piece of rock explosion it is.The who will never cease to surprise me.Take carePete,Roger and y'all.-Ericxx

  78. Marty Davis

    Never gets old! My generation is all generation s! Who,s timeless?

  79. terry crookston

    care that's all we have to do

  80. MerkinMuffly

    Excellent video

  81. The Master On High

    Listening at 5:15am

  82. randall scott burress

    Left-handed uses what???????????????????


    that video is utterly brilliant! no wonder it won it is amazing

  84. Name Here

    I found this doing math homework that involved the numbers 5 and 15.

  85. Barbara Santos

    Muito legal. Pena que o cara destruiu o quadro no final. Era só ele me dar que eu queria kkkk.

  86. Jim German

    Blimey..........It's the Who !

  87. Carlin Torres


  88. David Fugatt

    I think the movie was good enough. Anything more is just someone elses interpitation. FUCK THEM!!!!!

  89. Wendy Baker

    Wowww. Brilliant!

  90. Reid Barnes


  91. rocky nazz

    Do you know the real me me me me, me! This winner understood Quadrofphineia / THE WHO Pete is a genius! THE WHO original 4 were shooting stars!

  92. Kirk Hill

    Amazing! Appreciate your effort!

  93. Sally Wilson

    Powerful stuff !

  94. Mikey Jones

    how god awful boring was that ? tell the truth, it was wasn't it..?

  95. Baby Irene

    That is one seriously boring video.





  98. Ronny Franks

    Why should I care?

  99. tcjnz86

    super impressive!

  100. Bob Knob

    No computers used in the making of this video.

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