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Us and Them
Pink Floyd - Us and Them
: Us and Them
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18-11-2018 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 42 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Pink Floyd - Us and Them )
  1. sss

    well this was better than i remembered

  2. HG Tudor


  3. Prasanna Sunya

    Us And Them"Us and themAnd after all we're only ordinary menMe and youGod only knows it's not what we would choose to do"Forward!" he criedFrom the rearAnd the front rank diedAnd the general satAnd the lines on the mapMoved from side to sideBlack and blueAnd who knows which is which and who is who?Up and downAnd in the end it's only round and round and round"Haven't you heardIt's a battle of words?"The poster bearer cried."Listen, son,"Said the man with the gun,"There's room for you inside.""Well, I mean, they're gonna kill ya, so like, if you give 'em a quick sh...short, sharp shock, they don't do it again.Dig it? I mean he got off light, 'cause I could've given him a thrashin' but I only hit him once.It's only the difference between right and wrong, innit? I mean good manners don't cost nothing, do they? Eh?"Down and outIt can't be helped but there's a lot of it aboutWith, withoutAnd who'll deny it's what the fighting's all about?Out of the wayIt's a busy dayI've got things on my mindFor want of the priceOf tea and a sliceThe old man died

  4. graham cooper

    Greatest album in history. Still selling heaps after 43 years.Magnificent stuff.

  5. graham cooper

    Greatest band of all time

  6. Patricio Contreras

    D'you know? When I listen to this damn good music I tend to leave the phone aside for a long while just to keep the sweet and rhythmic wave in my mind. It reminds me that real life has to do with us and them without technology. Funny thing that the old vinyl records and cds are gone and just youtube keeps it alive for me. From time to time I leave the "smartphone" aside to remember how nice is to walk singing this song and watching people passing by

  7. Jeffrey Richardson

    mary kitchen hashjimmy lamothes starches mashedlauries paychecks cashed

  8. Mickey McLaughlin

    God praise Dick Parry for his Saxophone!

  9. Luca agosta

    9 BSc e b cz %

  10. Jocelyn Lopez

    Que chulada de música

  11. Carine Van de Vijver

    I wish there were more of them. Even my old parents liked it... 😢😢

  12. Carine Van de Vijver

    I knew Pink Floyd since i was 11. I adore this music. My son is 33 now and knows all the the repertoire of Pink Floyd.. Lovely... they dont make that music anymore..

  13. Gabriele Celotto

    My favorite song of pink Floyd. Like all the songs I really like I can hardly hear it. It's very very ipnotic..

  14. Flexible Atheist

    Making out with a beautiful girl to this song in my Trans Am in 1978 when we were teens. Always takes me back there.

  15. Timmy Normand

    been listening with apple ear buds but just got some headphones beats now we rollin

  16. progamertom 78

    dislikes = people who like the beatles better

  17. Alex

    Это Музыка реально секс, самый настоящий секс. КайфРекомендации: слушать только под LSD

  18. You literally can't

    This entire album throws me into an existential crisis, yet i'm okay with it.

  19. GC shie

    Thanks, PF... I love them a lot since 1985 in my high school youth. They accompany me through all these pains, suffering and loneliness.. struggling and disappointed days...It's been 34years and I still Love them forever...

  20. Luci Morin

    My dad died on the 19 on July. He had been sick for a long time. For three days we sat with him, hooked up to a respirator, helped him sit up if he needed to, as he lost the ability to talk and to move at all on his own. And we listened to Pink Floyd. When he went, this song was playing. Even though Great Gig in the Sky and Wish You Were Here have that symbolism, this song never fails to make me bawl.


    ♡ that's so sad ♡

  21. Jordan Marino

    Still the best song to trip to

  22. Adriano Elpídio de Oliveira

    The best Pink Floyd !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. lol XD

    Don't sell me an out house and call it a taj Mahal

  24. Alma Gianarro


  25. Alma Gianarro


  26. Yo Mammy


  27. Otaka Fedida ;-;

    Só digo uma coisa....Ele é como Us and ThenE Ele é Como Rheya

    naty f

    Ai mdssss, eu tmb vim por "Ele é como Rheya"

  28. Clockwork Banana

    3.8k dislikes????? Really is us and them.

  29. Fidel Castro

    This is peace.

  30. Fernanda Haddad

    Como alguém pode dar deslike em uma obra dessas?

  31. Rose City Voodoo

    This is the song I want played at my funeral. The 3800 people who gave a vote down on this are completely insane in the membrane...

  32. FaZe_Catfish_

    I hate this album because I love it too much. Whenever I hear one song I have to listen to the whole album. Never try to listen to a song from dsotm when you’re trying to go to sleep

  33. beasta333able

    What is it about this music its so much better when you are alone it just lifts you into the place...

  34. Corrado Campisano

    a silent place that I can call my home is getting ready

  35. Anthony Cosgrave

    This is what they thought of you and your family at Mons and many after Grandad. Fork em all I say. "Forward he cried from the rearAnd the front rank diedAnd the general satAnd the lines on the mapMoved from side to side"


    I think they got this melody from The Byrds/ Daft Morning

  37. Adriann David

    8/31/19 enjoying this on a rainy evening. From philippines with love

  38. roger peet

    I love listening to this totally stoned.

  39. John Baker

    luv this song i do.its about us and them!im one of us.

  40. Slade Pilot

    Good song to just relax next to my aquarium

  41. Darren Fixter

    My Father walked out of my life when I was three and returned when I was 16 expecting me to welcome him with open armsWe got talkingI started visiting himHe had cases and cases of Pink Floyd CassettesI couldn't make a connection2 years later he passed awaySeveral years later I started listening to FloydThe older I get the more the songs deeply resonate with meNow I understand the love of FloydLove ya Dad x

  42. Ziad Sayed

    only god knows it’s not what we would choose to do

  43. uma pessoa

    adicione "wow and flutter" pra dar mais nostalgia :3

  44. uma pessoa

    só eu que choro com essa música?as únicas coisas que amo na música são o orgão, detalhe de orgão, acordes suspensos na guitarra e o solos de piano e sax

    Jorge Ariel

    a reflexão da música dói na alma.

  45. Leo Leo17

    Every single word! love it!

  46. Anna Jones

    I just love the song.

  47. Chris Severin

    There are two people who connected me to Pink Floyd : one when i was 20 years old back in my country and the other one , a coworker here in the United States . I am great full for having the chance to see Roger Water in a extraordinary life concert !

  48. Harrambou

    Anyone else here at the moment because they’re in a chill mood and just love the music / composition?

  49. Jim Morrison

    Pink Floyd is poetry, especially DSOTM album. I knew a Dean at a school I used to go too and he was a former English teacher that was teaching a poetry subject and used Pink Floyd as poet lessons and place DSOTM.

  50. Trinidad Elias

    laying down, bumping this song at 5 am feeling alone, reading all these deep comments that make me feel like i can relate...maybe this song is just so powerful that i can feel a connection with the world

  51. heaven

    listened to this walking while walking to school in the rain. ill never forget that feeling, of truly living and feeling something so euphoric. thank you pink floyd

  52. Flo

    Locked in buddies room with strobe light in the dark under the influence of LSD. Oh wait, we did that about every other night.

  53. Alexander_Pearman

    i want everybody to try and fall asleep to this song, it’s so peaceful

  54. LUNCH B0X

    1940s-1960s music: The Golden Classics1970s-1980s music: Songs With Soul. Good times1990s songs: Eh, it's good. Nothing wrong with something new2000s- 2010 music: Goodbye Good Music and awesome bandsToday's music: Where did we go wrong?


    Trash Music Industry promotes more trash and holds back the best new talent

    James Lansing

    @NICE DAWG today's modern music is trash. The record companies feed people the worse garbage, and since most people don't dig they think that modern music is great. IT sucks!


    @James Lansing Good music that is new is out there but not really on major outlets BUT ARE ON on small independent labels ...The big talent no talent like Kate Perry and endless rap tap is only for dress up and controllable by executives with the same music formula .. Their vids are as bad as the music with tons of occult imagery ...

  55. Virgil Scott

    I love pink Floyd.. they make me feel complete

  56. erika Martinez

    I miss you

  57. Phayzyre105

    Pardon my language but just how the FUCK can there be over 3.7K dislikes of this beautiful song!??? How!???To those who dislike this beautiful masterpiece please go see a shrink because you're fucked up in the head!

  58. Fuggle Fun

    Sick song

  59. Robert Szymanski

    First time I heard this song..I thought it was a Beach Boy song! Really!


    STORIA!!!!!!......PINK FLOYD I MIGLIORI!!!!!!

  61. Rakesh Sahu

    Pink Floyd === "GOD"

  62. Dante Arellano

    Imagine without pink Floyd....

  63. Franklin Hernandez

    Space tunes

  64. Maria Jose Silva Nascimento

    Lembro de minha adolescência, como curtia essa música...Era o máximo !

  65. Grit Sokolow

    Minister und Allmächtiger ginge auch sicher Peter ; Und warst du vorher die Frau ? Würde die "Rache" Gelüste erklärbar machen, an der Natur selbst. An dem Mann auch ... sicher.

    Grit Sokolow

    Der Mann könnte auch ... ; Die Wahrheit wird nun nicht mehr lange auf sich warten lassen. Es gibt keine ander Lösung als die Wahrheit offenzulegen.

  66. 8bit Richards

    this song is so powerful it gives so many emotions, im scared of it but amazed at the same time

  67. Jason Medici

    Gonna be honest guys, listened to Pink Floyd for years and always loved them but it wasn’t until I ate a handful of mushrooms until I fully understood this album. Listening to this album while the mushroom carries you through the universe, through (my best explanation) the cosmic machine, is something everyone should experience at least once. I shed tears listening to this album. Music is the gateway to the universe, and the mushroom carried me through it.

  68. daDriver

    Why would they dislike thisstupid them

  69. S 1Q

    Have been listening to this album for over 40 years never get bored of it ❤️

  70. FlyingAce1016

    Whoa even songs from a different album blend in well together wish you were here leads into this really well. With the air sound effects

  71. Regis Rodriguez

    I remenber when I was 16 listening and dreaming, nothing change.

  72. Brian Flynn

    My brother sent me here , i sent him to the analog tape over 20 years ago .

  73. J L. Wright

    Beth and me, know matter what.

  74. What Shall We Do Now?

    David Gilmour & Richard Wright's vocals are amazing. Especially during the part..."Foward he cried, from the rear, and the front rank died. The general sat, and the lines on the map, moved from side to side".

  75. GrawgyDawg

    At 240p, this sounds as good, if not better than most HD content. Amazing mix and master!


    @Vivek Rao I find that hard to believe. The audio aspect of a video file takes up so little MB as it is, that if compression were needed the video aspect would be the main focus as it takes up the most amount of MB. I'd say that feeling of thinking you're hearing the audio quality lower is just placebo of also seeing the video degrading in front of you. If you tested it with your eyes closed you would not be able to hear any difference.

    Vivek Rao

    SHD I suggest compare a 250p vs 720p+ clip on YouTube with decent headphones. There will be a noticeable audio quality difference. It’s been my experience anyway...

    Vivek Rao


    Vivek Rao

    SHD looks like it used to be the case where the video resolution dictated the audio quality on YouTube but nowadays it has been separated...

    Vivek Rao

    SHD based on the year this video was uploaded, it would be 64kbps

  76. Moby Dick

    Try this: Sleep Walk (Santo & Johnny) + Deep Feeling (Chuck Berry) + Albatross (Fleetwood Mac) + Sun King (The Beatles) + Us and Them (Pink Floyd) .... Enjoy :)


    whats got chuck berry got to do with anything

    Majin Porterhaus.

    Stoned at midnight and going on an epic dogwalking adventure playlist.

    Wayne Oneal

    I'd add or switch 2..planet caravan Black Sabbath serinade Steve Miller band

  77. Jahangir Memon

    I don't know why I'm dropping this comment here

  78. sam sung

    Drugs are bad but dam this song makes me want to lay back with a prick of that brown sugar

  79. sidney pasquarelli

    One of my favorite songs of all time!

    sidney pasquarelli

    @Wolf Wizard Alright, dude!

  80. Ruby King

    *Me, and YouTube, My Megabytes are shooting off the ROOF*

  81. Machael Guerra

    I don’t comment often, but everyone in this comment section is showing nothing but positivity and I FN LOVE IT!! That’s Pink Floyd man they fucking jam and let people reflect on how the lyrics and how they relate to life!! I just can’t imagine being able to see them in person I wish i grew up they days when Music meant something

  82. Jessica Turner

    When I listen to Pink Floyd I always get a mad feeling maybe because we took acid listening to it but I had a ball and then didn’t still now I listen and get a horrible feeling but still love them xxx

  83. Third Eye

    Without words

  84. John Thrush


  85. Patryk Paprocki

    4:43 Richard Wright- the legend (*)

  86. Roberto Salinas

    It would be great dying with this song in your head...

  87. Davide D'Agostino

    Ma i 3717 che hanno messo "non mi piace" che problemi hanno?

  88. MacyPooh196

    Was watching a special and space and The Voyager 1 and 2 and they used this song. It’s very atmospheric

  89. James Mac Donald 007

    Beautiful piece of music.🌞

  90. Carlos L.A

    I’m writting a script based on this song, I hate to sound egocentric, but remember the name.

  91. emelyu

    I’m typing this at 3am, and my cat is snoring in time with the beat. I’m pretty sure I haven’t taken any recreational pharmaceuticals. It’s hard to tell when Pink Floyd is playing.


    Oh my God!! I'm not the only one who uses pharmaceuticals as recreational drugs! I'm not celebrating it, but God, is good to know I'm not the only one...hope you are fine...

  92. Texas Boomslang

    Very befitting on The Farthest- Voyager in Space.

  93. りょうけとしお


  94. RabidNemo

    I often think of the British royal family when I hear this song. They're just human beings after all they have far too much thrust upon them that they're not responsible for even have any power over

    Smash Runner

    Fuck the Royal Family !!!

  95. Matisse Em

    Black and blue, who knows which is which... Did Pink Floyd predict the black&blue/white&gold dress meme?

  96. Grazia Fraioli

    Magnifico testo, sound fantastico!

  97. Musica Ida7

    it was a best song

  98. Giuseppe Piccirillo

    The most beautiful Albums of all time !!.

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