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feat Khalid-Silence
Marshmello - feat Khalid-Silence
: feat Khalid-Silence
: 2.85 MB
: 905 Toplam İndirme
09-02-2018 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 905 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Marshmello - feat Khalid-Silence )
  1. No Name Dj

    Where y'all from? 🌍😋

  2. loosu idiot

    This video is so good..... I subscribed now...... :-)

  3. loosu idiot

    Marshmello fans, like here :)

  4. Payton the QUEEN Thompson

    I love this song like do youRead backwards

  5. yessenia the Slasher

    "I found peace in your violence"Edit:I like marshmello and Khalid

  6. Fox Boy 337

    Marshmello and Khalid make fire❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. tek bilinmeyenli denklem

    This lyrics are my life🤔

  8. hydra 75

    The lyrics are better then the actual one amazing job 👍

  9. Emma Foster

    This song got me into moashmellow 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😛😛😻😻😻😻👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

  10. pixel cool123

    I love u marshmellow

  11. No videos with 13 subscribers

    good song

  12. Ship Master

    Dang I love this song I listen too it every day

  13. rick63359

    2019 2:38 anybody

  14. First Gold

    Favourite part 0:00-3:00

  15. Da Eamonator

    I am live in Australia


    This song is really true wd me

  17. Aleezay Wasim

    It’s can’t show me there

  18. Antwan DominguezMartinez

    This reminds me of me because I'm not in a relationship and every person I loved always..... Goose wrong so that's why I listened to this song bc I just think I'm not going to do nothing in my life and I don't won't be in a relationshipIf u think the same give a thumps up plz

  19. Sailaja Kona

    Any one in 2019 ,,,,,, give a big thumbs up

  20. Kacenka Mizerova

    Is any one listening to it and reading the comments

  21. mustard the llama

    It's can't not c'ant

  22. Cierra Mantle

    But apart from that I love the graphics and the design. No one can be perfect!

  23. Cierra Mantle

    The apostrophe on can't is wrong it says c'ant

  24. Pauline Maria

    We all have love in are Hart never go too harder on your swlf

  25. Leif Strandberg

    i broke my finger yesturday

  26. VF H

    I used to make stuff like this but my artwork wasn't half as good... can't tho

  27. Ben Wornes

    Not gonna lie, thought “all this time I’ve been hiding” was “I’m osama bin laden”. I must be deaf

  28. yessenia the Slasher

    (×_×) *S* *I* *L* *E* *N* *C* *E*

  29. Saucy Joey

    i need a savior that can help me find my TV controller

  30. sagheer ahmed


  31. sagheer ahmed


  32. Alicia_Kimg

    Makes me think of a domestic abuse survivor

  33. Beenish Iqbal

    I can't live without this song

  34. Lizzie Playz

    Ayyyy Canadian squad!!!! 💕

  35. SVY XE


  36. Autumn Davis

    Who's listening in 2019?

  37. I’m garbage

    Idc what year I’m listening to I’ll still listen

  38. Shradha Kundur

    2019 anyone🤷🏽‍♀️

  39. DailyDrawings

    I found peace in your violence❤

  40. Anastasia Constantinou


  41. ria

    2019 any1 ?

  42. Riaz Uddin

    From Bangladesh 😊

  43. CosplayQueene 67

    Actually shoot nevermind she literally got all the lyrics right

  44. CosplayQueene 67

    I thought it was “I found peace in your vibes” or “I found peace in your body” and I’m pretty sure it’s not “sharing” I’m pretty positive it’s “shit”

  45. Zoe Chawnghlut

    2019 anyone,???

  46. G3 Clipz

    *Can’t show me there’s no point in trying*

  47. Huidrom Khaba Meitei

    2019 anyone???

  48. BTS/ONEUS _

    I've literally been thinking it's "I found peace in your vibe"

  49. Roslina Hasim

    I love Khalid song!!!!😍😍😍♥️

  50. Akhila Chalvadi

    Love ❤ marshmallow 😘

  51. PandaGal405

    Amazing handwriting omggg

  52. Yossana R

    One of my favorites 2018

  53. Jewely Goslin

    This song speaks to me

  54. Mr playsz

    2019 anyone

  55. Aaron Michel

    2019 - Australia 😎

  56. 17646zali

    who else hears i been crying for too long

  57. Elisa Chalfoun

    Canada 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  58. J H

    If u love marshmallow give me a thumbs up

  59. Xxxtantencianna Onfroydo

    A song for my crush thats dates everyone but not me

  60. Jason Scott Smathers

    what a dirty boymnb

  61. the random unicorn

    Who else hears voice cracks when he says "been"

  62. Aloung Awien Majok


  63. Aaron Zewatsky

    Even though it's been a while, this song brings a lot of comfort. The flow of the song is sooo smooth.

  64. XD I Will Rule Da Galaxy XD

    I'm from USA

  65. Pranav Bhandarkar

    Burak re hav chedyecha

  66. pet lover bowles

    I love this song

  67. Lazmi Kabir

    February 2019 anyone? Btw just wanted to say I loveee this song a lot!!

  68. Melissa Robinson


  69. Mohammad Shakhawat Hossain

    I come from Asia

  70. g r a c e

    wait but you have really good handwriting

  71. Krazee Kat


  72. Be Your Own Unicorn


  73. jane barrett

    So amazing

  74. Carly O'connell


  75. kk double K


  76. Ahmed Nabil


  77. redireds

    2019 everyone

  78. Mahmuaki Zadeng

    This nigga boy is singing very welll hahha

  79. Pikachu The Bomb


  80. cavedwellar

    I used to have this feeling

  81. Invisible Entity

    3019 anyone?

  82. Jim Bob

    Lmao i thought it was i found peace in ur fathers skin no peace in ur violence

  83. Marshmello

    2K19 ??

  84. FBI

    These lyrics is my life....

  85. Puggles_Rule

    *silence* from Canada

  86. Rafi Nihal

    me too

  87. tek bilinmeyenli denklem

    & i've been quiet for too long...🎶

  88. Jason Vickers

    For so long not ,for too long

  89. Dina Taek


  90. nurmohal begum

    Is that in hyde I live right infront of that pic

  91. Faith 204


  92. Ximena

    This song might be old but i still like it ❤😍😊

  93. Roshni Gurung

    I love the lyrics you the best always khalid and marshmello

  94. Muzmmil Peerzada

    But i am one

  95. Glissel Cano

    I love you so much

  96. Justin Vega

    Philippines now we're in Canada

  97. Daniel Ashel

    This song made me feel in love." I found peace in ur violence". Ps plz gimme a thumbz up if u like thiz song sooo much. Thankz

  98. Gamer_DD

    I love your handwriting

  99. Andrew Syde

    Give me a like or.....

  100. The luckiest! man alive

    this is against my will! iam tying to convey a point and I hope people will learn the lesson from it.!

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