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Be Kind ft Halsey
Marshmello - Be Kind ft Halsey
: Be Kind ft Halsey
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01-07-2020 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 1320 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Marshmello - Be Kind ft Halsey )
  1. aline venturi


  2. The Idiot Child

    She looks like that one anime character that all the weebs obsessively simp over

  3. Alex

    Weebs just creamed their pants

  4. Leah

    She's sailor Venus with pink hair!

  5. QiUi Dos

    1:45 this is my favourite moment. The dance <3 so cute

  6. مصادر موثوقة

    هو البنطلون مقصر معاك بحاكه يا شيخه

  7. Aline Melissa


  8. Angel

    This song sounds like the songs from early 2000s. Surely bring back memories♥

  9. Ray Hurairah


  10. Blue Berry

    A kindness punk?❤️💜💙

  11. Adriana Abelar

    Was the beginning the SIA video dance?

  12. Onanong Wanking

    Sailor moon looks made me scream. ❤️

  13. Joseph Crump

    How I dance through the simulation

  14. Alexsander Silva

    1° aqui em Wakanda

  15. kubra lar

    Sia / Chandelier 🤦🏻‍♀️🤢🤮🥴

  16. kabita sheikh

    Me thinking about that Marshmello reply back to me👌 🙏

  17. Ray Zitsu

    The intro sounds a lil bid like the intro of sunflower 😊😊Loved it..❤️❤️

  18. phienix reaper

    halsey dance with japan backgrounahh she look like waifu :v

  19. Damlasu Şahin

    Halsey bebeğim bu saç rengi sana çok yakışmış tatlı kız

  20. The Only One

    Belle Delphine did it better

  21. Steve the Pussy Cat

    It's like a tik Tok with high production valueWait....

  22. Cloe Wargo

    New Tik Tok dance?? Who agrees? Great song and dance moves Ashley! 👇🏼

  23. Phoebe Joyce Alipao

    I never thought Quarantine pieces can be like this

  24. Kaustubh Salodkar

    Marshmello could never catch the coronavirus as he's been following precautions since 2015 🤣

  25. Deeppoint

    ⚡ ❤

  26. Cahyanto

    New game demo for ps5

  27. softsouffle diary

    Where is this place? Cuz i want to dance freely like this and no one watching me 🙂

  28. Cortez


  29. anime nightcore

    We love halsey

  30. Kaustubh Salodkar

    Sending love to everyone in this beautiful world ❤ Be safe, be kind............

  31. Cortez

    marshmellow vc pode ir pra qual lugar pra fazer as suas musicas top mesmo pq eu ado a da bola!!!!!!!!

  32. Tonny Munzi


  33. haveagreatdayfrnds

    Hi this is creeppy

  34. Suzie R

    OMG Halsey......this is beautiful!!! Pink, dancing, cherry blossoms! FABULOUS <3

  35. G-Up

    God I would marry this woman and treat her with so much respect.

  36. bangtan boys

    She looks like so light.... she almost standing on air haha. She is so prettyyyy

  37. cLårĪs

    Tell me I'm not the only one who keeps seeing Xiaxue lol I don't know but that's what I see

  38. ღ Kim Nym Tae ღ

    Halsey after Boy with luv with BTS ....I want o dance 💜

  39. LL O


  40. Mary Martirosyan

    So cute💙💙

  41. Iwed Cewloteh

    So nice

  42. XxWhite RøsexX

    Everyone: talking how Halsey looks good in pink or about the music videoMe: BoY wITH lUv

  43. Cortez

    o meu q ela ta dancando uma dancia top

  44. Bianca Quiñones

    Can’t stand someone who constantly tries to portray others as something they’re not. The way she really tried to turn the world on Gerald when she was the toxic one the whole time. But I still fucks with Marshmello 😎💖

  45. Vedant Raizada

    to me, I think that the sunflowers used are a reference to the song 'Sunflower' by Post Malone because the beginning of this song sounds like the beginning of 'Sunflower'..

  46. Robert Perez

    What the hell 😂😂😂😂😂

  47. Iammoist

    why does she looks like rose from titanic ?

  48. Serenity Mancini

    Halsey voice is heaven

  49. Dave Martin

    Am I the only one hearing Selena Gomez??

  50. Ayça

    she is so fucking gorgeoussssss <3333 love her

  51. Amandaalifiar_

    Btw Halsey really pretty here

  52. Bruno Sagio

    You'll never know why I have so many likes

  53. Steffi Cheon

    I really love halsey 💜💜

  54. Norihiro Nakamura

    same choreographer to chandellier?

  55. Jalil Mangacop


  56. MadSky

    She deserves so much better than G Eazy anyway she had a right to dismiss everything he was doing while they were together I mean I would get pissed off of my man was all over other women all the time idk the whole story but she deserves someone better

  57. Min ingrid

    Soy la única ARMY apoyando a halsey uwu?

  58. XnogoX meme

    1:28 this part makes me feel like I'm dancing right there in anime world.

  59. Farid Fadilah

    Its use camera that MKBHD have been reviewed

  60. Jessica Abrajan


  61. Kiara barathlal


  62. Aria_Bal97

    I love this video, the joint work of two great artists is notorious. I love the rhythm and of course the Halsey dance ... I love it, I love it, I love it....

  63. Agápe Mou

    For 100000000000000000000x i feel inlove to halsey,AGAIN.

  64. Honey_Bee

    No hate but she do be trying to be maddie ziegler 😂

  65. Karem Alshriti


  66. Bruce Gaming

    I loved halsey's voice 😊😘😍😍

  67. Joydip Chakraborty

    I liked the end scene 😶

  68. Eren

    She is acting like Maddie Zigler but I like the way she dancing

  69. Ameenu Avdouller

    Who's happy cuz tik tok is banned in India 😂😂

  70. Shreya Chrungoo

    Would like to see such trees in PUBG😂😂

  71. Sels RARE

    Halsey is such a queen

  72. heather shao

    Haisey is so pretty

  73. Amar Zhafran

    This gonna be tiktok fenomena

  74. The honest one

    I know you're an ARMY !💜💜💜💜💜💜

  75. Shrey Kakkar

    Did this seem like an extra long, extra tryhard tiktok?

  76. Emma Grace Face

    I wish that I could look good in a pink wig lol

  77. Widhi Putra Mumpuni

    Tumben santuy

  78. Once upon a time

    That flower goes so well with the pink outfit and hair.Just saying.

  79. Caio Williams

    love this song

  80. Az Real1905

    Thank you for this 💗💗💗

  81. Ilse P.

    People with a temper belike: Wuutttt this isn't me... Or am i? xD

  82. kopinartik top

    Руские вы здесь

  83. Negative comment Dude

    I like the video until 0:59 You look ugly in anime custom (Yeah old hag trying to become anime girl)

  84. Scarlette Ma-Zhang

    Uhh is anyone wondering why she isn't wearing pants?

  85. miss fatehah

    This is very beatifull! 😍😍😍

  86. Rishan Sh

    Halsey is looking like anime girl if you agree hit like

  87. Louis Geoghagan

    Right not fair

  88. Louis Geoghagan

    How dare you Mary I loved you but not fair so SAD

  89. Kelvin 462

    Finally collab with Halsey

  90. Louis Geoghagan

    Turned creation on you because choose Joseph over me

  91. Alessamdra Vasquez

    Me encanta la canción 💝💝💝💝

  92. Louis Geoghagan


  93. Louis Geoghagan

    Can't get over his ex John never lovef you Mary in love with mom Ann and Susan we where his perfect family we where what he wanted choose them how dare you Mary screw over happen to your kids was karma

  94. Team Dado

    Mis dos artistas favoritos unidos... I LOVE IT😍😍😍

  95. Ninad Mohite

    Boys trippin😂

  96. Louis Geoghagan

    Biggest fool of them all had feeling in love with two

  97. Louis Geoghagan

    Typical john

  98. Louis Geoghagan

    His whole body and soul be with just a fool he can't get over his ex

  99. Louis Geoghagan

    Finally founds guy he likes not a demon

  100. Marshmello

    What’s your favorite moment from the video?


    For me every moment 😊


    I think my favorite part though is the cherry blossom scene :)

    Isabella Marx

    I like the moment while she is dancing with the Marshmello flower🌸🌺🌼

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