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feat Bastille-Happier
Marshmello - feat Bastille-Happier
: feat Bastille-Happier
: 3.56 MB
: 5541 Toplam İndirme
05-03-2019 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 5541 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Marshmello - feat Bastille-Happier )
  1. xxXSunshinehobi GachaXxx

    *X* _ *X*

  2. S H

    this touched me so much I literally became nauseous... damn.

  3. Shape Physics

    *_H O O H H O O H O O H O H O H OO H_*Edit:No hate

  4. bayaraa ch


  5. nineli bineli

    0:54 Woody’s smile

  6. AnasitoCrack28 _YT

    Who os the singer ?

  7. Lit Intro tolit

    is this live

  8. Ganesh Gurung

    My heart ❤️ is 😭 crying listening to this songs like if you’re too

  9. Regel Rama


  10. Ayriana Tidwell

    be happier guys \[ ×_×]/

  11. JANU bilera

    where's my puppy??????

  12. Felix Edler

    What did mello actually do here

  13. Jules 02b


  14. Tablet Samsumg

    Ami casi me hace llorar la canción líke Si casi te hace llorar

  15. Alex Peters

    I think you're happier...

  16. Peterson Rios

    Pqp bom pra carai....nota mil

  17. ninjas br


  18. Tanne

    call kehlani

  19. psychedelicybin

    His voice is so absolutely beautiful there are no words!

  20. fox pack

    Why is it so sad!!!???

  21. Nazlim Tesfaye

    his voice it the same😍

  22. Achmad Alghifari


  23. Marie Svobodová

    Best song

  24. L P

    On repeat!!!!!!!!

  25. Naty Sulty

    Ti ricorderò per sempre di te marshmello❤❤❤

  26. Troller memes Trol

    Sad aht dogg :-(


    Love this ver

  28. Hunter Garvey

    Why was there so many pauses lol not real marshmallow

  29. Havilah Santos

    Thank you Mashmello for making us happier😁😁😁

  30. Marcelo Mota

    Massa demais

  31. ruby a

    why has no one mentioned that the intro changed for BBC 1 💁‍♀️

  32. Luc P.

    The only person that should sing this song.... And me in the shower/car

  33. doghnuteater Netherlands

    I thinking he don't use autotune

  34. Use ful

    The best song of my life

  35. Shini_sly S

    Im spechless

  36. My name is bob And school sucks

    You inspire me and so many people great job

  37. Rony silva

    Essa música é linda demais😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  38. PinPoint Knox

    The stripped is just as good as the original

  39. Razor


  40. Tristan Feinauer

    My favorite bands(not saying they're the best bands before some snowflakes get triggered)1.Coldplay2.Imagine Dragons3.Bastille4.U2

  41. Bling bling brawl stars


  42. Frans Willyanto

    I know this song already


    I cry 😭 so cute lovely song

  44. JonTheGamer 19

    Is that the voice actor ?

  45. appier H

    wow.. happier good

  46. Temas Fáciles

    perfect song !!!

  47. Janaiah Kinsey

    [✖_✖] happier 🐕🐶

  48. Project Zorgo Kids

    I want you to be Happier 💛 [✖️ __ ✖️]

  49. Gatchagirl Mc

    Omg are you guys crying😥

  50. anny chua92

    Dan’s voice is heaven 😻😻😻

  51. Anidyn Anidyn

    I ❤✖_✖

  52. itsboykingdome 155

    so cool💍

  53. Marleen Sammy

    I'm thinking

  54. David Asmr

    The guys is singing whit his heart, he's so sad :c

  55. Vz Ez

    Oh god .. his voice

  56. La lupetta Bianca


  57. Flavia Sangineto


  58. REGENT

    Yeah yeah why not we be happy in our life and don't forget u too be happy marshmallo

  59. TheMGSpy

    He has an amazing voice. Sounds just like the record! 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  60. lana blox

    love [✖➖✖]

  61. LpsSnow Snow

    Marsh love de song

  62. Lonell Fletcher

    Dan's voice definitely makes me happier. YES.

  63. Jong-in Kim

    Why do I always cry listening to this song?

  64. JiuJitsuhairdontcare

    Just bawling right now 😭

  65. Sandro Motta


  66. Ια Μαγοnεsα 7ω7

    Te salio casi igual que mashmello seras igual de maravilloso como mashmello

  67. 椙山 Ren SUGIYAMA蓮


  68. Robert Reid

    So friggin underated....hugs


    who needs auto tune


    looks like ninja's headphones?

  71. badcub3 Oficial

    Marshmello se cuelga de cualquier fama

  72. T BLK

    Weird... tired of hearing this everywhere. Band is weird.

  73. TheVloggerShow

    So I’ll go

  74. ゆーしん

    look like piqué

  75. Jessica Duda

    Algum BR?

  76. Joel XQ

  77. karin katt

    Gotta luv tis version...

  78. Juan Jose Vasquez

    Not 2019 comment... Thanks!

  79. ᮝᮟᮕ ᙮៱៳៰

    Foda D+ Slc

  80. jose narvaez

    Muchas. Felicidades Marshmello su cancion es un gran éxito :-) :-) :-)

  81. GamerJeromeYT JeromePlaysMinecraft

    [✖___✖] cant find mouth

  82. Dragon XD

    Your marshmallow head of us

  83. Dragon XD

    I just wanna be happy it is the best song ever

  84. Mackenzie Weber

    Song has helped with my breakup. Such a good song ♡

  85. Sarah Rose


  86. Poon Choy Leng

    i love it !💜💜💜

  87. Miyonna Wooden


  88. otakatana

    I hate this song but Dans voice is literally angelic

  89. Lishomwa Emmanuel


  90. Imamapleb FN

    No autotune here

  91. S. K. J.

    I love them so much ❤️

  92. Monserrat Criollo


  93. гастер al


  94. Kristy Christofis

    I love. You

  95. Fahmi is Dumb

    This was so good wait is bbc lip syncing again like they did with freddie

  96. FîGhŤ Çhąññęł

    (✖﹏✖)I love you💟😎

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