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Klasik Müzik - Vivaldi-Storm
: Vivaldi-Storm
: 2.70 MB
: 563 Toplam İndirme
25-11-2017 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 563 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Klasik Müzik - Vivaldi-Storm )
  1. Abhishek Sathe

    Mumble rappers will come and go. Music like this will remain until the end of space and time

  2. ॐPromethean Ash-Shakur; Pratyekabuddhic tetragrammaton of Metatronic Ascension (-_-*)

    Vivaldi is a monstar

  3. Arzu Kant

    my god perfect..

  4. deniz

    Ingilizce yazayım diye uğraştım ama şunun mükemmelligini anlatabilecek kadar ingilizcem yok Sorry guys Selam Türk gençliği

  5. Castereo Jones

    i have absolutely no idea why i'm listening to classical music but this is nicethank you brain

  6. Broncycolon 70


  7. Christian Sollami

    This is the moviment III of Summer (Estate) by Vivaldi

  8. Şmecheru' de mine

    1:06 - 1:12 my favorite part

  9. Игорь Свиридов


  10. Murat Murat

    Supersonic 👏👏👏👏👏

  11. Massimo Faggi

    Vivaldi grandioso la musica dello spot Alfa Romeo bellissimaaaaa

  12. Roy Bateman

    check out winter too

  13. Zaraki Kenpachi

    Como ñ amar música clássica? S2

  14. Dominique Descottes


  15. სო ფიკო

    Vivaldi knew heavy metal before anyone else (✷‿✷)

  16. TriVos Ahren

    Instrumental Symphonic Metal.

  17. Legendary Leon

    *Tears Of Joy

  18. Gheorghe-Viorel Manea

    When is next album coming out ? Feels like centuries since your last release :(((((

  19. Michelangelo Buonarotti

    This is what legends masturbate to.

  20. Elisabetta Nassetta

    Antonio Vivaldi spettacolare stupenda sinfonia

  21. Filippos Verras

    2:39 best ending

  22. andi priantoko

    storm 1 . . . id personal 2 . family 3 . tanaman 4 . perbekalan why why ........ watttttttttTttTttttttttttttt watt

    andi priantoko

    @environment_growthly upgrade

    andi priantoko


    andi priantoko

    @showly upgrade

    andi priantoko


  23. Fer .GL

    This is heavy metal unpluged

  24. Shayla Bellard

    Don't you mean, *_Darude - Sandstorm_* ?

  25. A M

    É tudo como o António.

  26. Oskar

    Vivaldi was the first Metal Master !

  27. A M

    Escusam de criticar o António. Vocês são iguais. Não vos quero. Não tem tom....

  28. juan mier

    Nunca le gananaran a vivaldi

  29. muzicka apoteka pesma za dusu


  30. Raphael Rodrigues

    Top 5 most brutal Black Metal songs

  31. Gef Lel

    a alguien mas le da miedo la cara de vivaldi?

  32. livet david

    It's rock and roll .

  33. Ben Yeager

    Little Einstein’s

  34. Cobh

    I've just found vivaldi by mistake,didn't think I'd enjoy it so much! I'm hooked, the lads in work will get a culture shock tomorrow lol

  35. ananasland

    1:55 woow

  36. hakan köleli

    Müzik p*rnosu

  37. Emanuel Giulianoão teclado

  38. Isaac Mapes

    The beginning sounds like the soundtrack to Infinity War.

  39. Caballero Templario

    Final boss song

  40. Dark Wolf

    Other normal kids: *listen anything but not this*Me:

  41. 리코더 요정


  42. salam essa

    SO annoying

  43. Solid Frozzen

    Now.... I have won.

  44. urcritic

    I strongly recommend you search for "Mari Samuelsen Vivaldi Summer" here on youtube for one the best interpretations you'll ever hear of this piece of music. Storm begins roughly at 8 mins in, but the entire thing is fantastic.

  45. EuroStar ChooChoo

    wonderful music ever!!! 🎻❤

  46. Chris Ryan

    \m/ \m/

  47. Penny for my thot

    I love him so much he is a genius. I can't even express my feelings

  48. acta non verba

    Feels like im watching a charlie chaplin movie.

  49. fred merle

    He knew best storms heppend in middle of summer.

  50. sunanta inthasuruch

    I come from sue got talent

  51. Albin Olsson

    1.25 speed 👌👌

  52. Nayeli Gamez

    Does anyone know how Anna Giro died? I can't seem to find the info. Only that she died years after Vivaldi.

  53. everythingoes

    hace unos meses encontre la pieza y se me habia olvidado como era el nombre, gracias por recomendarmela youtube😔 me encanta

  54. Kermit

    Storm? Not summer?

    Riccardo Menghini

    You are correct. This has been then widely known as storm as Vivaldi wrote down at the beginning of the musical score " to be played as if it were heavy rain with thunders and strong wind" . This to give the correct tempo , which is presto * fast * but also the correct dynamics and pace to all the strings. Enjoy 😁

  55. Grace Chelala


  56. Ettore Morabito

    Rock metal fusion!Fuck!Doing my head!

  57. RGM

    I always thought Bach is the badass #1, but after listening some of Vivaldi's he is a bitch killer too. Impressive

  58. FrebDieL FaZbeaRZ d

    X: You have three minutes to finish the exam.Me: *Play Storm*

  59. gino grimaldi

    Bocato di cardinali

  60. Stefan Infanger

    headbanging \m/

  61. gustavo Panizza


  62. インペラートル

    I wish he also came to my Russian Empire.

  63. Glaz 36272

    Music so badass it doesn't need a remix

  64. dragondog

    this shit really does in hard

  65. Bir adam

    Pisces )

  66. Stefan Tremmel

    Hail to Vivaldi, the greatest composer in the world, past, now and future!

    Eduardo Valdés Del Razo

    Stefan Tremmel please listen to maurice ravel

  67. satans booty hole

    I wanna fuck to this composition

  68. Francis The funny guy

    This music triggered my erection.. Damn it

  69. L EX

    "The Four Seasons" is my favorite!

  70. AlucardAFT3003

    The rockstar of his time

  71. Nacho naka

    Who the fuck dislike this music?

  72. Lorenzo d'agostini

    Try at 1.25 its better

  73. Sid

    this goes hard as fuck

  74. Angie de Rosny

    Storm 😍 coup de archet superbe!

  75. inter gal

    Teacher: "What is art?"My mind:

  76. boat

    can't believe they remixed john wick 2 soundtrack into a strings version

  77. Joel The Alien

    Set to 1.25, your welcome :)

  78. FV Tisiphone

    This is so awesome!

  79. Марат Орозбеков

    обожаю Антонио Вивальди привет из Кыргызстана

  80. LeonardoGabriiel PV


  81. Rizky Arifin



    *1:06** Beethoven - Für Elise*

    chulbul pandey

    holy ****

  83. TheSavageBoi58

    Imagine flossing ur teeth to this...

  84. Tyriess Loney

    It is magnificent 🧐👌👏

  85. Fellen Denegerous

    This dude shredded

  86. James John

    Vanhelsing Brought Me Here

  87. Kathleen Melzer

    Dramatisch. i like the speed.

  88. DemonRazor88

    *Soldiers at area 51 moaing down waves of Naruto runners with a 50. cal*

  89. VKermode KumaV

    That was amazing!!

  90. Thenice Animation

    This one might be my favourite

  91. Людмила Іванова

    the best composition which i know!!!!!

  92. can't relate

    This sounds similar to claud tap dancing in black butler

  93. The Ziz

    OK como vim parar aqui?

  94. coldy lane

    Lol all the fake vivaldi's in the comment section

  95. David H

    ahhh Yes!

  96. Sara Almalki

    Look at that sexy beast

  97. Sara Almalki

    Look at that sexy beast

  98. Jerzy Tyrola

    Smierdzisz mi ,,Pila",ktora rznie moje owce.As

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