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Vivaldi-La Stravaganza
Klasik Müzik - Vivaldi-La Stravaganza
: Vivaldi-La Stravaganza
: 9.26 MB
: 167 Toplam İndirme
25-11-2017 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 167 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Klasik Müzik - Vivaldi-La Stravaganza )
  1. Daniela Hernandez

    Esto es pura belleza

  2. Dierkstrof Fortskreid

    Rather e flat

  3. Magnani

    A dualidade do barroco é indescritível em sensações humanas

  4. Thomas Remake


  5. Paulo Sérgio Raga

    touching the soul.

  6. felipe camus

    Paganini or Vivaldi?

  7. Edycja Limitowana

    My Maestro, my love 💓

  8. Elena Guerrero

    Vivaldi me hase sentirme como si viviera en esa epoca

  9. Roberta Monica Fontani


  10. kary . J

    El me inspira a querer tocar el violín 🎻😍🥰🥰🥰

    Cor Musicorum

    me too!

  11. Lo Chang

    Well the music certainty lives up to the name

  12. Jemmy Wiratama

    *Vivaldi Helps Me Think*

  13. Atashak Gem

    J’adore 🎻🎻🎻🎻💓

  14. aliz castillo sanchez

    Me encanta esta musica

  15. Luciano Vitória

    Vivaldi alegra a alma!

  16. Adipati Arya

    King Master Of Musik

  17. Ziad El Hachem

    King of all composers = vivaldi

  18. thales chaves

    Como eu amo essa qualidade sonora

  19. Conteur Nocturne

    Vivaldi's music isn't music, it is life.

  20. Anne Marie

    Are y'all sure this is a major key? Why does it sound like e minor to me

    I Am Geoffry

    it is in e minor

  21. Ziad Al Hachem

    Orgasm for my Audition

  22. Bruno Alexandre


  23. Jorge Jorge

    Toca las cuerdas del alma.

  24. Ulisse Pau

    Amo la musica rock pop reggae . ma davanti alla magia di Vivaldi non posso pensare che ci sarà mai un genio come lui grazie Vivaldi x tutto quello che ci hai donato eri sei e sarai sempre il più grande.

  25. Edu Fernández

    "Human power is compound of time and patience" - Balzac

  26. Hilal Çelik

    Türk yok mu?

  27. FrancoMassimo2


  28. dNzLEx

    1.3k de Dislike???

  29. mrgney

    En kötü zamanımda, ilaç gibi.

  30. Noe Blue

    i want something like the begging of this masterpiece. pls someone suggest me anything smiler to this. something really touched your heart!

    Arpit Sharma maybe this will work ..

  31. Joshua The Red

    The best version ever.

  32. leonardo capoverde

    Voice of love are Vivaldi’s

  33. Torito4T


  34. Ludovico Temi

    concerto in MI maggiore? Ma sappiamo distinguere un Maggiore da un minore? È un errore imperdonabile soprattutto se è stato scritto da un competente musicista!!!

  35. Maximiliano Mora

    —This is the best orgasm that I'm having—

  36. Alexander Sixtyfour

    Vivaldi... è la sua musica che descrive l'astrazione... cos'è la follia? Sentite Vivaldi e lo capirete... cos'è una tempesta? Sentite Vivaldi e ve ne accorgerete... cos'è l'inverno? Sentite Vivaldi e lo vivrete... anche se siete su Marte sentirete la neve cadere dai rami...

  37. Flavia Pinto De Souza

    Vc tem um peitão

  38. Reymundo Quevedo

    La mejor melodía que e escuchando🔊♥️

  39. Tomislav JAVOROVIC

    7:15 to the end: that's the best of

  40. Luis rodrigo Nuñez araya

    La lo maximo.

  41. Khel Motovlog

    Listening to this makes me not a commoner anymore

  42. Alfio Giuffrida

    La musica è cultura, Vivaldi è la musica ....quindi un genio ci ha lasciato le sue opere x non dimenticarlo.......ricordiamocelo a futura memoria.....

  43. Shirley Rombough

    To Alex: cute! And to theoneandmarlboroman: I agree. I just feel smarter.

  44. master mind

    to take a nap

  45. Randall Mora

    Salute desde el paraiso Costa Rica vivaldi espectacular att Ramdy

  46. Itzhak Albuquerque

    Vivalde super musico

  47. Mario Barajas

    Orgasmo auditivo.

  48. Николай Ершов

    Это прекрасно, музыка веков музыка в веках.

  49. Gorgoroth Bergen

    Absolutely Amazing, feeling all the Notes. Genius 😶😑

  50. Monique Christen

    [email protected]’est 1

  51. Karen Noble

    What a soulfull Vivaldi.Extraordinaly beautiful. AND always joyfull.Thank you!

  52. Anthony Migchels

    Vivaldi is markedly underrated. He has so many splendid little gems like this.

  53. Lorenza La Rosa

    Vivaldi il piu' grande dt tt i tempi secondo me!

  54. Anita Leona ruth farrell

    This reminds me off the bad memory's of torutoure for the angels. This child looks like he is suffering


    The only shortcoming of Vivaldi is that he was a priest. Nobody's perfect.

    Damiano Piras

    He was not a common priest. And anyway the priests have an education and a culture that has always been superior above all as far as the human being is concerned.

  56. Hai Seng Tor

    If only modern pop music is good. This is a prime example of old is gold.

  57. Heru Widigdo

    Berkelas sekali

  58. Not a cat

    I feel so good reading the comments and seeing everyone showing their love for Vivaldi! It almost brings a tear to my eye

  59. moronkeji Akintola

    Beautiful.Divine inspiration...


    Viva Vivaldi

  61. skamnatron5000

    This makes me think of Sherlock Holmes for some reason.

  62. C BT

    Good pic choice of Bacchus. Perfect for Vivaldi. Bellissimo il prete rosso!

  63. El revoltoso TinTan

    Vivaldi es un chingon

  64. Stargirl

    As someone who leans towards JS Bach style, while at the same time enjoy and appreciate many if not most of the other baroque composers, Vivaldi allways came across to me as the very definition pf stravaganza, his pieces the most dramatic and passionate from amongs his contemporary. It’s like he just goes with the violin and adds the bedazzle.

  65. Esma Beren Gazetecilik ve Televizyon ©️

    🇹🇷 mükemmel

  66. Carlos Melgar

    That's a impossible to less to hear

  67. Klaus MAUSHART

    Magnifique. Vivaldi.rien à rajouter

  68. Gorilla Jones

    Vivaldi and Mozart forever.

  69. Bo Ernest

    Logan....maybe next week he will drop it from his own Universe....

  70. Ghanou

    ولد بلادي راك داير حالا

  71. Magdy Memo

    The most underrated genius in the history of music

  72. Verónica Andreani

    Belleza !!!!!

  73. Layla kechem 47

    This music fills a hole in my sole

    Angelsina Y

    ... in my soul. Yes.

  74. Kej Akintola

    Music from the orchestra of heaven.. Beyond comprehension! Vivaldi is a genius...

  75. Kej Akintola

    Vivaldi operating from a different level! How could a person be so gifted and creative.Its awesome, mind blowing......

  76. Melih Yener

    Italy should be proud of this man.

    marco lucca

    Most italian youth doesn't know vivaldi's art, but the name. And me, as an italian, i'm not proud because is "italian": the spiritual world of art belongs to the whole world and in music there is not "italian, german etc" but a meeting of superior men

    Riccardo Menghini

    Marco Lucca put it perfectly. If you look at Italy and italians today the answer is nearby. Yet every single Vivaldi yt section has comments from so many different countries and we are dealing with a composer of about 400 years ago. He is a heritage of the whole humanity because beauty belogns to everybody

    Mario Franz

    We are proud of Vivaldi.Greetings from Venice,Italy

  77. Gabi Sparrow

    Aupa Vivaldi...!!

  78. Bruno Alexandre


  79. Jc Herrera

    Best version.

  80. Mo Hussein

    This is a gorgeous rendition

  81. Bryan B

    Before there was metal, there was Vivaldi !!!

  82. RobustSystems 8472-1488

    Just now i live worthy to myself, Since my sinful eye sees, The holy land and earth, What miracles did happen here! It happened to me, what i always asked, I came to the place, where god turned human. Such Lands, rich and wonderful, so many have i Seen! Still your theyre crown! What miracles did happen here! That a woman bore a Child, master over all the angels! Was this not a Perfect Wonder?

  83. RobustSystems 8472-1488

    Just now i live worthy to myself, Since my sinful eye sees, The holy land and earth, What miracles did happen here! It happened to me, what i always asked, I came to the place, where god turned human. Such Lands, rich and wonderful, so many have i Seen! Still your theyre crown! What miracles did happen here! That a woman bore a Child, master over all the angels! Was this not a Perfect Wonder?

  84. Lisbeth

    Bravisimo! ❤

  85. Chelle Christopher

    I can't fathom the brilliant mind that created this beautiful timeless music that plays my life in the present.

  86. Gata Fria

    Ja by som strávil svoj život a počúval by som ho🌹🌹

  87. Juan carlos Armenta Ruelas

    Es mi música favorita con mi músico favorito me encanta

  88. Riccardo Menghini


  89. Gerardo Salazar

    Es una musica bella y culta refleja la belleza del hombre,conectado con la divinidad..el hombre soñando en esta vida que es prestada... Vivaldi un genio.

  90. EMS- Project


  91. christiane leveque

    superbe,je ne peux m en passer!

  92. 멜랑 멜랑

    솔직히 나 비발디 곡 잘 안듣는데 이건 오진다..

  93. Наталья Негодова

    она трепещет и вибрирует словно живое существо

  94. pxachy peachys

    lol i cried listening this

  95. Lyla AT

    when Pit Bull finds out of Vivaldi's popularity, Pit Bull's going to ask Antonnio for a duet xD

    Villie Stephanov

    LoL, he is busy with Matt

    Lyla AT

    @Villie Stephanov LOL


    Excellente interprétation !!!

  97. Piero Montemaggiore Schreiber

    It’s feels like pure breath in a world of self destructing behaviors;Honestly Europe is living in a Dark age of mind lost...What happens whit all this? What we do wrong to suffer this emptiness of values? I’m a dark brown skin Italian Sicilian man,poor and Un educated,And I will do the only thing I would save my world your world and my descendants world,I will support Lega Nord and that’s the best way to end this comment.

    Riccardo Menghini

    What are the " Values " you are referring to? I cant believe you support someone who offended you and your beautiful isle for a long time. You remember the word terrone for sure. Sovranism is another word not to call this as it is. FASCISM. Good luck, you need it. Of course, your final commenr is the worst way to end an initially correct comment.

    Piero Montemaggiore Schreiber

    Riccardo Menghini Slowdown You leftists intentions to Have an opinion about my comment,Europe is going to a drainpipe...And I don’t care at all about your point,it’s that clear enough?

    Piero Montemaggiore Schreiber

    TruthShallSetYouFree To being honest my path is my own right to realize the truth in my heart and the truth in others heart.

    Riccardo Menghini

    @Piero Montemaggiore Schreiber good luck and sorry to bother with an opinion.

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