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Klasik Müzik - Vivaldi-Kış
: Vivaldi-Kış
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: 237 Toplam İndirme
25-11-2017 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 237 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Klasik Müzik - Vivaldi-Kış )
  1. No one

    Don't you guys feel powerful listening to this? 🔥

  2. SurpriseCollector

    1:14 you’re welcome


    More like 0:00

  3. Troy Vasquez

    Definitely my favorite out of the 4 seasons

  4. Bianca Mora

    joputa maldito anuncio

  5. Jester Green

    "The Devil came down to Venecia" could be an alternative title for this tune

  6. Isaiah Ibarra

    si vis pacem, para bellum

  7. Marco Di Caprio

    Viva Vivaldi

  8. Uroš Pavlović

    John wick + Vivaldi=BUUUUUUUUMM!!!!?!!!!

  9. Justine Levin

    john wiiiick

  10. Masterchief the Conqueror

    Since this seems to be still seen, I'm trying to find a piece of classical music that has like a Christmasy feel, and has like a fast string opening with some big brass goin Bruhum, brah bruhummmmm or something like that, very long shot but I jus wanna see yk

  11. Chirag Rewariya

    now this is real music unlike that billie eilish shit ...

  12. Gunpowder Symphony

    The picture haunts me. I will never be able to unsee the ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  13. emin karapetian

    i am infatuated with this tune and its sensation inside me that always makes me fill cold and snow while i'm hearing this….it is like painting winter in music, with its all ambience, mood, light, laugh, drama, happiness sadness moon and looking out of window seeing life and knowing where a person is in where ever he/she is….each composition of Vivaldi has a natural universe in it, it is beyond explanation, opens up my eyes to life of whole beings with everything in it this man.

  14. Kamila Arenas

    Bookmark keep scrolling my dudes 1:10

  15. Skerdi Elezi

    Genius Deconstructed: Making of “WINTER” with Vivaldi.Vivaldi: Took a sample , added gross beat.

  16. freddie mercury


  17. Blueberry McPhuckerson

    The first montage music.

  18. sheshea

    i lowkey wanna see someone remake this more modern and edm based

  19. Tess Porter

    ye old beat drop

  20. _BrandonSlayer04 _

    John wick cuisine royale?

  21. hiram

    turn uuuuppp!!!!!!!

  22. gabriel ynso

    Started playing in the shower.

  23. Gus Cervantes

    DDR. V. For vendetta. Brought me here....

  24. Snidvark

    guys am i a normal person i mean i'm almost 17 years old in 2019 and i love those old songs

    Kaff Nation

    Snidvark yes, completely normal, nothing special about you

    Catherine Pundmann

    * piece

  25. Retro Tony

    Winston: would you help set the mode for our new guest?

  26. Maraxis - The Void Collapsed

    This boy hitting beats harder than my dad with the belt


    Guns ... lots of guns ⚔

  28. Jinhunter Slay

    Everyone: John WickMe: Greta

  29. ᴍʀ.ᴡᴏʟғғʏ

    2021? 🙌🙌

  30. tecnicadelos1000mund

    Oh! John Wick theme!!

  31. Liam

    Thanks, Winston

  32. Najam Saqib

    Ci Vis Pacem; Para bellum

  33. Mexthemen

    Winston: what do you need? Mr.wick: guns, lots of guns

  34. Blueiceberg

    this is metal AF


    I decided to name my first kid Vivaldi after this wonderful guy ❤️

  36. Ouch series

    I was there before he blew up, good old days.

  37. Roset828

    0:39 is when the SHREDDING starts

  38. Eliothebeast

    Only 1700's kids will understand

  39. Wang Alan

    What metal sounds like in 1700

  40. John Fleming

    Master piece of the Rembrandt, Renaissance Historical, Rebirthing of the Fine Arts!

  41. mustard roshi

    Youtube algorithm is improving i see

  42. The Tweeshrew

    Only 1720s kids can remember

  43. Amani Salamah

    Our of the Four Seasons, Winter is my all time favorite, it's so rapid but peaceful at the same time; I love it. My greatest desire for the violin is to play this song one day.

  44. JB Markowicz

    if you want peace prepare for war

  45. Decebalo

    The 1500 dislikes are coming from not-european culture. XD XD XD

  46. Komang Parama Siddhi


  47. joel sv

    Este wey no se andaba con mamadas. Piezasa que dejó

  48. Jan Kenny

    Vivaldi was in my Teen Beat mags and I hung every pic!!! Not only was he hot, he had cool beats! 🎶 🎻 🥵

  49. sawlties

    love this, i m listening to it rn (on stream) and my stream likes it too thank u for uploading this beautiful piece

    Oliver Lundin

    From your stream <3 xD

  50. Yvan Azastrasz

    Who's the soloist ?  (would be nice to have it in the video description)I'm trying to find which interpretation of Winter I prefer. (so far #1 Itzhak Perlman,  #2 Chloe Chua, #3 Julia Fischer)Thx.

  51. Francisco D

    All these John wick fans, anyone here from Chefs table on Netflix intro? Noone?really? ... No no, it's ok. I'll see myself out. 😅


    Francisco D Anyone here who actually enjoys this music and didn’t hear it from some bad movie or Netflix series? No, just me?

  52. Navit Shem

    גאון, וכל מילה מיותרת ( נוח על משכבך בשלום ותן לכסילים מתחתיי להמשיך לזיין תמוח)

  53. Beethoven, Ludwig van

    "Si Vis Pacem Parabellum."

  54. Agent Carmichael

    I like rock and heavy metal but I also like classical and baroque

  55. Despertar Espiritual

    Como alguém pode dar dislike para esse som tão magnífico?

  56. Aaron Wolf

    1720s kids in the club went HARD to this

  57. Jessica Lizarraga

    OMG the sun always shines on TV intro

    my mom

    Jessica u damn cockthrobing insufferable w hore give them back

  58. icecrevm

    I remember I went to all his concerts 😭😭 can’t believe I was that close to one of my idols ❤️ if you only came after his recent albums you’re a fake fan, I’ve been with him since he started playing!

  59. Jamie Leggett

    Quite simply perfect

  60. The Garish Goy

    Whats the specific recording? Who performs this version?

    African Nickgar

    U gonna get mustard

    my mom

    What was the jew trying to find in the ash tray?His family

  61. leo calostros

    this guy plays at lollapalooza next year, i'm HYPED 😭👌

  62. Alex Fosler

    "Ugh classical music is so boring"


    Alex Fosler Only to the uncultured.

    my mom

    @Evomre like black neeee gurz


    Pre-1900s European music is the great pleb filter.

  63. YeetMaster42069

    Me and the bois in the 1700s when this fire dropped

  64. kases sades

    acaba türk varmı

  65. Nuvole Bianche

    Just stare back at him

  66. Luke Calkins

    This song slaps

    Maren Savino

    piece, not song

  67. TheGreenSamurai

    You know Vivaldi did something right when we are still bopping this in 2019.

  68. Slash


  69. Agathe Lelong

    A dislike ??? WTF ??????????

  70. Cyplor -


  71. RottenHippo

    1:14 gives me goosebumps

  72. Its Your Swifty

    “Si vis pacem, parabellum”

  73. Garrett Dragan

    This bêät pøpįñ

  74. Larissa Rangel


  75. ArtWizardSam

    I just heard an electric guitar (metal, to be accurate) version of this on YT and my god. Vivaldi was a true rockstar! Can totally imagine kids back then headbanging to this.


    ArtWizardSam Gross image. Way to demean the piece.

  76. Patrick Joseph

    Had to break Billboard Top 10 that year!!!!!

  77. L EX

    The Winter in RUSSIA is COLD af!

  78. Mtv Madness

    15 years

  79. Viet Long

    this track flames yo when was this released

  80. Elisângela Cavazzini

    inigualável! ❤️

  81. Cyka blyat

    He really fell off after this hasn’t made a new album in over 200 years

  82. Cyka blyat

    Sorry but lil uzi who ??

  83. GrandpaSpaceOreo

    1.5k + uncultured swines disliked

  84. Wasgeht abmitdir

    John Wick 3...

  85. Dr Panther

    After the drop the strings were damaged and drums burst and microphones stop working (If there was any)

  86. Yea man sure

    The piece is called winter but it changes the weather to summer cause its so hot

  87. Alessia Gambera

    comments on classical music videos>>comments on any other video.

  88. leftvsright studios

    Ah, 1720s songs always have me lit

  89. Daniel Sanchez

    when u posting ur next mixtape

    my mom

    Please don't associate nee gar terms with this

    Daniel Sanchez

    my mom r/wooooooosh

  90. Christian Smith

    Doctor: you have 9 minutes and 23 seconds left to liveMe:

  91. S Kivari

    I'd like to hear an arrangement that included drums.

  92. Aava

    *~how wonderful~*

  93. Akemi

    That face is pure meme material... Guess if there was wifi back then, this face would have been a meme lmao

  94. haydiepie

    vivaldi is my homeboi

  95. SamCaligari

    Come to Brazil

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