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Haydn-Symphony 6
Klasik Müzik - Haydn-Symphony 6
: Haydn-Symphony 6
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25-11-2017 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 179 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Klasik Müzik - Haydn-Symphony 6 )
  1. painless czech

    so fucking good

  2. Elizabeth Córdoba

    No me considero un gran conocedor de la música clásica, pero, puedo decir que la Sinfonia Nro. 6 de Haydn, especialmente en esta versión de Alberto Lizzio, es mi debilidad.


    USA Anniversary of Haydn's birth.


    Good Morning, Guten Morgen, Buon Giorno, Buenos Dias, Dobar Dan, Bon Jour, Dobry Utro, Kalimera (pronounced)

  5. Carlos Bustos

    Qué bella música..! Se trata de una hermosa versión de la Sinfonía Nro. 6.

  6. christophe FAIVRE

    Toute la beauté du classicisme

  7. Mark Manning

    Haydn has a constant grin on hisface, even when he is solemn.

  8. BlueMountain 2

    Enjoy our band together(시와그림과음악Band)


    I wonder if this version was tuned to 440hz or 432?

    Andreas Johannes Salminen

    My music player (I use Foobar2000) gives out 44100Hz


    @Andreas Johannes Salminen No i don't mean the sample frequency. I mean the tuning. Every instrument is tuned to a Reference tone. Up until the mid 1930s it was A=432 Hertz. But during that time it was suddenly changed to 440 Hertz for absolutely no reason and now it's more or less the standard for instrument tuning. 432hz is actually how it should be.

    Andreas Johannes Salminen

    Ah, I see. I wouldn't know about these finer points, but I take your word for it :) Sadly there isn't any further information about this performance in the booklet of the CD from which it is taken.

    Alex H

    @KRAFTWERK2K6 from what I've heard speculated, it was a Nazi science experiment made to have you feel uneasy all the time

  10. mrsneaky2010

    Wow what a start to this piece!! An early example of programme symphony perhaps?!

  11. Whalan Medicalcentre


  12. Bator Lilia

    Le plus grand nombre de musicien vient d'Autriche. Un pays ou il fait bon vivre.

    ياسر لتكنلوجيا المعلومات

    لا دار للمرء بعد الموت يسكنها إلا التي كان قبل الموت يبنيها

  13. Плиг Леха


  14. Плиг Леха

    Музыка иозефа гайдна это классика,а она нетленна.

    ياسر لتكنلوجيا المعلومات

    Верьте и Бог

  15. Soy La Soñadora

    "Who can say where the road goes? Where the day flows? Only Time..." brought me here😅

  16. Bator Lilia

    Je vu la maison de Haydn a Wien.

  17. liz goddard

    Haydn said to Mozart's father Leopold, "Your son is the greatest composer known to me in person or by reputation" . Mozart and Haydn dedicated works to each other out of mutual respect but unfair to say Mozart learned everything from Haydn. He was a child prodigy and was taugh by Leopold.

  18. Ay Prenses

    Bizim kavalda evrensel bunlar gibide para kudurtmasiyla bir ilgisi yok (bkz Neset Baba)

  19. Nurl Sariev


  20. Nurl Sariev

    Haidn fantastic

  21. Francisco Ferrer Galiana

    ¡Esplendida Sinfonía..¡¡¡ Gracias por tanta belleza.¡¡¡

  22. Flo Hem

    da langweilt mann sich zu tode

    Konrad Messerer

    ....ob sich frau auch zu tode langweilt.....?

  23. Fukura Yuza


  24. webmar

  25. DZIQ


  26. David Gartner

    Jesus don't love me.....

  27. Aleccej Kraftcoff


  28. Angelo Piazzini

    Very nice Symphony, great virtuosity and phrasing !! Beautiful !!

  29. Jake George

    My mom sexually harrasses me everyday and tries to demasculate me, I listen to this to drown her out.

  30. tsisili

    @nichtvondieserwelt: Wenn Du keine Trollmaschine bist, mußt Du vorzeitig aus Hamburg zurück gekommen sein oder einfach der Sonne zu lange gehuldigt haben..... Mit anderen Worten: Du tust mir wirklich leid!

  31. Fukura Yuza


  32. ahmad raza ansari


  33. Peter Wilfinger

    Bravo Tsitsili, wir sind deutschsprachig und sollen unsere Kultur hochhalten.

  34. Heriberto E Aranda

    Thank you Andreas... I'm in Awe!

    Andreas Johannes Salminen

    Me too! I'm glad you like it!

  35. John Cowin

    WONDERFUL - BEAUTIFUL - SO GENTLE - PERFECT ! Many , many thanks... John Cowin - London - England

    Andreas Johannes Salminen

    You're welcome!

  36. Eric Dovigi

    Haydn is always so amazing.

  37. Luis Alberto Almeida

    Hadyn the Great Composer.

  38. 1000 Abos Ohne Video

    (kotz)Mehr anzeigenWeniger anzeigen


    ricOLAF der Echte wut?

  39. Rodolfo Lima

    14:03 - this should be a DOUBLEBASS solo, not cello!

  40. F. J. Iglesias

    Es más que bella. En su aparente sencillez, a veces parece... un milagro. Gracias Papá Haydn.

  41. Sana Maralava

    Je trouve cette musique tellement magnifique... Elle me donne envie de pleurer tellement c'est doux et beau...

  42. Johan Reiners

    Thanks for uploading this out-of-the-world beautiful symphony. Is there any way one can do away with the cacophonic burst of commercials interrupting moments of divine bliss?

    Andreas Johannes Salminen

    You're welcome! I agree that the advertisements are a real nuisance. They didn't appear before when I had uploaded this video. I suppose YouTube starts inserting advertisements into videos once a certain number of views has been reached... But sadly, I don't know any way how to block or remove them :(

    john smith

    Install AdBlocker and they magically disappear!


    nothing is free


    AdBlocker works!

  43. John Carrick

    Beautiful. Thank you Andreas.

    Andreas Johannes Salminen

    Beautiful beyond words! You're welcome, John :)

  44. Franz Bauer


  45. zonszein

    What a beautiful symphony.

    Andreas Johannes Salminen



    Accompanied by beautiful images. Again: thank you for this moment of happiness

    Andreas Johannes Salminen

    You're most welcome! I'm glad you enjoy it :)

  46. Andres Valencia

    and did you see sinister 2

  47. Andres Valencia

    and di ravello

  48. Andres Valencia

    because I love Rico Rodriguez just cause 3😃😃😃

    Andreas Johannes Salminen

    Fair enough :b

  49. Andres Valencia

    because I love violence and pollution

    Andreas Johannes Salminen

    I see. Well I suppose that would explain your sentiment! If I may interest you with another question, I'd be keen to know why you have such an affection with violence and pollution?

  50. thierry gouvernet

    Symphonie "matinale", mieux qu'un rêve éveillé...

  51. Andres Valencia

    this sucks dude

    Andreas Johannes Salminen

    How come?

    Jim Symons

    Very inarticulate; a certain amount of erudition would be nice.

  52. Andres Valencia

    well I have heard that song as a 5 years old

  53. remi xuereb

    Interprétation très italienne avec beaucoup d'excellente légèreté en même temps que sens du rythme mais aussi excellente articulation des notes sans faute ce qui aurait plu à grand papa Haydn , avec une certaine émotion dans les violons bien agiles et très à l'amble dans les vibrato ce qui n'est pas si courant . Une version de référence selon moi de cette importante symphonie N°6 de Joseph Haydn qui jalonne son oeuvre si importante.. Merci pour le très beau diaporama D'Andreas Johannes Salminen . Les musiciens d'I Musici di San Marco sont excelentissimes !

    Jaz Elliott

    👍thx for that one

    Star Wars Everything And Anything

    I canna read this

    Thread Bomb

    Malheureusement, je pense que les musiciens jouent sous un pseudonyme.

  54. Jolly Jokress

    okay nice, not as good as bach but a welcoming alternative. he knows how to bring joy! :) :) :) thays probably why he was so very popular in his time!

    Uri Tibon

    I don't believe you can gain much by comparing such great artists - My "philosophy" is to enjoy what you have without regrets of what you are missing out on.If I may add to your observasions of Haydn:He also knew how to be incredibly evocative in music - Listen to the opening measures of this symphony and tell me you cannot see the sun gently rising, with her grand light becoming greater and greater as the instruments add up to a magnificent colorful opening!He also had a great sense of humor - Listen to the great contrast of the splendid sunrise-introduction to the energetic bustle of the first theme and the whole movemen - As if one had no time to breathe from the moment of dawn!These examples and others only serve in my view to add to what you wrote - he really knew how to bring joy with his music. About Bach - well he definitly had a few tricks up his sleeve as well ;)

    Jeffrey Kaufmann

    Uri Tibon you can't compare Bach to Haydn.Bach is baroque and Haydn classical.

    Elaine Blackhurst

    Jolly Jokress An utterly pointless and irrelevant comparison; it’s like saying fish is better than chips, raspberries are better than peaches, or blue is better than red.

  55. Izaak Fewton

    Where are we going???

  56. Huang Sharon

    I feel that I get energy & power from Haydn's Thank you!

    Andreas Johannes Salminen

    You're welcome! I'm glad to hear this brings joy to you. It does that to me as well!

  57. Glauber Robson

    Very simple, very touching and beautiful. I wouldn't expect such a beauty for an earlier symphony. The violin part is so beautiful. It totally matches the title "Morning symphony". Well done :).

  58. Puzzle Tutorials

    This symphony is my favorite song I listen to it all the time. I love all the little pictures too!

    Andreas Johannes Salminen

    I'm glad you appreciate my little effort with the pictures :) And yes, the music itself by Haydn is remarkably wonderful.

    Puzzle Tutorials

    +Andreas Johannes Salminen Yes, yes it is.

  59. shnimmuc

    My god this is great.This is better than a lot of Mozart.


    @Søren TurinMY friend, Mozart`s teachers in order were:His Dad, Padre Martini, J C Bach, the Manheim School of composers and lastly, Bach, Handel and Haydn. by exposure to their music.

    Chuck Norris

    +shnimmuc don't forget Chevalier de Saint Georges

    Jeffrey Kaufmann

    shnimmuc the symphonies of Mozart and Haydn sound very alike.But had Mozart lived another 20 years he would have composed even greater music

    Thread Bomb

    Remember that the majority of Mozart's music was written when he was very young (he started composing when he was 5). He died when he was 35, Haydn died when he was 77, 18 years after Mozart. Haydn called Mozart the greatest composer he knew (after hearing the 6 quartets Mozart dedicated to Haydn). Haydn's remark about Mozart is actually quite well known. He told Leopold Mozart (Mozart's father): “Before God, and as an honest man, I tell you that your son is the greatest composer known to me either in person or by name; he has taste, and, furthermore, the most profound knowledge of composition.” Mozart : piano concertos, violin concertos, sinfonia concertante (for violin and viola), last 10 string quartets, string quintets, requiem.

    Elaine Blackhurst

    Thread Bomb The two composers, even though contemporaries, are in fact more different than most casual listeners realise. In the case of these three well known symphonies, they pre-date all Mozart’s music, being written in 1761 - Mozart was five years old and additionally, this trilogy was pretty much unique in conception amongst the symphonies of both composers.

  60. Melvyn Elphee

    Very good version with extremelty forward recording. BUT listen to the Norwegian version with Isserlis for something even finer.

  61. marcos aquino

    Tudo belo, inclusive a edição de imagens!

  62. Eduardo Porzecanski

    Amigos,el I mov es maravilloso.Una gran maniana,optimista,energe'tica y llena de fe en el futuro !!.-

  63. Mac Wba

    Thanks used this for homework

    Andreas Johannes Salminen

    +Mackenzie Porter-Deleon You're welcome :)


    ha im using this for homework too, it's so hard to find classical music videos that aren't hours long...

  64. Frank Geeraerts

    This is a wonderfull piece of singing notes.....a wonderfull musical taste have it for breakfast....Thank you Andreas !

    Addie Kennedy

    Andreas Johannes Salminen You put the BEST music ever!!!!!! thx this helps me to relaxed

    Andreas Johannes Salminen

    You're welcome :) Glad you appreciate.

    Addie Kennedy

    @Andreas Johannes Salminen you should do bewtovens 5 symphony

    Andreas Johannes Salminen

    Thanks for the request. I'll try to sort it out in the near future!

    ياسر لتكنلوجيا المعلومات

    It's fun to live without a goal, no honor, no identity!

  65. Ana Briones

    A very nice version of a wondrous work. Thank you!

    Ana Briones

    enjoyment and healing (as you rightly said, there is somthing incredibly therapeutic in this music, pure light)

    Andreas Johannes Salminen

    @Ana Briones Indeed so :)

    Frank Geeraerts

    @Ana BrionesIt  takes away all sadness............a loving soul creates music and the music inside it ......heals ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ana Briones

    @Frank Geeraerts , Indeed so! And a marvellous reminder us of what fantastic miracle it is, a morning. A rebirth, fresh, from the beginning, all possibilities open, the unknown, light, optimism, a Robinson beholding all the possibilities on the island of life. I just still can't believe that this music is conceived and written by Human hand. Viva la musica and viva Haydn!!!

    Eduardo Porzecanski

    +Ana Briones Haydn y Ana para todos!!!!!!!.-

  66. Josefina Pacheco

    Celestial Blessing!! heart thanks for this heaven gift, from God to everyone.

    Andreas Johannes Salminen

    +bersa888 Let us put this way: if it wasn't for God, Haydn or anyone else for that matter couldn't have ever heard this music let alone put it to notes. Or in other words - Haydn put the notes into it, God put the music :)

    Andreas Johannes Salminen

    +bersa888 Indeed, such is your opinion and view on the case, and I respect that. All one can hope for is equal respect in return, I suppose. My intent was not to belittle F.J. Haydn or his outstanding talent by any means. Certainly this music wouldn't have been realized without him, either. For me (or a person who believes in God and his ability to influence this "tangible" life, so to speak), Haydn is as important part as is God, regarding this particular case. I might have worded my thoughts in a misleading way, but I did not mean to write as if I was attributing all Haydn's creativity to the supernatural. It is quite obvious that humans are capable of creating art or anything they desire by themselves as well, without any a thought or even attempt to connect it with God. But from this viewpoint, a synergeia or "co-operation" between God and human is what yields the greatest result. That is to say - if allowed, God can magnify and make even more pristine that which a human creates. But then again, if one holds a belief in a personal God as "portrayed" in Judeo-Christian tradition, the Lord is the creator of everything that is tangible and everything that isn't tangible, which would mean that humans can only create autonomously with things and abilities that have been given to and breathed into them.As has been made evident by you, this is not a matter of fact or something that can be measured empirically or by physical criteria (I don't think I ever insinuated such, by the way...), but a matter of belief. But as also has been made evident by you, you don't hold such a belief yourself :) As said, one can only hope for mutual, equal respect for each other's thoughts and viewpoints.

    John Hills

    I completely agree with you , as far as i know God has never ever spoken to, or made any indication that he actualy exists to anyone on earth!!

    John Hills

    I thought Haydn wrote it !!!

  67. Polki Sa Zawsze Kieszonkowsze

    Really quality version. At the start, flute's entrée is so delicate… strings are so nice, and don't drown out the woodwind, c.f. Adam Fischer 1989! Sound is controlled right through the initial crescendo—the wave peaks without froth and spray, so to speak. Really wonderful. Thanks for uploading.

    Andreas Johannes Salminen

    You're welcome :) I'm glad that you appreciate. Thanks for the comments.

  68. Horeon Mazzola

    Art says the unsayable; expresses the inexpressible, translates the untranslatable.

  69. Duncan Griffin

    shame about the Christian propaganda at the beginning, perhaps it would have been more appropriate before The Creation hahahaha

    Polki Sa Zawsze Kieszonkowsze

    @Andreas Johannes Salminen You are a much better person than I am.

    Andreas Johannes Salminen

    @Polki Sa Zawsze Kieszonkowsze  You shoudn't say so. I am fragile and defective as a human. I can only try my best to act as I've experienced life personally, based on my own experiences... and try to show other humans the same love that the Lord has shown me. I fail all too often in that, but I need to keep on trying at least :)

    Michael Whitaker

    +Duncan Griffin Tch, Tch. Poor You.

    Lord High Admiral Of The Hobby Horse Marines

    Duncan Griffin How is it propaganda? Would you say the same about a verse from an Indian sacred text, or do you have a personal hatred for Christianity?

    Thread Bomb

    Imagine if the video began with: “The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them.” ― Karl Marx

  70. tsisili

    Und wieder schuf ein deutschsprachiger Meister der Musik Großartiges, Unvergeßliches und manifestiert sich sogar bis heute in der heutigen 3.Strophe unserer Nationalhymmne.Der Hofmusiker der Familie Eszterhazy konnte seine Abgeschiedenheit nutzen,um sich seine Originalität zu bewahren.Hervorzuheben ist das Volkslied, welches für den habsburgischen Kaiser des Heiligen Römischen Reiches Deutscher Nation Franz II komponiert wurde."Gott, erhalte Franz, den Kaiser" war die Hymmne der Österreichischen Kaiserund das bis nach 1918, als bereits die 1.Republik ausgerufen wurde!!!Und wer kann sich schon als Vater der klassischen Sinfonien und des Streichquartetts, sowie der komplexen Sonatenform bezeichnen?!

    Walter Kessler

    An Ihrer Stelle würden meine Kommentare eher die Schönheit und Besinnlichkeit dieser Interpretation betonen. Musik kann Menschen zusammenbringen, so wie wahrscheinlich Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Haydn es wahrscheinlich auch wollten und in keiner Weise nationale Überheblichkeit in den Vordergrund zu bringen.


    @Walter KesslerEs beruhigt mich, daß Sie nicht an meiner Stelle sind, denn wer nationalen Stolz (alle Nationen der Erde sollten ihn besitzen - auch wir Deutschen) mit Überheblichkeit gleichsetzt, hat Wesentliches nicht verstanden.Schönheit und Besinnlichkeit, die wahrlich vorhanden sind, bringen Menschen natürlich eher zusammen und spalten nicht, wie von Ihnen irrtümlich vermutet.Wer seinen (National-)stolz verliert, ist ein krummes, krankes Etwas, das nicht mehr aufrecht durchs Leben schreiten kann!!!

    Elmar Wiesmann

    Wer den Kapellmeister eines ungarischen Magnaten für den Nationalstolz der Deutschen vereinnahmen will, macht sich gleich mehrfach lächerlich: man kann Haydns Geburtsland für ungarisch oder österreichisch halten, ein Deutscher war er nie, so wie die Österreicher nie Deutsche waren. Deutschland ist eine Konstruktion des 19.Jahrhunderts, Bismarckscher Provenienz. Gerade Haydn hätte als Bürger Ungarns mit dem clownesken Nationalstolz auf Sprachbasis Probleme gehabt.


    Hier ging es nicht um eine "Vereinnahmung", doch anscheinend ist das Wort NATIONALSTOLZ für viele Menschen ein Dorn im Auge. Einer unserer besten DEUTSCHSPRACHIGEN MUSIKER kommt aus Niederösterreich, dem kleinen Örtchen Rohrau. Damals wie heute sind die Heimat und unsere Muttersprache die Wurzeln unseres Seins, worauf wir sehr, sehr stolz sein können!!!Also Herr Wiesmann, wer Nationalstolz als "clownesk" einstuft, sollte aufpassen, daß er sich nicht selbst zu solchem macht. In diesem Sinne einen fröhlichen Tag und wohlwollende Gedanken.

    extra boss

    tsisili p

  71. ClusterVisionMach2

    A musical masterpiece. Thank you for uploading.   

    Andreas Johannes Salminen

    You're most welcome :) This is indeed a remarkable piece of wonder.

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