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Beethoven-3. Senfoni
Klasik Müzik - Beethoven-3. Senfoni
: Beethoven-3. Senfoni
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15-11-2017 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 298 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Klasik Müzik - Beethoven-3. Senfoni )
  1. Kim Jong-Un

    We North Koreans love Beethoven

  2. Victor José

    44:01 a parte que todos estavam esperando. ( Pelo menos eu estava ).

  3. STW

    Every time you hold a music CD in your hands, you also hold a tribute to Beethoven's Ninth. The music CD was designed to fit Beethoven's Ninth completely on it. 74 Minutes - Runtime Standard of a Music CD74 Minutes - Beethoven's Ninth at the Bayreuth Festival in GermanyNo joke ... Greetings from Southern Germany

  4. Turbo

    Listened to this 14 times now, what's everyone else on?

  5. Iniuria is the best Legit cheat for CS:GO

    You came for 49:24 , don't lie to me.

  6. Victor Paes Plinio

    I love the fugal stretti in the second movement!

  7. Link


  8. Silverdrop Studios

    Lovely music

  9. Jaja Bautista

    then how do you know hahahahah

  10. Tim Inglis

    Guitar Rendition of Fur Elise

  11. Luis Orego


  12. Vaakir

    Anyone else watching in 1885?

  13. Tibor Visi

    Opus 125


    51:12 New Order era / Reformation / Heiwa era


    12NファンファーレOP 1990日の出から始まる->朝日旗->架空の街並み->紙の形成(ジャカルタの紋章、日本地図、コールサイン、周波数、出力レベル、番号12)、赤の背景->三色線(緑、赤、青)->で終わる 12ネットワークロゴ

  16. Ademir de Almeida

    Maravilha estas musicas


    West jakartan commercial version uses choir version on a bus in Bekasi. Started when i'm on the bus and said "Hi everybody!" then no reply. Beethoven 9th Symphony 4th Movement on first part played. "Oh god! What a harder life, i cannot see a cute girl inside." My friend replied "Cocobit here, please drink"A days later...I'm going to bus again, there's a student from BPK Penabur (unknown), and i'm said "Hold my hand please!"Then the bus passengers becomes choir and sings, "Freude schoner Gotterfunken Tochter aus Elysium!"ended with Voiceover "Cocobit, An elixir to Victory!"

  18. dark overlod

    He guides other to a treasure he cannot posses

  19. BTDBuster

    I love this

  20. Destro7000

    What's the bit at 16:00 called??

  21. Dorijan Krajinovic

    It had been a wonderful evening and what I needed now to give it the perfect ending was a bit of the old Ludwig van.

  22. Christopher Lee

    LVB faked his own death and is now known as Keith Richards.I plead for the fifth.The deaf jokes were so funny I forgot to sign.Music magicians are rare.Just let his magic marinate you into peace.Oh,turn up the volume too.fycn

  23. Abel Palmer

    I think Mahler drew inspiration from the beginning of this piece while writing his first symphony. The descending V I, V I are very reminiscent

  24. sacha nicole


  25. Caduvale123 Vale

    1 hora? Pqp saí fora


    Vai escutar funk que é o que a unica coisa que voce entende mané

  26. Wave Check 100%

    1780 kids be like :alexa play Beethoven 9 symphony

  27. Wave Check 100%

    Lil drippy snack bee the van writing his fire 🔥 album

  28. white sky

    54:50Dont mind me just putting my fav part

  29. Josh

    Hearing this makes me want to jump out of a window to do me self in

  30. Muh Djusuf

    Its so cool

  31. 13 years old

    Beethoven : deafBach: blindMozart: deeo depressionBut they compose the greatest music and be greatest composer.

  32. 13 years old

    Top 1 music ever most finest musical works.

  33. Лёня Лютый

    Everyone: THIS GUY IS GENIUS!!!Me: windows xp...

  34. El Agricultor

    17 mil personas están más sordas que Beethoven.

  35. León Aubé Penitoc 14/88

    The purest form of Artistic music. This is literally a masterpiece in all sense of word.

  36. Gianluca Little boy blu

    Arancia meccanica

  37. Gianluca Little boy blu

    Che faccia da pazzo che aveva Beethoven 😱

  38. Can sönmez

    İnanır mısınız o kadar düşkünüm ki klasik müziğe her gece beethoven ın senfonilerini dinlemeden uyuyamıyorum


    Helal :)

  39. Paulo gamer

    beethoven is a devil

  40. forgottensailor2006

    Imagine being there...hearing it for the first time...seeing him..and his reaction when they turned him around (because he didn't realize it was over and the entire audience was blown away)...imagine.

  41. Tv Party

    1770-1827 Freimaurer Ludwig van Beethoven. Deutscher Musiker. Trat früh in eine Freimaurerloge ein. Der Leiter des Bonner Illuminatenordens Christian Gottlob Neefe erteilte Beethoven Musikunterricht. Bonn war eine Illuminatenhochburg. Die 9. Sinfonie ist wahrscheinlich eine (pädophile) Vergewaltigungsphantasie (Neffe Karl). Deshalb kommt sie bei den heutigen Brüsseler Bürokraten auch so gut an.

  42. Cesar Larios

    Me encanta Beethoven ..... linda música, te relaja, esto mas una rica taza de café y un buen libro... Saludos desde Guatemala...


    1:03:52 NET (現在テレビ朝日) の初代OP (1959)

  44. Patryk Rogaczewski

    Ktoś od Michała Pola?


    54:49"SOCIALISM MARCH"Freude, schöner Götterfunken,Tochter aus Elysium!Wir betreten feuertrunken,Himmlische, dein Heiligtum!Deine Zauber binden wiederWas die Mode streng geteilt,A-Alle Menschen werden BrüderWo dein sanfter Flügel weilt.

  46. Vantage Seeker Gaming

    17K people must be deaf and thirsty for some milk.

  47. Mike Brown

    I grew up playing Beethoven on the piano.Thank you so much, mom and dad that you helped me to open my ears and mind for this beautiful music.There is no comparison. There is no equal. This will last throughout the ages!

  48. noob tv

    16:06A rocket is launchedAw comon! My lunch is in there!

  49. Janaina Freitas

    Meu coração queima ao ouvir isto ❤

  50. andristein03

    uuuh dude, you can't put ads in this video, this isn't your work

  51. Haken kreuz

    Ich liebe dieses Lied.Schön vor allem.

  52. Antonio Pinto

    Só um gênio , apesar de ser surdo, podia compor a maior sinfonia de sempre. Viva Beethoven.....


    16:06 A Clockwork Orange song

  54. Hector Lalalala

    This reminds me of tom n jerry

  55. coletania momentos

    Cotidiano de alguns è naturalmente arte.

  56. coletania momentos

    Rara,algo táo feia, que prende a atençáo.Exclusividade.

  57. grine farouk

    Why especially N:09

  58. Typowy Nietypowy

    Who's after "Clockwork orange"?

  59. Clari Nere

    Hallo Deutschland! Dieser Mann war Deutsch!!!! Weckt dich auf

    Robert Suhren

    Wecke dich auf?

    Clari Nere

    Ja, entschuldige mich bitte, ich bin nigh Deutsche, sonder wollte ich sagen, etwas wie "wake up"😆

    Robert Suhren

    @Clari Nere achso... "Das weckt auf" ist richtig 3. Singular.

    Clari Nere

    @Robert Suhren vielen dank. So eine blöte Fehler

  60. Billy Vasques

    Who else gets Clockwork Orange flashbacks

  61. jonatan eduardo obando trujillo


  62. Daniel Basilio

    Me ubiera gustado haberlo escuchado en vivo 🤩

  63. Creepy girl

    No entiendo a las personas que dicen que duermen con música clásica

  64. Leon Hell

    Man, this Beatoven sucks

  65. John Doe

    Oh bliss, bliss and heaven.

  66. Arcelia Anahí

    Ictus van rítmicas

  67. Gyula Ugron

    Schiller: An di Freude című költeményét éneklik az utolsó tételben. Az Európai Unióhoz ma már méltatlan himnuszként. A befejező két sor:" Kéjben úsznak a parányok, S kerub zengi: szent az Úr!" Hol a keresztény Európa? Ezt most Beethoven kérdezi.

  68. billy bill

    One of the only reasons I have YouTube red lol

  69. thales ribeiro

    Algum br?

  70. Jamil Rodriguez

    Alguien sabe donde puedo descargar esta maravilla completa y en buena a calidad?

  71. Laura C.

    Minute 54:52 HANDS UP IN THE AIR

  72. Bilim Adresi

    where is the best place this syphony?

  73. Laura Mariela


  74. Stéphane Roy

    The intensity of this masterpiece is so well expressed by Christian Bale's acting in Equilibrium !

  75. luminita Mocanu

    Beethoven unul din marile genii ale lumii. Ramii fără cuvinte și simți ca se fringe sufletul de atita frumusețe. În muzica lui este cuprinsa întreaga creație a lui Dumnezeu.

  76. Joaquin


  77. bar drama

    Most of his core training and skills were developed before he went deaf. Not to menton, almost every trained musician in that time wrote music down for symphony without hearing it. Just like he did being deaf. The real thing we should be talking about here is not his lack of hearing, but how big his heart was. This is the main talent that seperated Beethoven from a lot of composers. Why on earth would you spend all this time on something, when you cannot get the reward and pleasure of hearing it yourself? Because he did it for others and for his legacy as a musician. He cared to write it for the world and perhaps someone he loved. His heart made up for his lack of hearing.

  78. Paul Waddy

    Who is better Beethoven or Blink 182?

  79. Nasr Eddine Saidi

    2 0 1 9

  80. Randall Jewell

    Post rock brought me here

  81. James Is Garbage

    Ah the music of Ludwig Van such a beauty me brothers


    Kermit loves Beethoven

  82. Giro Masa

    I have goosebumps now

  83. jakjak258

    why I'm finding only the 2nd movement is the highest IQ level music? did I need more IQ to understand the rest?

  84. xD Nhung

    what does year 1885 mean for this symphony that i see lots of comments about it???

  85. Gc Hd

    This is gay

  86. Max Aros

    *Intensified dance*54:40 niggas at 1885

  87. Luvva Hall

    Theyre are not words to describe how spectacular his pieces are.

  88. Lalnunthing Isgoodman

    And that's how James Bond save the day.. The end

  89. sadece veysel

    aNa sKm bok gibi şarkı

  90. Peter Griffin

    Anyone have any timestamps of any possible mistakes of the song? He's had to have made one if he was deaf.

  91. ShadowKitteh

    "this town needs a beet more beethoven..." i proclaimed, adding a pun in there for shits and giggles...**blares this at earrape levels of decimals so hard that i accidentally wake up my neighbors**much better.

  92. Nolls

    I bit of the ole in out in out...

  93. Yesika.

    Im living this song with so much distress

  94. AtomicallyIdiotic

    Who's listening in 2285? 500 year anniversary!😂

  95. Sasha G

    Sublime. His missa solemnis is terrific too.

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