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A Is For Allah
Yusuf İslam - A Is For Allah
: A Is For Allah
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Yusuf İslam - A Is For Allah )
  1. weirdo who likes to draw

    Proud Muslim! If your not and would like to convert, this is perfect for you!!


    Yusuf islam ❤❤❤

  3. Mohamadi Sosi

    Belle voix

  4. Maxii Sene

    Like this if you’re listening to it in 2019

  5. MoonRiseee

    Maşallah abime bugün siyer dersimizde senin hakkında konuştuk hocamızla sanırım otel odasında kuranın mealini görüp okuyup ilginç olduğunu düşünmüş ve müslüman olup ismi ve soyismini değiştirmiş tebrik ederim.

  6. DazzleDaily


  7. Ninja Man

    As a Sikh I also believe in Allah 🙏. But not Mohammed. I believe we are all one before God regardless of religion 🙏

  8. rowmio3000

    message is there is only one God and Ibrahim, Moses, Jesus and the last prophet Muhammad was his messengers peace be upon them. Don't learn a religion from the people buy from the source itself. than you be the judge what is right and what is wrong. thank you

  9. Roman Rains 111


  10. kimberly herrmann

    beautiful...thankyou for sharing this and yes, "let the true change be" "peace, non-violence, loving kindness, respect for all life " blessings to all..

  11. Dayy Herrera

    subhanallah :)

  12. yaseen khan


  13. Marluce Sousa.

    MashaAllah very Nice

  14. shan nawas

    Listening this song for the first time. Masha ALLAH beautiful lyrics and voice.

  15. A B

    20 million views. MashAllah!

  16. Mahboob Parvez

    may allah give him a really good life and follow the straight path

  17. TripleX

    mashallah this video took my baby brother to sleep jasaakallahukheyr I love this.

  18. Uma Yusuf

    One of the best nasheeds out there

  19. jhon mark

    is is Beautiful to lean this

  20. Louane Brooks

    Mash Allah,

  21. ha mza


  22. Florian Karow

    I'm a christian, but I love this song. Praise the lord!

  23. Tanja Amanda Pettersen

    It's so peaceful, beautiful nasheed <3

  24. Pokepony Lover

    I love it sooooo much plz like even if you don't like it pleeeeeeeeease

  25. Mutiyyab Razzaq

    Mashallah very beautiful song

  26. Ershad Alam

    Masha Allah.....Mumtaaz

  27. Drake Frost

    theres only one god

  28. Drake Frost

    beautiful i love how he threw in some christian stuff aswell very good

    A Mohamud

    Drake Frost Christian stuff?

    jemimah jenkins

    perhaps I missed it, where?

    Drake Frost

    in the very end he mentions jesus


    The faiths are related. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all Abrahamic faiths

  29. Dean WinchesterTM

    I'm a chirstian but I love this song, I don't like Islam but something about this song, السلام عليكم كل

  30. Roman Sekret

    I remember listening to this before I reverted to islam. This was the best days of my life feeling the guidance coming to me. How much Islam changed me cannot be explained. Coming from Russian Ortodox country, suprisingly full of mafia, drugs and priests expiating those sins so easily, coming to new zealand, which has a completely different version of Christianity made me confused. Islam tought me more about life of our beloved Jesus (pbuh) more then 22 years of being a so called Christian. Alhamdulillah

  31. Youssef Elba

    2016 still listening to this song Morocco represent

  32. Sumayaa


  33. baharan taha


  34. Fahim Islam

    nice song

  35. Fahim Islam

    nice song

  36. Mohamad Bazzi

    The most beautiful nasheed ever...good tool to teach your children...peace and Salam!

  37. maria Marice

    I love Allah🌈

  38. na'ima x

    I love this 💖

  39. MsIlham1978

    I don't get it why do somany people disliked this song its beauty full

  40. Sharp Blaze

    beautiful song mashallah

  41. Yousaf Nadeem

    Beautiful nasheed

  42. T Ketter

    very nice

  43. Air Jan

    very nice

  44. Malaikah Haq


  45. Arzu Demir


  46. Marwan Khan

    I cant believe this guy was a singer before, and now he sings for Islam. Beautiful, just beautiful!

  47. Mo Kubzi

    Yusuf Islam is awesome

  48. Sticky Fingers

    May allah bless Yusuf Islam

  49. Sheikh Shuja

    I love your video and you did a very awesome job

  50. subby_manny gaming

    Marshall Allah's blessings!!!!

  51. Hafsat's Musings

    Masha Allah ☺ beautiful beautiful beautiful

  52. Rogue Nation

    Very nice to hear your voice Yusuf

  53. ibrahim 0001000


  54. Hussein Hayow


  55. Ruby

    beautiful mashallah

  56. Ayse Kilic

    A is for Allah

  57. Lonely planet


  58. Tik Tok


  59. Sifat E-Noor

    i love this song and i listen it everyday and i am 10

  60. Leonardo Arroyo


  61. Sifat E-Noor

    mashallah..who is singing is not using any instrument..only his sweet.innocent voice..mashallah

  62. Shamsad Ahmed

    mashallah,i am 10 but i can find the meaning of this..

  63. TheFirstBoss 999

    I like this song

  64. samira ali

    My favorite song

  65. Horse Girl3

    OMG 17M views!!

  66. fardeen Player

    It is a beautiful chant I love chants

  67. zamzam ali

    It really encourages the young muslims.

  68. Rocio Troncoso

    Subhan Allah!

  69. Dj Pokman


  70. هاري أوربينا

    i love this song. its amazing. Me encanta esta cancion es muy hermosa

  71. Safreen Uddin

    Allah there is 1 god inshallah we will meet him in jannah

  72. Saida Qureshi

    mashallah i really like this plus i memorised it alll subhanallah

  73. Cengiz Baran

    Thats verry good

  74. Kenya PBD


  75. Kenya PBD


  76. Sadiyah Adam

    I love this Nasheeds

  77. FuckNSA

    Elhamdülillah i am Muslim

  78. Anne RAy

    That was phenomenal and enlightening

  79. Rose Hassan

    Subhanallah! Thank you Yusuf Islam for this English Awe inspiring reminder from an American sister revrt.

  80. tishko namiq

    I am very happy that I am Muslim ......

  81. Sucaad Abdi Sayid

    wow its nice l like a is for Allah

  82. theatheistdebunker

    (If you can't tell) I'm not a Muslim but I find the arabic style of music entrancing.

  83. TheEdmond30

    May God in all his guises be as beautiful. The Lord, whatever we call him flows through all of us, may our expressions of devotion be as resonant to all of us. As Yusuf once spoke, "it is time to make a change" Peace be with all of us in this time of conflict

  84. Şemsettin Özdağ

    Maşallah Maşallah

  85. Pat Murphy

    Mā šāʾ Allāh (ما شاء الله)Truly a blessing to be able to enjoy this man's beautiful gift.

  86. momolalaha

    MasALLAH aMEN!!!

  87. ana pikinoti

    i love allah

  88. Shamakh Said

    I am muslim but Jesus is also my prophet

  89. Antsinthapants

    oooOOOOOoooOOOoooOOoOooOooO ramadan

  90. Abdalla Khalil


  91. globalskool

    Chapter My brother

  92. judgedredd123

    I am not a muslim, but this is a beutiful song

  93. Iván López

    Hermosa la cultura islámica, rica y sin duda muy interesante. Dios nos bendiga a todos.

  94. islamaah

    I am a muslim and i love Jesus too... We also beleive in Jesus and mary peace be upon them

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