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A Change Is Gonna Come
Seal - A Change Is Gonna Come
: A Change Is Gonna Come
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Seal - A Change Is Gonna Come )
  1. Marli Cell

    Amo o Seal e essa música também!!!! Interpretação impecável!!!!

  2. mariana lizbeth mendoza segura

    Great song this men seal its !!!beauthiful..

  3. Nel Bispo

    Não basta saber cantar; a interpretação é fundamental. Parabéns Seal, tenha certeza que ele, Sam Cooke, está feliz, sabendo que sua luta não foi em vão e que continuará, sempre.

  4. Shela Matela

    This is one of the most beautiful version.

  5. Shela Matela

    This is one of the most beautiful version.

  6. Brown Candy

    He's sexy handsome scars and all and has a sexy voice he can sing my panties off anytime

  7. Erez Tsabari


  8. Denise Oliveira


  9. ahmed yassin

    Perfect style, talent, wonderful version of Sam cook, best one so far

  10. Shi Cruisin'

    Seal is good......but THIS BOY is worlds BETTER!

  11. Yvonne Behrens

    Love this version. But there aren't too many versions of this song that I don't love. wondering why his (wedding?) ring appears on his hand in the beginning of this video, disappears in the middle and reappears at the end?

  12. Mikhail Jenkins

    2 likes and I’ll do a cover

  13. Hassan Francis

    Blow bruh!

  14. Lily Iglesias ツ

    What a voice!!! 😍❤


    Yessss I love the strength of it

  15. Colleen Cleland

    He’s the best.....I love this song..well done seal....I bet he is a great lover! 💋💋💋💋🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🥰🥰🥰🥰

  16. Darja Engel

    My first post ever!

  17. Hüsrev Hacı

    I am fucking Caucasian, and i think this song should be sing by only black voices, others just not fulfilling soul!

  18. Denym McCarthy

    B b b. B. V b +. V h hhh. Ppp oo. .O. Mini Jrmdtrust

  19. Finesse Gr52ve

    Everytime I think bout you ima listen to this songg mama #RIPMaSharon #IMissYou😥💔💯

    Mike King

    April 29th 2019, will be one year since my mother passed away; I often find myself playing this song when I think of her. I wish the best for you and everyone else who has lost someone.

  20. Lelethu Letwoo

    best cover

  21. геннадий самойлов

    Сил очень крут

  22. hermann oulai

    2019 ❤️❤️❤️🎼🎼🎼🎼🎸📞🎹🎹🎹🎺🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤

  23. Esther Ruby

    Thank You Seal, God bless you brother for keeping the TRUTH Up Nobody needs it like us Today! ❤🌹❤


    Nope no where near Sam cooke

  25. Rogerio Oliveira

    Seal é um mito! Canta lindo demais!

  26. thegritch42

    Didn't even know Seal did this. I just bought it. Gave me chills. Thank you, Seal! Wonderful!!

    Alfred Jones

  27. youngblak Wall Street

    This is such a classic Sam Cooke can still be heard what a sad and dishearting way he was murdered by a black bedwench white supremacy in America 🚫 Always have there hands in taking a good black brother down God will get justice for him and his family 🙏 he was a legend before time #RIPSAMCOOKEANANGELFROMHEAVEN

  28. Jon

    Wish he would have slowed this down, would be amazing!

  29. Esther Ruby

    Just WOW!❤🌹❤🌼🍀🌺🌱🔥🌴🍃✨❇✌😘❤💙💚💛💜💓💕💖💗💘💝💞💟👏👏👏

  30. Sah Braz

    Showman!!! I love you! <3

  31. Paulo Victor

    Canta demais!!!

  32. Maestro Guiga

    Alô, Brasil!!! Ouvindo em 12/2018 (2019 come)

  33. Joseph chegeh

    Well done Seal

  34. phil getdown

    No one can sing it like Sam ...there are thousands of singers that can sing this mediocre version.....

    Wesley Kip

    You know nothing bout music then

  35. Elise Hidestrand

    Ohhh! This is amazing.....I just love his voice <3

  36. Gorguruga

    Brilliant version, I just heard a lot of covers and this is one of the best.

    Emmanuelle B Tshiani

    Gorguruga agreed!!!!💯💯💯


    Are you in music class?

    Vera Alejandra

    Ya good

    Vera Alejandra

    Ya that is true and that song is hard so he did exselent

  37. @retrolivegaming

    Sam Cooke did a great job with this song its a classic but something about seal just killed it! I like it better than sams.


    The ending of this version is completely unique and it's almost like the missing third part of the song which wasn't in the original version.

    Esther Ruby

    Gorguruga I thought that too- surely Mr. Cooke would be smiling and pleased with this tribute❤🌹❤

  38. Mundo Traducción

    OMFG!!!! NICE😍

  39. marcus nomikos

    great soul artist sam and otis the original people would be proud of you

  40. Dearly Beloved

    Lyrics:There's an old friendThat I once heard saySomething that touched my heartAnd it began this wayI was born by the riverIn a little tentAnd just like the riverI've been runnin' ever sinceHe said it's been a long time comin'But I know my change is gonna come, oh yeahHe said it's been too hard livin'But I'm afraid to dieI might not be if I knew what was up thereBeyond the skyIt's been a long, a long time comin'But I know my change has got to come, oh yeahI went, I went to my brotherAnd I asked him, "BrotherCould you help me, please?"He said, "Good sisterI'd like to but I'm not able"And when I, when I looked aroundI was right back downDown on my bended knees, yes I was, ohThere've been times that I thoughtI thought that I wouldn't last for longBut somehow right nowI believe that I'm able, I'm able to carry onI tell you that it's been a longAnd oh it's been an uphill journey, all the wayBut I know, I know, I knowI know my change is gonna comeSometimesI had to cry all night long, yes I didSometimesI had to give up right, for what I knew was wrongYes it's been an uphill journeyIt's sure's been a long way comin', yes it hasIt's been real hard every step of the wayBut I believe, I believeThis evenin' my change is comeYeah, I tell you that my change is comeSongwriter: Sam Cooke

    Soca Lover

    I find it very interesting you decided to add the lyrics. Some of your words are a bit off but you completely neglected to add the third verse which goes...."Now I go to the movies and I go downtownSomebody keeps telling me don't hang around"....A very significant part of the song which a lot of people would rather not be included. That's what I find so interesting about your input. Were you truly paying him justice...or continuing the very injustice Sam is singing about?

  41. Kev

    I discoved this music in English class and I love it now

  42. Agatha Smithe

    Favorite singer to fall asleep to

  43. SevenTwelve

    Huh. Of all the things to find in the related videos for Linkin Park.. That was AWESOME. His voice is incredible.

  44. Oscar Sanders

    i just realized that all of these videos on warner bros records account were uploaded the same day

  45. Pamela McFarland

    Great listening to it over and over again

    Earl Buckley

    Great Song

  46. DeMorris Thompson,Jr.

    My spirit is shaking right now!

  47. Jake Winter

    Unexpectedly, mine, too. I say unexpectedly because today is pretty awesome. Yesterday was pretty awesome. In fact, the past few months have been pretty awesome. Yet, this song reminded me of a couple of years ago, where I was, and how bleak it looked. I recently read something that pointed out that, if you're younger than 38, statistically, your best experiences, your best changes haven't happened yet. Still being under 38, having experienced the change Seal talks about... Well... I'm with ya

  48. Elizabeth Miente Aposta

    Why Elizabeth Hurley deliberately lying? Because Elizabeth Hurley lies on purpose? Elizabeth Hurley lying Why CONSCIOUS? ¿porque Elizabeth Hurley miente aposta?

  49. Wingman4life1

    @LSwa284345 You can do it! One day at a time bredrin.

  50. Diablo Zica


  51. MAYA80051

    Im in love................

  52. odxoxbo

    lol this is only my views :@:

  53. Stephanie Swanson

    A change is coming for going into REHAB tomorrow (my own choice) and this song really speaks to how Im feeling right now. Thank you Seal :)

    Simon Wilkinson

    How did it go

    maouloudou kane

    hope you're good now

    Ikechukwu Nnaji

    You are stronger than you know. God's got you sister.

  54. Jan Benes

    i am as white as they come but this song gives me the goosebumps the size of pralines.Seal rocks (or souls?R&B's?whatewer it is,he does it)

    Team Typical

    Jan Benes you can enjoy this music no matter what race you are


    Jan Benes Hey I am black as heck and I have goose bumps too. He is talented. Hits home. It touched you.

  55. polyphonium

    If genetic engineers were to combine the DNA of Seal and Sade, the result would be the Kwisatz Haderach of vocal bliss. Since this may not happen in our lifetimes, perhaps the two of them could at least record a duet together?

  56. vito vitalozzo

    i love seal

  57. HotFM0375

    I LOVE Sam Cooke's version, but THIS is AWESOME!!

    Esther Ruby

    HotFM0375 I agree, I love the original too but this contemporary version paying homage totally does Mr. Sam Cooke Justice! He'd have to be smiling down over this one. Big respect and Love to Seal - with much thanks to both these beautiful brothers, always, Godspeed and God bless you King Seal.❤🌹❤

  58. Geosha SweetMango

    soul voice!!!!this man so amazing

    Esther Ruby

    Geosha SweetMango amen!❤

  59. ClassicTranceFTW

    i just hit for 100 likes, its should be the millionth :)

  60. Jean Sechaud

    @krytyczka this is a great cover have a listen to the original sam cooke he is such a must have to listen to. there is a live concert where seal sings all the old greats including this one enjoy

  61. krytyczka

    is that his song? it isn't a cover it is? please, tell my, cause I've just heard that song and it's beautiful but i guess i may hear it before:)

    Soca Lover

    No Sam Cooke sang the original. If you've never heard it, do so. No one can sing it like him though Seal gives a great peeformamce.

  62. caron Vaughn

    Amazing how he took this oldie and made it his own... No other fantastic voice reaches your soul than Seals.

  63. LA Young

    Great Comments for a Great Talent....Love Him.....

  64. elijah7777

    This man can simply sing!!

  65. Mark Bajerski

    went to see the master at work in marbella on friday... he didnt let me down.

  66. Raymond Tree

    yep i just need my lincoln continental with the suicide doors

  67. windymiller7


A Change Is Gonna Come Şarkı Sözü
There's an old friend
That I once heard say
Something that touched my heart
And it began this way
I was born by the river
In a little tent
And just like the river
I've been runnin' ever since
He said it's been a long time comin'
But I know my change is gonna come, oh yeah
He said it's been too hard livin'
But I'm afraid to die
I might not be if I knew what was up there
Beyond the sky
It's been a long, a long time comin'
But I know my change has got to come, oh yeah
I went, I went to my brother
And I asked him, "Brother
Could you help me, please?"
He said, "Good sister
I'd like to but I'm not able"
And when I, when I looked around
I was right back down
Down on my bended knees, yes I was, oh
There've been times that I thought
I thought that I wouldn't last for long
But somehow right now
I believe that I'm able, I'm able to carry on
I tell you that it's been a long
And oh it's been an uphill journey, all the way
But I know, I know, I know
I know my change is gonna come
I had to cry all night long, yes I did
I had to give up right, for what I knew was wrong
Yes it's been an uphill journey
It's sure's been a long way comin', yes it has
It's been real hard every step of the way
But I believe, I believe
This evenin' my change is come
Yeah, I tell you that my change is come

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