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Uzun Namlu
Nosta - Uzun Namlu
: Uzun Namlu
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Nosta - Uzun Namlu )
  1. David Kolifrath

    OMG GUYS, HE WAS RIGHT. I turned my satellite to the left and gave it an upgrade. I found the equivalent to Xbox party chat for aliens! One of them just called me a bitch...

  2. Connor Coulson

    Who the hell disliked this video? They are all so well made and a joy to watch, they're inspiring. I often wonder if there is some predestined path all life eventually takes, life eventually becomes intelligent and creates technology and spreads across its own planet and eventually other planets too. There just seems to be something intrinsic in that structure to me. Even basic life follows a similar pattern, bacteria will continue to spread and multiply, to the point that sometimes it destroys itself. That is apparently what true biological success, 100% completion of the game of life, looks like.

  3. The Danish Physicist

    This is anthropogenic bias at its finest!

  4. Ajay Yadav

    Ask Messi

  5. GrayMudkip101

    It’s 11:52 PM and I have fallen down a rabbit hole. I cannot escape now

  6. Sean Chamberlain

    we are playing a simulation right now the graphics are great but the gameplay sucks

  7. The Uknown

    Why is that if aliens existed it is said they are 100x smarter than us...awww mannnn

  8. Dangrousdave20

    I wish I could like this video for every time Ive watched it.

  9. alex trebek

    aliens are just the fantasy of the godless unbelievers. you're wasting your time and money

  10. Snowy

    this makes me depressed for some reason

  11. MadPriestFather

    1.3K people were able to google PSR B1919+21 or LGM-1 and realized there was no mystery, just a regular Pulsar. 🤣

  12. MadPriestFather

    PSR B1919+21 is a pulsar with a period of 1.3373 seconds and a pulse width of 0.04 seconds. Discovered by Jocelyn Bell Burnell on November 28, 1967Nothing mysterious about this... This is just the result of a hypernova. Not aliens. I don't know why you brought dyson sphere into this and all that sci-fi stuff. It's just a pulsar. The Wow! signal is much more mysterious and unexplained. I don't even understand why you took all that time to make this video? You can find the real answer on any decent astronomy website. I stopped the video so fast when I realized you were talking about LGM-1. 🙄

  13. Abhishek Garg

    06:32 "artificially induced climate change could serve as the universal signal of unintelligent life". Nice!Good one!

  14. Pinwheel Ten

    We may be alone in the Universe but at least we have each other here on Earth

  15. Shirozen Hakashun

    maybe aliens liked the drawing on the first beam and sent us the wow signal admiring the drawing ... just a thought

  16. Rafael

    This video has a nice vibe of mistery!

  17. TheRobloxians - Epic Vids

    the thing is that life can form on planets with out food water or not being in the zone earth is in they can evolve in cold or hot places bc of adaptions

  18. Long Egg

    Either them aliens ghosting us or there ain't living shit other than us

  19. Simple

    Life Hack : Record Silence and Play it on a full volume in a Noisy room to keep it Quiet

  20. Gerber Jenkinson

    This is the kind of stuff I think about at night

  21. Nakita Lander

    I just.. like had this crushing sense of insignificance that I have never had before. 10/10 that is what life should feel like on this space rock.

  22. Maxi Mal


  23. Zack McClean

    If Local 58 has taught me anything, it's that extraterrestrials have intercepted everything we've sent out there...... *and they're pissed off* .

  24. Zemani


  25. Fenris

    I don't get the dislikes. Flat earthers?

  26. Kuchi Kopi

    Why do we always assume that aliens use radio technology? They could be so different than us and so much more advanced that they communicate in ways we don't even understand. Like telepathy or something. We are so narrow-minded that we just assume aliens are just like us, and we only look for signs that we would produce. We also assume they would travel just like us. They could use something akin to dimentional shifting, or something we can't even conceptualize. People rarely bring up any other possibilities outside of what we already know.

  27. Al A

    ...Hypothetically speaking

  28. gane kurogane

    i dont know why im here

  29. jmm1233

    They is no Foundation unfortunately , unless of course us humans make it

  30. Connor McCartney

    This guy makes great documentaries.

  31. Brando Davis

    Maybe we have the entire galaxy to our selfs. Not that bad it’ll just be like a sad boring lonely game of Stellaris. Seems fine to me

  32. Brando Davis

    Self replicating probes you say. Isn’t that the whole xenon Agi antagonist from the x series. X3 Terran conflict it talks about fon newman probes( or however you say it) which can reproduce and constantly improve its own intellect.

  33. Miss Phoenix

    Wow what a name, John Smart

  34. Vojtěch Janák

    6:35 I see what you did there...

  35. Dead Forever

    We have to face the fact that, even though we can send signals into the space, there's no way of arriving in a possible distant planet in case a response is obtained. But considering how most of the signals sent are most likely lost in space, i don't think we can establish a connection with alien life anytime soon...

  36. trinkCOKEorDIE

    Anybody who doesn't believe in evolution is a retard, sorry. We are not special and intelligent life is not rare. Rare, vast, small, are made up words by a civilisation that doesn't understand whats going on, we don't know shit and we can barely see or hear anything much less understand. Like a child.A charizard card is rare too until you see how it's printed.

  37. averythesuperhero

    I can feel some sort of desperation to communicate out there. Not in a spiritualistic way, but in a logical way. Considering the vastness and sheer size of the universe--at the very least the galaxy--it is impossible that we are the only intelligent civilization trying to find other civilizations out there. There must be dozens, perhaps hundreds of colonies sending out signals just hoping for a reply. For knowledge and proof that they are not as alone as they think. Even some of the most advanced civilizations must be trying their best to discover and get in touch with other ones. There might not be some evil interstellar empire trying to take everything over, nor is there necessarily a benevolent society trying to grow and communicate. It's just lonely little planets hoping for someone to hear their desperate, insignificant little voices. Hoping that someone will reply.

  38. ghtybn56

    Oh shit, the "Humanity Ghosted" made ma laugh so hard. Commonly know as the Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner.Trapped in YouTube V.R., gotta get out.

  39. Dragonation

    "We could send self-replicating automatons to distant planets...."Warframe Sentients anyone?

  40. Mitja T

    I think there is alien life, but the universe is so big that there might be millions of light years until we come across the next planet inhabited by aliens as or more intelliegent as humans

  41. chazzzy420

    Best video on youtube

  42. Jaladh Singhal

    Can someone point me to the music at 16:52 , since it's not the part of given 4 music urls?

  43. Bob The Builder

    My dick hard

  44. eihcrA spillihP

    Imagine your last name being smart lmao

  45. TVOGaming

    what if humans are aliens and we detected radiation from earth and came to habit the planet, but forgot about our origins.

  46. 청솔향

    At whose expense?

  47. Filming life to Remember it.

    Maybe the universe is not, "Probeless." Perhaps advance civilizations, can galactic structures such as stars or minor planets that are probing the galaxy for intelligence (definitely not Earth).

  48. AnArmyBTW

    I've watched this video at least 5 times now. Gotta love some Lemmino documentaries, huh?

  49. Accalia Murray Music

    Did you guys read the newspaper??!The debate over climate change has been ongoing for decades, but many still question whether mountains of irrefutable data really mean anything at all. While everything points to human activities being the cause, some counter that argument with "Nah."

  50. peruda hudson

    would you want to befriend a species that slaughters its own for greed/religion etc..fuck that

  51. Jacob Thompson

    What if it is past us but we were much more advanced and we messed up our own planet or it was going to get destroyed some how and had to find a new plant to fit our needs so we looked for a planet to move to and that is the past us but much more advanced

  52. minitumen

    You covered all interesting things from the topic. Or maybe everything about the topic is really interesting, I dunno

  53. No name A

    Harold I’m scared

  54. A2B

    I can only imagine Elon Musk smiling while watching this video.

  55. Amateur Asian

    Yay existential crisis at 4amWhat am I doing aim a freshman and have to wake up at 5am today

  56. flac

    No one has considered the possibility that maybe WE are more advanced than others

  57. ThePsychoRenegade

    Even if aliens did want to talk, who would they talk to?

    Zack Georgly

    President of the United States, don't you watch movies?


    Holy Quran 86:1------------------وَٱلسَّمَآءِ وَٱلطَّارِقِBy the heaven, and At-Tariq (the night-comer, i.e. the bright star; the one who comes at night and knocks on the door)Holy Quran 86:2------------------وَمَآ أَدْرَىٰكَ مَا ٱلطَّارِقُAnd what will make you to know what At-Tariq (knocker ) is?Holy Quran 86:3------------------ٱلنَّجْمُ ٱلثَّاقِبُ(It is) the piercing star (a star making a hole)

  59. MD M16

    You know a video is good, when it manages to give you chills

  60. ShadowDown

    hmmm yes my favourite journalist Wright Writerson

  61. Bundesrepublik der Erde Reich

    Humans: *Why we can't contact any Extraterrestrials?*My Lists of Why Aliens Don't Visit Us:*1: War**2: Politics**3: Pollution**4: Nuclear Waste**5: 🎵And the Ocean is full of plastic🎵**6: Destroying Nature**7: There are full dumb people who somehow were inside the Government**8: Religious Competition*Sorry there are more of this and some of them can't fit in my library👽👾: *"That's why we never visit you guys!

  62. ZezacleB

    "I've heard it said we're alone in the etherThat we're the only intelligent creaturesSo you don't need to adjust your receiversIf they were out there they'd be texting us, hitting our beepersInvading us on some alien Julius CaesarOr begging "take me to your leader"But I got a theory it's neitherThat there's a billion brilliant alien planets at leisureSmoking alien reeferThe evolution of the mind's not the hunger to conquerOr to want or to seek or to wanderOr even wonder, but to simply to beUntil we cease to be any longer."-George Watsky, _Theories_

  63. Reapa

    This is my favourite video on YouTube watched it probably 10 times at least and fallen asleep to it even more times lol :D

  64. Jason Chapko

    probably the most awesome video I've ever seen on youtube!

  65. thicc tatchanka

    Stellaris players *THE EXPERT*

  66. Just Your Everyday Pig

    Just send the aliens a “my parents arent home” text and theyll be here

  67. Jon Do

    Talking about theories as if they are fact's is the most antiscientific think you could do.

  68. handsomebrick

    But despite all our knowledge of life on Earth, we aren't even close to understanding where the first cell came from. Without that, we can't even begin to imagine how life appeared on this planet; and without that, we can't even begin to imagine the likelihood of life appearing anywhere else. All we can say for sure is that it appears unlikely; my own feeling is that it would require extreme stability, more stability than anything that would exist on our planet (proto-life would not be refined by stresses since it is not alive yet, instead it would simply get destroyed) so I have a theory that it formed on Mars and somehow came here; maybe an asteroid hit Mars and sent chunks everywhere, and Earth's gravity was able to grab some of these chunks. If I'm right, then life is incredibly unlikely to form on random planets; it would literally have to form on one type of planet, and then be taken to a completely different type of planet somehow. One very questionable assumption is that life would use oxygen; not even all life on Earth uses oxygen, and oxygen is an incredibly destructive element, I believe that any aliens seeing our planet would think it was too toxic for life to exist there due to all the oxygen.

  69. juneru

    were just playing marco polo, not in a pool but a vast ocean.

  70. Jerri Suelto

    did no one else notice this: 'artificially induced climate change could serve as the universal sign of unintelligent life'

  71. Platinum Network

    Your editing, composition and design skills are exceptional!! Amazing video

  72. ToT

    Ian Curtis was playing some good ol joydivision in heaven

  73. The Realization Lord

    Little did you know, the Quran has talked about a pulsar before scientists knew about them.

    Pizza Steve

    Zensa Jr K. Really? I’ve never read the Quran

    The Realization Lord

    @Pizza Steve Yes actually,If you type Quran pulsar and click the first one, you'll see.I don't know if this is true but, a city in Saudi Arabia called makkah,Has the kaaba and it is in the middle of the earth, not an inch over to the right or left

  74. Fox gaming 101

    Did you know that when he lets you see “LEMMINO”He’s actually saying “le me know” or “let me know”

  75. Pori Tongia

    am i the only one who’s so interested in these but have no fucking idea what he’s on about, yes? ok

    The Realization Lord


  76. Michael Turner-Smith

    Fuck it. That intro was dope as shit!

    The Realization Lord


  77. Raffay's Universe

    This guy is amazing.

  78. Tim Frolov

    5:30 so you do'nt like people who deny climat change uh ?

  79. MattUse

    6:57 Minecraft is real

  80. Tommy Gunn

    WOW! first contact -1977 and we didnt respond until 2012!? smh

  81. conner lamb

    Man, having quite the existential crisis rn - nothingness is so terrifying but it’s where we are all headed most likely

  82. nugget 429

    Aliens that see light in radio waves rather than visable light: why is the sky raving


    The fucking quality man.

  84. 20firebird

    the signal at the beginning sounds so much like a heartbeat.

  85. Ben States

    This all seems so pointless. Why do we need to believe life is out there, and why do we need to spend so much money on trying to contact it? Can't we use those billions to solve starvation or something?

  86. Ludwig von Koopa

    Now, what if a very advanced civilization can control the emitting speed of a pulsar? Even if it's just by milliseconds, they would still be able to send data to a receiver that is able to measure the differences in emitting/rotating speed and do decode that.

  87. Avannas

    Every time I watch shit like this, I get really bad chills and I start tearing up like a little bitch. Creeps me the FUCK out my fuck.

  88. bnewell93

    What if there is another form of our Earth or livable planet on the exact opposite side of the sun?And we can't find them because the suns energy level is too high to detect what could be on the other side.

  89. Mean Man

    The pulses reminded me of joy division

  90. Elder Morph

    Fermi paradox is based on flawed human logic...Remember we have stealth technology to hide our planes from radar, think how advanced it will become in 100 years, 500 years, 1000 years!...

  91. Atoy 1234 ihrs

    "Artificial induced climate change could serve as the universal sign of unintelligent life."Yay! We're fuckin morons!

  92. Robert Christopher Barbara

    Maybe the superintelligent AI could answer this question.

  93. The Pixel Geeks

    Man, LEMMiNO, your videos are always a treat. It's like a mix between a documentary and Vsauce. Please keep up the incredible work.

  94. V ▲ P Y D

    I just gotta ask: Am I the only one that's not in the least bothered by the Fermi Paradox? Complex (not to mention intelligent) life might be extremely rare. And the cosmic radiation outside the helio-sphere probably scrambles any signs of technological civilisations. Why would anyone think, just because it's big and old, we should be seeing civilisations everywhere around us? We are not even half way through the lifetime of the universe, and for the most part, life was impossible during the early times of the universe... maybe we are the first? or one of the first? why not?


    We aren't even 1% through the lifetime of the universe.

  95. John Piekuta

    anyone else feel small?

  96. Mayank Rawat

    That pulsar sound could give you nightmares

  97. Mayank Rawat

    My question is why do humans think that aliens can only survive in earth like conditions?

  98. Everything

    Imagine if distant life forms already tried to communicate with us but we were too early into civilization to understand them. Also possible that our technological advances are due to remnants of past advance civilizations who migrated from another planet but failed to thrive in young Earth.

  99. AJ or something

    Radio, live transmission

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