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Nosta - Genetik
: Genetik
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Nosta - Genetik )
  1. Coolio Julios

    gucci baby

  2. Existing Peacefully

    Dear future, I’m gonna find you!

  3. Itzel Arceo

    4:26 the harry potter bacteria

  4. Donald Butler

    The King Midas Complex made us delighted with these new plastics in the 30s,,40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s. They were light, clean and practically indestructible. Now we find that they are a serious menace. Similarly, some of us may be delighted by the idea of living hundreds of years; this in a world already overpopulated. If it arrives, the first people to benefit will be the very rich and dictators, then, as it becomes more extensive, we will be faced with presently unimaginable problems. Death is a necessary aspect of life, which I accept although I am now in my ninetieth year.

  5. TOBZ

    Why are there rick and morty references

  6. Tia Michael

    This is slightly scary. We are going to end up with real life x men or something 😂

  7. 김준엽

    상상도 못한 북한 ㄴㅇㄱ

  8. XAnshTheGamerX 9000

    1:41 : say sike right now

  9. Amyychu :3

    It's time to revive extinct animals.

  10. Brain Stem

    Very Informative ! ! ! !

  11. Totally Legit Gaming [TLEG]

    "Imagine you were alive back in the 1980's" HEY! I'm not some ancient artifact, thank you very much!


    Guys we can make the avengers

  13. Jak Daxter

    Part of me is excited. The other part is pretty nervous and scared...

  14. David Ioniță

    9:56 did that kid turn super saiyan

  15. Aryan Das

    wow...... *What if genetic mutation creates something like THANOS* hehe

  16. Ashi Syed

    This was discovered already it was just announced later, you know why cause of overpopulation, they want people to die

  17. Jack Snyder

    There's a great movie called Gattaca that tackles this topic. I would definitely reccomend it if you are interested in genetics and what the future may be

  18. Adrian Carballoza

    The monopolization of health and life

  19. Awkward Bound

    1:30 When you have to get up and dressed early for school.

  20. Bread

    Gucci babies

  21. Adamantine

    Imagine DNA computers becoming a thing. Now imagine incorporating that DNA computer into your cells with something like CRISPR. Mind = blown.

  22. Mr. Horse

    I love all the references to Altered Carbon, Rick and Morty, DBZ Austin Powers, and 3%.

  23. Riptide

    why would people let children be modified if anti vaccine people exist or people who dont like the word Mankind lol the world is f****d

  24. Mr Melon

    Well unless ya kill the first kid

  25. kichakra

    This is so amazing video. Life changing information, fun jokes, good animation and so many references! Harry potter, rick morty and even DBZ

  26. Flappy's Army

    if i could be genetically engineered i would want to have wings or have 8 legs

  27. Sonia Bonaobra

    Kurzgesagt, thank you for the wonderful and educational videos!

  28. Niv Edni

    i want to breathe and dance under water or no deal.

  29. Turesa Hammond

    ❤️... sounds good...if more and more humans live longer will the Earth be able to accommodate us all or just the chosen few? Who will pick who lives or die? The almighty dollar🤔🤷.❤️T.H.

  30. Sky_gamez

    its been 3 years and nothing :(

  31. Bleach

    13:44 is that rick and morty?

  32. Mr. Naga

    Yess anime cat girlsss

  33. Rhonda Clark

    Negative blood type can’t be cloned. Can donate blood to everyone on earth 🌍. There are only 15 , o negative Rh negative factor blood type. On earth. I’m one of them. We’re being. Murder off. Mostly because we’re white called a racist. The other reason is, they do human sacrifice they eat our bodies. And during our flesh. We can’t get most diseases or plague. We’re actually the cure for cancer. Too

  34. Viraj Dedhia

    By extending life expectancy, we would make those humans suffer more. There is no end to desire and therefore suffering. So I guess it won't solve the most basic question of life... What is the meaning of life? What is all this improvement for?

  35. Sofía V

    Oh, Brave new World! ...

  36. Mateusz.P Aka JIGSAW

    Rick ❤

  37. Frenuss

    10:00 Dragonball reference

  38. LiL Bitchy Chan

    All I can say is the way yall thinking of this shit is crazy retarded and stupid stop trying too create a perfect world with perfect humans and accept what we got.

  39. MasteR RooK

    enormous bs...

  40. nyein chan ko ko

    I've translated the video into burmese.Can anyone help me to review so that the subtitle will also be seen on the video.

  41. Cyka Slav

    Bro honestly how is this scary, this sounds amazing, the super evolution of the most powerful and amazing species on our planet, us.

  42. Rowena Lupin

    12:36 The BBQ syndrome?Invisibility?!TAKE MAH MONEY

  43. Rowena Lupin

    11:51 No one's gonna talk about the "KILL IT WITH FIRE"?!

  44. Nida D. Nafisah

    Can u tell me references for this video?

  45. Lil Down Syndrome

    The thuhbmail made me think Gucci is genetically making babies

  46. lockoshamface

    Jesus christ did the woke community get a hold of your graphics artist, I've yet to see you use a white man in ANY of your videos.... Women scientists everywhere, men of color everywhere, white man no where to be seen anywhere, you trying to say something???

  47. Ghoulish Stars

    9:56 the baby just grew Saiyan hair lmao

  48. Aqeel Naqvi

    Can CRISPR also fix DNA mutation that causes Autism??????

  49. avacado avacadie

    6:40 it's just the way he said it that kinda intrigues me.

  50. Marqan

    If you guys like sci-fi books I strongly recommend the Old Man's War series from John Scalzi, it features a littlebit, but very interesting kind of genetic engineering.And it's an awesome series, especially the first book.

  51. AerisDragon 03

    im just scared that i wont live long enough to see anti aging therapy

  52. Magnu !

    This is bad no ageing no disease we would go Thanos comic's level extinction

  53. Andrew Kefford

    what software is used to animate this video?

  54. Kirsten

    Lol watching this video because I'm having a quiz over it tomorrow in by biochem class in college

  55. Pete Pumpong

    We have the capabilty to create the perfect man or woman, but will it turn on us?

  56. Mark Angelo Sibuyo Jacob

    10:00 so it's possible to be mutated into a saiyan lol

  57. Surya Raju

    It could also be llke robots taking over jobs. Genetically modified humans might have all the advantages of robots along with human traits like independent thought and emotions.

  58. Magic_Zach

    Personally I'm all for fighting hereditary ailments and viruses, but to pick and choose traits of a person? That's a hard *no.* Life is to be random. I'm not going to pick and choose if my future child will have red hair, brown, blond, blue eyes, brown eyes, smart, small, fast, strong or slow. That's just wrong on many levels.

    Perfectly Balanced as All Things Should be

    "Life is to be random"And who set that rule?Natural evolution is too slow of a process and too random. To ensure maximum chances of our species surviving and thriving, we MUST take evolution into our own hands. Why would I want my child to be physically weak or just have a "standard" level of intelligence when all of those traits could be upgraded?Just imagine how much our species would advance if say, for example, each generation of humans becomes twice as intelligent or triples its strength. It would be a HUGE leap forward.Want to become a scientist? Just get yourself genetically engineered to be smarter.Want to become a soldier? Have the boys at the lab quadruple your strength.


    Kids are not made as random lol, genetic coding exists

  59. SoulScribbler

    It’s not really about not being allowed to exist in my mind, it’s about humanity trying to play god so to speak. By making everyone the same we decrease our chances of survival, if you make one human with wings and one with fins there’s gonna be discriminating behaviour evolving. The end of disease might sound nice, but if we were to get rid of all challenges life would become inherently boring and meaningless. And then imagine it being boring forever! If there’s no limit to life then why get up out of bed in the morning? And think of how crowded it would get! If you wanna do this go ahead, I’m not gonna judge you. But when governments start to make this standard? I dunno. I’m pro choice. If you think someone has doomed themselves by not using it, then you might wanna remember that it’s their choice, and they have every right to make it. Even if you think it’s the right one or not. It’s not up to you to “save” everyone.

  60. Ian Hornbuckle

    Wait... they’re ending 92% of Down syndrome childbirths in Europe?....

  61. Kawaii Pastel

    7:22 My dad has hemophilia :(

  62. Alex

    People worried about human super soldiers when we can build machines twenty times their superior. lol

  63. Lapu-Lapu Daylo

    Gonna give my engineered baby a tail 😂

  64. Jabari James

    I want to be forever young and strong fast and intelligent 😍

  65. Rostislav Koval

    Wow. Amazing and interesting

  66. Mike Travelmeista

    Cyberpunk 2077

  67. ՏաҽҽԵ ЯIVΞИ

    i want a cute cat girl

  68. Duran Sunrise

    The whole Genetic Engineering phenomenon is like the Sci Fi Film Gattica with Ethan Hawke about a man who is the last of the "god children" who were born natural unlike the people around him who are born through Genetic Engineering, Eugenics essentially it is a great film.

  69. Aniruddha Datta

    10:04 that's exactly how saiyans were made

  70. Mudit Jauhri

    A million likes to your way of explaining !!!!

  71. TheLemonadeStand

    But if we make other humans different for different planets couldn’t they separate from the human race?

  72. pepe

    Stop playing God Ban this shit


    ok pope


    @thePRUH!!!! thats pepe to you

  73. pepe

    2:55 🤢

  74. Kerath

    What would happen if you edit the DNA of an adult man? Let's say to put an information there that states "This guy has a naturally superior musculature due to testosterone". Will your body starts to slowly transform into that new form given proper nutrition? What's the limit of that in something else than a pre-fetal state?

  75. Dajuan A.P.

    I thought it was goku at first , and then he went super sayain and confirmed it

  76. Nat Sashikata

    Its is true, GUNDAM SEED is coming: The next Generation are going to become Coordinators, BLUE I can have blue eyes. Furries? etc?

  77. Stan Lee

    This is overly hyped. You cannot make super human out of this. You can only optimize for the top trait but can't go over that.

  78. Martin Amarilla

    I just wanna be blue. Blue skin, blue hair, blue eyes. Make it happen.

  79. Martin Amarilla

    This is really none of our business. Future humans won’t give a single fuck about what we think now.

  80. Bobby Yogah


  81. Pirha Peppy

    We watched this in class :)


    why did they show this in class?

  82. Nada Shkeer

    Overpopulation!? The world's gotta choose its either crisper or having family and babies.. you cant just keep on having humans and make them immortal that's just more dangerous then anything.

  83. 사칙연산

    와 한국어

  84. Brandon Gutierrez

    Super soldiers already exist. Genetic modifying is already highly advanced. It's all done on black government sites. This also isn't new news. Look up secret space program/ super soldiers.

  85. Benami Ark

    9:55 ha it's Goku

  86. CyberNetics

    star wars clones

  87. Gustavo herique

    hey man there is a 65 year old woman who looks 20 this has to do with genetics or just habit?

  88. Ivan Ivanov

    9:26 anti vaxxers

  89. Kid

    Don't Hug Me I'm Scared.

  90. Bhargav Chavda

    Immortality should never be invented and if done, we will die of over population! Imagine u will never die! Life would be boring forever!!

  91. Kaira Allen

    I'm just worried it will become about money, and poor people are discriminated against even further for not being able to afford genetic engineering. Because money ruins science (and art and music) so hard.

  92. The Dude

    And some billionaires are funding big Brad brained scientists to see if this world is a computer program and if we are actually the illusion.... So I heard, don't quote me on that.

  93. The Dude

    The supes, anybody?

  94. NoEditing

    hmm cancer may be the key to eternal life though, if the cells wont die well ...

  95. Maria Trina

    Sounds like the movie "Gattaca"

  96. Justin M

    That strawberry plant at 1:40 must have been like "say sike right now"

  97. Andy Web

    9:44 ...he basically just described me lol.

  98. Encephalych Dementium

    Humans designing humans... You will risk: Superpowers without accountability. Degradation masked as improvement. A world full of ridiculous and ugly caricatures.

  99. • Demi •

    "All we have to do is convince a smart billionaire their next problem." **Cough** **Cough** Elon Musk **Cough**

  100. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    There's brand new stuff in the Kurzgesagt Merch Shop. Check it out here:

    Nirbhay Matta

    It's 2019, I want to know an update on this! Please Kurzgesagt?

    Depressed Equestrian

    *_420 Likes at the moment_*

    c a n i g e t a d a m n h u g ? U

    Medicine is a business. I doubt anyone would want their business to be interfered with. So a no disease baby is a threat?

    Bonnie Channel

    Okay, if human can life forever, first thing first stop making babies! The world will overpopulated and we will fight each other even for food.


    "All we might need is to convince a smart billionaire to make it their next problem to solve" is a perfect description of capitalism and why it's bad. Why have democratically elected governments that can (and are obligated to) do useful stuff as their job? Let's just concentrate most resources in hands of random billionaires, and then try to "convince" them to solve our problems. It's like feudalism never ended, isn't it? :D

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