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Gorillaz - 19-2000
: 19-2000
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Gorillaz - 19-2000 )
  1. U2 0livares

    wao facinante

  2. Aidan Clancey

    Ozzy Albarn

  3. Logikael Impakt Senzory Overload

    Eeesh, learn how to breathe and sing brother. Is that Damon of Blur!? Tracking's holding him up at least.. kinda. Damn, now I understand the projection performances.

  4. Negan

    Loved this song when it came out

  5. 27johnnylove

    After watching this, there is nothing else that I need in life! I'm serious! Fulfilled. Fuck anyone who thumbs downed! There IS NOT A BETTER VIDEO ON THE INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Challenge me. If you don't wish to challenge, just enjoy. Your life will be fulfilled. No joke!

  6. frederp Keyes

    messes up on Gorillaz songDamon: it's rewind time

  7. Cancer Sticks.

    When the lead singer walks off stage during his own song and forgets to sing

  8. Alexandre Ribeiro


  9. Heaven loves murdoc

    Damon is my favorite person

  10. spaztony

    2:47 got me confused

  11. 12chapin

    Who heard this song first on a FIFA game?

  12. Yo M

    Nice wireless guitar did it haves wifi or Bluetooth on it?


    it has a transmitter pluggged into it's jack input and a receiver is plugged into the amp. google "guitar wireless system" and you'll have a better understanding of it.


    @NoChrReq i think it was a joke lmao

  13. Ethan Payne

    The yell at the beginning gets me every time

  14. tero martikainen

    Great Band That Sound Bad Live


    tero martikainen not every band is gonna sound the same live, when it’s on the album it’s been processed

  15. David Bentley

    Shittest. Crowd. Ever.

  16. Bill Gonzo

    Ahora veo porque nunca la tocan en vivo, es lo más incomodo de escuchar la dvd.

    Rolando Alejos

    Lo mas incomodo de escuchar?... Y que esperabas, acaso que lo canten igualito?

    Bill Gonzo

    @Rolando Alejos No es eso, me refiero a la canción en sí. Damon estaba bien, sino que descubrí que es una canción muy ridícula después de escucharla en vivo. Solo esa canción, de ahí sigo siendo fan de Gorillaz

  17. Zskarski

    Is it just me or does damon seem drunk

    Fernanda Cordero

    And high

    TG 0219

    Fernanda Cordero So faded?


    He's always drunk lol

  18. Domocat64

    The live version blows the studio version out of the water by a long shot

  19. Stephano Kang

    Rip Noodle

  20. faeldgr

    Miss Noodle

  21. S.V___ MR . MISTERY

    the best person and his bodyguard the bitter

  22. Angel Margua

    LOL They repeat the song, love them

  23. JammyRulz


  24. Anuel

    1:38 I love how he laughs it off when he realises he sung the wrong lines.

  25. Gonzalo Gauna

    I don't like the original version.I prefer the remix.


    I actually prefer the original. The remix is good tho

  26. 462298 0001850

    The remix is waaay better

  27. Nyan com

    He is awesome!!彼の全てが大好きです❤️

  28. E Meyer

    1:03 - Quero teu cú. Quero teu cú Xuxa!


    KKKKK oloko




    Oporra kkk

  29. Guitar Tones

    They should have done this too (repeat the song poperly) everytime Dare's live performance was f'cked up.

    Birzhansal Mukanov

    in that case concert would never end


    what from when shawn ryder was pissed lol

  30. Carina Gagiu

    His dance moves are hilarious

  31. wanssa

    Damon should be eternal


    Ah I f*u*c*k*e*d up we gotta do that again

  33. zahir barrionuevo



    Its actually the bass player's fault for not leaving that 1 bar pause at the line "Here you go!!". But I guess Damon took the blame for going out there and not hearing

    Boy Logan

    TESLA CØILS pretty sure the bass messed up at 3:29 too, playing the wrong phrase

    Luis Cuadrilla

    I think the both were too high

  35. lazrpo

    The whole band fell out of sync. holy shit.

  36. Jonathon Heldberg

    5:17 ok we are going to get this sh*t right this time

  37. LeL

    <3 0_o

  38. yeeyee

    I really like this song live


    bitch . Same!

    Adam Red panda

    bitch . Me two

  39. Charlie Nelmes

    Best guy ever

  40. pedro oepee

    El damon semete al publico


    Y lo hace con muy buen animo, eso demuestra que disfruta su trabajo, y eso es bueno.

    Red Light

    semete y le agarran losguebos

  41. Fanyanova Carrillo Clemente

    Ta amo damon


    Amamos kdkd

  42. Hello my name is big-man,

    Haha what a fucking legend mate

  43. P. Delgado

    Gotta love the way Damon says how he fucked up hahahaha

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