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Soul Searching
Bazzi - Soul Searching
: Soul Searching
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07-10-2019 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 31 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Bazzi - Soul Searching )
  1. Antonio Leyba

    Bazzi is one of the greatest musician of my time i just know it

  2. Carlos Dwayne

    Cómo Quisiera Ser YouTube Para Eliminar Tu Mierda!

  3. Aspects

    lol stole X beat but still a great song

  4. lightning gamer

    For real he used the instrumental beat from x’s woah

  5. Harryansyah Putra

    The beat sound like Anymore by John Wolf


    Nobody:Absolutely nobody:Me listening to song:Brother walks in room: iS tHaT xXxTeNtACIoN

  7. Jadeisgibberish

    Original instrumental - Shangri la by speechless

  8. Philip jee

    Love this song real music right hear let's get all his songs likes up !!🌋🔥🎼

  9. SYG Boy

    R.I.P X

  10. shamym iftikhar

    I just wanna know who wrote the captions? I mean, those lyrics are starting to be relatable memes. 😂❤👌👌👌

  11. Md Abdullah

    নডির পোলা bazzi এইটা . XXXTENTACION -এর whoa (mind in awe) music তুই চুরি করচছ কে?

  12. Kev'z Sab'z

    This guy needs to be nominated for the Best New Artist category this coming Grammy Awards 2020.

  13. Diptto Rema

    I'm loving ur songs bazzi....keep it up

  14. Faithe Sweeney

    He could sing me right out my clothes, fr🔥🔥🔥👅

  15. Philip Magoley

    awesome song!

  16. Savannah Malloy

    Some of these subtitles have me rotfl 😂

  17. Lazy Sloth

    If you turn on captions in the lyric “smoke burn my lungs” it also says “don’t smoke kids”That’s honestly sweet from who wrote the captions.edit: also, the person who wrote these captions are also really nice. keep captions on and trust me, the writer of the captions writes little comments in parentheses. so sweet 🖤

  18. Mutiara Aisyah

    First time i heard mine amma fallinlove with he voices. Gj dude

  19. Absolutely Gucci

    Japanese Lofi hiphop starting from 5:23, hi. Love it ANYWAYS.

  20. AfafM98

    Who wrote the captions?😂😂

  21. Valentin Gomez


  22. Bazzi Forever 2019

    [Intro]No-no, no, noYeah[Chorus]I don't step out the house, I be workin'On my 'Gram, on my 'Gram, they be lurkin'On my own, by myself, soul searchin', yeahSoul searchin', yeah[Verse 1]Smoke, burn my lungs, I been on the runUsed to get crumbs, now I like my steak well done, for realHappy, Happy Meal, I'm a player off the fieldI'ma take it if I feel like it is mine, yeah (Ayy)Remember days, I would pray, there was no hope for me, yeahNow I see majesty over me, yeah[Pre-Chorus]Remember when they never showed me love? Ye-yeahRemember when they said I'm not enough? Ye-yeahNow I pull up flyer than a dove, ye-yeahYeah, than a dove[Chorus]I don't step out the house, I be workin'On my 'Gram, on my 'Gram, they be lurkin'On my own, by myself, soul searchin', yeahSoul searchin', yeah[Verse 2]Soul searching, waitI might hit the interstate, yeahWhat if I just took a break? YeahBought a house up on the lake, I'm from where the lakes are greatI'm from where the people say how they feelThey not afraid to be realOh, yeah, in my carI'm from the 734, where the people want it more[Pre-Chorus]But remember when they never showed me love? Ye-yeahRemember when they said I'm not enough? Ye-yeahNow I pull up flyer than a dove, ye-yeahYeah, than a dove[Chorus] [With beats]I don't step out the house, I be workin'On my 'Gram, on my 'Gram, they be lurkin'On my own, by myself, soul searchin', yeahSoul searchin', yeahSoul searching, wait...[Outro]Ah-ah-ah, ahAhh, ah-ah-ah, ahAh-ah-ah, ah-ahAh-ah, ah-ah, ah-ahYeah, than a dove

  23. Malory Hoffman

    nigga stole the beat from x. disrespectful.

  24. Abass

    anyone else notice the subtitles..?

  25. Michael Li

    XXXTENTACION Woah? Sounds so familiar

  26. Mack Samuel

    Dont matter you did it better..Atleast you made the instrumental at its full potential. You did great, not that mumble shii.😆

  27. Spiffy Jedi

    I think the song is good, but why so much distortion on the sample from "Woah", I just feel like his producer couldve done a bit better

  28. Eutimio Peixoto

    xxxtentacion woah

  29. Hiba Hibaa

    i feel like i'm listening to " russ "

  30. Isaí Almazán

    Lo-Fi... Samurai

  31. Lara 0000

    Love the captions :))))

  32. JASS dwayne

    This actually sounds like a mashup of the weekend and xxxtentacion

  33. high choice


  34. Toeki

    All the people that used this beat:Speechless (Original)XXXTENTACTIONThis dudeJohn wolf - anymore

  35. Vernique Belily

    When i heard this for the first time i honestly thought it was the weekend. I love Bazzi, hes music is so soothing <3

  36. GodsXI123

    Why did he copy xxxtentacion with the beat

  37. synq

    this is not from x’s woah or John Wolf’s. This is from Bruffer beatz’s “I feel tired.” thank him

  38. JSupernova

    These subtitles! Bahaha 😂😄👏🏼

  39. Dank -_- Miryam

    Who came here from xxxtentacion whoa mind in awe comment sections??

  40. Elisabeth Benavides


  41. M.27th

    the subs lol

  42. NateDawg

    Should at least mention x for the base music because it is literally just a bass booted version of “whoa mind in awe”

  43. gloria sauceda

    Bazzi! Wow wow wow!! Keep doin what you do. Love your music! This is a banger!❤🙏god bless🙏🙏🙏🙏❤😍

  44. Glaze Blinkue

    i love youbazziii

  45. soumen Mitra

    The underrated baazi 😫😰😓

  46. jake Sgs

    Escuto essa musica todo dia <3

  47. Thugsta Rulz

    Sometimes i just feel like listening to "The Weeknd & Russ" together.Baazi: Say no more mate....

    Hiba Hibaa

    yep me too specially russ 😁😁😁

  48. Rayen Grari

    Xxxtentacion's woah song's melodie

  49. Leandra Lopez


  50. sonyreos

    Wait why is x song in the background

  51. Cybøx

    are we not going to talk about the subtitles

  52. Kj Drawingツ

    Work of xxxtentacion

  53. vGodSZN

    1% of comments original 99% stolen

  54. Dedi Amirul


  55. Shawn Seecharran

    The song sounds like woah by XXX but it’s sampled

  56. Ayenel Villalba

    Bazzi te amooo! ❤

  57. Lhenns

    The instrumental is called Shangri la speechless, its not x’s

  58. Jasmine Lewis

    He stole xxxtentacion’s song “(whoa) Mind in awe”

    Sabehh oof

    He stoles your diet

    Jasmine Lewis

    Sabehh oof okay..... 😂😂😂

  59. Adam V

    This is just the woah beat by X

  60. Andrea De Matteo

    Wow amazing

  61. Miriam Ramirez

    Bazzi deserves more that's all saying

  62. Lee Van Leeuwen

    Bilal Wahib - Vliegen

  63. Fenriz Darkthrone

    Came here cos of Xxxtentacion - woah comment's section


    I love BAZZI ❤️

  65. Jessica B

    captions have me dying

  66. Kaleb H

    1.25* playback speed hit different 🔥🔥

  67. աėšłęÿ

    When you mix Max Miller voice and TheWeeknd this what you get

  68. stephen kurt osia

    why does it sound like xxxtentacion - Whoa(Mind in awe)🤔

    Sparkie 8

    This beat is originally an Asian beat it's called speachless by shangri la or sumthin like that but yea a lotta of people use this beat

  69. Zwahyyah Jolliff

    The Weeknd is that you?? 😳😫

  70. arkel rutledge

    Michigan stand up, we got one.

  71. Salah Totengi

    This song is chillHad anyone noticed that the soundtrack is some how Japanese

  72. Akia Espada

    Love the Beats

  73. 《Karah》


  74. Space Satana

    Why bazzi steal the beats

  75. Sxucy-

    gay ass nigga stop singing x songs

  76. 무환

    서동현이랑 비슷하다

  77. Angel Martin

    XXXTentacion Whoa instrumental? Suena igual -.-

  78. YoungShadow Gaming

    This Beat Came From XXXTentacion's Whoa

  79. Jellyonmyface


  80. Charmaine Sweet

    Dis Jahseh beat!! Lease he could mention X in the song..🙄

  81. Hani Mohamed

    hey my freind ..... wts goneon a but your lover my freind .... hahahaha ... im just say hi for you ... my freind

  82. Ed Pittman

    Took “Whoa” and ruined....smh

  83. Mithun preetham

    I have never seen such an underrated artist,Feel sad for u bro,

  84. justinhodges73


  85. Backfire301

    open won't regret it.

  86. Aj Balingasa

    what about the collab with juice wrld

  87. Krittika Das

    X's whoa's beat outta here.RIP x.Like if you miss X too💔

  88. BeATRICE

    If my life had a soundtrack you it would have been made by you my friend. I adore this song. 🙂

  89. Tawananyasha Tembani

    Bazzi, you are a true inspration. Keep doing what you are doing. This is Fire.🔥🔥🔥


    man what the fuck (sorry about language but I'm from Poland and I am not super duper good) you are fuckin *best*I don't know what are you doing and how but every your song is fucking amazing bro

  91. Zorak YT

    He'd look good with pierced ears

  92. Ebony Huffman-Bailey

    I love Bazzi


    I came from John wolf and X

  94. Dr Pepper

    He sampled the beat didnt steal it

  95. TaZe_ToXic Z

    Respect R.I.P X

  96. Jung Leivon Min-PD

    His voice sounds different in all his songs❤️❤️

    Own Clan

    Called autotune

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Bazzi - Soul Searching

Bazzi adlı yabancı pop sanatçısı yaz ayında çıkarmış olduğu bu yeni şarkısı ile hayranları tarafından tam not aldı. "Soul Searching" adlı bu parça müzik dinleme platformlarından oldukça fazla indirildi. I do not step out the house I be workin on my gram, on my gram, they be lurkin on my own, by myself soul searchin yeah İngilizce sözleri ile şarkıya giriş yapıyor.

Daha sonra smoke burn my lungs i been on the run ile şarkının nakarat kısmını oluşturmaktadır. Siz de Bazzi - Soul Searching indir ile müzik listelerinde zirveyi zorlayan bu müziği indirebilir sevdiklerinizle paylaşabilirsiniz. Üstelik şarkı hakkında değerlendirmeler de bulunmakta yine indirme esnasında mümkündür.
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