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No Way!
Bazzi - No Way!
: No Way!
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07-10-2019 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 47 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Bazzi - No Way! )
  1. Eu Carter

    This make me happy ❤️🌷

  2. Eu Carter

    The best ❤️

  3. Lucy Craft

    In that pic he look likes LOGAN PAUL

    Asha Blackman

    bish wut

  4. Aleen Moon

    Every Thing Comes From This Guy Is Amazing, Emotional and Gorgeous.

  5. Bazzi Forever 2019

    [Chorus]When I hop up in the WraithIt's a high speed chasePush the pedal to the floorI won't quit, no wayYou can't stall usNo matter what they sayI won't quit, no wayFlippin' no wayYeah, yeah, yeah, yeah[Verse]I'm the same old kid with the high school dreamsGot my eye on the prize, get it by any meansJust go, push the pedal to the floorGame up in my hands, and, I'll never let it goDie for this , I wouldNo matter what they say, always knew that I couldThere are things that I won't let them take from meThere are dreams that I won't let them take from meOh, yeah[Bridge]All my life I knew I couldFantasized 'bout living good the tens, I want the hunnids, yeahBlue bands, just keep 'em comin', yeahTell the family we finally safe, butChorus]When I hop up in the WraithIt's a high speed chase (It's a high speed chase)Push the pedal to the floor (Floor)I won't quit, no way (I won't quit, no way)You can't stall us (You can't stall us)No matter what they say (No matter what they say)I won't quit, no way (I won't quit, no way)Flippin' no way (No way)

  6. Sanju Hajong

    Excellent ❤❤❤😍

  7. Sanju Hajong

    Excellent 👍👏😆


    why is this song so short :(

  9. Luan Fernandes

    Amo essa música 🥰

  10. John Dorosan

    Tell me the chords sound like Brazil by declan McKenna

  11. biruk alemayehu

    bazzi your voice amazing am wait ur next work

  12. lorenzzzo campion


  13. Kaizer Viktor

    The chorus and the guitar parts. 😍

  14. Aaliyah Polk

    I Love bazzi he is so fucking hot

  15. Jien Jie Yap

    WTF !!! This song is fkcing underrated man ...

  16. Georgia Boy

    My girl said she smash my face in my phone if I play this song againnnnnnnhgzgzyakahayauxbxtaisngsyoxoajsgzybakwoxyshsusjjjjjjuYahnsushHaujaHELPPPPPhhagahagavagahahaishagayzbsixosnagahahauxytgggggwkosojbagahzhtfhjsiahggtagghGvahuahbankskaifffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffc

  17. M.A. Amjad

    When i hop up in aray

  18. Martin

    this gon be a hit im callin it. jk he's underrated, press F to pay respects tho lol 😂

  19. Georgia Boy

    This my favorite by him..jus wish it was longer..that’s what she said

  20. через тернии к pЁzdam

    pizdets bliat ohuenno!)

  21. Bella Belle

    Your amazing voice shocked me.. I really love all your songs Bazzi. I want more!!!

  22. Z Abs

    Well, that’s my favourite song among all his new songs

  23. Phat-tee

    You cant stall us- always thought he said against all odds.. Lol

  24. Mike Mike

    Fuckin' No Way

  25. Bruno Farran

    The only "bad" thing about this song is that it's too short.

  26. Mo Emjey

    Loool the instrumental reminds me of „where is my mind“ by pixie

  27. юный андеграунд

    русские присутствуют?или тут вымерла рашн комьюнити?

  28. Raheem2922

    He has such a good voice and works well with this beat of this song. Their definitely needs to be a music video for this song!!

  29. Michi. xTrain

    hallo josii

  30. Angelica Pasqui

    Are you soundtrack of fight club?

  31. Stan ezen

    This dude goes in

  32. Fadi Abdsater

    I wish bazzi could be more famous I love his voice ❤️

  33. Tuấn Hoàng

    Mong là có nhạc trên trang nct.vnPlsssssss

  34. Mr.adrenalina

    The instrumental sounds like "where is my mind"

  35. Amelie Tu

    Why does this song have such low views?? This song is BOMBBBB 🔥🔥

  36. Ray Mak

    Hope you guys like my piano cover of this song too

  37. Sibongile Imakando

    My new fav song!!!💖✨👏🏽🥰

  38. Александр Уткин

    Pixes - where is my mind?


    มีคนไทยฟังปะ !😍

  40. Not a Gamers

    This song makes me love his 2nd album.

  41. Chen Che陳澈

    I love this song !

  42. Cassidy Lambert

    This is so fire. Bazzi deserves all the recognition in the world!!

  43. 26 K39

    Me before: cryingMe now: crying while bopping to this masterpiece

  44. не ГЕЙ


  45. س ع


  46. Souma Yukihira

    Bazzi is 😎😎

  47. Ahmad Yehia

    Amaaaazing song music voice all

  48. Bazzi Forever 2019

    Plz upload clean version

  49. Joyful Savage


  50. Richard h

    Sounds like Where is my mind

  51. Soham /////

    the electric in the background 🤩

  52. Joe Andrade


  53. lol lol

    This so lit 🔥🤘🏻

  54. Luis Otavio Santos

    brazil esta ouvindo bazzi like

  55. Jb Cruz

    2:15 (MINE-2018)1:53 (NO WAY-2019)another short song from bazzi

  56. Viktor Panov

    Yup another🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Keep it going bro!

  57. WhatAboutRafa Official

    BAZZI Ft. Halsey 😍😍😍😍💞👍

  58. Rude Skins

    Check out *GASHI-Roses* same sound both are great

  59. Black Spider

    Mann I swear he needs to drop more songs

  60. Margo J

    Hey guys, check out my slowed version for this song

  61. Timber xxx

    Bazzi's songs attract me

  62. SKNDER

    Bazzi is one of my favourites I really hope to work with him one day. Listen to one of my songs if you got like a minute you'd be surprised!

  63. Y S

    Te amo niño lindo

  64. ElmerIglecias Channel

    Bazzi music is always good vibes.

  65. Kenherr LoL

    my fav of the album ❤️

  66. Spccky bloosm

    He did it again! What a good song!👏

  67. T i f f a n y K

    Anyone: will you ever stop loving Bazzi?me: 0:27 and 1:42

  68. HyperCastMain


  69. Helena

    Please collab with gallant

  70. Julia Mendes

    why bazii is so good at what he loves i love this song ah ...❤️❤️❤️

  71. Sponge Jem

    *Ugh~ I honestly can’t get enough of Bazzi’s bop songs*

  72. Kojit Trumpet

    as always, the duration is not enough :(

  73. Deepak Bhattdrb

    he need to be viral. lets make it he is much lovable and i have no words.#bazzi is love

  74. GikkiV

    This is a song I'd hear in the driving scene of a rom-com movie on Netflix and I'm obsessed with it.

  75. Ali al-Iraqi Al Bayati


  76. Angel Garcia

    Good song!

  77. tonyamcdermott4

    I love he represents the 734!!! True to where he comes from. Same as i!!

  78. Natalia V

    My sister: Bazzi released a new songMe: No way!!😱

  79. gery star

    He's deserve for Grammy imo

  80. Tea Party

    Youtube only send me notification now whyyyy

  81. 1층뮤직 1F Music

    It’s bazzi nice :)

  82. Yesha Pardo

    Hey guys! I’ve just started my channel a few months ago and I post covers (I’ll do more than covers real soon)! I’d really appreciate it if you all can subscribe? trust me you won’t regret it. I’ll be posting more videos soooooon!

  83. Z Abs

    This song and focus are the best of the album

  84. Lina Bieber

    this song is so good 🕊

  85. ChaoticRulesAll

    I'm getting Pixies - Where Is My Mind vibes with the guitar riffs. I like it!

    Zac Carr

    ChaoticRulesAll underrated comment spent to long thinking of what that sounded like.❤️

    Sujatakuwar Khadka

    Yup bro

  86. it's me sara


  87. Rob Baeza

    I thought of the ending scene of Fight Club right away, The Pixies what a classic!!

  88. Adrianna Youngblood

    This go hard that’s why it’s my most favorite on the album 💕🔥

  89. D3AD X RXS3

    Who’s here before 1Million 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  90. Lyrics Me

    No way lyrics

  91. Windysaint


  92. Rakesh Murugesan

    the harmony note at 1:29 is everything

  93. imad labrini

    ladies and gentlmans support this star please

  94. Katherin Márquez

    pero por qué tan cortaaaaa:(

  95. Alexandra Ogonyo

    Bazzi is everything 💓🔥...I will quit no matter what they say

  96. Aida Tulegen


  97. Josia Adams

    Amazing song

  98. Margo J

    Hey guys, check out my slowed version for this song

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