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BTS - Dynamite
: Dynamite
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: 11861 Toplam İndirme
23-08-2020 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 11861 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (BTS - Dynamite )
  1. •ᴊɪʜᴏᴏ Min•


  2. Hdhdhdhd Jejduduff


  3. Inah Balagtas

    WE DID IT!!!

  4. cossiopeta Dynamite

    DO NOT LOOP THE MV , SHUFFLE WITH ANY 3-4 other BTS MVS before coming back to the same songUSE DIFFERENT IP ADDRESS for MULTIPLE DEVICESEven after YOUTUBE delete our views, we will never ever give upEmojis and The words stream, view, doesn't delete or freeze viewsspamming deletes the viewsDo not watch lyric videos/reaction videosDYNamiTE is fully in English so don't watch lyric videos• DO NOT use playlist in the first 24 hour• DO NOT use incognito mode while STREAMING• DO NOT clear cache / history while STREAMING• DO NOT LOOP / FORWARD/ SKIP , watch the entire MV• DO NOT SPAM WITH COMMENTSWATCH BTS RELATED OR UNRELATED VIDEOS IN BETWEEN• Act as human as possible/ avoid bot like behaviour !!:) YOUTUBE can't stop ARMY from breaking records

  5. S Nesirzade

    Army loves you BTS Azerbaijani ARMY

  6. 제니

    Congrats!! You found my comment among 5,3M comments. Here, take this broccoli 🥦

  7. salma badawy

    the way jimin's dynamite sounds w those effects😭😭

  8. Айсет Хатуева

    Вы слышали новость о том что мы поставили мировой рекорд не 98 млн а 101млн 100тыс просмотров вы лучшие поздравляю вас

  9. Harsha Sharma

    Did you know BTS before Dynamite released?

  10. najla ameliaazka

    My new mood booster song, but.... Can i have #morejin on next video?

  11. Angel Cueto

    The goal, please dont forget it!.200 milion in 3 days!!!

  12. Graecina Villegas

    I really love the song, I know that all ARMY we love it, the music is in my mind and my body is intensely eager to dance it, thank you guys for so much love.Shining through the city with a little funk and soul, light it up like Dynamite, ohOhOhMe encanta la canción, sé que todo ARMY lo amamos, la música está en mi mente y mi cuerpo está intensamente ansioso por bailarla, gracias chicos por tanto amor

  13. Jichu love


  14. el. mundo. de. violeet Velázquez


  15. Yara Hawar

    Day or night the sky is alight

  16. Ha Hoang

    SeokJinie I LUV U

  17. stan kale

    Who all smiled seeing the with green coat at 1.03.....

  18. BiTOSS

    im actually an EXO fan but darn this song is good BTS:ARMY :)

  19. Nisreen. Ali


  20. Eye Of Enigma

    It's all high spirits and fun.But the reality behind their "actual" lives is so...sad.I studied these K-Bands in College. Their lives are all about image, Corporations control them.Still a pretty nice song tho!

  21. Prince Hindi Technical

    हमे कहां मालुम था इश्क होता क्या हैबस एक तुम मिलें और जिन्दगी मुहब्बत बन गई

  22. Kpop Life

    ارمي لا تستسلموArmy don't give up we can do it

  23. Jina -2083-

    كيم نامجون كيم سوكجين مين يونغي جونغ هوسوك بارك جيمينكيم تايهونغجيون جونكوك Bts لوvي ارمي

  24. Konkaku Nhóc


  25. Delvin Shekhmos

    بخصوص انو حققنا هدفنا 101 مليون في 24 ساعة و مو 98 مليون و اليوتيوب أكد هالشي احتفلو يا اقوة جيش .. بتس لهياة افدل

  26. Ham's Mix art

    Wow for the whole english sone.. finally they did it. Thank u very much.. another nice song from our beloved BTS. AGREE?


    Keep watching it guys!!

  28. eXpEnSiVe yEaH i'M riCh


  29. Hoseok's smile

    **ARMY SOME OF YOU MAY NOT [email protected] PROPERLY AND DON'T EVEN KNOW ABOUT IT** (that's why yt deleted the v1ews) here are the most important [email protected] rules:- watch in at least 480p (720p is better tho)- do not skip/pause/speed up/slown down the mv, WATCH IT TILL THE END!- do not use playlist/multiple tabs/replay button, search for the mv manually- do not use emojis/spam in the comment section, it may cause the vi3ws to freeze- shuffle the mv with 3-4 other videos! (at least 10 minutes break before you play dynamite again)- do not forget to leave a like and share the video with your friends!

  30. gguk

    Jungkook -----

  31. Beebo Army

    Qui est la pour célébrer les 101m en 24h???

  32. tala aboud

    Life is dynamite


    *~K I N G S~*


    İzlenmelerimizi geri ver lan döverim seni ha

  35. ابو العبد اللادئاني

    باقي فقط 3ساعات اتجهزو يالله بسرعه💖💖

  36. Диана Рыбцова

    Это великолепно🤩😍🤩💜💜💜☀️☀️☀️

  37. khadidja ben

    آرمي يلا نتوحد و نعمل الستريم مع بعض ليزيد العدد ما في شيء صعب علينا صح

  38. JAAkkeeYY Kim


  39. Jichu love


  40. feline feline

    almost 14mio likes that's insane! so proud of BTS

  41. Edrielly


  42. •Kim Rure•

    1B in 3 weeks ?We can do it .

  43. Nisreen. Ali

    سو وچ مي بيرنغ ذه فاير اند سيت ذه لايت نايت

  44. Laura goettens


  45. Imelda Situmorang

    Good and bighit already released that views on 24 hours for this mv is 101 million viewa. I don't know this is true or not. Congrats afor Army and BTS

  46. imnunu imokay

    Eğer genç ölürsem, saten içinde gömün beni

  47. jjakkugguk

    jk: im no babyalso jk: let's rock 'n roll */grabs a cup of milk/*

  48. alex official


  49. FunandMe Daily

    It sounded Filipino at the beginning.

  50. Aastha Singh Rajput

    i'm happy that antis are giving their time to comment on our boy's mv......thanku antis and other fandom.....may dynamite bring 'boom' in your life!


    100M Views in one day,the power of BTS Army😮 It is a record on yt😻

  52. Ritika Bhanja

    We got 101.1M views in 1st 24 hour YouTube and bighit entertainment confirmed it!!WE DID IT GUYS :D

  53. Khushi music company

    👇👇i love how they’re breaking record after record in every cb im proud ahhh👇👇

  54. Ismaaa Priliani

    This song is so good and cool 💜💜

  55. Quỳnh


  56. simona

    They dont act happy, they are.

  57. Seray _

    Tůrkïsh @rmyciğim Black swana da biraz yorum yapın ona da aynısını yapalım ikisi birlikte ilerliyor ve bizden çok fazla yorum yok orada da gücümüzü gösterelim

  58. Hue Phuoc

    ARMY ! We can do it Fighting

  59. Army BTS

    Woooow ILove you BTS💜💜💜

  60. Axel Briones

    Army 200M lets go

  61. Jichu love


  62. Ina Ossain


  63. Daryl Autai

    I dont get the hype.. that song sounds so average..

  64. Have Fun


  65. Rijal Taslim

    Bts : are u Crazy?Me : Yeah im Crazy,2 Days you Tranding Beib No. 1,im so so very like ur songBts : Thanks u beib.

  66. _jamlessmin

    Keep on strea31ming Army!!

  67. nongthombam priyalakshmi

    Go Ami we can do everything

  68. rajpootdaulatdjsong rajpootdaulatdjsong

  69. Бакдаулет Комекбай

    Такой яркий клип и песня , мне так сильно понравился что не выходит из головы !!!!!



  71. YbnDream

    Set this as your alarm and you will wake up in the best mood everyday trust me <3 :)


    بلينك اكسوال موجودين؟

  73. Aman Sayyad

    this fandom and views only zayn deserevs

  74. tala aboud

    Heart heart

  75. Fatma Nur Ateş

    Aradığın o türk benim

  76. Alaa Osman

    طبعا خليت اثنين من صحباتي يشوفه وعجبتهم الاغنية والاستايل ف قعدوا يساعدوتي بالاس&تريم -ما يدرون ان بعد jimi-on مافيك jim-out -

  77. angel mendoza

    ang cute ko, sana kayo din :))

  78. فانز ناز الشمرية

    يعععع كيف تتابعوهم انا هذا اول اغنيه اشوفها وقرفت وكيف لما أشوف الأغاني الثانين شراح يصير فيي

  79. black heart


  80. el. mundo. de. violeet Velázquez

    I'm love love

  81. 〰파 볼 favor 〰

    Don't visit BLACKPINK MV in first 24 hours... When it released in a second the views will added if you click ICE CREAM if you are true Army don't go to their MV. Real Armys are stay here. So many blinks just spam our Mv and still doing it...

  82. Jichu love


  83. بسنت شعبان محمد علي

    No but i just came from dope! They're always go through changes they're never the same that's why they're different. Other groups just keep doing the same. Not surprising.

  84. 수대

    Str34m ARMY Lets go 200 Vi3ws!!!!!

  85. gguk

    Okey ...

  86. Helen_ BlinkArmyOnce

    Αν υπαρχουν καπου ελληνες ή κυπριοι army γεια! Ελπιζω νσ ερθουν τουλαχιστο στην ελλαδα (μενω κυπρο) αλλα μεφα που θα τελειωσουν ολα με τον κορονοιο

  87. Egga Widastika

    udh berapa kali aku puter ni video 🤔

  88. King Uzi

    It you give me a Like I will write ARMY LOVE BTS

  89. ARMY FATIMA Morocco

    BTS & ARMY I purple you

  90. agustd min

    I'm so proud of our boys

  91. Soukaina Jrida

    بتس ارمي ارمي

  92. Aidana Temirova


  93. Aimee Nguyễn

    The song so good

  94. Лиза Белоусова

    Они на английском поют?

  95. whoareyou? 93

    Vamos muyyyyy leeentoooo!!!!

  96. Disya Azka


  97. BTS JiminF

    154M! ----155M

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