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Blood Sweat
BTS - Blood Sweat
: Blood Sweat
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26-11-2017 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 13000 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (BTS - Blood Sweat )
  1. Jia Pia

    Pause at 1:01. You’re welcome!

  2. восьминогий восьминог

    1:20 у него леденец в руке

  3. يوسف خضير


  4. Agnieszka Szydlowska

    I HATE YOU!!!🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️☹☹☹☹😛😛😛😝😝😝😝😝😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬

  5. Chrystel Papstel

    18 august: 487.7m31.august: 492.1m+4.4m views with 13 days

  6. ندا میرزایی

    Just 8m more

  7. 隣のサンタ


  8. Lost jam of Jimin's


  9. armyblinkhidden

    Please s t r e a m intro:persona so it can reach 50M before Namjoon's birthday!! Sept.12

  10. once midzy arмy

    Jimin jacket flip still slapping so hard to me 😂😍

  11. Taehyung Kim

    - BTS -

  12. SungHoon Hong

    *omg im crying i cant ;~;*

  13. Yamada Ryo A

    Any one here ? ^^

  14. 태태


  15. Konul Baxsiyeva


  16. Anna Shakugan

    J-HOPEEEEEEE (inserte voz de suga) ILY<3

  17. Anna Shakugan

    492,094,932 fighting!

  18. Gacha Daydreamer

    I love how Jimin is older but Jungkooks voice is deeper 😂

  19. BTS Fangirl

    Next cb we freakinh want bst 2.0.... I mean cmon u gave airplane and airplane pt2 within months..... Is it too much to askArmy plss tell bh to release pt2 of this song

  20. Lavinia Army

    2:18 Golden Maknae Maknae

  21. Ayu Ida Savitri

    So handsomeeeeeee😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘

  22. rmari V


  23. Nấmlùn曖ステ Gacha

    Blood sweet tear

  24. Wen Bah blah

    lets get this to 500M

  25. Elikelma Moraes

    Y love you

  26. Fan Cuồng Triệu Lệ Dĩnh o

    Happybirtday jungkook💖💖

  27. Miss Stephanie

    Anyeonghasyeo, WOW!!! Hanyalah aku mungkin penonton aja. Listen the any song is my hobbies 😜🤭

  28. ปิติญา เกษเพชร

    i love suga so muchhhh

  29. feli aja

    Jimin. What is this waw.Felisya. Lalalalala 👀what's thet is jimin or yeah that's jimin Jimin. OMG!!! Thet is felisya in my wey

  30. Daechul Kim

    Team bias v || ||\/Like

  31. Daechul Kim

    Bày vịt nấu năm món

  32. Daechul Kim

    Are you an Army?(^.^) like!

  33. Rahma Yulita

    Did jungkook harmonize in RM part? Sooo smooth

  34. Nhung ARMY LOVE BTS

    Phi ttam nun mul

  35. Xuân Diệu Lê Thị

    So wonderful

  36. Nhung ARMY LOVE BTS

    Ngầu quá Hope ơi

  37. Nhung ARMY LOVE BTS

    Fighting 500M

  38. Daechul Kim

    492.063.096 Vietnam

  39. Natalie

    2:31 reminded me about Alice in the wonderland lol😂😂

  40. Pikachu gamer gacha


  41. Demanik Crazy

    Просто бомба клипНичего лучшего нету,кроме группы БТС и их отжигательных клипов))Есть кто русский?😳🇷🇺

  42. 10 giờ đêm đừng ngủ


  43. Micaela Barrios

    Jimin y jungkook 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Trung Trần Minh

    don't use the icon, it will take v.i.e.w, please

  44. Micaela Barrios

    Uuu jungkook😍😍😍

  45. Micaela Barrios

    Uuu jimin 😍😍😍😍

  46. mm k

    492 045

  47. renu saoji

    Happy birthday ❤ 😍 💖 jungkoo 1 September 2019

  48. Nerak morales

    Donde estan las ARMYS latinas ¿?Solo me gustaría decirles que ya no hay que responderle a las personas que insultan a ARMY y a los chicos solamente respondan con un 💜 y si lo hacemos ,que no lleve insultos o malas palabras No seamos igual que ellos.Demostremos lo que es ARMY también lleguemos a estas metas IDOL 550MFAKE LOVE 600MDNA900MFIRE600MMIC DROP 600MSAVE ME 450My por último NOT TODAY 400Msi le entran dejen un 👍(Perdon por los emojis es la última vez :) Con cariño para mí fandom ARMYS FIGHTING 💜

  49. Andrea X

    I got into Koop it was like oh yeah everything is so fine but then like after a few months I started having a mid life crisis because JUNGKOOK IS TURNING 22 AND I AINT READY

  50. Alfi Ansah

    Ar yu ARM

  51. BangPink Blink-Army

    Why I getting not today mv as a ad in every video 😂😂

  52. Ki Lama

    Can't get enough of them omg! Best band ever and for ever ♥ Jimin is so beautiful and breathtaking. He is unique ♡

  53. Tatiana Felinto De Freitas

    Óia o forró minha gente

  54. solangeuS

    *_Spotify BTS 100M:_*BestOfMe — 97MRun — 95MMIC Drop — 92.3MAirplane pt2 — 90M

  55. solangeuS

    Ayúdenme a promocionar AgustD AgustD para que también llegue a los 100M antes del siguiente COMEBACK please

  56. solangeuS

    Min YOONGI - SUGA - AgustD _75.961.300_ *80M - 90M - 100M*

  57. Pauline Alencar

    B-ARMYS 🇧🇷?


    Alguém brasileiro

  59. batàng 90's

    5:20 Jin's fist kiss😂 why so handsome❤️

  60. Anna Shakugan

    500M? fighting! >.<

  61. Marcia Perez

    8M más esos 500M deben estar aquí. Es difícil creer que hicimos 1M en tres días. Lamentablemente. Tengo 4 prioridades BWL 550M DNA 850M Fire 600M y este maravilloso mv. BTS ♡♡♡

  62. arlene idorot

    Tomorrow is JK's birthday

  63. shoomy is life

    *One of the best eras to ever occur in the history of kpop*


    We can do it guyss... 8M more

  65. dhani agus subekti


  66. Raymark Galang

    This is my all time favorite! So sexy! 😂😚❤

  67. Shiny Shownu

    Wow just WOW

  68. Celina Rossell


  69. Celina Rossell


  70. Inés Vargas Ruiz

    Like si eres ARMY y no te avergüenza♡

  71. Ana Lívia Bezerra

    I love bts 😍😘😎😊

  72. Seth Sim

    I Love you

  73. SUGA tongue technology A

    *Literally even statue's are luckier than me TT*

  74. SUGA tongue technology A

    *This song will be 4ever IKONIC , everything is just so amazing , we stan LEjinDS.*

  75. LiChaeng SooNi

    Eyo armieeeees

  76. Khin A.R.M.Y


  77. Khin A.R.M.Y

    VietnamViệt Nam페트남

  78. Khin A.R.M.Y

    B T S ♡A R M Y ♥

  79. Khin A.R.M.Y

    495M Coming soon

  80. Khin A.R.M.Y

    492,004,260 Vietnam

    SUGA tongue technology A

    I wanna go to Vietnam , i luv that country TT

    Khin A.R.M.Y

    @SUGA tongue technology A thanks, i luv you

  81. Joelma Silva


  82. Ramon Reyes

    Love you bts

  83. Angie 12


  84. stacy geller

    DNA to 1B!!! FIGHTING!!!

  85. Roz Ruffin

    Thank you Big Hit entertainment 4 picking all the present members of BTS. You have surely enlightened everyone's life all over the world...BTS you are the best music artists out 2day. I don't just love your work but your collective energy. You've put so much of your diverse talents together 2 make an awesome group. I'm sincerely grateful & bless 4 your existence. Your music keeps me dancing & smiling. Would love 2 meet you one day 2 personally thank you & dance with you. The world may see you all as cute boys, but 2 me, you are creative intelligent young men (college graduates) with voices, talents, & deep swag (you already know you're gorgeous). I would love 2 be able 2 know the real you not just the public persona or image. After all the years of hard work, you all need a relaxed vacation with your families & true friends. By the way, when are you announcing your next American tour (east coast) obviously...hopefully near Atlanta, Ga...don't want 2 be in the nose bleed seats but up front close 2 you. The #7 is the number of completion in the Bible...#8 means new beginnings...#2 & 5 means mercy & grace...#6 means man...#3 means trinity...#1 means great, alpha & omega (beginning & end). Keeping it 100. God bless you, your families, company, & crew.

    stacy geller

    That was so cute! So, no “nosebleed” seats and, hopefully, venues in the southeast, huh, or, more particularly, Georgia? I’ll be hoping for that for you! Purple you, fam! [Btw, have you already read “Demian”, the Hermann Hesse masterpiece upon which this video is based and which inspired the whole Wings album era? Many of us have researched the correlation between the museum pieces (especially the Brueghel ones) as well as the Nietzsche inscription over the mirror, against the storyline. If you haven’t already (I haven’t yet), it may be fun to check out all the various theories behind this video, as well as all the other BTS videos. Lots of homework! lol. You’ll be surprised at how many deep intellectuals there are in this fandom (excluding myself, of course, because I’m just a dilletante by comparison). Anyway, have fun and continue to enjoy the wonders of BTS!

    SUGA tongue technology A

    That is so sweet ( purple u)

  86. Siciid Xiirane

    Ilove you bts

  87. sysfah rina


  88. Ezequiel Leiva

    Algún día los conoceré 😙😘😍♥️🇰🇷

  89. Ezequiel Leiva

    Bts para siempre♥️😍🇰🇷

  90. zozusha

    Bighit: How sexy do you want the video?BTS: YES!

  91. God

    2:17 when you gotta taste of your dogs poo is worthy enough to lay on the floor*snack*

  92. God

    this was jimins shoulders favorite era

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