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Ur So Fking Cool
Tones And I - Ur So Fking Cool
: Ur So Fking Cool
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29-05-2020 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 492 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Tones And I - Ur So Fking Cool )
  1. Shady Bad

    Your so fucking coooool your self Tones😝 great song anther big one I think👍

  2. Curious One

    I’m not even cool enough to watch somebody that cool........ I love you Tones and I. Love ya love love ya

  3. mehdi. nesibov

    Uwu. It like uuuu

  4. Coming Up Next

    LYRICS----Everyone's talking about sexEveryone's talking about exLike no one really wants to find a genuine connectBefore they even look at you, they move on to the nextAnd I know that they say"do not you worry," I am the oneThen the very next day, they said they are doneAnd I do not want to listen to the shit you have spunNo, I do not want to listen to the shit you have spunWalk into a party, feeling out of placeEveryone too cool, everyone too fakeI try to start a conversation But I can't seem to relateYo, I am about to get an UberCause you are so fucking coolYou are just way too fucking coolAnd I do not really care if you are kingAnd I do not really care for gold thingsYou will be pointing at some girls and saying, "Yeah, we had a fling"But you are not fooling meYou are just a puppet on a stringJust a puppet on a string, ohAnd they say, "do not you worry, I am the one"Then the very next day, they said they are doneAnd I do not want to listen to the shit you have spunNo, I do not want to listen to the shit you have spunWalk into a party, feeling out of placeEveryone too cool, everyone too fakeI try to start a conversation But I can't seem to relate...CLICK HERE FOR FULL LYRICS----

  5. Tuvstarr

    Your going beyond the stars girl <3 :D Love your music SO MUCH! <3 :D. Your voice is one of a kind <3. Never stop singing EVER <3.

  6. Elisha Matthews

    Anyone just absolutely adore her?!....

  7. India Cleveland

    i can relate so much to this song! love u sm!

  8. Hillary MJ

    I can relate to this song on an introverted level.

  9. Hetvi Patel

    Love it!! Love her!

  10. Mystical Messages

    You're so fucking cool

  11. Pelle Lind

    Love it 😈 you so f-ing cool 😎

  12. Muzaffer Karaduman

    Türkler beğensin sayımızı bilelim

  13. Willy A

    This is f*cking cool

  14. Aman Varma

    Here in the first 💯 VIEWS😁. THIS SONG IS SO FUCKIN' COOOL 😋😎🧡💙

  15. Alexej Ermakow

    The meaning of this song is so true.. Many people just think about themselves and dont even want to look or even talk to people not in there "league"

  16. `• Cherry Kawaii Chan •`

    Owoo like like like i'm love music owoo

  17. Enoon Mai

    wewww. 👌gold...🤩

  18. Kevin Breddels

    Honestly just Every song they make is such a good song


    You are fucking cool..... 🥳🥳

  20. Nat The Bat

    Good message but ... Meh...

  21. Daniel Tesorero


  22. Prem Swarup

    Director: How many persons do you want to play?Tones and I: Yes!

  23. J T

    Tones and I is my favourite drag king 😂😂

  24. Ivo Kalous

    This song is fu*ing cool! 😎

  25. Mel Vin

    Tone and I is so fucking cool! Stream Bad Child after you listen to this 💕

  26. Sir Scouf

    The beat is as fancy like she is

  27. Bill Cassin

    Excellent view of the world today.....testify sister

  28. sergio rodriguez

    Te amo reina, ARGENTINA

  29. KEV Rank #1 YASUO

    Love ur music and confidence 💥

  30. Marti Widdows

    My wife

  31. lena I. nice

    Soooo coool 🤩😮

  32. Xavi Gisbert

    ok, this is gonna be a hit

  33. S j

    Who else relates to this 100%😻

  34. Bernardo Ruminahuel

    a ke nadie aki habla en español... bueno, like si es así

  35. jacxel polo

    Ohhhh yeah

  36. Frank Kasimbu

    Gotta ask many times she changed clothes?😂

  37. DM Mundas

    I loved you’re song so much 🥰

  38. Byfouf 60

    I love your new title, it's the bomb❤️❤️😱😜

  39. MrMaciekd24

    You are amanzing

  40. _Nurefşan_

    Woow Good (omg)TURKIHS FAN

  41. Aman Varma

    Her vocals always complement the beat💙💚♥️🧡

  42. Марва Мухаммад

    I like when tones and i put on red clothes And you??

  43. Julie Taylor

    Yeah someone that swears as much as me fantastic song Toni absolutely brilliant

  44. Ally M

    I fucking love you and your vibe.

  45. Kareem Nasr

    first one in Egypt lesson u.s.f.c🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬

  46. Idk idk

    Director: How many persons do you want to play?Tones and I: Yes!

  47. KrøzEn

    Everybody is Tony. Magic.

  48. ahmed al ameer

    Way too fucking cool

  49. Carla Collado


  50. Bahar Ələkbərova

    I have a dress with Tones and I logo .d I hope I wrote the sentence correctly

  51. Ross vasquez

    La mejor 🔥🔥🔥

  52. Marie _sp14

    Love your voice so much! Very nice Song :)

  53. Davide Mo

    Tones and i. The perfect song 2020👍🏻

  54. Pierre-Yves OLLIVIER

    So good!!!!

  55. Rob Hern

    Shes gonna be the next big star already acting in her videos give her another 3 years and she'll be in the movies

  56. Yuni-Corn

    Like if you’re here before TikTok

  57. kane official

    She's so fckin cool😅🖤

  58. SocialBounty Money Making App

    nice video gyhH

  59. Yuni-Corn

    3,6k in 52minutesDamn

  60. The Messy Channel

    Who wants a REVERSED version of this??🔥

  61. انمي إدوارد _ Edward

    I like how she played all the characters amazingly

  62. Gay Viral



    Wow, this song is very nice!

  64. deanie rider

    F**king dope

  65. Hey Mequem - Diseñando Inversiones

    OMG YOU ARE AMAZING SINGER ❤️ I love all your songs! Keep working and thanks

  66. Křečekaja :3

    Her transformations are better than "Your face sounds familiar"

  67. Quinsy JR

    So Amazing

  68. TerewBoy

    comments before 1K

  69. Olivia Secrest

    Once again another awesome song by tones and I 😊👍

  70. The Vibe Guide

    Pure talent

  71. SP Media Gaming

    Started listening to Tones and I about a week ago, and have been loving all of her songs. I'm very glad to know she and her crew are releasing new music videos. Very motivational.

  72. KristieLovell

    🎶Amazing once again🎶 Love your raw talent🙌 💛 Keep ‘em coming 💛

  73. KevrakLeVrai

    Bou fami bou fami bou ani tout ta ti n'avais nova n'avais tout ta ti

  74. Lizmar Salgado

    I love you 😍🔥

  75. Simon Turanský

    Pla Dance Monkey song is best

  76. Radovan Miletic

    This reminds me of Eddie Murphy movies, with him playing most of the roles. Love the song though

  77. Maria Ferguson

    It's qanrantine and she still making video and song

  78. unwade43

    This song is amazing..!!!!!

  79. juan pablo benavides pinzon

    no se ingles pero me gusto like si a tu tambien XD 😎😎😎😈😈😅😅😅😈😈

  80. ZavhLyrics

    tones and I ❤️❤️❤️

  81. IcyGlazed

    Omg I love this

  82. Alexander Bonavia

    lets go

  83. Thicc King Raccy

    I've been waiting for this song to drop. So happy it's Here

  84. kurt Ibarrientos

    Now we're back on the party mood

  85. Joaquim Aires

    true artist

  86. Alicia Landeira


  87. oofan

    here before 1m views

  88. Ely Rodriguez


  89. cutiepie

    mum : why are you always alone.go make some friendsme : i try to start a conversation but i can't seem to relate

  90. Joaquim Aires


  91. pubudu namal

    you are sooo fucking cool👌👌👌

  92. beehanou

    who told her this was good

  93. beehanou

    this is so bad plssss

  94. beehanou


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