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A Forest
The Cure - A Forest
: A Forest
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04-10-2018 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 57 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (The Cure - A Forest )
  1. Chris Zealotes

    Robert looks like he killed Ben Affleck...

  2. Dethniteblod

    Absolutely perfect.

  3. Yuri Borodkin

    We all now know what Ben Affleck will look like in his 60.

  4. Eric Le brun

    robert was only twenty!!!!already a king of new wave with the cure!!masterpiece

  5. 86Rikki

    Robert Smith looks like Matt Damon!

  6. Mauricio Figueroa

    Wtf is Ben Affleck!

  7. Neil Duffy

    no comment

  8. Weirdlyoneoffs

    This is still one of my favourite songs by The Cure.

  9. deltex259

    You know the good thing about the world going to shit again? We should get more great music like this 👌🏻

  10. mark kelly

    This is without doubt the youngest anyone has probably seen Roberto Smith singing with the Cure!!? Answers on a post card please..................

  11. Wweewwee Wweewwee

    Ben afleck)

  12. Samuel Dubík

    when I heard this for the first time I thought Wow this is creepy, but over the time I started to appreciate the atmosphere of this song I really got into The Cure and it didn´t seem creepy anymore. But now I listened to it again and realized what is this song about and I´m scared even more

  13. Richard Martinus van Meeteren

    Great song

  14. Fernando Sosa

    Ben Affleck,so vo?

  15. Carmen Farromeque


  16. G o b i e n

    Westworld brought me here

  17. Anythingister Television

    Belorussian television's old news intro

  18. The Revenge Of The Stoned Rats

    The cure for a post-punk hangover

  19. Nissan GT-R


  20. silvercue

    If you have ever been lucky enough to hear this live......with the end going on forever, it is beyond compare.

  21. A day with Arthur D.

    Creepy but I like it :)

  22. Hildergarn

    3:00 Master Yoda on drums ladies and gentleman

  23. Olena Kriukovska

    Ok, next level :D Robert Smith doesn't looks like Ben Affleck, he looks like young John Cusack

  24. D Roberts

    Back when Robert looked like Terry Hall's brother;-)

  25. Lu B


  26. vuhall sheym

    Ben affleck seems like rob smith ;)

  27. Sioux CatWoman

    Oh how young Robert Smith is here! Still got this single!

  28. Dani Hella


  29. Sai Wan

    This song taken from "Seventeen Seconds" album

  30. Panda Escarlate

    God i would definitely do him without all the make up

  31. meganesport250

    r.i.p. Andy Anderson :(

  32. Kapitan Kapitan

    Цой ЖИВ!!! Бу-га-га-га-га...

  33. Просто Влад

    Бен Афлек хорошо сыграл =)

  34. Jonathan Marin

    gran clásico

  35. The A1ZARD

    Bruce wayne

  36. Hot Rod

    Bad ass

  37. Антон Русанов

    да сука

  38. Catherine Correia

    Robert Smith before he found lipstick and hideious foundation!

  39. Henrique Accioly

    Algum BR?

  40. Jörgen Pinoy

    Looks like Ben Affleck...

  41. Mack Mack

    Edward Scissorhands must have been inspired by Robert Smith

  42. Pierre Deby

    On ne se moque pas démesurément des larmes et des euphories . . . (X

  43. User968

    Who is still listening in 2020?

  44. The Ole Well

    I am a former fan but I still do love this group.

  45. Sayen Astorga Castillo

    que tema más maravilloso.

  46. WarrierKiller409

    Roberto Smith genius súper track awesome..

  47. Tony Ling

    Much made of the drummer, but it's a drum machine

  48. Juan Esteban

    Me recordó un poco a quieren dinero de los prisioneros

  49. Jostein

    agradezco el día en el que descubrí la música de robert smith, últimamente he vuelto al pasado con las canciones de the cure, eso es lo lindo de la música

  50. Saxon MONK

    their best song

  51. Giuseppe INTER 2010

    i like joy division

  52. Ruslana Eisenschmidt


  53. The Black Swan Moon

    A Punk girl running through a forest...a declaration of love ...the first and deepest...

  54. jasminmaria2

    Ola from Brazil. Very nice video.

  55. mike otrosh

    Haven't heard this song in ages..finally, thanks youtube!

  56. Emperor Palpatine

    My doctor prescribed this band

  57. Écio Potter

    Caraca, eu amei esse clipe, nota 10, bem a cara dos anos 80!...👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


    I can't watch this impostor. Where's the teased out hair??? Where's the sloppy makeup???

  59. Lucy Stones Official

    This song sounds so familiar, not sure if I ever heard it before or not

  60. cosma nina shiva

    Bißchen jung der Mann !!

  61. francesco lacoppola

    Bellissima musica degli anni 80

  62. G19 louna

    Fevrier 2019🎹Cure ! 💙

  63. Alfredo Pappalardo

    vincerebbe sanremo sempre ...........

  64. Pyro

    I dont need you - Acid Ghost

  65. 《-Jack Sparon-》

    Man, the singer looks like a young Ryan Reinolds

  66. Santiago B

    Good job on making in the rock and roll hall of fame 2019 congratulations 🎉🎈🎊🍾

  67. Rodrigo Souza

    1400 people lost in a forest... :(

  68. Матон Матонов

    Цой жив)))

  69. Pedro Moris

    1987? Guess not

  70. Olivier Sparte

    Il est constipé ? Courage mon petit gars !

  71. Chloekelcher


  72. William Jackson

    He looks like your mum.

  73. diego carvajal

    saludos desde colombia. me encanta este grupo, fue gran influencia en mi vida , los escucho desde mi infancia

  74. Alejandro Torrero

    1980 the year of this song.

  75. Clif Garmon

    Чувак, без макияжа и хаера ты оказывается тоже норм)


    Une approche philosophique de ce titre, sur la chaîne Discophilo, ici :

  77. M1dg3y

    Amazing song.

  78. Swanheart San

  79. Alegría

    Smith looks like he's on some shit or is it that just the devil himself ate his soul and jumped into his eyes. Most of the time he has this weird, creepy look in his the videos, interviews, photos...and with that bloody makeup on he looks even more weird...just observe...did anyone ever noticed that yet? I'm surprised.

  80. Daniela Morisseau

    This song is SO amazing seriously

  81. Sucio Dan


  82. Marie Brašničková

    pecka, The Cure nemá chybu @= ;-)

  83. Peregrine McCauley

    Remember being eight years old . We were. , all of us. . Walking home . Even though young , these were the melodies , in our mind , not yet created . 1966 , only ten years to go .

  84. CJ Jackson

    If u wight u ben afleck

  85. Dalila Dreili

    Je t'aime Robert Smith😍💚💖💜❤💛💖💙💝😘😍

  86. levian

    my anthem.

  87. Алексей Нестеров

    Песня мой ровесник ужас как летит время

  88. Игбия VEVO

    rypert awesome

  89. Manuel Costa

    Esta realização caracteriza-me

  90. Inácio Cezar

    Não sabia que o Ben Afleck tinha sido vocalista do The Cure

  91. Eduardo V

    2:11To the treeeeeeeees .... :D

  92. PinkandBlue_x

    He doesn’t even look like Ben Affleck wth?

  93. Arkensawnot Arkansis

    New favourite band!

  94. Violet Evergarden

    look is there any one else who is 13 and loves this song?like if u too r 13

  95. Sir Lancevrot

    Цой жив Ёпта!

  96. j

    when he just sang and stopped posing hes loads better

  97. Otto Peep

    is it matthieu le corre ?

  98. chtonien

    2019!!! great.... see ya in to the dark

  99. JUXE

    Just so you didn’t know, Robert Smith looks like Ben affleck

  100. Oswaldo E

    I didnt know that ben afleck played for the Cure, thats awesome

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