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Ta Fete
Stromae - Ta Fete
: Ta Fete
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Stromae - Ta Fete )
  1. Ian Weniger

    Terrible. Stingray ought to pull this recording. Only in Toronto the Good(-for-nothing) does Paul sing the first chorus then waits in silence. In EVERY other performance, in EVERY country, there are enough people to scream TAAAAAA FAYYYYT on cue. Sterile. Stromae etait formidable, Stingray etait fort minable.

  2. Donny

    A genius! I love his artistry so much - so original and passionate, so simple and extremely beautiful

  3. As Birinci


  4. Marcia Santos

    So precious ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Βασίλης Τζηκας

    The start of the video

  6. Carla Cardoso

    Love him! ❤️

  7. gaz

    holy shit this is one of the best live performances i've ever seen

  8. celine al-bukhari

    Just perfect!!! He is not even worried about his voice or mixing up with anything he is completely professional and having fun

  9. xmelissa sxpticeye


  10. Sabri Ali

    Paroles de Ta FêteIl est l'heure.Fini l'heure de danser.Danse , t'inquiète pas tu vas danser.Balance toi , mais tu vas te faire balancer.Défonce toi , mais tu vas te faire défoncer.Tu aimerais faire , ta fête.Ta mère veux te la faire aussi, ta fête.Le juge voudrait te faire , ta fête.Tout le monde te feras aussi, ta fête.Tu sort trop , du moins c'est ce qu'ils disent.Ils parlent trop, c'est pourquoi tes oreilles sifflent.A qui la faute, c'est la faute à autrui hein.C'est les autres, toi tu n'a qu'une seul envie.Tu aimerais faire , ta fête.Ta mère veux te la faire aussi, ta fête.Le juge voudrait te faire , ta fête.Tout le monde te feras aussi, ta fête.Tu aimerais faire , ta fête.Ta mère veux te la faire aussi, ta fête.Le juge voudrait te faire , ta fête.Tout le monde te feras aussi, ta fête.

  11. Tommy

    I learned how to play this, it's so damn catchy.

  12. Tommy

    He's better live than on a radio edit, how?

  13. AeRo HrZ

    Le remix du debut :0. une version loooongue svp

  14. Alejandro Castillo


  15. Jesús Eduardo

    marcando tendencia. Un crack!

  16. ninuna nini

    adorable guy....omg how talanted is he 👏👏👏👏👏🙌

  17. Paul

    i lovveee his album

  18. Mario Ahumada


  19. Lotte Visser

    I like his weird dancemoves xD

    That one girl

    Lotte Visser IKR

  20. theøneandønly

    I've been listening to stromae for a while now, but every single time, his outfit is the BOMB! I wanted to get these clothes from his store, but i think people will look at me really weirdly


    It would be like going out dressing like Michael's only for him lol

    Melissa Proietti

    whateverlifebrings don't care about people thoughts expecially if you work and make some money, spent it the way you like and make you happy

  21. Oxa

    left handed bass player with a right handed bass without inverted strings, impressive

  22. Sebas Valencia

    whats the initial song? or it's just a little improvisation?

    Henry Ngo

    Stromae adds on to his studio version of "Ta Fête" in live performances.

  23. Jose Carriel

    Es el mejor me gustaría verlo en un concierto en ecuador

  24. Zzuna ZU

    I watched this like a thousand times and i needier get bored of it, love his energi and his weird dance moves

  25. Don't Care

    Can someone translate what he's saying? I mean not the song but when he talks

    Akin Soy

    He says that they(the band)should try an 'acapella'/zouk version of the song just for fun

    Don't Care

    @Akin Soy thanks so much

  26. Rafael paul

    Du bist swul beinder du bist domer als ein junge

    Marcel P.

    +Rafael Paul was ist denn mit dir nicht in Ordnung??

  27. Jenny Hil

    Juste énorme!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Larry Conn

    Sounds awesome, I love it! :D

  29. XYDogAustria

    I Love it yes

  30. Jocelyne Gohory

    Magnifique ♡♡♡

  31. 한나영

    Gosh, I was amazed and surprised when Stromae started to play(?) the drum pad thing, because of the speed of it, and the way he played was sooo cool! And then I remembered that he was actually the maestro of percussions. XD

  32. Sam van de Ven

    The only artist in the world who is better live then on a track

    AJ Burgess

    Mariah Carey used to be

    That one girl

    Young Rafaël I wish he still did

    Nina Brooks

    Sam van de Ven also Banks and Craig David are so much better live


    not the only one but one of the few

    Carla Cardoso

    He's good the both ways ❤️

  33. Babolat92

    God, if he could only record a live album...

    Ja Pa Ja

    Just convert any of his live videos to whatever format...

    That one girl

    Antonio D. magic

  34. Adryanna Mataele

    Do Stromae's eye color changes from time to time or am I trippin?Anyways, this is one of my favorite performances ever and that little intro with him singing ta fete like that was super cute!


    yeah!!!Is this only me who had been thinking that Stromae's eye colour sometimes looks GREEN under stage light? maybe yellow-ish?. Even his, uh.. complexion? shade of his skin colour (I hope im not being racist, but i don't know the other way to say it ;( sry)looks lighter sometimes. I think it ik kind of cool!


    +나영한 is*

    That one girl

    Adryanna Mataele nope still brown XD

    celine al-bukhari

    I agree... He has light coloured eyes so they mix with lights and his outfit and reflect them


    maybe he's a sith lord (yellow eyes)

  35. Andreina Rivas

    maestro's fashion 🔥

  36. Jenny C.A.

    Il est vraiment MAGNIFIQUE

  37. Lucas

    Good Good Good Good !!

  38. SylvieLaCamer

    we finally get to see those announced videos, thanks stingray! love that delirious stromae at the beginning! :)

  39. nancyisgold


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