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Real Ting
Stefflon Don - Real Ting
: Real Ting
: 4.19 MB
: 170 Toplam İndirme
12-08-2018 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 170 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Stefflon Don - Real Ting )
  1. pinkie minnee

    I'm obsessed with this song and with ur voice , so powerful

  2. Coyote.

    I feel so embarrassed, I thought it was a boy who sang it..

  3. ラベンダーLiansha

    Any jamaicans can translate?

  4. Diamond Girl _Playz

    I love it

  5. amani al-samadi


  6. Feye noord

    Go deh steffi maddd tune wish you & fam all the best in lifee

  7. Nalina Sokkalal

    Dont mess wid my mommy

  8. Goodie Shoe

    I really really reallly reallllllyyyyy *hate my self..*

  9. mnqaw

    Slayyyyyyyyyyyy, love your voice 😍

  10. Lavs Ninjas

    Danielle bergolie who?:-: Steff da real bad bhabie

  11. xxx 82y


  12. Meajellis Elizabeth Pandy

    Your voice is so cute and adorable I love your songs

  13. Leeandra Torres

    From what country are you from I am from Italy were are you from

  14. Chucky26

    She got that Patra flow going on.

  15. Mandy Hh

    I love her bounce💜💙

  16. Ilona Mihaela Artene

    she's amaziiiiing

  17. Brayana Justis

    Why do I feel like she is the best singer I heard???

  18. brianna brown

    I love this song

  19. Tacy monteiro

    Canta muito 👏 BR BR BR ?

  20. Mandy Hh

    Love it💙💛

  21. 한싸

    LIIIIIT AF The real Queen is here

  22. Qetato Elerdashvili


  23. Buanga Lalruatfela

    She is is pretty

  24. Rosabien Linares

    this is so good, I'm obssesed.

  25. h j park

    와 언니짱이십니다

  26. 宓馮

    I'm livin for that makeup

  27. Janielle Simpson

    Felt that to my core 😩❤

  28. John Felix

    Me no know no screwface..

  29. Jorge Arias


  30. áIecia MSP

    This is a strong songFits a jamacian rapper, proud to me jamacian aye I'm rn bingeing all her bids on yt.

  31. assino sindan


  32. MAX LEON

    U are so cool

  33. MTL Mufasa


  34. Gaynelle Mckenna

    I like she voice

  35. Beatriz Anjos

    Marry me please ?!

  36. Shaunte

    16 shots!! Everybody need ammo!! Damn right!!

  37. Naomi

    better not mess with her mom

  38. Katha-o & Canan Offiziell


  39. Dagger Squad


  40. Mary Bernardez

    🔥 🔥

  41. debora koffi


  42. Diego Valto


  43. Rohiniraman Chakrabarti

    This chick is bad!!! Love her!!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  44. luckydee 767

    Mi queen on top✨

  45. Persona, Who the hell am I ?

    My fave song🔥

  46. NSUS LJ

    lol shes just singing over the original awhh mannn just play the instru ha fuck sake

  47. Miggi so bad

    Do boy ca diss.

  48. Nicoleta Macovei


  49. Elena A.

    Any ARMY here? :D Recognized Jimin's jacket right away

  50. I drink Bleach

    She doesnt even need autotone

  51. bts swagsuga

    Her jacket remind me to jimin jacket....btw i addict to this song

  52. The Music Box

    I really enjoyed this. Thanks for uploading! Feeling ready to get back in the studio! 🎖

  53. Baepsae Asuki

    Even live she's fireeeee🔥🔥🔥💓💓💓💓Queen👑👑👑💓


    Can hear the Jamaican and Kartel flow she bad

  55. spirit and Mari Channel DAVIS

    1 2 3 4 5 6

  56. spirit and Mari Channel DAVIS

    Mother day 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💗💗💗💗😂😘

  57. Cem Germanotta

    l e g e n d

  58. nø tÿ

    Omg that jacket is exactly like jimins!Okay sorryI FREAKING LOVE THIS SOSNG I CANT STOP LISTENING TO IT HELP ME

  59. Naziirah Rajbally

    does bts jimin have the same jacket

  60. Zik Dago

  61. Miss K Official


  62. Cem Germanotta

    Stefflon gives me power

  63. Ciarah Brock

    Nice Jacket

  64. 1chevyjones

    this is my new fav.....! no gal....

  65. DJ Silvester


  66. Sandeep Kaur

    her voice is amazing#DONT MESS WITH MY MOMMY

  67. Rebecca Aho


  68. Hayriye Sayir

    Jimins jacket 😂

  69. Eylin Martinez

    Dammmmmmmm 💥💥💥💥

  70. jess italy


  71. Nicole Collins

    her voice tho 💯🔥😍

  72. Coffee Girl

    the best song everrrr

  73. Adrenalize Spirits

    Es Army? :V por la chamarra bueno no pude evitarlo

  74. Karine Pierre

    Another bad bitch 😍😍👸👸

  75. Harlie Lynn

    Yea she popin

  76. HyperTronic

    She's a hot...

  77. Claudia Guijarro


  78. Sekou Bathily

    Nice je t'aime

  79. GESCOM Maire

    love uuuuuuu

  80. Shellie Thompson

    Leila love it

  81. Mohammad Roni Wahyuddin

    Love song about mother but she cook it with murder sauce!

  82. shaza wan azman


  83. Slay Xay

    Yassss Stefflon Don🔥🔥🔥🔥

  84. ghofran وصفات

    Nice song luv🎶🎶

  85. Q Z


  86. Kiah’s Empire

    What langue is this?😕

  87. Quanna Scot

    I love all her songs

  88. F. Gery

    Love stefflons

  89. Rachel Guezo

    3:05 😍❤👌🏽👌🏽

  90. HyperTronic

    31 Shots....OMG

  91. Steven Jacobson

    Love her and last music like this I loved was Shabba Ranks. That's right sexy strong wears bigger figure well

  92. Ashleigh Townsend

    Love this

  93. Shenique Thompson

    You have a nice voice

  94. Racheal Daniels

    I love her voice

  95. Bianca David


  96. Abby

    She so fire 🔥😻😻😻😻

  97. JRey3098

    How u gon get ya own lyric wrong

  98. upabovesobelow

    with her fine self!!!!

  99. Manar Essam

    I love this song a loooooot

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