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Rhythm is a Dancer

Snap - Rhythm is a Dancer
: Rhythm is a Dancer
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01-04-2019 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 56 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Snap - Rhythm is a Dancer )
  1. alex ribeiro Silva

    Classico de mais uma lenda

  2. atari alkarez

    💚❤💚....vive l'algeriiiiiiiiiiie.

  3. seventhseance

    Breathe Carolina did a remox of this song but I forgot where they got it from....and now I know 😂😂 my mom used to listen to all this 90s EDM/club music

  4. Daniel Factor

    Holy sxxt the screamer at the beginning made me jump out of my skin.

  5. L Ramirez

    Sunday morning 2019 & the rhythms got this dancer..💃

  6. eastbandits

    Best Tune Ever ❤♫

  7. Lucy Berry

    My favourite after all this time x

  8. Giacomo Balistreri

    uh che pall c'è casino al casello di Rapallo

  9. Diego Garcia

    Un hit en Butterflies, Clandestine y en El Taller de la Zona Rosa de la Ciudad de México. Te acuerdas?

  10. MrBlackmagicm66

    2023 and beyond!!!!!!

  11. Alien Gamer137

    Serious as cancer

  12. Kostas Vagenas

    Νοσταλγία αχ αυτά τα νιάτα που φεύγουν γρήγορα

  13. sergio amaro

    musica da minha epoca

  14. Flow Vevo

    Excepcional Essa Música e Muito Emocionante , Ouvindo No Primeiro Dia Do Mês 1 De Abril De 2019 🔝🔝 📄📄

  15. Leonardo Parpinelli

    streap tease time

  16. Thaynara Soares

    Que música do CARALEOOOO amooo e não me canso de ouvir repetidas vezes em meu celular 😍#2019#Brasil 🎶🎧

  17. Nico Behrens

    hammer song. feel it every time

  18. Naraendra Reddy

    They simply didn't say "old is gold"!

  19. Margarita Valdez

    1:56 ese ritmo es genial😎

  20. MazyOfficial

    Timeless!!! My Fave song from the 90's, i was born since 1995

  21. Stéffany P

    Who was MJ? In so much old videos was there

  22. Eric Coyne

    Remember hearing this for the first time on the radio early in '92...was the first time I was thought "okay, this is a >>90s

  23. oh! CAPETA


  24. Julia Sperl

    meine Zeit

  25. Mooscorisant 33


  26. too short

    That’s an badass song people in 50 years still listen to it, you fucks don’t even need to write bullshit like 2017,2018,2019, don’t show your ignorance idiots

  27. stephen green many ways

  28. Jimbox0690x

    This song fucks up the other team at bruins games


    Cancer is a serious illness.

  30. Tobey Maguire

    2020 im from the future

  31. John Ball

    The 16k downvotes had crappy childhoods growing up in the 90’s.

  32. Francesco Leone

    il giocattolo SEPOROMPèèèè

  33. Curtis William

    Is that MTV2's old logo 💀? Looks really lazy

  34. Emilio Luburic

    Jesmo li ljudi ili plesači...

  35. Dogbane


  36. Aldo Gonzalez


  37. Vaclav Rissel

    serious as cancer

  38. gil cilene

    Me julguem só gosto de músicas das antigas 😍

  39. KING BR


  40. Christian Kling

    Endlich das Lied gefunden

  41. Shane Grabner

    I'm as serious as cancer when I say I have a real track to attack.

  42. Junat raiteilla

    Kyllä tätä on kiva subbarilla popittaa

  43. Kyra Cousins


  44. DenisMerCO

    This is 1000 times better than modern shit!

  45. Master the Fun


  46. Thomas Bacher

    Immer geil anzuhören

  47. Mi gatito mimito jugando

    Como se llama la cantante alguien sabe

  48. Mnbvcxz 123456789


  49. Mnbvcxz 123456789

    Muito bom das antigas

  50. sully baby

    I remember this song when I was a baby

  51. COAG cs

    i discovered youtube in November of 2008. omg 2006

  52. Dumbo !

    I wasn't even born in this generation yet I love this song

  53. Gabriel Ferrera

    Di quale anno è questa canzone

  54. Abdullah Anik

    90's masterpiece song, Love from Bangladesh. Badly missing 90's era

  55. Yuniel Poll

    Ohh ueahh babaaaay 🕺🕺

  56. Akash Mehta

    Anyone watching this in 2005?!!

  57. nidia pertuz

    2019 que nunca deje de sonar

  58. Eden Foss

    after watching captin marvel i wanna just be a part of the 90s


    song rhythm is a dancer


    d j s mix songs in clubs now or 40 years ago house songs mix on rapp song in clubs something different maybe rhythm is dancer robin s or blackbox

  61. Vasile Nicolas

    I still dance , 36 years 😁

  62. Crystal Gutierrez


  63. Debbie Foy

    Yup 2019


    Wish I could turn back time!! Those were the good years!!! Still listening in 2019 and way beyond.....🙋🏻‍♀️💃🏻👍🏼🎼🎤🌸

  65. thetruth6872

    I remember doing different substances and going to clubs in the 90s with this playing in the background. It was all brand new then, but it sounds just as good now.

  66. aussie au

    the best music at the clubs in the's a wonder i'm not deaf today......:)

  67. TheMitchKramer

    Still jamming, 2019!

  68. Rocky2002Play


  69. LKB LKB

    Rhythm? Yep She's A Dancin in two this Classic Personikly x

  70. SiebenPhoenix Zocker

    Mein Gott ist das ein cooler song

  71. FOXBODY 351W

    Best club music. This is when guys n girls use to actually dance and not dry hump out on the dance floor.


    If you don't dance to this then you don't know club music

  73. ALMIR OX

    muito foda 2019999999999999999999999999999999

  74. Hass Moomeej

    Fuck this is everlasting...

  75. Dutch Transport

    2 Years after my birth... Wew they knew what was music!

  76. hicham hichame


  77. Chebva Romero

    Wonderful 90s club song. Brings to mind beautiful memories at a majestic point in my life.

  78. Vincent Tinteroti

    The best dance song of all time!

  79. Tash

    Best ever

  80. Sot Chalk

    Oh yes, still a' dancer in 2019...

  81. Susan Leone

    1980s was the best music and late 70s was the best music to be put out there I love when I have Saturday Night disco night on 104 Q105 I feel so happy I danced around the house I feel so good that was music back then this junk they putting out now it's just your junk they need to put it away I don't understand how these new generation of people find that music entertaining you can't even understand a word they're saying but anyway that's my that's my saying for today God bless peace out

  82. charlyrock696

    Este tema no puede fallar en las discos ,a pasado por todas la generaciones y aun la escuchan ..

  83. Gordon Music

    Marry any girl who would dance to this now

  84. Amy Linehan

    I danced to this song in my dance recital 24 years ago when it was popular lol

  85. Terry bogard ,110,5473

    Quién 2019??🙏👇

  86. MR. SpGames

    2019 love you

  87. Julian Naderer


  88. blah blah

    Who was in the vitamin form on the song release date?

  89. Anna Pinna

    Mamma mia...Era il 92 e sentirla di nuovo è da brividi!!!

  90. Dank Memes

    Slinky man

  91. James Vindreadi


  92. dav opel

    2019 !!!!! Yeah

  93. Jennifer Mcgladrey

    dabs hug love

  94. Lovan Berenyi


  95. Wren Shultz

    I envy my uncle because he was actually clubbing to this in his 20's and 30's. I never got the opportunity to club to the 90's dance music like he did :(

  96. greek Sparta

    Wtf world Musik

  97. Szami


  98. cristiano souza

    A busiquinha e de viadinho,bas o ritbo e baderinho

  99. T.R. RaBBiT

    Timeless !

  100. Leo Asmaklis

    I remember fuckin elementary school and talking about Donkey Kong 64, Zelda and fuckin everything even remotely close to N64

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