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She Past Away - Ruh
: Ruh
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17-06-2018 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 24 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (She Past Away - Ruh )
  1. Zuzana Spanova

    Very good song!!!!!!! Greetings from Slovakia ♥️

  2. Oxop Qee

    . . . Chulada !!!

  3. Asleepxim

    Tried to search "bruh" but i had a stroke

  4. Andreas Georgiou

    Half angel, half monsterI will slip into your bosom*Half angel half monsterI will pour myself right next to you With the night’s shadows, secretlySidling to your side one nightLike a snake circling a holeYou... (I will...) ^

  5. juliana silva

    Banda foda do caralho, nao tem uma musica ruim .

  6. Wal Ter

    Mierda por poco y no comento para no pagar em nro 420, pero es que son tan buenos tan alucinante s She past away todititos sus temas son buenísimos

  7. Victoria Tsi

    So talented 🖤

  8. Yarmin Villahermosa

    Muy buena esta rolla

  9. krzysztof deremoniec

    Amazing music, just like 30-40 years earlier... Nothing new but amazing.

  10. lolgreek123

    Styx sent me here. #WWG1WGA

  11. Dee M

    This songs so lovely on shrooms fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  12. Danghael Turrise

    Every day i listen it n my soul smile for a time, soon dance in México

  13. Endr

    Allah allah

  14. anonthecannon

    Who came from Adams family dance video ??

  15. caz dinleyen kamyon şoförü

    Daha daha daha güzele doğru.

  16. Martha Torres

    omg como se llama la pintura?

  17. Andreas Georgiou

    halb Engel, halb MonsterIch werde wieder zurück in deinen Armen seinhalb Engel, halb MonsterIch komme zu dir gekrochen heimlich mit den Schatten der Nachteingebettet an Ihrer Seite eine Nachtum ein Loch herum hängen wie eine Schlangefür dich...

  18. Ninotchka Antonella

    Voy hacer el amor con esta canción de fondo

  19. Danghael Turrise

    Is new for me but i understand ever step with ever bit, 'll be great in darkness and u soul will be mine

  20. Jesús Cortés

    Beatiful dark song!

  21. OLLY

    We are the future XRPillionaires.

  22. David Gutierrez

    Ese toque oscuro hace genial a esta música!!

  23. Yalçın Deniz

    yeni albüm gelsin volkan abi

  24. Roee Galili

    טירוף הדעת!להקה מדהימה.. והשיר... מטריף

  25. Erhan Grgn

    i recommend you guys Jakuzi and Lin Pesto from turkey too

  26. Laetitia fratila

    j'ai decouvert ce groupe y'a pas longtemps et j'adore vive la new wave car tout est incroyable sa voix sa melodie tous y est

  27. Deniz Algur

    ^_^ <3

  28. ROMERO 28

    Cataleptico por Cristo

  29. antinorest

    Esta banda es increíble! Saludos desde Sur América!

  30. hisapyong2020

    素晴らしい!greetings from japan.

  31. Hungry seems simillar

  32. Melanie Santana

    Come to anacrime foos

  33. Astoflo The sucker

    Demon rave is best rave

  34. stuart neish

    effing love these guys.....just discovered them.

  35. Fatih Saltik

    İmparatorluklar yıkılıyor , ulus devletler kuruluyor ve israil kudüste yükseliyor... Ulus devletler kurulsa bile şuan çöküyor , kudüs başketli tek dünya devleti yükseliyor...

  36. ComputerMagic

    Me pone los pelos de punta esta mega rola

  37. Patricia Mester


  38. P i ç

    Lan olumm

  39. Fernando Rato

    The true defenition of darkwave.

  40. Mert Girgel

    abi kendi dilimde böyle eserin ve böyle bir grubun olması efsane bir şey ya

  41. Gamze Öztaş

    Ef sa ne!

  42. Sandro Puleo

    She Past Away have a very distinctive style. Original, very beautiful. The Turkish dark wave.

  43. ROMERO 28

    Me da ganas de escucharla solo de noche buen grll

  44. Depressive Tangela

    Devilishly good.

  45. Dennis Achrem

    Soooooooooooooooooooo fantastic!!!!!!!!

  46. Schumi

    I don't even listen to this type of music, but this is amazing.

  47. carvalho italo

    Góticas cavernosas tresovosas, bora dançar

  48. Irem Kantar


  49. Iris Ferreira

    A bailar con esta rola 💃💃💃

  50. king cold

    Kills it

  51. Sergio Hoffman

    From Atlanta Georgia

  52. Top Bende 07

    Su siralar she past away fani oldum ciktim ...kiyak adamlarsiniz devami gelsin

  53. Jujuju hhh

    Me encanta, me pone arriba jaja

  54. Jeremy Falcon

    0:08 Ryuk eres tu ??

  55. Xheroin S

    kanıma karışıyor ritminiz

  56. Angie Michelle

    Andar cuadro escuchando este genero es lo mejooor!!

  57. Mustafa Sahin

    i am a Turkish listener, but i cant understand what he says : D

  58. Iris Ferreira

    Simplemente son la raja!

  59. carlos boot

    one of my favorie , grtyz. belgium.

  60. Jem B

    Some other Turkish bands with a 80's sound: Büyük Ev Ablukada and Jakuzi.

    Rose Juliette

    Jem B those bands are defintly worth to check out

    Rose Juliette

    but this band tho, the music has a dark , underground sound to it , this leans more to bands like lebannon hanover

  61. Kevin Erives

    Darkwave sounds so great at 1.25

  62. hnhtnt

    In loop

  63. Joel De Backer

    it's not Gothic or New Wave , it's Post-Punk with a little touchin of Dark Wave

  64. London Calling

    Sounds to the book of Aleister Crowley - Amen.....

  65. Edgar Allan Pipapoe

    I wish we had more of this kind of turks in germany.every turk i meet in the strets is an angry looking ,violent idiot.


    Edgar Allan Pipapoe may be not all of them. Did you try to talk to them and be friends ? Don't forget that Mesut Ozil and Fatih Akin are also Turkish. Break your stereotypes, and don't forget that people who are immigrating to another country as a low profile worker, wouldn't be expected as very culturally developed and this is a kind of rule, regardless of the nation !

    betül güran

    Edgar Allan Pipapoe we are all idiots asddffghhj


    betül güran yes yes, it's nice that you know your place as an idiot.


    Edgar Allan Pipapoe most of them are probably erdogan voting shitheads so I can't blame you. I hope they never come back here

  66. Wagner Waters Almeida Costa


  67. Midnight Calling

    In love with the vibes!

  68. Livio DeLaRosaIII


  69. jeannoel43

    they should change the style of voice,too much sisters of mercy and SOM was boring,always the same tempo and kind of voice. This band is better and could do great things...with other voice(i dont say other singer....).

  70. jeannoel43

    neon judgement.....


    Sisters of mercy*,lol


    Sisters ofmercy*,lol

  71. matador06 matador07

    çok iyi müzik değisik ve çok iyi.

  72. Jesus Aguilar


  73. Orazio Di Gaetano

    Balla bambolina

  74. Erel Shir

    Hugs and kisses from israel😎

  75. F. And


  76. Junior Oliveira

    Awesome band! Put it in speed 1.25 is amazing too ; )

  77. mariusz gilmeister

    gothic rock XXI c.

  78. Jose Teixeira

    What an amazing band, greetings from a Brazilian

  79. Germano Alves


  80. ermeeez

    Anyone know some bands/songs similar to this? Can't find anything with the same vibe.


    alliseearedemons ghosting

  81. Asaf Linzen

    I can listen to this song all day long...

  82. ROMERO 28

    me compre do bien llegue de ver un vídeo fake de nalgas.. ahora esto pero que artesanía está!! rica

  83. marianisametalguru

    kocham was!

  84. marianisametalguru

    kocham was!

  85. Future Vamp

    Perfect band from amazing country 🖤🖤🕷🕷

    David Marino

    Bullshit you aint a vampire

  86. metal220

    i hear missing persons, you spin me round, and another one I cant think of

  87. sasha bluelectro

    Non mi stanco mai di ascoltare questo pezzo...semplicemente l adoro

  88. Gulden Akinci

    Ürpertici şeytani müzik. Satanic song dangerous music


    Gulden Akinci hail satan bitch

  89. Marceline Abadeer

    I know they're singing in Turkish, but I swear I hear, "Susan Lucci in the gutter..."

    Existential Pisces

    Marceline Abadeer same

    Semih Develi

    Lol he says "Süzüleceğim yanına kadar" in there :D That means " I'll flow next to you "

  90. Cristian Pereira

    Si do i

  91. Isabelle N

    I've been listening to this track for a year and it's the first time I hear the soft womans voice singing. Wow.

  92. proca ma

    prejebeno :D

  93. Ertan Byr

    Le Revenant -- The GhostComme les anges à l'oeil fauve,Je reviendrai dans ton alcôveEt vers toi glisserai sans bruitAvec les ombres de la nuit;Et je te donnerai, ma brune,Des baisers froids comme la luneEt des caresses de serpentAutour d'une fosse rampant.Quand viendra le matin livide,Tu trouveras ma place vide,Où jusqu'au soir il fera froid.Comme d'autres par la tendresse,Sur ta vie et sur ta jeunesse,Moi, je veux régner par l'effroi.— Charles Baudelaire

  94. Jorge Manel

    This is one of the most band, come to Portugal men's.


    Jorge Menezes what you wrote is, absolutely not English.


    Türkiye'nin , Bursa'nın gururu :))


    Yarı melek, yarı canavarKoynuna gireceğim tekrarYarı melek, yarı canavarSüzüleceğim yanına kadarGecenin gölgeleriyle gizliceSokulup yamacına bir geceBir çukurun etrafında dolanan bir yılan gibiSeni...

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