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Never Be Alone
Shawn Mendes - Never Be Alone
: Never Be Alone
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07-08-2018 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 110 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Shawn Mendes - Never Be Alone )
  1. shawn Mendes Camila cabello♥sm♥

  2. Korn Gwapo

    This song is the best 😢

  3. Neku Akatsuki

    Where the mendes army at!!!!!!!!!😁💝


    Demasiada hermosura

  5. Daksh Gajaria

    I just wanna say that u shouldn’t be too excited about the view count because half of them are mine

  6. Rushil Jain

    Was I the only one crying throughout the entire soulful performance 😍😍

  7. Kiera The Legend

    *if you have them on you*The sweetest, most humble man alive. Love you shawn!

  8. Valeria Herrera

    LAS LUCES 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  9. Elizangela Nery


  10. ooofly

    ♡ old song things ♡

  11. nugget sheeran

    how do you breathe?!

  12. Lili Jordan

    The most gorgeous crowd

  13. Shawn's moments

    Love you shawn

  14. Marta Mendes

    I love you Shawn.

  15. Instant Nightcore

    My fav song ❤️😍 Im a big fan of u

  16. Catiane De Oliveira

    Eu só ñ acredito pq tantas pessoas ñ curtem suas músicas, se são as mais lindas do mundo!!!!😍🤔😘😻😉

  17. hamza aouam

    WTF??? shawn's voice is stunning 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  18. MS. Mendes

    'sobbing' 😢😭😭😭😭😭

  19. Angel Babyak

    I love this song so much! Because it’s mine and my internet best friend song! We listen to it everyday all day long!

  20. Anthony Lavelle

    Such a natural showman, and so handsome.

  21. DJDark Syde

    isn t he marshmello

  22. Alejandro Rios

    I really like how the cell phone lights look in the dark while shawn sings… beautiful, and when the crowd does the WwoooOoooooooooOoooOohhhhhhhh

  23. Sasa Oldbarn

    This will probably be my all time favourite song of his! ❤

  24. BTSarmy

    His vocals have me shook

  25. vijant1

    This song is just so beautiful it makes me cry. His voice is so amazing and the song gives you a comforting feeling and the audience sound incredible during this performance

  26. hanim ellysa


  27. the mermaid


  28. Anne Janine Lopez

    Oh Shawn, I love you 😭💖

  29. Lauren Jefferies

    I got goosebumps...

  30. Dorina Bély

    Beautiful! 🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺 i love my country

  31. Adriana Gabriela

    I'm the only person who cries?😭❤

  32. Carly Jean

    I swear his music just hits me right in my heart. I feel so deeply with his music.

  33. nobel purpose

    the live is amazing than areality clip...go ahead

  34. Annie Mendes

    I cry everytime

  35. xinjing wang


  36. Sweet Chestnut

    This always brngs me chills!

  37. Jessica Albathi

    😭😭❤️ Never be alone with your songs 😭😭

  38. Nora van Zwol

    Don't try to tell me there's something better than never be alone live.

  39. Fayza sekatawa

    *I dont want him to grow up i want him to stay little* 😭😭😭

  40. Isra S.

    Someone give Shawn a towel

  41. Eclip3_UN1C0RN

    He so polite. He's like "can I have u take your cell phone lights out... If u have them on you... PERFECT" lol

  42. Belén

    I love❤ "Never be alone" is my favorite🎶. Every time I hear it I cry😭.Cuento los dias para verte este año shawn😃 y cantar todas tus canciones en especial esta que es muy especial para mi😍

  43. Fernanda Vidal

    I love you shawn

  44. Lara Bishay

    Love Shawn so much

  45. Rossmery Allcca

    Siempre que la escucho me pongo a llorar2019?


    Rossmery Lovaton Allcca X2 😢

  46. kimberly mai

    One day I want to listen to this song live. So much meaning it makes me cry

  47. singingcovers weekly

    I made a cover of this song and I would appreciate if anyone could watch

  48. T e a r s

    OMG!!! Beautiful

  49. Ayushi Pal

    I'm blessed!!!!🖤💕💙❤

  50. Nesya812 bunny

    He's performing very touching song but yet he still looked really that hot.. oh god 😄

  51. sarina m

    i will cry when i hear this song live...❤️ i love it!❤️

  52. Luli Cagiuri

    Im crying

  53. Jasmine YU

    im crying rn

  54. benj andrew giron

    Im lisining to this at school and i literaly cry

  55. Aishwariya pandia

    Is he sweating??? Omg..

  56. Luke R

    My favorite song of all time❤️

  57. Alec Samperi

    Hey! Check out my fun cover of this song

  58. anet uvu

    dios llorando ando shawn bebito hermoso tienes que venir a México este año porque es que si nunca tengo la oportunidad de cantar junto a ti esta canción me voy a poner muy mal alv :((

    anet uvu


  59. Lee Higginbotham

    He is unbelievable.

  60. vera cederström

    i started crying so much. this is so beautiful. he is so beautiful. wow. i LOVE this guy so much. he is the best person alive. <3

  61. mimi's med life

    i was there. first row. and i cry everytime watching this video.

  62. Sima

    I promise that one day I'll be aroundI'll keep you safeI'll keep you soundRight now it's pretty crazyAnd I don't know how to stopOr slow it downHeyI know there are some things we need to talk aboutAnd I can't stayJust let me hold you for a little longer nowTake a piece of my heartAnd make it all your ownSo when we are apartYou'll never be aloneYou'll never be aloneYou'll never be aloneWhen you miss me close your eyesI may be far but never goneWhen you fall asleep tonightJust remember that we lay under the same starsAnd heyI know there are some things we need to talk aboutAnd I can't stayJust let me hold you for a little longer nowAnd take a piece of my heartAnd make it all your ownSo when we are apartYou'll never be aloneYou'll never be aloneYou'll never be aloneYou'll never be aloneYou'll never be aloneYou'll never be aloneAnd take a piece of my heartAnd make it all your ownSo when we are apartYou'll never be aloneYou'll never be alone

  63. Réka Debreceni


  64. Ana Bowen

    he’s so thankful, i cry every time

  65. Simone D

    Menininho cresceu hein 😍😍

  66. Sultana Tahir

    Aaaahhh ❤❤😍😍

  67. Sofia Blanco

    Im crying

  68. jungkooksbb

    Omg I just love him ❤️❤️

  69. Top10 Lucruri

    Is this in Romania? Becouse i see the flag in the crowd 3:18

    x o

    Top10 Lucruri I saw a German flag

    x o

    Top10 Lucruri And polish

    evci_ 121

    No it was in hungary -budapest I was there. Flags were there for fun

  70. nayeli lozano

    oмg ι love тнιѕ

  71. Lena Ehab


  72. Farzana Maisha

    so beautiful

  73. Clarizza Grace Resuma

    This is so precious! I cri 😍😭😭💕

  74. Jaxi Yutuf

    This is definitely my fav performance of his... mesmerizing 😍 love u shawn!

  75. Anamika Singh

    All time favourite

  76. Karol Jandová

    He is so precious😭❤️❤️

  77. Molly B.

    Defiantly one of my favorite Shawn songs still

    HungryEdits .m

    Your profile pic is my mood rn

  78. pão de queijo

    Ze droguinha que eu quero ❤❤❤

  79. brooke

    i’m balling this is so beautiful shawn. i love you.

  80. Victoria Stutts

    How come he turns his head at 2:22 ? Is he afraid his voice is gonna break?

    Lotte Cornelissen

    Victoria Stutts i think so

    Andreea Stoica

    No,I think it's a habit of him.He did the same in Mercy too.

    Alejandra S

    He was singing the whole day maybe his voice wasnt good at that point

    Malia Hoff

    He also did that in mercy, lost in Japan. Sksks

  81. Victoria Stutts

    Beautiful 😍❤️❤️

  82. Seyna Mendineo

    I have goosebumps omg every time I hear this song I wanna cry

  83. Jungkoook Army

    The Mendesarmy ks so big i love him

  84. Yogi Purnomo

    This song most is very good

  85. mcnyc75

    the way he says thank you is so humble and beautiful he is so precious

  86. haaay Neres

    My husband 💕💏@hay_mendes ( meu marido )

  87. MyRedfox2007

    Omg so much emotion , passion , feelings in his angelic voice , touch my heart every time , how can he be so perfect !!!


    WOW His voice matured A LOT

  89. Krisztina Tamás

    Miss u so much 😭😭

  90. ツ amanda

    a bit too much

  91. ツ amanda

    i cried

  92. Sofia Dimas

    I don't know how to stop crying now :,)

  93. Shawn Mendes

    It open my hart

  94. Becky Connolly

    Oh be still my tingling ovaries

  95. Gnarly Puth

    That song's about Laur isn't it

  96. madz

    Old Shawn songs ❤️

    Peres Sambu

    Ayeee potterhead

  97. Anna Bézi

    Do you know that live is from Hungary?

  98. technology market

    Love you honey🤤😘💗💕💝

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