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Down Below
Roddy Ricch - Down Below
: Down Below
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27-03-2020 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 150 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Roddy Ricch - Down Below )
  1. Adele Burger

    I love the box do more songs

  2. Damien Baker

    You are my idol

  3. Damien Baker

    you are the best

  4. Lan I

    Down Below > The Box


    vulgo fk o mais brabo

  6. ender EyE

    "Came from bottom down below" that deeeeep 🙌

  7. The king family

    Like if Roddy ricch better than Kodak Black and lil pump👇🏾👇🏾

  8. Federico Montero

    Muy buena música

  9. Belacier

    Would this get copyright? for a montage

  10. Peterson Matheus

    Vulgo fk 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  11. Charles Kandira

    Long live Roddy who else agrees?

  12. Prince and Praise vlog

    "Remember them cold nights i was sleeping on the floor" Reminded me of how i slept on the floor for a whole year. But i'm blessed now. Got a house and a lot to my name. ♥️

  13. DFW Whitey

    When this song is stating your life

  14. DingDinTheGuy


  15. Judith Chavez

    He the best rapper he is legend

  16. Judith Chavez

    He is nigga😏

  17. genzi7

    pineapple fanta

  18. Kiaon10k

    i love your songs so much i love you so much love you

  19. RAFAEL

    Quem venho pelo flamenguista cantando?

  20. EdiblePancake

    This song hits different when you can relate

  21. p0ney

    Quem veio aqui por causa do gordinho brasileiro cantando, um salve p ele 🤙

  22. Valentin beatz

  23. Conrad Gaitan

    Thats why he said the box


    🔥🔥 Like if you listen to this in march 2020 This video beautiful 0:54 💝 👇 👇 👇💜

  25. Keahi Agustin Delatorre

    I love Your song

  26. déki

    this nigga is fire

  27. keith johnson

    yes please

  28. Kj Lloyd

    I love to die for your song

  29. Sbusiso Gumede

    😣😣😣😣2020 still my favourite song😑

  30. eddie ndivo

    Kenya loves roddy rich!! We must protect him at all cost!! 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪


    this is on fire say no more

  32. Simply Human

    🖕🏿to all the spoiled ass kids who ain’t have to do shit and don’t appreciate life

  33. ToxicRBLX

    am I the only one who heard "THE BOX"?

  34. KileeyEviee Tenorioo

    Cold night sleeping on floor w my family. No heat or water. Busted pipes made mole. We struggle. But always keep a positive mindset. 💕

  35. Shanice Harper

    I love this song

  36. Eric Oliveira

    2:14 tho

  37. Tttt Gggg

    Some top ten Roddy songs please ?

  38. Elijah Webster

    "I was trapped in the box" hmmmmmm and just made a sing called "The Box" what does he mean by"The box"???

  39. Diva zaire

    The beat tho 🔥❤🤟🏽💪🏾

  40. Suleman PJ

    down below remember i sleeping on the floor

  41. Shannon Spratling


  42. 4th Dimension

    This is the first roddy ricch song i heard

  43. kevin J. Avilez

    No relation to the topic, but what happened to K. Camp?

  44. H4rd M&N II

    Who's reading this review from Los Angeles gives like

  45. Nut Supplier 69

    Isn't that the same bus from Lil Skies 'Creepin'?

  46. Kenhaeev 000

    Даун белоу

  47. Rapapam Official

    wow bro ur voice just like AKON

  48. Tanguy Rebours

    who is still listening to this music from the Coronavirus. who are the survivor !!

  49. akaFizzAteThat2x

    1.25 playback speed kinda scared me

  50. Brayden Thompson

    Damn this fire lol

  51. Mac Grey

    This my song on repeat slapping the beat and singing on point 🔥🔥🔥

  52. Mazumai Productions

    Hit like if they don’t pick up the phone when u need bail money

  53. 7enty7en

    Wears a rolls symbol on his neck

  54. Logan Melted

    Best song my favorite song shit

  55. Mason Mills

    Remember them cold nights. I was sleepin on the floor.. 💯💯💯

  56. Jason Waite

    beautiful style man,

  57. Khizzy Khan

    Isnt this the song that blew him up?

  58. Scarface

    I am addicted to roddy rich songs

  59. J Butler

    Roddy just hit different

  60. Paul Abarca

    I love you

  61. Jermaine king

    From where I come from not a lot of people make it out🚶🏾‍♂️

  62. Vibin thai

    This song hits different

  63. dunyuhmoney777 Official

    Walking to richness

  64. dunyuhmoney777 Official

    One day i gone get rich roddy rich up bro

  65. saint of jesus Christ

    Up above.

  66. Gael Arroyo

    teacher: why were you 5 minutes late?me: 1:15

  67. Oladapo Amumeji

    roddy ricch should feature quadeca. they would make a pretty good duo.

  68. lacker 123456789

    All day Roddy u go like if roddy is better than lil pump lil dicky 6ix 9ine and lil skies



  70. Misael_Adrain

    Love this dude

  71. DIM RACK

    Haven't heard the name Scott Storch in YEARS.

  72. Where's_The_Leak_Ma'am

    Roddy Ricch's success songs inspire me to actually try, anyone else?

  73. Mikel Owen

    🔥Quality💣Frosty🌴Indoo🔥Outdoor🌳light dept🙌Distillate🌲Cartridges*CBDso if you’re interested and want to schedule a meeting at one of our facilities contact me by 🤓Text at 🗨 630-883-0438 😬OR 📲 SMS Directly at 630-883-0438👻snapchat:ZagZagwe👻 http//

  74. RegUlarWhiteBoy

    i miss the old Roddy Ricch like like his music is still amazing now but its not the same as the old days like damn

  75. Twisted X

    Enjoy these moments because they don’t last forever, nobody knows when they will die. Stay happy everyday and love everyone don’t look at the past and get sad instead learn from it to make good out of it. Anyways start meditating and reach your inner self y’all ✌️❤️

  76. ッKevinZ


    Jonathan Silva



    @Jonathan Silva aee

  77. nupur patel

    Down Below Everybody loves each other 😊

  78. Mustafa Mobaid

    Nobody:My school grades:

  79. I Speak Fluent Sarcasm

    The beat slaps harder than my mom

  80. Steven Tucker

    down below

  81. daniel sujanani

    4 years ago i was sleeping on the floor when i was 16.Shit hits when its realIf i made it out u can too 🖤

  82. Daniel Gregson

    0:28 $500

  83. Brian Castillo

    All of Roddy Ricch's songs slap

  84. mtpapa ttm

    This song yoh

  85. Pedro Eguchi

    vulgofk cover ❤️

  86. jon bejarano

    I felt his message on such a personal level. This is what I'm in the process of trying to currently achieve.

  87. Jacob Schlampp

    Scott Storch the best to do it 🔥

  88. zxinkxrim

    who else been here since last year

  89. roudine

    nigga came from the bottom, down below'Member them cold nights, I was sleepin' on the floorAlways dreamed about the Forgiatto feet, now they down belowA nigga got so much money on me, I can't count no more'Member I was in the project walls, couldn't even get alongNow these niggas got they hands out, if I ain't give it, I'd be wrong'Member I was in the county jail none of these bitches wasn't pickin' up the phoneNow they beggin' my line, I ain't got time no moreA nigga started from the bottom, now I'm livin'Early morning, uncle whippin' in the kitchenSome people said I couldn't do it and then I did itLook at my bank account, I'm runnin' up the digitsI ain't into all that "Doin'-that-facade" shitI walk it, I talk it, I live itCome to the bird house, look at the garage, niggaMy Bentley coupe got a couple pigeonsI was down on my ass, had to go a new directionBought mom a Gucci purse, gave her 10 racks, told her you ain't gotta stress itIt ain't even an emergency and a nigga 'bout to pull up in a 911Just to feed my dawgs, I told God it's a blessin' (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)Came from the bottom, down below'Member them cold nights, I was sleepin' on the floorAlways dreamed about the Forgiatto feet, now they down belowA nigga got so much money on me, I can't count no moreDown below, down belowDown below, down below-ow-ow-owDown below, down belowDown below, down below-ow-ow-ow, yeah yeahRoddy Ricch, yeah, I never took the safe routeNigga came from the bottom, I had to make it outI was trappin' in the box, I had to break outHurt my soul when the feds kicked down the vacant houseBlack truck on the corner, they had a stakeoutSeen a dopeboy pullin' out a Wraith outHad to get up out the hood to the lake houseThe head chef 'bout to bring my steak outI was pourin' up the liters, swipin' them VisasThey think a nigga Rondo 'cause I always kept a NinaNow my jewelry wetter than Aquafina, quick trip to CatalinaWhite bitch bad as Selena, fuck her, then a nigga gotta leaveI just wanna shine like the Wraith roof stars 'cause a nigga been down so longAin't nobody see, bird vision, dawg, got it all on our own'Member them nights I was trappin', I was trappin' all night longNow I keep a shooter on the right, just in case a nigga try to do me wrong (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)Came from the bottom, down below (Down below)'Member them cold nights, I was sleepin' on the floor (Sleepin' on the floor, yeah)Always dreamed about the Forgiatto feet, now they down belowA nigga got so much money on me, I can't count no moreDown below (Down below), down below (Yeah, yeah)Down below, down below-ow-ow-ow (Woah, oh, oh)Down below, down below (Woah, oh, oh, oh)Down below, down below-ow-ow-ow, yeah, yeahScott, you lit this bitch up, nigga(Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah)(Yeah yeah, down below)(Down below, down below, down below)(Down below, down below, oh, oh)

  90. Bob Bobovich

    My favourite song from rody rich

    Bob Bobovich

    Sorry autocorrect roddy

  91. Mito_xP AlfaMu

    Vulgo Fk

  92. Flavio Carvalho

    ooooow shit , damn fuck the best beat

  93. Tyauna Boyd

    I love your songs ♥️♥️♥️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  94. Joshua Martin

    *Down below**🍀Here 1 year of good luck🍀*Edit:Have a great year stay strong stay safe and dont get corona


    you too

    Cute girl Helen!!

    @Down Below

  95. Joe Johnson

    Roddy main u r a bad boy.. That there down below is on. Real talk your best cut. That beat beat yea

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