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Until I Win
Radical Redemption - Until I Win
: Until I Win
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25-05-2023 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 108 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Radical Redemption - Until I Win )
  1. [EB:M]

    5 years later and I'm closer then ever becoming an engineer in robotics, while those who didnt believed in me are having a worse life now! WISH YOU THE SAME SUCCESS GUYS

  2. Breezy Prod.

    This music is the inspiration that I need, it makes me believe it’s over only when I WIN !

    رسم Queen

    They look like you haven't been in 5 years + they give confidence and madness to😂💔

  3. Vineet Sharma

    Everyone sayimg motivation, but when motivation expires discipline must continue to take its place.

  4. Beer


    selene rivadeneira

    Keep dreaming

  5. Veska veska

    This type of songs need Gymm😡💪💪💪💪💪

  6. Peter Petrovic


  7. E.T

    It's not over until i win

  8. Ethan Behnke

    First song I've heard in a long time that gave me chills

  9. Hodorian

    2022, its not over, until I WIN!

  10. Wakusa

    Never stop what youre doing until you win!!!

  11. Nightstorm The Laser Dragon


  12. Manuel Calleja

    "It's not over UNTIL I WIN" - Donald Trump (November 2020)

  13. César Alejandro García Martínez

    This track And album by Radical Redemption is amazing!.

  14. EnDeR Wiggin

    trash quilty

  15. Dheema Arabundoo

    I have passed my exams but very weakly the rector told me to repeat so am repeating but IT'S NOT OVER UNTIL I WIN!!!!!!!!!!AM GONNA WIN

  16. Peter Petrovic

    That's the spirit

  17. Jonathan Cain

    Rad redemption, Outblast, Angerfist, Crypsis the most epic music creators

  18. Lord Jashin

    Radical redemption, The man

  19. Miguel Moreira

    Next level

  20. VN 9777Pronounce

    my next awesome gym song.

  21. Nethress


  22. Hector

    It's not over until I winNobody believes in youYou've lost again and againThe lights are cut offBut you're still looking at your dreamReviewing it every day and saying to yourself It's not over until I win [x3]What if all of us took that attitudeAfter we faced a rejection and a "no"And we have a meeting and no one shows upOr somebody say: "You can count on me!"And they don't come throughWhat if we have that kind of attitude that cause repossessNobody believes in youYou've lost again and againThe lights are cut offBut you're still looking at your dreamReviewing it every day and saying to yourselfIt's not over until I win

  23. santiago garcia

    Hardcore for gays jajajaja this is fuckk hardstylerz

  24. INACTIVE! NEW CHANNEL - derhaddi

    Les Brown <3

  25. andrey456able

    ебанутейший( в хорошем смысле) трек!

  26. Ondrej Nevim

    I know this from Amway :D Les Brown rullez :)

  27. Miguel Moreira

    everything is perfect in this song

  28. Pietsje Vlasma


  29. Yvis Lifestyle

    So awesome! Love it...

  30. Geralt of Rivia

    Sounds like one of Phuture Noize track..

    Geralt of Rivia

  31. remco vsleeuwen

    doe een duimpje omhoog als je vindt dat er meer nummers moeten komen

  32. Ammar

    Its not over until i WIN,

  33. Bas B

    Sick track!

  34. Danny Wernke

    Damn. Wat heerlijk deze

  35. Stuckerrs

    Crush rejects youMe: It's not over UNTIL I WIN.


    yeah, until she call the police...

    Fluffy Dango

    @Wakusa the victory then is that you move on, don't become depressed and such. And find another girl or guy who deserves you.

  36. Laura Zucchiatti

    Following Joey since Annihilate and now I'm here! :D*RADICAL IS LIFE* :)

  37. Bern

    Best one yet 😍❤️

  38. Kaemon Dufour


  39. FalscherKim

    This is (Raw-)Hardstyle the way i love it. Distorted as fuck, amazing melody and brutal hart kick.

  40. Ammar

    Its not over until i win , super 😎😎

  41. Mutation

    Excellent track!!!!!!!!!, but a bit snowflake vocals :P

  42. Rampage KING's


  43. Dani Muchow

    Man I am not such a fan of radical lately but damn this track is amazing!

  44. Sándor Nagy

    The sample is the same as in Deetox & Delete - Unstoppable - Les Brown \m/

  45. Rutger Vigelius

    serieus?! you lost


    It's not over, then.

  46. getshrekt

    that second synth ME GUSTA

  47. Adrian Villalba

    A W E S O M E

  48. FKCammo

    This Melody omg <3

  49. fusu musu

    really like the melody but that synth sounds awful in my opinion.

  50. GlJoh

    Les Brown x Radical Redemption <3

  51. Bastiaan Verloop

    Amazing melody! What an great atmosphere

  52. Christopher Zü

    Qlimax will die with this Kicks haha

  53. Future Trunks

    38K views, 2K likes... Very nice!!!

  54. MrDutch01



    MrDutch01 after album release


    Haha it is in the Descirption: This track will be released on Radical Redemptions' upcoming album, The Road to Redemption!Any idea when this will be?

  55. HYDRA

    This is like a christmas advent calendar, can't wait for the next one 😉

  56. dennisddr100

    this is why i love hardstyle

    M4SKED M3D1A


  57. meneertje keukenrol



    Heerlijk nummertje❤🔊👌🔥

  59. Sovereign State

    This gives me motivation in my life, holy shit this is a masterpiece.

    Thomas B

    For me personally it‘s the most motivating song there is...really let´s you crush a few more reps👍🏻

    Wim Engelen

    Same for me! My pre-workout song it is


    since I listen to hardcore and rawstyle, especially radicals music at the gym, my focus at my workout is much bigger!

    Mika Kuivila

    Yeah..this is totally masterpiece❤

  60. Rozex

    Immense! Radical we Love you! 😍👊

  61. LegenDarius13

    This song is basically Watch Yourself 3.0(Cause Failure was 2.0)

  62. jopie

    Heerlijk sportschool nummertje

  63. DJ Skull-R

    eindbaas radical4life

  64. hanswater

    yep eindelijk iets van radical wat ik wel kan waarderen met een dikke 9

  65. epicafca

    So not everything from radical is awesome, dont like this sound!


    i can just say congratulation very good song

  67. Bere Chimalpopoca Glz

    No mames! :,) Love it <3

  68. rafkoozV6

    started to listening hard base raw and hardstyle in 2007 and i must say apart of trance music which im in 23 years This is going good way :D more trance than raw and good vibes but anyway it's radical it's a master of style !

  69. Jeroen van de Camp

    That drop... it's so good

  70. Mario Stein

    Nice Set on SYNDICATE Radic ;D

  71. Freonz Hardstyle

    sick radical style, amazing intro sounds and three-kicks, love it.

  72. lavinelvn

    It's a sick week!

  73. Michael Jones

    im ready for new album 🔥

  74. m4rk 1998

    Agressief ❤💯

  75. Thomas Nilsson

    Please collaborate with NC at some point

  76. Joost Bouwhuis

    Radical and G4H dropping a track on the same day? Am I dreaming?

  77. PyroFreaksBrabant


  78. Perry Janssen

    that melody :D

  79. Jens Loeffen


  80. Colin Staphorst

    Its not over. Until I win🙏🏻

  81. Peter Huynh

    Keen for the full album <3

  82. Charlotte


  83. Maria Maria

    woo very super

  84. Niek

    The drive in the midintro <3

  85. Andrew Masters

    Rawstyle Porn! haha

  86. The Harder

    Legends of Hardstyle = Hhz, The Prophet, Zany, Technoboy...Legend of Rawstyle = JOEY VAN IMAGEN a.k.a RADICAL "BRUTAL" REDEMPTION and no more ♡

  87. Jodiii_tkno


  88. Jose Villa

    This goes hard

  89. miguel Aguilar

    Ahhh your kicks are the best thanks for not doing them weak ass gated kicks!!

  90. Andrew

    The bets

  91. Luis Garibay

    I swear you better be at least above # 68 in Top 100 Djs!! #RadicalArmy 💪🏼


    he is not #1 in hardstyle? what?

  92. Bryn Harper

    Can't wait this New E.P


    its a full album probably 25 tracks +

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